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I just got home from work,really was in mood to beat my cock,love how my cock feels when I come,when a surprise happened. I'm a married dad,of 19yrs, kids were in school,wife at work,when, while I had just started to crank on my meat,the doorbell rang. My neighbors boy Caleb,who is 14yrs old,slim build,nice looking,brown hair,110lbs,was standing there. With my cock about half hard,and visible in my shorts,I opened the door. I asked:"Whats up Caleb??. . everything okay??" As his eyes glanced down at my semi-hard cock,and then looked back up,he said:"Mr. B,I accidently locked myself out of my house,and my parents,as you know,won't be home for about 3 hours,and my mom asked if it would be alright to stay with you until they get home,is it okay??"  I said:"Of course,no problem. . as I let him in,his eyes still looking at my shorts. Once inside,I asked him what he'd like to do,and he said:"Whatever you were doing,is fine with me. "  I hesitantly said to him,kinda joking,:"Well,to tell you the truth,I was just kinda playing around a little bit. " He then asked:"What do you mean,a game,or something??" I said:"Well,sort of. . . you know,since your a guy,I can tell you,if you promise not to tell anyone.

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  " He answered:"Oh I won't say anything. . . . I promise. " "Well,Caleb,being married for so long,sometimes Mrs. B and me don't have much sex,so sometimes I jack off when I can,cause it feels so good. " I know you do too,don't you?" Kinda shocked,he said:"Well. . . . . . I won't lie to you,cause I know your cool. .

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  . but I like to beat off alot. . . . . whenever I can too. " "Sometimes 20 times a week!"   I answered back:" Wow!!. . I remember when I could do that. . . that was a long time ago though,as I laughed!" As he was looking at me,my cock began to get harder. He then asked:"Do you have a porno we can watch?" I said:"Its already on,are you sure??. .


  . you know I can go to jail if anybody finds out what were doing. " He said:"I'm cool Mr. B. . lets go. " Into my living room we went. As we both sat on the couch,a small,asian girl was getting her little ass fucked from behind,(My Favorite!),by a guy. We didn't say a word for a few minutes,but my cock was getting harder,and I could tell Calebs little cock was too. He then put his hand on my thigh,right by my cock and said:"Mr. B. . that shit really turns me on. . .

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  how about you?" With him touching my thigh,and the porno playing,I said:"Hell yes!!. . . I love tight butts. . . . love sticking my cock in buttholes. . its my favorite,besides getting a blowjob,and jacking off. " He then grabbed my cock. . Oh my!! He then said:"I've seen my dads cock before,and its not real big,maybe 6 inches long,but yours looks alot bigger. . .

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  is it??" I said:"Well Caleb,why don't you find out for yourself,and take it out of my pants. . . . would you like that?" My heart was racing! Here was this young teen boy,about to grab my hard 7. 5" cock from my pants,and I loved it! He slowly slid my shorts off,and my hard cock sprung to attention. He then said:"Wow!!. . thats big!! its alot bigger than mine. . . can I feel it?" I said:"Would you like to stroke it, or do you know what a blowjob is?" He answered:'I know what it is Mr. B. . .

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  I've seen it in pornos before,and I've seen my mom blowing my dad. " Hearing that,I said:"Does your mom like it?' He answered:"As far as I know",as he slowly began to stroke my now throbbing cock.    In minutes, it was as hard as I've ever seen it. I told Caleb:"That feels so good Caleb. Your little hands make it look so big,and you really know how to beat meat. " He said:"Well,yours is big Mr. B,and I like doing this. " I reached over and took off his shorts. There it was! His cock was hard as rock,about 5. 5"long,but so smooth, and hot!   I told him:'You have a very nice cock too,Caleb,so I'll stroke you,while you do me". In minutes we we stroking each other like crazy,and it felt so good!! But looking at Calebs tight,hard cheeked ass got me really going. So I stroked him faster,and I knew he was about to shoot his load. . . when I did something I've thought about doing someday,but hadn't,till that moment! I leaned over,Caleb's breathing was heavy,and I pushed him back to lie down,and I started SUCKING HIS COCK!! Oh my god! I couldn't believe I was doing this!" He said:"Yes.

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  . MrB. . . show me how. . . please suck my little weiny!!I went wild sucking that cock. . . and I loved it!In minutes,he was squirming and grinding,and screaming:"It feels so fucking good. . . I'm going to come. .

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  . . I'm coming. . . . as I swallowed his cock all the way in my mouth,he exploded!! I kept sucking till I couldn't taste anymore come,and it tasted great. I then stood up,my cock was totally,rock hard,when he asked:"What would you like me to do?. . . I bet I know,huh,Mr. B" I said:"I know you will suck me off,but right now, I'm going to stick my big cock in your virgin butthole,and your going to love it,right?" He answered:'I've never done it,but right now,I REALLY want you in my ass,please. . . .

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  fuck my butt Mr. B!" I grabbed some vaseline,and Caleb bent over on all fours. What a sight! Hard rock cheeks,tiny butt,and a pink,lovehole waiting for my cock. I lubed up his ass,and he liked it. I stuck a finger in it,and my was it tight! I hoped I didn't come right then. I told him to stick it up high in the air,and it might hurt a little,but it would be fine. He did just that. What an ass! I eased my throbbing cock up to that pink,virgin,butthole,and started to slowly push. He screamed:"Oh fuck. . that hurts. . . oh shit. .

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  as he stuck it up higher. I pushed as hard as I could,and FINALLY,my head got in! In minutes,I slowly was easing all of it in and out of the tightest,butthole,I've ever been in. It was FANTASTIC!!We were both sceaming in pleasure:"I love it. . I love it. " Caleb then said:"This is so fucking good!!. . . I love you fucking my butt Mr. B. . . keep doing it. . .


  hearing that,I couldn't take anymore. I said:"Caleb. . . . I'm going to come too. . . make me come. . . . He answered back:"Fuck me hard MrB. , fuck my little butthole. .

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  . come in it now. . . . . come on. . come. . . . I pounded that viselike hole,then EXPLODED!!  I fell onto Caleb when I did,out of breath. As my cock slid out of him,he turned me over,and started licking my asshole! My cock shot out 2 more big drops! It felt so good. He then  sucked the last bit of come out and said:"I like your games Mr.

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   B!!. . there fun!"  I then said:'Were not done yet,,now its your turn to fuck a virgin ass. . . . MINE!! He looked at me and said:"Are you sure??" I answered:"Oh yes I am Caleb. . I really do!' He then said:'First,let me lick your butthole with my tongue,to see if I can make you come again,or I'll just give you a great blowjob,deal??" How could I resist!!  I now have a nice, new boytoy,who does whatever I want,and I do the same for him, especially. . . fucking that great,young boys ass!!!
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Malaga is the best gateway to southern sector of Spain with its vibrant city life and unique culture. Malaga is the hometown of Picasso and also famous for its specific climate that is known to be the finest in entire Europe. Being underrated for a long time, by now Malaga City is arguably among the most interesting places of Spain, thanks to its cultural variety, as well as gastronomic destinations and leisure locations.
The urban metropolis represents one of the oldest cities that is currently available across the world with its origins dating back to 770 BC. Malaga is full of diversified historical and cultural destinations. There is something interesting literally around every corner as you move around the city.
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The 15 beaches situated around the different sectors of Malaga are very clean and family-friendly; they can be easily accessed within a short time. Diversified restaurants, bars and beach clubs are placed all over Malaga, offering all types of dishes, from traditional cuisine, to Moroccan specialty drinks, as well as incredible beach party nights. When it comes to spending the nights of your life, this town can offer everything you could only dream of. In this city you can easily party all night long until 5 am. And in case if you are willing to ensure those parties remain memorable - make sure you visit escort in malaga - the best location for all the naughty dudes from all over the globe.

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Batumi, Georgia, is a coastal city on the Black Sea and the capital of the autonomous republic of Adjara in southwestern Georgia. This city's year-round subtropical climate and exciting nightlife draw many visitors. The city's attraction is heightened in part by the presence of the breathtakingly beautiful Escort girls Batumi.

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Escort females in Batumi have a radiance that goes beyond the surface. They have a wide breadth of knowledge, from the aesthetic and cultural to the historical and political. Their attractiveness and intelligence make them perfect companions for every occasion, whether it be a formal dinner, a business lunch, or a casual get-together with friends.
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