The Time Shifter Chapter 56


When Mr. , Keltner kicked off his lecture during first period thefollowing day, when I was wearing a black leather corset with thinblack drawstrings holding it closed, but still showing  a little bitof my inner boobage, a black leather mini skirt, red platform heelsand black thigh high stockings, he had this longing look in his eyeas he gazed at me. He actually choked up a bit during his spiel. Iopened my legs when he stared at me to give him a better look, whichcaused his eyes to bug out. I was also attired in black lace bikinistyle panties. I wondered if he was getting any at home from hiswife. At the same time, I was also curious about the extent of hispackage behind his khaki pants.

It wasn't like nobody noticed Mr. Keltner being captivated by mylooks. During my third period history class, this guy named Gilbert,who was also in my first period class, asked me how I liked havingMr. Keltner perv my body. He said this even as I could see his eyeswandering over it, too. My only reply was an immodest, "it's notlike he's the only one who's done that. " "Well, you are pretty hot,"he complimented me as if I would suddenly swoon and want him to fuckme. "Thanks sweety," I blandly answered.

This was after I had been in my gym class and noticed a lot of theother girls were checking me out, too, while I was in the shower.

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   Ipondered how many of them might have been gay or bi and wanted tobed me. I smiled back at some of them and they averted their eyes inembarrassment. Thinking about all those slim, young bodies in andout of the shower provoked me to furirously frig my clit the night that night.

My fifth period algebra teacher, Mrs. Brannon, actually rolled hereyes when she saw me enter her classroom (I also had on a pair ofdark wrap around shades). She was short and in her late 40's withnot a lot on her chest and was probably jealous.

Thursday, I completely changed it up with a pair of straight legjeans, black pumps and a Children of Bodom t-shirt. This made meseem less intiimidating and more guys in my classes tried to talk tome and often used the band on the shirt as a jumping off point toopen a conversation with me.

Friday, though, I was back in school with a red leather zip up topthat went down to just above my navel with a v neck in it. I rolledthe zipper in the front that held it together up only so far as Icould show part of my boobs without getting arrested. With that wasa pair of red leather pants and white boots I wore under the pantswith a skinny white belt. "How come you dress like that?" a girl inmy fourth period class complained. "Because it's good to look hot,"I smiled in a snarky manner.

During lunch, seeing me sitting alone, one of the metal head kidswho was in my sixth period world history class, Ryan Clemens,invited me over to join him and his buddies. They all immediatelytried to look down my top.

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   I acted like I didn't notice. Instead, Ipeeked at their crotches and they were all sporting bigtime wood. They debated whether or not I was the hottest girl in school andactually devised a rating system, calling it, "The Dawn Scale," withone being epic fugly and ten being me. It was their subterfuge toappeal to my vanity and make me like them more. Sorry guys, itdoesn't work that way. They also said, "we knew you were cool whenyou wore that Bodom shirt. "

When school let out after sixth period, I walked home with them. They live several blocks from my house, so I trekked the last partof my return trip by myself. I gave Ryan my phone number and, afterI had eaten dinner, he called me. "Hey Dawn, what's up?" "I just gotthrough eating, sweety," I retorted. "You wanna come over and hangwith us? My mom's spending the weekend with her boyfriend, so we canparty a little. " "Sounds cool, Ryan. I'll be over in a little bit. ""Sweet! Later. " "Bye.

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I donned a pair  of jean shorts, a Motorhead t-shirt and flip flopsand padded my way over to Ryan's place. When I arrived, he put on aLamb of God record and his friend Ronnie lit a joint and passed itto me. I relayed it to the other pal, Dustin without taking a tokeon it. They were fine with me doing that. "You guys want a pizza?" Iasked. 'If you're buying!!" Ryan laughed. I was, so I called it inand 40 minutes later we were chowing down on it. We spent the nextfew hours talking to, and razzing, each other. None of them made adefinitive pass at me other than the occasional compliment. I wenthome a little after midnight.

Saturday morning, we all went to the beach. I asked Ryan to rubsunscreen on me and then I did the same thing for him and the otherboys, too, which put everybody in a friendly mood. I was sporting awhite bandeau top and very skimpy bottoms. After about an hour ofsunning ourselves and chatting, I declared I was going to get somemunchies. Ryan said he'd go with me and, as we reached the sidewalk,he put his arm around me.

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   "So you're claiming me?" I giggled.   "Iguess you can put it that way,"  he smiled. I slid my arm around hiship. "Hey look baby," I said in my kindest possible voice, "I'm notinto being in a relationship right now, but if you want to hug me,kiss me, hold my hand or cuddle me, I'm cool with that. Everybodycan use a hug or a kiss once in a while," I burbled. "Sweet!" hereplied, interlacing his fingers with mine as we entered theconvenience store. I made my choices, paid for them and circled backto our towels, where I handed everybody what they wanted.

Ryan was tall and slim with short brown hair and a cute face, thoughnot one that would make him what you would think of as a ladykiller. But he and his friends were nice guys and so I was alreadyfeeling comfortable with them. Their relationship with each otherreminded me of the one I had with my buddies back when I was ateenage male. I didn't want to come between them because it wasobvious that the other two liked me as well given how they werelooking at me.

The water was too cold to go swimming in even in high 80's weather, sowe went home after three hours. Ryan held my hand as we walked thetwo miles to his house. Guys in passing cars were catcalling me and,I'm sure, Ryan got a big ego stroke being seen with me. We went upto his bedroom and he put on a System of a Down cd then we all saton the floor.

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   I swiveled my body around and dropped my head intoRonnie's lap while I propped my feet  on Ryan's left knee. "Are youcomfortable, Dawn?" Ronnie cracked. "Definitely"  I grinned. Ronnieseemed unsure of what he should do with his hands, so I took them inmine and held them just under my breasts. Ryan ran his hands up anddown my smooth, toned legs over and over while we sat there jokingaround. Ronnie withdrew his hands from mine and began stroking bothof my cheeks with them, which felt good. I let out a simulated"purring" noise to show my approval. So that he wouldn't feel leftout, I used my left foot to stroke Dustin's shin. That elevated hismood quite a bit. The cd ended, but Ryan didn't move to replace itor put it away.

"Would you guys mind if I made you dinner tonight? I inquired. "Wow,a homecooked meal on a weekend, what a concept!" Ryan ruefullycracked. I asked Ryan if it was okay to check his fridge and hispantry to see what was there and then I could plan accordingly. Heurged me to go for it. There was plenty enough there.

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   His mother hadsome chicken breasts, so I announced that I would grill them with ahoney mustard sauce I was going to concoct and steam and buttersome zucchini along with it. Ronnie and Dustin used Ryan's cellphone tocall home and tell their parents they were going to eat over atRyan's. "Fuck man, way hot chick cooking for you for the win!" Ryanenthused.

When I sat down again, this time I had my head in Dustin's lap. Iasked Ryan if he had any Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. He had thelatter's "Paranoid" album, so on the cd player that went. When itwas finished, I went out and prepared dinner. They said it wasawesome and it was all gone in no time. "You should teach my mom howto cook this," Ryan  hoped. "Or you could learn to do it yourself,"I slyly countered. "Nah, too much of a hassle," he excused. As wesat in the dining room, I had my lefthand on Ryan's thigh while Iplayed footsie with Ronnie, who was seated directly across from me.

We moved to the livingroom and Ryan turned on an Angels game. Towardthe end of it, both Ronnie and Dustin had to leave. I gave both ofthem a hug and a kiss on the lips.

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   Almost as soon as he closed thedoor, Ryan asked me to spend the night with him. "Hello mom? Can Ispend the night with a boy I barely know tonight?" I play acted. Igrabbed his lefthand and drargged him back to the couch.

"Look sweety, here's the thing: it's pretty obvious that both ofyour friends want to go out with me, too. I definitely don't want toscrew your guys' friendship up by causing a lot of jealousy. Girlswill come and go, but whatever you do, you got to protect yourfriendship with your buddies. That's why I was kinda givingeverybody equal time today, at least as much as I could. And I'mgoing to see other guys from time to time, too. So don't getpossessive and fuck up your relationship with Ronnie and Dustin. They'll have your back like no girl ever will. " "You're so cool,Dawn," he reacted. "Thanks honey. Now how about you give me a kiss?"

He was all over that and, by extension, all over me. We shifted intofull makeout mode and I felt him unhooking the back of my bikinitop. He insinuated his lefthand under it and gently groped my rightboob.

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   He had to one rager of a hard on at that moment and, as amission of mercy, I unzipped his pants and undid his pants to freehis little soldier. I positioned his cock against my palm andenclosed my fingers around it. As my nipples stiffened under hishand, my hand vertically pumped his dick. "Oh fuck,  that feelskiller!!" Ryan exalted. We continued our lip locking exercise andhis breathing rapidly accelerated. I pushed his hand away from meand my mouth quickly concealed his prong from sight, my lipsurgently pressing on his engorged shaft. I bobbed my head speedilyonly a few times before he cannonaded his jism into my mouth aftera day long build up, which is why he detonated so quickly andprofusely. . I raised my head, displayed his reward for me and thendispatched it into my stomach with a gulp. "Holy shit, that wasepic!" he celebrated.

"Unfortunately sweety, I have to get going," I informed him. "Thatsucks," he pouted. "Yeah, it totally does. I had so much fun today,Ryan. Thanks for inviting me along.

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  " "Thanks for coming  Can youcome over tomorrow?" "That would be awesome," I chirped. I put mytop back on, hugged and kissed him and went home.

Sunday, after I ate breakfast, I slipped on a pair of black bootyshorts, a black bra top and a black tank top plus a pair of flatsand  went to the supermarket to restock my fridge. Once I returnedhome, I took  the tank top off, strapped on a pair of black fourinch heels and headed over to Ryan's. The top barely extended enoughto cover my nipples, so when Ryan answered the door, his eyes just aboutexploded out of his head. The same was true of Ronnie and Dustin asthey waited for us in Ryan's bedroom. I felt so sexual showingmyself to them this way and loved having such a knockout body andface. Ryan said that his mom wasn't going to be home until six orseven. Ryan held me while he sat up against the headboard of his bedand watched a couple of concerts on VH1 Classic. When the secondone was over, I went to the bathroom an,d this time, upon myreappearance in the room I snuggled up to Dustin, who was sittingagainst the end of the bed on the floor while we peeped Mythbusters. When that was over, I moved over in front of Ronnie, who cuddled meuntil 4:30, when I went home.

The next morning, we walked to school together with me holding Ryan'shand. During lunch, I sidled up next to Dustin and clasped his. Afterschool, my fingers were in Ronnie's mitt as we headed home and Iwhispered in his ear that I wanted him to come to my house after dinner. Ronnie wasn't as tall as Ryan was, but he had darker hair and a pretty nice body.

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A little after seven, there was a knock at my door and I let Ronnie in. We exchanged hugs and a brief kiss and went upstairs to my bedroom. Icrawled into bed and encouraged him to join me, whereupon we beganmaking out. He started undoing the buttons on my blouse and then hadtrouble opening my bra. I shed the blouse and turned my body to show himthe clasps and how to separate them. I had him practice it and he gotit in one, so he pulled that harness off of me, my very ample gazongasspringing out. I pulled his head back toward mine and he rubbed andsqueezed my tits while our tongues intertwined passionately. After alittle more of that, I pushed his head down toward my knockers and feltthe delicious pull of his mouth sucking on them. He slid a hand up mythigh to my crotch, which was swaddled in panty hose and panties. Heloosened the belt holding my skirt to me and unzipped the little dressas his mouth continued to lash and graze my milk ducts.

I was fully wet now and in a really good mood. I rolled him on to hisback and then slipped off the other side of the bed. After losing theskirt and panty hose, I eased back in next to him and told him to getrid of his shoes and socks. Once he did that, I deprived him of hispants and boxers wrapped my fist around his hard 6. 5 inch dick.


   "Youhave a beautiful cock," I cooed, which elicited a smile from him. It wassmeared in precum, so I slithered my tongue around it to clean up themess. He moaned and writhed in pleasure as my tongue tantalized hismanhood. The next sensation he felt was my wet, warm mouth encapsulatinghis main vein in it. "Oh fuck!" he sighed as my lips imposed frictionon his engorged shaft. He puffed several rapid gasps when his cockheadwas made a temporary captive of my throat. His breathing became very,very rapid and he was grunting now as he approached climax. I waved myhead in a frenzied manner and he expelled his 14 year old ballcream intomy welcoming maw. Like I did with Ryan, I showed him his cum on mytongue and then sent it hurtling into my belly.

I let him lay there for a few minutes to savor the head he had justreceived. "God, that was epic!" he praised. I giggled and kissed him afew times. "Okay baby, now let's see what you can do with your mouth," Iwhispered in his ear. I laid on my back and spread my legs. I walkedhim around my vulva, lent him some preliminary instruction and then toldhim to go for it.

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   As he attacked my clit, I kept lecturing him and now Icould feel the heat begin to accumulate inside me. He flipped androlled his tongue and mixed in short suckling. "Oh God, oh God oh God,keep that up!" I whimpered. He did and it wasn't long before I wasclimbing the stairs of ecstasy, holding the back of his head to keep itin my crotch as my pubic muscles convulsed. "Keep doing that untilyou're hard again," I advocated. He blasted me off a couple more timesand then scooted on top of me. I ushered his penis to my red carpet andhe pushed it into me. "Oh fuck Ronnie, that feels so good!" I breathilynotified him as he parked his flesh train as deeply into me as he could. His hips flexed and carried his spear back and forth inside me, givingrise to that very sweet friction that we were both enjoying. My legsrested on his lower back while he persistently plowed me. "Oh God baby,that's it, oh shit!" I panted, my ardor ascending like a rocket andtaking my ability to regulate my own breathing away with it until theclimax suddenly took hold of my senses and rent them asunder. Now myworld was reduced to just wanting to feel more of him pumping his joystick into me, my nails sinking deeply into the skin on his back. Againand again, I felt my vaginal muscles seeming to do backflps and thenshoot hot needles of pleasure through my entire being until he gruntedseveral big jets of his sperm loaded semen into me. He fell on top of meand I wrapped my legs around the middle of his back to hold him therewhile I hugged him.

"God sweety, that was wonderful," I dreamily said.

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   "You're amazing, Dawn" he offered as he sought to regain his sanity.