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Im 17 years old 5'9'' dark hair blue eyes and i work with this sexy look female. I always had a crush on her ever i frist saw her she's 15 5'6'' brown eyes black hair a little fat but not too bad. we alway got along real good always jokeing and stuff. we worked with each other for about 2 years and started to hang out after work. One time we whent to get some pizza, as we sat at the table her hand brushed my leg after we were done she asked if I would like to go to her house i said ok and got in my car and whent to her house.
I pulled in her driveway and I saw that her mom and dad wasn't home. We whent in her house and i sat on the chouch and she sat next to me. She asked me if i would like to whach a moviei said ok and for her to pick the movie. she got up and startted the move, when she came back she told me i' ll like it. I looke at the t. v and was shocked that a porno was playing i looked at her and feeld my dick start to get hard. She looked up at me and told me that she always had a crush on me and alwayes whatted to fuck me. I didn't know what to say. she reach down and startesd to rub my leg as she did my dick got real hard. I looked down at her and told her that i loved her and then kissed her.
After we kissed each other she asked me to meet her in her room so i ran down the hall to her room and sat on her bed.

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   I looked up at the door way and she was stanting there in just her bra and panties. my jaw almost hit the floor. she looked at me and said that i should strip down to my boxer. so I took off my shirt and pants and sat on her bed with my boxers on. she could see the tent that formed from my rock hard dick and looked at me and told me we should do something about that. All i could do was nodd. She walked oved to me and kissed me and rubed my dick. As she was kissing me, so many thing were going on in my head. i was thinking i cant beleve im going to fuck my friend and my co-worker and the one i had a crush on for years. All my thinking was stopped by her pillind down my boxersi looked down and saw my dick just inches fromher face. she held it with her hand and not saying anything took the head of my dick in her mouth, I moned a little and rubed her hair she just keep going deper and deper down my cock until all of it was in her mouth. she startted to slide her mouth over my dick i moned loud and undid her bra she sucked my dick and balles hard.
She pulled all the way out and then in one move she deapthout me and almost sucked me dry. i shot wad after wad of my cum down her thort. .

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   she pulled my dick out of her mouth and licked it up. she sat next to me on the bed and asked how was that i told her the best ever. She looked at me and said it was my turn to eat her pussy. She laid on the bed and i pulled down her panties reveling her hairless pussy the smell was just so wonderfull. I kissed up her leg all the way to her pussy, i rubed it al ittle and she moned and then i started to lick it. she was running her hand in my hair and I took the clit in my mouth and sucked it and hard as i could. She rasied her hip in the air and yelled i keeped suck her clit as i pushed in on finger and then finger fuck her. As i was finger fucking her i notice how tight her pussy was on my finger. I pulled my finger out and push my tonge in her pussy, when i did that her body was shacking as her jucies filled my mouth. i got up and kissed her as i was rubbing her thigh.
After we got are breath back I asked her if she was ready and she looked at me and said yes, but there was one problem she was a virgin. I told her that it was going to hurt the frist time but after that it'll be ok. She looked at me and then got on her back and spreaded her leggs open, showwing her nice hairless pussy. I heverd over he holding my dick at the enterce of her welcomeing pussy. I pussed a little until the head poped in and stopped.

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   I asked how she was doing she told me to go deaper, i push more in until i hit her cherry. i stoped and told her it might hurt. She told me she was ready she heald on to the bed tight and i pushed my dick in her poping her cherry forever.
I sat inside of her for about a min. she looked down were we where meeting she ran her finger across her lower tummy and sayed your dick is right hear. she moved around alittle to get use of my 8 inch cock in her for the frist time. She looked up at me and said it feels better now , with that and began to move back and forth, sliding in and out of her tight pussy. Every time i go in I push hardr and go faster. she is under me moning and i move faster, my balls slaping her ass the bed sqeking as i ram her tight pussy her legs wraped tightly around me , the heals of her feet trying to push me in more, her size B cub tits bouceing up and down. after about ten min, i could feel her pussy walls tighten up i know she was going to cum. I asked her were she whatted me to cum at she told me to do it in her pussy. I pick up speed and with on final push in her i shot my wad of cum in her tight pussy at the same time she cam on my dick the pussy wall milking me for everything i have. i fell on top of her with are juices mix and dripping out of her pussy, she kissed me deapply and said it was better then she hoped it was. What she said next waqs unbelevable ,she told me that her younger sis is starting to get horny that if i would do her as well i told her we'll see she only 12. .

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