Just maybe I've found amate.


Just maybe I've  found a mate.
It has been a long time since I have had any gay encounters and never one that met my imaginable desires.
I have just met this new lad of 18. He kept visiting me and I was very discreet about my real interest in him.
He was so nice and polite and seemed so frivolous and innocent. His age was at my assuming of maybe around 12 to 14. He was only 5 foot tall and well built like he had heavy firm legs and a baby fat tummy and arms that would be become strong with use. His baby smooth complexion face and light colored hair made him seem so adolescent.
When he told me he was 18 I couldn’t and wouldn’t believe him.
Finally I learned that he was 18 and was told that he like his parents would always be a small physical person.
He was a man trapped in a boy’s body.
Then after being sure about his age I started responding to his flirting frivolous advances.
We had a chemistry reaction the first time we met and he didn’t make any effort to hide his gay conduct.
But even though he winked at me and threw me kisses and even hugged me and lightly touched my privates through my clothing with light brushes and several advancing techniques he still stopped just short of letting me do any serious contact unto or upon him. I decide that his IQ was way less than the age of 18.
Then after becoming bored with his bashful attitude and my attention to him dimming he confessed to me about how he had once been gay with a guy before he had swung his balls and the guy had threw him on a bed and raped his ass very roughly.

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   and was so very scared to do sex with me or anyone.
And he was afraid that I’d get real horny and try to do it to him.
So I put some thought into this problem and decided to try something with him to give him confidence.
On his next visit and after his quick hug and his nervous jittery reaction I asked him to tie my hands behind me and then he could do anything he desired to or demand of me.
He thought I was crazy and refused at first and I pleaded that it was worth a try.
I even allowed him to tie my ankles.
Then there we were with me bound up real tight and pleading with him to do anything he wanted. This kid changed completely right in front of me.
He first undressed completely so I could finally see his beautiful body and erect gentiles which were very normally like full size balls and had light public hair but the fat dick was only maybe just short of 5 inches. This boyish look turned me on more than a big whopper would have. Then he pranced in front of me turning slowly and letting me enjoy the view.
Then he nervously dropped my pants down to my ankles and seemed in awe of my 6 inch dick and he seemed to think it was huge and grasped it warmly and fondled with it.
He then rubbed his against mine and moaned with awe.
He then rubbed his in my butte crevice and then put his buttocks against my erection.
He acted so Kiddies and sissy about it all and I just had never had anything so tantalizing before happen to me.

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   He then put the side of his face against my dick and balls,
I squatted down and asked to kiss his dick and he giggled and teased me with it by brushing it against my lips but never letting me get the morsel in my mouth.
Then he pulled my clothes back up and put his back on and told me that now I cold believe him when he said he was gay. I hadtold him that he was not gay before.
He waited  awhile for me to cool down as he worded it then untied me and said now you’ll be wanting me to come back won’t you which I answered yes to and he asked me if I loved him and I said yes. He whispered at the door that he loved me and would be back again and swished out the door with me all mixed up emotional.
I knew he was not yet out of the closet that I heard so much about and I symphonize with him because of my past and fears that caused me not to secumber to my desires.
I had been and was also brainwashed about sex and wish there was someway I could erase all the old brainwash and meet someone that had never been brainwashed as to think sex and love is a sin.
All my other posted stories were fiction and my imigination working oevertime like I'm sure lots of other posts on this site But this one is real
If you want to  swap logical true feeling e mail me at  ok7whatever@yahoo. com
I'm open minded and need to learn more facks about people.