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Topic: The Night Out 
Hi there I am a 18 year old guy pretty good shape blue eyes brown hair swimmers build . I diden't have problems getting women . One night however changed my outlook on things forever ! I was heading to a new dance club . The name was a little weird but I dident think a lot about it. The club was called Glory Cabana of course that changed many times over but it was new .
So like most clubs these days it wasent hard to get booze for a minor , and after a few drinks in my system I was looking to dance mingle talk to ladies . But there were no ladies , I could have left and found another club . But honnestly ? I couldent get drink specials like this here so I stayed . After several drinks I was perched on the bar and 2 guys came over one on each side . They asked if they could buy me a drink I was like sure I mean free drinks !
So after a few drinks my mind was a haze , I felt a hand at my waist and then another on my other side . I dident know what to think really . So I let it happen another drink down and they both whispered into my ear to come back to there place . I agreed with the hopes of more booze , still oblivious that these guys had streight guy on the mind !
We get to there place and they put on a video it was bi sexual I guess they dident want to scare me off. The guys looked to be in there mid to early 50's and after a round of drinks were served I found myself between both men . Soon of course watching the porn my cock was growing and theres were throbbing . I tried to look away from the man on my left .

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   His name was Dennis and he had pulled his cock out and was stroking it , I never had thoughts of any thing gay in my life . But I couldent stop looking at his thick cock , soon I felt my hand grabed by Frank the other guy and my hand was wrapped around his cock as his hand reached over and rubbed my cock .
I let out a confused moan and Dennis took my free hand and placed it on his cock I sat jerking to men off for the first time ever . I loved how there throbing shafts felt in my hands , Dennis helped Frank pull my cock out and they both leaned down and began running there tounges over my cock as I stroked them both off soon they took turns sucking on my cock while the other sucked my balls . . .
I was in a mix of pleasure and feeling violated as Dennis came all over my own cock Frank had pushed his cock up Dennis ass Dennis moaned deeply as Frank began to fuck him soon Frank pulled his cock out and came . They let me crash on the sofa that night . In the early morning hours I woke to hearing moaning . And I felt somthing rubbing against my face . As eyes opened I saw Frank trying to get my lips open and as I began to speak his cock sank into my mouth . He moaned and began to feed me his 9 inch cock , Dennis came out and pulled his cock out and began to stroke it . . . .

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  Frank removed his cock from my mouth and Dennis shoved his into my mouth . They tag teamed my hungry throat for what seemed like hours . Then dumped large loads on my face before they fucked my tight little ass and came in there too .
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