Curious Cousins Part 1


My name is Brandon, and I'm gonna tell you a true story about my male cousin CJ and I. It was a hot summer day in August, and me and my cousin got back from our friends house, we were at a campground that we went to every few weekends. We had already ran around all day, and came back late, at about 11 PM. We also had to sleep in the same bed, which I was used to, since we always did, and it never really bugged me. So, we laid down and started talking about some of the hot girls that camped there. We both had full-fledged boners, and knew it. Since it was so hot, we both slept in our boxers.  So after silence, CJ got up, and turned on the light, it was a fairly big camper, but i thought he would wake up our grandparents, he took off his boxers, showing off his 14 year old erection. I had seen CJ naked many times, but this was different, I knew it was. Our grandpa was a cop, so he grabbed a pair of handcuffs, and told me to cooperate, and locked my hands up, sitting on my legs. I had no idea what he was going to do. Then, he slowly pulled off my boxers, and my 15 year old, seven inch member popped out.  We both had a lot of pubic hair, but he outweighed me by 50 lbs. , and had darker skin. So, since I was pretty much helpless, he told me that I was his "pleasure slave" now. And I knew he wouldn't harm me, so I didn't really care.

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          He then crawled his 200-plus pund body on top of me, and started playing with my cock, teasing with my balls, licking them. He flipped me over, since i couldn't move. He whispered that i was gonna enjoy this, and before i could respond, he started rubbing his cock against my asscheeks, I could feel it, and didn't want him to do it, but what was I gonna do about it? He had me cuffed, and was sitting on top of my legs. Since I knew I couldn't stop it, for some reason, i couldn't wait for it to happen. He then teased with my asshole with the tip of his cock. I thought I was gonna blow from sensation, but all seven inches of my cock were pinned underneath me.   Just then, he jammed his entire cock into my ass, sausing me to let out a loud, yet short moan. And he whispered into my ear, "8. 5 inches of meat up your ass, Brandon. " I couldn't believe it was that big. He started pumping in and out, in and out. And he didn't care about anything at the moment, thumping up and down, shaking the bed, and all I could do was strain. I wanted him to stop, but damn, it felt so good. I then felt his cock get bigger, while inside of me, and was probably about 9 inches now. I could feel him touching the other side of my insides, but he didn't care, it also felt as if it was getting wider as well.

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   Then, his giant cock started to feel warm. Then it hit me, he was going to blow his load. I struggle to pull away, but he was too strong. He then pulled out quickly, almost making my ass tear apart. He then sprayed his load on the floor.    He stood up, letting me legs get a rest. By now, I was ready for more. I signaled for him to come on. He nodded and said, "Okay, you want some?" And I just stared back and whispered, "Bring it on, bitch!" He sat back down on my legs crawling up. As he sat up, my 7 inch cock looked small compared to his 9-incher. He then stuck his sperm-covered cock up to my face and signaled for me to "popsicle" it. He stuck it into my mouth, almost gagging me. He then pumped in and out, shoving it down my throat. I could feel his pubic hair hitting the tip of my nose with every stroke. I could taste the remaints of his juices on the tip.

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   He pulled out after a short time. He then sunk down, and started to suck my 7 inch cock. After he forced me to jack him off, he told me to sit up, and suck his cock again. It was a trick, however, as he blew his lad inside my mouth, sending it down my throat. We both then laid down, exhausted. And then, it was about 2 AM, and we both fell asleep, completely naked.