Fun with my Teacher

Sex In Public

one day when iwent to school i knew that today would be a good day,all my classmates were going on a fieldtrip and the teacher that i was desperate to fuck and i would be alone
the teacher i was desperate to fuck was so hot i would jackoff just thinking about her with he nice ass, d cups, and nice figure it was hard not to want to fuck her
as i walked in i saw she was wearing a tight purple shirt which hugged her breast perfectly and tight jeans that showed her perfect ass,i was instantly hard when i saw her,as i came in and sat down she siad that since no one else was going to be there that she had something planned for us to do, as she walked over to her desk i was fixed on her breast when she turned around she saw what i was looking at, she had a semi serious face on.
she came over to me and asked me if i was staring at her chest, of course i said no, but she kept going and said "you want to touch them don't u? no ma'am. she stuck her chest out in front of me and told me to go ahead nervously i stuck my hand out a started to rub.
then she asked "do u want to fuck me?" yes i said, so she  pulled away and started to makeout with me our tounges thrashing viciously against one another,soon she reached down and grabbed my cock she smiled and said feels big can't wait to see, so she undid my pants an saw my cock, and started to suck meanwhuile i took her shirt off revealing a matching purple bra with hard nipples, i took off my shirt and her bra and let her beautiful breast fall out.
moment later i came in her mouth,and she swallowed and told me to fuck her as hard as i could so i took off the rest of her clothes and mine, got behind her inserted myself into her nice wet warm pussy and started to pump like there was no tommorrow, about 3 mins later i could feel cum building up, and she started moaning and told me to fuck harder, so i did and one the 4th pump i blew my huge load, and she screamed and i could feel her juices running down my hard cock a few mins later we were screwing again, then after the 3rd time we finally had to stop cause we were making too much noise so with a final butt fuck we stopped and as we were getting dressed she asked me if i needed help and i said yeah i think i need tutoring.
she said ok just come to my house this weekend and we'll "study" and i did that for the rest of the year until another teacher caught us in the bathroom, then all the other teachers became interested but thats another story.