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Obviously she can’t play out her fantasy alone, so she does the next best thing she imagines that he is here watching her. She lights scented candles and places them around the bathroom as she fills the tub with steamy water and her favorite bubble bath. Then she slowly removes her clothing as though she is doing a striptease for him and him alone. Letting her clothes fall where they may in a heap on the floor as she playfully tosses them aside. She climbs into the tub and into a sitting position as she reaches for the sponge, her breasts floating just above the steaming water and bubbles. She slowly soaps her body with the scented bubbles and the sponge. Then watching as the bubbles disappeared to reveal creamy white skin tinged with pink from the heat of the water. Her sensitive nipples are erect and aching with the need to be touched, she slides down further placing her feet on the rim of the tub as she would if she were shaving her legs. Now only her breasts and the calves of her legs are visible the rest of her body is engulfed in steaming water and scented bubbles. She can feel little wavelets caressing her clit beneath the bubbles. She begins to move her hips to increase the sensation as one of her hands slides from her shoulders to her breast to tease and touch her nipples, her other hand slides down her body over her hips to the inside of her thighs and then to her slit. She spreads her lips with her first and third finger, and begins circling her clit with her middle finger. All the while imagining that he is here stroking his cock and caressing his balls as he watches her. She begins to run her finger from her clit to the opening of her vagina, increasing both the pace and the intensity as she imagines watching him. He increases his speed to match hers, this only excites her more she begins to finger her hot wet pussy with every downward stroke. She imagines watching him cum his semen spurting as his cocks jumps and jerks his semen running down to cover his hand, cock and balls.


  Finally she has her own orgasm. Her hips rock, her vagina spasms and her body shudders with the force of it. The once steaming water is tepid now, she climbs out of the tub and wraps herself in a fluffy bath sheet and blows out the scented candles. She dries her skin and liberally applies lotion also in her favorite scent all over her body. She goes into the bedroom to change into her nightgown, she turns on her clock radio and climbs into her bed. She drifts off to sleep thinking about her fantasy with a small smile upon her lips and wondering what her dreams will be that night. For more hot stories visit the forum or our new story site www. bluestories. com.
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