Fran Part 2


“But I love you” I exclaimed. “I know you do she replied but trust me this is the right thing to do I don’t want you to have any regrets. ” I let my eyes travel down her naked body yes she was bigger than me, taller and plumper but not fat. Her C cup looked out of proportion to her big body and looked decidedly small. She had thick thighs like Serena Williams and her fat pussy was jutting out proudly between her legs covered by a landing strip of yellow.   She had curves in all the right places and every time I looked at her I immediately got hard, now was no exception. “ I know you want to get married and I want to marry you too Jerry but we can’t not until you’ve sown your wild oats. ” Now I’m sure that other guys would have been happy with this but I was upset, ever since Fran had taken my virginity on that fateful day three months ago I’ve grown into a self assured young man and why wouldn’t I, I was fucking this sexy white woman and more importantly I was satisfying her. Now imagine my dismay at her suggestion that I fuck other woman before she agrees to marry me. “Jerry do you love me” she asks “of course I love you” I reply “then you must realise that I don’t want you dreaming about other woman 5 years down the line baby” she says, “but I won’t babes, you’re the only woman I want” I reply “will you do it for me” she says “we can still fuck every day even after you’ve been with someone else, I’m not going anywhere babes and I won’t fuck anyone else” and she moves my hand onto her bud.
“oh ok” I say as I move my body over hers and in one fluid motion enter her welcoming pussy. I tease her as I pull my dick out till just the tip is inside her and then I proceed to fuck her shallowly only sliding in two to three inches within her. This drives her wild especially since my fingers are on her bud. She lifts her legs giving me more access to her juicy cunt and then without ceremony she shoves me into her with all her might with her feet. “Don’t play with me, have got no respect for your elders” she says breathlessly. I increase my speed and now I’m pistoning in and out of her pussy.

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   “Yes fuck my cunt, ream my old pussy, oooh just like that, fuck me baby, make me your slave”, she tumbles me around and says” I’m gonna ride this thick fat cock, like its never been ridden before” and she rides me forcing her cunt down hard on me in a rolling motion.   This causes my dick to hit her G spot every time she moves down. “Oooh babes you know just how to do me” I exclaim as I feel the sensation of touching her crevice in places where I’ve never been. “Oooh. Oooh, babes I’m cumming, I …. Am…. Coming” she says to the beat of our copulation and her pussy starts gripping and releasing my prick even more. “Yessssssss” I exclaim as she starts milking my dick and spurt after spurt hits her cervix. “Yesss baby, you’re the best” I stammer out as I come violently into her warm cunt.
“Stop it” she laughs “stop what” I innocently reply pretending I don’t know what she’s talking about and pretending that my hand isn’t in her panties. We’re in her office and her door is wide open and I just waited for her to step towards her cupboard before I assailed her from behind, because I know from there Yashika our receptionist cannot see us. “Last night was wonderful” I say as my finger finds her clit and then slides on into her wetness. “Do you still want me to stop” I ask, she doesn’t reply and she throws back her head as my ministrations starts driving her wild. “This is my goodbye present” I say referring to the fact that she’s going on course for two days. She lets out a moan as she gets closer to a climax, all of a sudden she shudders and she stuffs her hand in her mouth to stop her from exclaiming.

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   I let go of her and my finger comes out of her pussy with a satisfying plop sound. As I step back, she weak in the knees from her orgasm slides onto her knees. In concern I step towards her, before I know it she has her hand inside my pants and draws out my prick and slips it into her mouth.
Now it’s me who is uncomfortable and at the same time strangely exhilarated. My dick, semi hard from what I just did to her springs to life and she expertly starts sucking me off. She runs her tongue over the tip of my organ and licks just in the ridge of my head, this drives me insane and for lack of anyplace to hold on I grip her head. I’m now fucking her mouth not caring who walks in on us. We establish a steady rhythm and she deep throats me.   Soon I can feel the tingling in my balls and then like water rushing through a broken dam wall, my spunk rises in my dick and hits the back of her throat. At the same time I can hear Yashika standing up from her desk and coming in our direction. “Aha there is it” I exclaim “thanks for helping me look for my contacts” I say to Fran as I display the contact to Yashika as she peeps around the door. “Oh that was a close one” I think to myself as I leave Fran’s office.
As I watch her leave I think to myself that its good that she won’t be here because I want to make a move on Yashika and Christy as per Fran’s request and I know that with her here I won’t be able to go through with it.   It was Fran who whispered in my ear saying “I know that Yashika and Christy both want you, they told me so” as she encouraged me to go for it. I however was still unsure of this and even though I did not carry on like a nerd anymore or even looked like one anymore, I still was very insecure about talking to girls.

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“So Jerry, have you ever had sex” Christy brazenly asked me, I replied yes and asked her the same question. She replied she had and that she had more than 5 partners before. I marvelled at the fact that she can be so open and at her immense beauty.   From the first day that she started here I had a secret crush on her.   She was my height, with red hair, freckles on her face with piercing green eyes, she had a sunny disposition and had a compact body with beautiful thighs and a lovely shapely backside, she had boobs about the same size as Fran and from the times that I’ve got a glimpse down her shirt I could say that she had inverted nipples.   Yashika on the other hand was slim slightly taller than me, she had a flat ass but this was offset by big boobs, she had the loveliest voice that could get you hard from their suggestive tone.   Somehow she managed to talk in that tone quite a lot. “Yashika hasn’t had any sex before” Christy blurted out, “she hasn’t even seen a dick before in her life. ”  I looked at Yashika and I said “its great to see that you value your virginity” she replied “I did, but I’d love to see a dick in real life. ” “Will you let us see yours” she asked demurely, I was now aroused and replied that she can. I started zipping down my zip when she stopped me. “Wait” she exclaimed “there’s certain things we need to do first. ” I stopped and they went and locked the door as it was lunch time and took me to my office and drew the blinds. “Can we tie you up and blindfold you” they asked and I replied in the affirmative.
“I wonder what they are going to do next” as I laid on the floor of my office, my hands tied behind my back securely(that’s what they thought”) and blindfolded.

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   “Mmmmm let me rub it first” Yashika said as I felt her hand on my dick. The fact that I cannot see what she’s doing heighten my arousal and soon by dick is as hard as steel, twitching under Yashika’s ministration. “Unzip him” I hear Christy whisper and I hear the sound  of the zipper. Now my dick is straining against the confines of my boxer. “ I’ll rub it some more” Christy brazenly states and I feel her ministrations through the flimsy material of my boxers.   My mind is playing tricks on me and soon my nostrils flare at the aroma of a pussy(or should I say pussies) in heat. I can hear the swish of their skirts as they move around me and I can only imagine what they are doing. “Take it out” I hear Christy say and Yashika replies that she can’t, “don’t tell me you’re chicken” Christy sniggers and I pray Lord let my button break, let my prick escape these confines. I hear whispering in the background and now I’m really curious as to what the girls are planning.
My prick has been rubbed for about 10 minutes now and whilst Yashika’s touch is arousing me it isn’t enough to bring me off.   I’m straining my stomach muscles in an effort to snap my boxer’s button so that my organ can be in full view and can be handled properly. Whilst my hand are tied behind my back I can feel that I can escape their bondage if need be, however I can sense the girls’ fear and I don’t want to do anything that will scare them away so therefore I’m trying to loosen my bonds unobtrusively. With a mighty grunt I gain success and like a spring my dick jumps into the upright position. “Oh my it’s huge” I hear Yashika exclaims as Christy takes a sharp breath, “It’s majestic” she says in awe. I sigh in relief because it felt that the boxer was suffocating my prick.

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   “Its so beautiful I wanna kiss it” Yashika says. “Then kiss it” I reply and smile as I feel lips enclosing my dick.
I can feel her body over me and I start caressing her boobs, “mmmmm” is the sound she makes and from my ministrations I can tell that it’s Christy who’s sucking my dick. I can imagine her tiny mouth stretched to capacity as she tries to envelop my girth and I feel her tongue on the underside of my dick.   I know with all the teasing that I won’t last long and before I’ve finished with that thought I feel the jism bubbling up my prick. “I’m cumming” I warn Christy but she doesn’t take her lips from my love pole and I spurt into her mouth. “ Mmmm mmm mmmm” she mumbles clearly enjoying my love juices. “I can’t believe it, it’s still standing” exclaims Yashika as my love pole remains erect, “come closer have a look” Christy beckons Yashika. I feel her dress on my thighs as she moves over me and then I feel  my buttons being loosened. “See his nipples also gets hard” Christy says as she runs her hands over my sensitive nipples.   By now I’ve had enough I need to see what these girls are up to and I let them know to take off my blindfold.   I lift my head and as I lift it Christy whips the blindfold off my head.   It takes a while for my eyes to focus and when it does, I focus on a black haired cunt flared open by two fingers being lowered on my dick. That is all I see as Yashika’s dress covers my dick’s invasion of her virginal pussy.
She starts sweating and I can see her face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure as my head enters her pussy.

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    With her cunt impaled on my bulbous head I can feel her juices running down my love pol. She takes a deep breath and with all her might she pushes down hard onto my dick “Aaaieee” she squeaks as she feels the pain of her maidenhead being broken. She is incredibly tight and she rests there allowing her pussy to get used to my size, the head of my eight inch boner is laying against her cervix and I can feel her warmth enveloping my dick, lubricating its intrusion. Soon it’s slippery enough and she chances a small movement.   She moves her body about an inch and drives it down again.   I can see on her face that she’s in pain, but this is coupled with a determination that I’ve never seen in her face. I want to move her up and down my shaft but can’t because my hands are tied firstly and because I know it’ll hurt if I could. Slowly but surely I feel her cunny channel loosening its grip on my massive tool. She is managing to move further up my shaft, the look on her face is changing too from the pain to only determination to finally the beginning of a smile.
She starts loosening her top and starts tweaking her nipples, her lovely paw-paw sized melons jumping up and down in unison with her thrusts. I want to sit up and play with her jugs but cannot move myself upwards as I’m still restrained.   Christy seeing my dilemma moves closer to me, she had dropped her pants earlier and is stark naked in front of me. Instead of loosening my bonds as I expect, she squats and plants her pussy right onto my tongue.  I now cannot see Yashika as my view is obscured by the loveliest red haired pussy I have ever seen.   Without thinking I stick my tongue into it and start slurping up and down her love channel.

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   She shudders at my tongue’s ministration of her orchid and holds her pussy open so I can stimulate her clitoris. “Oooh Jerry you’re licking my cunt soo nicely stick your tongue into it” she commands and I comply.   It must be because of her previous sexual arousal because it doesn’t take me more than 4 minutes and she’s squirting as she comes in my mouth.   I try my best to drink up all her juices but she comes so copiously that I cannot take it all. Meanwhile Yashika is on the brink and seeing Christy cumming she screams “what is happening to me Christy?” “the same thing that’s happening to me girl you’re coming, just give yourself over to the feeling. ”  “Aaaaaaiiieee, oooooh, yessss Jerry, I’m cumming, I’m creaming, ooh weee, Yes, yes, yes. Ooooh this is sooooo heavenly yes Jerry fuck my hungry cunny, yessssss.
By now Christy has stood up and as she loosen my bonds my hands go to her boobs as I lift myself and then I have her under me and I’m pummelling her pussy hard. My body and mind overcome by my sexual urgency.   My tongue takes her nipples into my mouth and I’m fucking her hard trying to force my whole body into her, she is shocked by my sexual attack but soon responds clamping her legs behind my back driving me in hard whilst she lifts her pelvis to meet my thrust.   All too soon I feel my jism rising in my dick and just before I come I feel Yashika thrashing around under me as she too come with a scream like a Banshee. I go beserk in my lust for this virgin pussy and the intensity of my orgasm drives me insane. As we both come down from our high I think of Christy’s actions and I bristle at the indignation of it all.   As I stand up I pull my now rehardening prick from Yashika, I grab Christy by the hair and say” now it’s your turn. ”
Without further ado I turn her around and bend her over my desk, her fat pussy lips exposed to my gaze.

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   Quickly I stuff my meat into her waiting quim and ram my dick to the hilt. “Oooof” she exhales and I can feel that she is also very tight.   Our lunch time is running out and not wanting to waste time I pull my dick nearly all the way out and ram it right back in. Our coupling is raw and animal like and she responds with the same ferocity. We are now going hell for level and she grunt back at me “is that the best you can do? Fuck me boy ram your dick into me, yessss make me come, make me your cum slut” I oblige and I know that if I didn’t hold on I’d fuck right off the table onto the other side. Yashika is so taken with our coupling that she’s moaning noisily with her fingers deep inside her cunt. “Ungh” I grunt as I come inside Christy’s cunt, “oooh, oh oh oh, yessss” the girls moan as they both come in unison.
“Come we have to open the doors” I command, “are all 22 year olds so lethargic” I tease as I open our doors for the afternoon. “You girls better be waiting for me this afternoon, I want to fuck you’ll in the ass” I warn them. “I didn’t know you could do that” Yashika says to Christy “trust me you’ll enjoy it” she replies as she smiles to her friend.