Picnic in the Park

Short Sex

It was a beautiful hot afternoon so we decided to have a picnic down at the local park. We found a secluded corner and laid down our blanket next to a picnic table. We sat and ate our lunch before moving down onto the blanket to finish up with some fresh watermelon. I sat facing him, licking, nibbling and sucking on the sweet red flesh, juices running down my chin and dripping on to my round bosom, sticky and sweet, begging to be licked clean.

I watch her eating her watermelon, it looks so sexy, juices dripping on to her chest. I can't help myself, I crawl over to her, pulling down her top to expose her breasts. I lick the off the sweet juices and slowly move my tongue over her nipples. I start rubbing and cupping her breasts as I suck on her stiff nipples. I move back up and kiss her, the juice still sweet in our mouths. I move my hand down into her panties, she's so wet. I circle her clit with my finger and she wriggles in delight. I push one finger deep into her pussy before adding another. Pushing my fingers in and out I move her hand onto the crotch of my jeans.

He moved my hand onto the crotch of his pants, I could feel the outline of his throbbing member inside. I loosen his belt and undo his pants to expose his hard cock. I rub my hand over it, cupping his balls and circling and tickling the head of his cock with my finger.

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   I grip his shaft tight and I notice him draw a deep breath from the pleasure. I start rubbing my hand up and down his cock, kissing him faster and harder.

I lie her back on the blanket, lying hard against her side as we continue to play with each other. She gasps as I move my kisses from her lips down her neck and up and around to her ear, nibbling and breathing heavily.

I moan and shiver with delight as he nibbles on my ear. His fingers are still deep inside my pussy, now rubbing my g-spot. My hips start tilting up and down as waves of pleasure rush through my body. I pull him his ear to my lips and whisper "Fuck me. . . " with a soft sense of urgency.

I spread her legs with my knees, teasing her wet pussy with my cock, rubbing my head over her aching clit. She looks at me as if to say "Fuck me now!" I don't hesitate, sliding the whole length of my hard cock deep inside her.

I moan loudly as his cock slides deep into my awaiting pussy. I move one of my hands to throbbing clit, rubbing it as he pounds me deep and hard.

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   The other hand I move to his back, digging my nails deep into his flesh leaving bright red scratch marks.

Our bodies are moving in rhythm as I slide my cock in and out of her pussy. I can see the pleasure on her face as she nears climax. She scream "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!" I get up onto my knees hooking her knees over my shoulders so that I can ram her wet pussy even harder.

I grip tightly onto the table legs behind me as I begin to cum, my body bucking with pleasure, my screams and moans of pleasure echoing in the trees around us. He continues to fuck me and I can feel my pussy pulsating and tightening on his cock. I can see that is is bringing him close to orgasm, so I pull him back down on top of me kissing him and nibbling on his ear.

I begin to cum only seconds after her. I let out one final groan as I unload inside her. I fall into her arms, letting myself go soft inside of her. We kiss. Her lips are still sticky, tasting of sweet sweet watermelon. .