Deeper, part I


I didn't usually have to walk home from work, but with my car in the garage, I didn't have much choice. Over the holidays, everyone had went home to spend Christmas with their families and I hated to call Mom or Da to ask for a lift. The Christmas season was usually busy, but tonight we seemed to have more customers than usual at the department store where I worked. Joe McKilley stopped by to pick up a gift for his daughter Rachel, whom I had known from school. He had seemed a little distracted as he bought the jumper and skirt set, but I figured that last minute shopping would be a bit nerve racking on any one. "Is that for Rachel", I said. "Yeah", said Joe. He looked at me kinda strange and asked, "Is your family traveling for Christmas this year?". " No", I replied. "This is the year that everyone comes to our house. " "Oh" said Joe. The small talk didn't seem like him at all. He was usually the quick witted one, full of funny come backs and a joke for every occasion. I noticed that he was staring at my jumper. I had picked this one to wear today, because it was red for Christmas. I hadn't noticed that it had become tight across the chest, probably from frequent washing.

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   I looked down and I could see my breasts straining in the soft fabric. "Uh, Joe, do you want this giftwrapped?" He hesitated a moment as he collected himself and met my eyes. A flush had come over his face and I could tell that he was becoming aroused. "Yeah, sure, Lily". "Hey, don't tell Rachel I was in here, this is supposed to be a suprise. " "Don't worry about me Joe, I won't say a thing". I was beginning to feel hot. I had never had an older man look at me like Joe was. Joe was a friend of my father's. They had met sometime during college, and had become reaquainted when we moved to town about five years ago. He was a couple of years younger than my da, but had kept himself in good shape. I sneaked a look at him while I was finishing up the package. I wondered if he looked like "an older man" under his wrapping. I finished putting the bow on the gift and handed it to Joe. " I am sure Da would like you to come over to our party on Saturday night" I said.

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   I can't believe I said that. This man is looking at my breasts with a hungry look on his face and I am inviting him over to my house for our annual Christmas party. " Oh, that would be grand, Lily. " Joe hesitated. " Mary and Rachel have left for the weekend, though. I am to meet them at Mary's mother's house for Christmas Eve. " I couldn't let it go,"Oh, Joe, go ahead and come over. The folks would love to see you, it has been along time since you've paid a visit. " Joe looked at me with eyes that were becoming increasingly hungry,"I think that will be just fine, I'll see you then. " He paid for the purchase and left, looking over his shoulder at my tight jumper and all it contained. I wondered at what I had done. But this man made me feel sexy. I could still feel his stare at my breasts and I felt my nipples harden at the thought. Surely, I hadn't made a mistake. This man was my father's age.

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   Surely he wasn't really looking at me like that, it had to be my imagination.
As I walked home, I had time to think about all that was said during our conversation. I replayed it all through my mind. The more I thought about it, the hotter I became. I felt a hot wetness between my legs. The thong I had put on this morning began to rub between my legs, making my clit become hard. I hated to think of Joe this way. He was a friend of my fathers, the father of my friend, and married to boot. Now that thought turned me on. What would it be like to screw a married man? No, we won't go there, I thought. I am not going to think about this any more. Just then, Joe pulled up in his SUV. "Hey, do you need a lift?" he asked. Well, what could I do? It was obvious that I didn't have any way to get home but to walk. "Joe, that is so nice of you!" I said.

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   " My car is in the garage, and I didn't want to bother anyone for such a short trip. " Joe looked me up and down, checking out the bits he couldn't see behind the counter earlier. "You really shouldn't walk alone, Lily. There is alot that could happen to a girl like you. "  My heart was pounding. I wish I hadn't been thinking about him earlier. There was no way I could refuse his offer of a lift. I opened the door and climbed in to the SUV, my skirt shifting up my leg as I scooted across the seat. Joe reached out his hand and gently pulled my skirt down. "You have to be careful of showing too much skin, Lily" His voice had become husky and in the pit of my stomach, I knew I had made a mistake, a bad mistake.
The drive to my house wasn't a long one, only a couple of blocks, a turn, then three more. When we had gone a block, Joe turned the other way and sped up. "Joe, what are you doing?" I shreaked. "Just gotta pick up a liter of milk on my way home, Lily. You don't mind do you?".

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   I was trying not to panic. Joe hadn't done anything. I was behaving like a five year old. "No, that's fine" I said. My mind was whirling. What exactly was going on? Joe pulled up to the shope and went inside. He came out a few minutes later with the liter of milk. "Now we can head home. " Joe had a strange sound to his voice, almost like a child who has won at a game. He continued to drive, but not in the direction of my house. "Joe, where are we going?" I was panicing by now. "We are going home, Lily, to my house. " Joe's voice was husky and I felt a knot in my stomach that felt like a ball of ice. "Joe, you have to take me home! My parents are expecting me to come home!" Joe looked at me with eyes full of desire and menice. "No Lily, they are not expecting you to come home.

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   I used the phone in the shope and told them that you would be spending the night with Rachel and I would drop you off in the morning. "  Bugger, I thought. Here I was trapped in his vehicle, my parents didn't expect me  home before noon, and the bulge in Joe's pants was getting bigger by the minute. I stopped to look at it. I had been with a boy from school, once. He had taken my virginity with a measly four inch cock that wouldn't have bothered a dog. My mind was doing double time. On one hand, I didn't want this old fart touching even my leg. On the other hand, I could feel his big dick stretching my cunt until it bled. I knew though, in my heart, I had to get away from him. At a corner, I opened the door and started to jump. Joe quickly grabbed my arm and pulled be back. " Oh no you don't, sweet pussy. " He held my arm and slowly pulled over to the side of the road. He lived in a neighborhood that was a bit remote, you had to drive a couple of miles through a wooded area before you could see the lights on the houses.

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   We were in the woods, not close enough for anyone to see. Joe reached down, between the seats and grabbed a roll of duct tape. "I never go anywhere with out it" he chuckled. Joe taped my hands together, then he taped them to the safety bar above the window. "Now you're not going anywhere, luv. " I could see him breathing faster now, and I know it wasn't from taping my hands. His cock was hard in his trousers and he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. "Just a few minutes, Lily, and we'll be home. " How comforting. I couldn't wiggle my hands a bit. My skirt had pulled up my thigh and my upper leg and the lace of my thong were showing. " You know, Lily, that little panty thing looks uncomfortable. I better take it off. " He reached over and slid his hand under the top of my thong. Tightly he grasped at the lace and pulled hard.

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   I yelled. Pain went through my pussy as he yanked the lace up between my legs. "See what I mean,Lily? We better take care of that before you get hurt. " Joe pulled the thong out of my pussy lips and slid them down my legs. He reached down and manuvered they off my feet and slipped them into his coat pocket. Now, not only were my upper legs showing, but Joe had pulled my skirt all the way up when he had yanked on my thong.
"Oh my, Lily. What a pretty pussy you have. You even keep it shaved. " Shit. I thought. I had shaved my pussy thinking I would head to the tanning booth this weekend and get a "complete" tan. Now this bastard was getting turned on. "Joe, please, you don't want to do this. " I heard Joe laugh.

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   "Yes, I do, luv. I saw you at that counter with your little tits just asking to be let free of that jumper and your bra. I know just what I want. "
Joe pulled back on the road and headed toward his house. Soon we were pulling into the driveway. How was I going to get out of this? Joe looked over at me," Home sweet home. Now it's party time, little Lily. As I see it, no one is looking for you, my house is empty, and we have all the time in the world. " Joe looked like he had won the lottery. Joe came around to my door and opened it. Quickly he untaped my hands from the safety bar. " Now, don't do anything stupid, Lily, or you will truly regret it" He squeezed my wrist until tears came to my eyes and I saw that he had a small pocket blade held to my ribs. I let him lead me into his large house, all decked out in Christmas finery. After we were inside the door, Joe commanded me to strip. "I want to see all of my little Lily," he said.

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   I didn't know what to do. I tried to lift my jumper over my head, but my hands were still taped together. Joe quickly yanked the material and pulled me to the floor. "I said, strip, Bitch". Joe pulled the jumper up to my wrists and quickly cut the tape with his blade. He took the jumper and through it in the corner. Now I was topless, except for a black lace bra. I quickly saw Joe's eyes glimmer. He grabbed my wrists in one hand and pulled a breast out with the other. He pinched my nipple between his fingers. "Oh, luv. I will enjoy tonight. " Joe licked his lips and brought his mouth down to suck on my harden nipple. I cringed as his teeth bit down and he sucked harder. A slow sensation was burning between my legs, but I knew I could not answer it.


   I tried to knee him in the balls, but he quickly turned and deflected my attempt. A sharp slap to the face was my reward. "BITCH!" Joe yelled. He dragged me upstars to the guest room where he threw me on the bed. I was shocked by the blow. No one had ever hit me before, and Joe hadn't held anything back. Stars were bluring my vision and I could hear him scrambling about in a chest of drawers. I felt my hands being tied to the upper bed post. I tried to kick, but Joe pinned my legs down with his. "You little cunt! I know you want me to fuck you. I could see it when you looked at me in the shoppe. Don't try to play the fool. I am going to make you beg before the night is over. You will beg me to take you and you will cry when it is over, you dumb bitch!"
I started to cry now. Joe pulled my skirt down and threw it on the floor.

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   He grabbed my legs and tied them to the lower bedpost using some stockings, I figured they were Mary's. He pulled my legs open until they were spread tightly. My pussy was spread beyond belief. I had always had good flexability, due to involvement in gymnastic classes, now that was an "asset" I guess. At least, I wasn't being pulled apart. I could feel my juice drip from my pussy. I didn't want this man. He had tied me up and was taking me with out my consent. No, I couldn't let this happen. But what was I going to do?
I saw Joe looking at me. He had removed his clothes and had his hand on his cock. If I had thought it looked big in his pants, it was MUCH bigger now. He walked over to the bed. Slipping his hand over my pussy, he spread my juice over his swollen rod. He moved his hand slowly.

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   Up and down. Spiraling. Pulling. He watched me as he jacked himself. I couldn't pull my eyes away. That cock. My juice. He rubbed up and down. " Lily, wouldn't you like to take this in your mouth?" Joe asked. No, please, no, I thought. He came closer. "Lily, I bet you suck lads off all of the time don't you? I bet you make them cum in your mouth and you like to swallow it, don't you?" I was wiggling about on the bed, not that there was anywhere to go. Joe slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled my face. "Lily, take it in your mouth, luv. No biting, luv, and I will make you feel good.

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  " Ready or not, Joe stuffed it between my lips. The head was huge and slimy. I tried to relax. I knew there was nothing I could do, but try to please him so he wouldn't slap me again. "Lily, take it all. Open up and suck me. " I open my mouth as wide as I could. All I could see was his huge cock pushing into my mouth. It was hard to breath, he was so big. I could see his muscles straining in his thighs and stomach. He was turned on big time. He began to stroke in and out of my mouth. He pushed further into my throat. I began to gag. Joe held my head and eased out a bit.

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   "Lily, luv, you must relax. I want to shoot it in your mouth. I want you to lick me up. " With that he began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I gasped for air as he pulled out, only to choke on the down stroke. I could feel him increase in size as he grew closer to climax. I wanted to bite him, to make him hurt, as he hurt me. The stroking became deeper and quicker. I could hardly catch my breath. Joe had my hair in his hands and was pulling my head up to meet his cock. I tried to pull away, It was too much. He was too big and he was choking me. I began to feel bile in my thoat. Joe grabbed my head and forced himself deeper yet into my throat. At the moment I saw stars invaid my sight, I felt Joe's hot steamy cum spurt out of his cock and into my throat.

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  " Oh Lily, luv, Joe's gonna make you beg for it. " His cum continued to pour down my throat and out the sides of my mouth. I felt strangely disconnected from what had happened. Joe gave one final shove with his cock, closing my airway. I passed out.
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