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This is my first time posting so i'm only posting a little of what i have and will write and post more if they are enjoyed :) 

As she walks along the Queen Street wall, looking at all the shops and retailing out lets you receive a text "Look in front of you and watch for meAs she looks up staring down the street ahead of you, a body is felt, a presence behind her. She goes to turn your head but the muscular arms sliding around her waist freezing her in her place. She feels a body as the arms pull her; guide her back into the strong chest felt behind her. She hears a whisper of the barest of sounds, seemly to only be carried on the breath of the whisperer’s mouth "Have you been waiting for me? Waiting long? All your life for a touch like mine?" The low voice calls to her enchanting her senses, her mind races wanting to calling out yes, but the shiver that runs down her spin paralyses her with the anticipation of his touch that is to come. She slowly feels a slight touch of soft skin on her shoulder slowly moving up her neck sending sexual shivers running through her body, when reaching the mid of her neck a sliver of the most pleasurable tongue starts to slide and dart across her neck then when reaching her neck another sound is to be heard, the most pleasurable voice across her mind. "Do you enjoy my touch?" Again not being able to move with the power of his voice paralyzing her mind and soul. She starts to feel his arms slowly turn her as his lips reconnect with her neck moving to her cheek then as she turns eyes closed in fear that this pleasurable dream turning to a nightmare. she feels his lips as they meet hers in a long lost lust that feels so right to be had so pleasurable that it could not be bad. She engages his mouth moving her hands across his cheek as his tongue glides effortlessly agents hers. They stand for a time not wanting the lust. the pleasure, the need for each other’s lips to leave.  He takes her hand and leads her to the bus stop as sits sit on his lap and their lips meet once more. 3 or 4 busses passed that should have taken them to a place where lust, pleasure and sexual urges take place but neither unlocking lips for the risk to wake from this dream like state.  The Lock finally breaks as the last bus of the afternoon pulls in he grabs her hand paying the driver for them both as he leads her to the back, where their lips will relock and their bodies hold each other close. They arrived at their stop nearly missing it as their tenders lips where lost in a true passionate kiss. They walk hand in hand open the door to his building he leads her in and swings her back into his arms leaving their lips to lock once more slowly movie up the stairs to his door.

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   He grabs her after opening the door tightly lifting her into his arms as he carries her into the bedroom, lowering her onto the bed. She smiles and the leans up to kiss him, her hand going back to work, quicker and harder, and her other hand moving around his back and to his shoulder to hold herself closer to himHe strips her shirt, as he starts kissing her neck, moving his mouth down He finally gives attention to the pleasurable spot on her near perfect breast, while moving his other hand to play with other Pleasuring nipple. His tongue circling her tenderness, sending waves of sensation throughout her body and end below her fast moving hand. She gasped in pleasure, still stroking his length slower now as her body became distracted in feeling of his touch. He rotates from one tender nipple to the other switching from mouth to dancing fingers, his mouth starts to move slowly back up her body, tongue gliding across her neck to slowly stopping to whisper in her ear “Would you like to feel my pride deep inside?”  Her body thrusting up towards his to answer is question.   He runs his hands down each side of her body, catching her pants and underwear in the same gliding movement removing them both at once. His lips slowly glide down her neck, with his fast moving tongue darting across her wanting skin, Moving slowly down her neck, giving attention back to her loving breasts, tongue darting around in circles with the other between his fingers slowly getting tighter, seemingly pinching her but pleasure surges.
A small gasp slipped through her lips and her body arched a little with pleasure. Her hand went back to work stroking and teasing him, her lips craving the touch of his on hersHis hand then moves to pull her hair as his teeth brush agents her wanting nipple, as he start to nibble he pulls her head back while completely corrupting his pleasurable follower, as her nibbles get tighter, his grip holding over her hair as he bites a little harder. Her body receives the pleasure as it surges through her body, he quickly moves his lips close to her in one swift movement as his pulls tighter, she let's go of him in the surge of pleasure as his prides surges forward in-between her flowing thighs. It rubs slightly as our lips meet. She tilts her head back with the pull, hair flowing over the bed, and gasps with pleasuring pain followed with the harder bites, her hands running down his back. She twitches with anticipation, lust flowing through her eyes as she kisses harder and stronger. Lips locking, tongues dancing as his pride rubs fiercely grinding against her wanting, desiring, lusting opening. His pride grows pulsing with each grinding vibrations.

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  She kisses hard and bites at his lip and tongue, clawing his back to be closer and the desire grows, her body desiring and longing. His grindings grow harder as the vibrations of pleasure surge through their bodies, his kiss growing stronger as the bite pushes his pleasure further. He pulls her hair hard and with his other hand on her shoulder holding her still as he thrusts his pride hard, slamming into her, filling her in one grinding stroke, surging pleasure through her body as in her pleasure bites my lips hard breaking the skin tiring it beneath her teeth. His stroke causes her body to give in, her mind give way as all she wants is his pride moving, grinding, sliding in and out of her desiring opening. My prides slowly slide and grinds back out, you’re body wanting him back in, faster she wants him, needs him. His pride slams back in giving her what she wants, pulling out fast only to come grinding, vibrating back in. The pleasure controls you, you need it, you want it and you couldn't live without it, as it pulses in and out as my hand pulls you down equal with each stroke. Our lips still looked as your teeth bite harder, my hand pulls your hair back as our tongues dance while our bodies are meeting in each stroking heat. He pulls out suddenly as her body is shocked and the change of pace, he move out turn her body forcing her on all fours as he regains grip on her hair he lines himself up behind her only to slam her body back into his.   Feeling the grind as his pride fills her with the pleasure, he slides back out gripping her hair to pull her back onto him, to force her body to take, to fill, to pound hitting the spot she desires. . is the hottest online escort agency in Rhodes!

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