My Sister In-Law


i said to myself now's the time and i pulled her to me and kissed her. she tried to push me off but it only made me hotter and my cock harder. by now i was grinding my pulsating cock into her crotch. she was wearing a mini skirt and t shirt. then i pushed her down into the sofa and held her legs up to prevent her from struggling. this also gave me a good view of her tight pussy and firm ass. she was now pleading for me to let her go, that she won't tell anyone about this, but by now i was taking off my shorts and my cock was already wet with precum in anticipation of splitting her pussy. with one hand i held her legs up and with the other, i pulled her panties off. as she struggled, i managed to rip off her panties and threw it on the floor. now i saw her pussy for the first time, the well-trimmed hairs and the red clit. i spread her legs and she was now thrashing and screaming about us being in laws and this was wrong. she kept saying "No, no, please don't do this to me. Oh please!" but this just made me want to fuck her more. i knelt down in between her legs and licked the wetness that was starting to leak out from her cuntlips. she moaned and sucked in air, pushing my head off at the same time. but i was holding on to her thighs and as i licked her clit, she suddenly bucked like a bronco and she was moaning and thrashing and i knew she came.

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   i stood up, and she also rose, thinking i was fiished with her. but i turned her on her stomach, her pussy and ass up and exposed to my pulsating cock. i held her hips and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her dripping cunny. then i just rammed my rod into her tunnel. i was in heaven! her cunt was so tight it felt that like a mouth was sucking my cock. she came again, and as her cunt tightened around my cock, i couldn't hold off anymore. i splattered my cum inside her cunt and she screamed, "i'm coming!" and she came again. i continued pumping in and out of her moist cunt' not wanting to lose my hard on. i wasn't disappointed. i felt my cock stiffening again. i took it out of her cunt and went around to her front. she wanted to get up now but i held her down and made her suck my wet cock, dripping with her love juices. after a few sucks, i went around to her behind and suddenly thrust in her cunt. she yelped but i kept on pumping. i felt her getting hot again, i pulled my cock out.

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   i always wanted to butt-fuck somebody but never had the chance. my wife doesn't like it. i put the head of my cock at the crack of her beautiful ass, and when she felt this, she screamed like hell. i didn't care much if somebody heard by this time, and i pushed till about an inch was in. she was howling with the pain as i was the first to devirginize her asshole. oh, how tight it was. i pushed in another inch. she was pleading me to stop, but the power i had over her just turned me into a maniac, and suddenly i rammed my all of my cock up her virgin ass. she was like a mad dog, trying to get my cock out of her ass. she was thrashing and pushing me off, trying to twist around. i held on to her hips and kept on pumping, feeling the walls of her ass stretching to engulf my cock. i told her to rub her clit. she didn't follow so i gave her a sharp whack on her exposed rear, all the while ramming in and out of her ass. she complied and i could feel her building up to an orgasm. then her rubbing went faster and as she came her ass tightened some more.

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   as she came i did too and filled her ass with my white cum. i pulled out of her ass with a pop. she picked up her panties and went to the restroom to wash up. she said she hurt all over and i told her to rest. she left without a word. now we fuck once or twice a week. .