Predator Chick

Short Sex


She loved getting guys hard, having more control over their dicks than themselves. So she frequented clubs where people grinded. She was smoking and made sure to dress in the way that brings guys very close to her. She was so hot that as soon as she pressed her amazing ass against the guy’s crotch, she felt a rock. When it wasn’t instantaneous, she always worked until she felt it. This night was packed with high school seniors having just turned 18 and looking to find out what awaited them next year. Lots of virgins and lots who had never felt a girl’s ass, especially an exceptionally beautiful college one.

She was incredibly turned on, but these guys were intimidated. One of them was showing off in front of his friends and went up to her and asked her to dance. Teasing, she danced conservatively, so this guy turned her around with some effort. They weren’t touching but he had an obvious bulge, so turned on as she was, she bent over slightly to match this short dude’s pants with her nice ass. As soon as she made contact, she was surprised that he was as hard as it gets. She worked him a little but he moved back a little and kept dancing. She backed up and worked him a little more but every time he quickly backed off. She knew what was happening, so she pushed him against a wall, leaving him nowhere to go. Now she grinded his really hard dick and the wall meant a lot of pressure.

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   Not even 4 moves and she felt his cock pulsating, he tried to move but she pressed hard and just stayed in that position savoring the movements of his dick. Then she turned around with a smile and walked off watching his friends. That was the most action he got in his life and he came a gallon. His friends immediately saw the wet spot and made fun of him. She enjoyed every moment of it.

Ok now she saw a guy that looked like a basketball player. She loved black dicks and she loved huge dicks, so she went straight to him and started working him. She couldn’t feel anything, so she worked it more. Still nothing. Hmm a challenge. Now she worked him really hard. Guys were staring, anyone would explode at that rhythm. She slowly started to feel something so she targeted it and it kept growing. She run her hands through his body. His heart was beating hard, she could tell.

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   She kept at it and did a drop, pop, and lock it. WOW. She encountered something a lot earlier than she expected. This guy was huge. She was getting wet. She kept grinding and his dick just kept growing. If she moved away his pants would have a huge mountain. She couldn’t though, she didn’t wanna leave it a second. She tried to make him cum but after a while she knew she couldn’t do it.

She brought him back to her place, and in 2 seconds she was undressing him. Half way through she stopped her and undressed her completely. Fuck she was hot! Her boobs were huge and super firm. All her body looked amazing. Her ass was even better than he imagined. Her long blonde hair was so sexy.

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   He must have got super hard because when she took away his boxer-briefs she froze and just stared in awe for 10 seconds. WOW u have the nicest cock in the world, she told him.

She tried to grab it but her hand couldn’t go all the way around. She put her arm next to it and it was as long as it from the elbow down. She stroked it but very quickly tried to put it in her mouth. She failed miserably so she started licking it and kinda stroking it. He looked down and she was looking up. He almost came her blue eyes were so sexy. He tried fucking her but he had to go little by little. Then he went in rough all the way and pumped for a little while but by then it was way too much for him and she only had to suck hard once and he came a puddle on her tongue. She swallowed some but everything could not fit in her mouth so it covered his dick. They joked that they would get married and went to sleep.