Dream Come True: transformation


Topic: transformation Dream Come True
Jake turns off the television and heads upstairs, flicking off lights at he goes.
“G’Night mom. ” He mutters as he passes his mother’s door. A faint good night follows him to his room, accompanied by “I love you. ” Jake closes his door, shuts off his light, then opens up his computer. Very quickly he finds a favorite porn sight, and starts making love to his pillow, imagining himself not as the man in his fantasies, but through a recent fetish he imagines himself the woman. He soon orgasms watching a woman being fucked by a horse. This is the third night in a row that he’s had the same fantasy, a silent wish that he was a woman if only for the strange new exoticness it would bring. Hang any and all consequences. He falls asleep thinking of what life would be like if he suddenly turned into a woman. The things he would put in his pussy…
He has a strange dream this night. When Jake masturbates before bed, especially when he doesn’t finish off, he normally has some erotic dream. This is the first of him as a woman, and he’s pregnant. He feels something moving inside of his belly, and knows for a certainty from its size and the way it moves that it isn’t human. Then it starts moving downward, and Jake can feel hooves coming out of his vagina, the sensations incredibly real for lack of the fact that Jake has never known what a pussy feels like. Suddenly he’s aware of the pain, the God awful pain of overstretched skin, and he wakes up sharply in his bed, the familiar surroundings of his room coming into focus.

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Breathing hard, he feels for his penis and balls and finds them, holding them and remembering the sensations of the still all too vivid dream, wishing he could return to it despite the pain, due to the strangely realistic sensations of his pussy before the pain. He sighs, it’s a Saturday, and is pulling his covers back over him when he realizes something odd. As he pulls his covers back over himself, his nipples are rubbed making it very obvious that they’re sticking out. He sits back up and pinches his nipples.
They’re larger than he remembers them being, and the points stick out a little too far. In fact, he can’t remember his nipples ever sticking out like this. He rubs them and twists them, and very quickly gets a hard on. He again makes love to the pillow, his hard nipples rubbing the bed sheets, and again imagines himself a woman being fucked, this time by some creature in the bed. He has a very vivid imagination, and soon get’s himself off and falls asleep.
And again he dreams. He picks up right where he left off, with the hooves moving down him to finally poke out of him. Something very big is inside of him and it’s coming out against Jake’s will, contractions in his belly forcing it out inch by inch. Jake screams as the pain doubles, then triples, pushing him farther than he’s ever thought possible as the animal inside of him pushes out just a little more, its great bulk only just beginning the long process of leaving his body. Contractions force more of the animal out of his vagina, the legs now sticking a foot out of him, when suddenly the contractions ease and Jake relaxes a little. The legs shoot back inside of him horribly, then immediately his body resumes forcing him to give birth.

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   Someone tells him to push, and he does, aiding the inevitable journey of the thing inside of him and screaming in pain as he does so, his entire vagina seems to be ripping in two as now not only the legs start to leave him, but also now a small section of the torso. Then he again wakes up, screaming silently and in a cold sweat. His heart is thrumming loudly in his ears and he’s panting like he’s just ran a mile.
For a moment the sensations and pain remain with him in shocking clarity. He can almost feel long legs and hooves coming out of his vagina underneath the sheets, but when he feels himself all illusions are gone. It was just a dream.
He then remembers his nipples, and reaches up to grab them and play with them only to come to yet another strange realization. He can normally feel his ribs underneath his chest muscles, but now his chest feels fatty, squishy and cushy even, and his nipples are hard and protruding. Looking down at himself his nipples are darker and larger than normal. He immediately jumps to the conclusion that it must be puberty. He’s seen other boys with large dark nipples, and fat kids with man boobs. He even knows a kid who has a genetic disorder that has bestowed upon him small, fatty man-breasts even though he’s not fat at all, and that’s exactly what he thinks might have happened to him. He squishes down one breast, then the other, suddenly worried. He gets out of bed, gets dresses, and goes to the bathroom.
It’s just like he suspected, his nipples form little tents under his t-shirt with help from his now slightly elevated chest.


   He presses on his nipples, but they spring right back out. Jake doesn’t panic, however, and immediately goes to the medicine closet and digs out his old ankle wrap. It’s a long, flesh colored piece of elastic four inches wide and six feet long with hooks on one end, and Jake wraps it around his chest tightly, squishing his chest and hard nipples down. He puts his shirt back over it and again looks himself in the mirror, and he’s back to normal. The tight wrap around his chest is arousing however, and Jake quickly and easily makes up a fantasy in his mind about how he is growing breasts, and his dick twitches at the thought. He isn’t perturbed by the possibility that he could be really growing breasts at all, already having decided what it was…puberty. Completely natural.
He goes back into his room and beats yet another one off, his third in under twenty four hours, and leaves his room feeling good. It’s twelve o’clock, and he goes downstairs to screw around. He watches T. V. while playing games on the internet before he goes to work.
He works from 2:00 til 10:00, the wrap around his chest annoying and uncomfortable the entire day. On top of that, it felt like it was getting tighter and tighter on him, as if it were shrinking. When he finally get’s home his mom is already asleep, and he goes into the bathroom to shower.

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   He takes off his clothes and finally undoes the wrap, sighing as it springs loose and falls to the ground. He then sees himself in the mirror and is temporarily speechless. It looks like he has the breasts of his twelve year old sister, his nipples now even larger and pointier, with some definite cleavage developing.
Jake is now very nervous, and touches his breasts, pinching the nipples and surprising himself by how sensitive they are. He pulls them and squeezes his breasts, admiring them in the mirror, and is getting hard just looking at himself. This is the hottest thing that has ever happened to him, and he quickly gets into the shower, soaps himself up (playing with his breasts), and shoots a load off into the drain. It is one of the best and easiest cum’s he’s ever had.
However, after he steps out of the shower and towels off, paying special attention to his breasts, he suddenly has a realization. As he wraps his towel around his waist he looks himself in the mirror and realizes that his breasts stand out horrifically, and he now imagines what would happen in his mom sees him. He rather likes them, and thinks they’re hot, but now embarrassment and shame redden his face as he imagines his mom finding out that he’s growing breasts. Then his brain makes the natural leap to imagining what would happen if his friends, or anyone at school, were to find out. He has gym, so how is he going to change cloths without everyone seeing him? He wraps the towel tightly around his chest, pulling it up as high as he can while still covering up his lower half as well, and ends up just squishing his small mounds together to form small, flat, but obvious cleavage over the top of the towel. He wraps the towel back around his waist, takes another towel out of the closet draping it over his shoulders, and takes the ankle wrap with him to his bedroom, moving as quietly as he can to minimize the risk of his mom opening the door and seeing him. He makes it to his room, drops the towels on the floor, and gets into bed, his protruding chest and nipples making themselves known against the fabric of his sheets. He has trouble going to bed, not only from worry about going back to school Monday and what he’ll do about gym, but also because he’s afraid of having the dream again.

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   The last time had been so painful, and it’s strong in his memory still, so much so that his crotch aches in sympathy. However, the comfort of his bed wins out and he falls softly asleep once more.
And once again he has the dream. At the command of the voice he pushes, forcing the legs of whatever is inside of him out further and further, stretching his skin more and more even past when it feels his vagina is as taught as it can possibly be. The pain is brain deadening, all thoughts being eradicated by crushing, forceful contractions, and the inevitable and unstoppable headway of the thing inside of him. Its hind legs are completely out of him now, and a black tail is visible. Jake is crying and wailing from the constant and increasing pain as he feels his vagina begin to tear as he can’t stop a contraction from forcing more out. He now knows it’s a horse he’s giving birth to, and it’s almost halfway out of him. It kicks feebly, moving inside of him, and again Jake pushes. Blood slicks the amniotic sack, and birthing fluids coat the ground underneath him. He pushes again, and again screams like bloody murder in agony, pain unlike any he’s ever experience or imagined shooting through him.
The alarm clock saves him, and he sits straight up in bed. He tries to calm down, nearly hyperventilating from the dream, and he slowly comes back to reality. Then he immediately remembers his breasts, and his hand shakily reaches up to feel them.
They’re enormous, and his nipples feel like erasers sticking out into the morning air.

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   He feels them up, soft and round and perfect, and squeezes one. He then gets a shock, as a small droplet of liquid falls out of his breast. He’s lactating, and it’s incredibly sexy. Jake forgets all the possible implications of it all and pinches his nipple, then draws out a stream of milk. It squirts all over his bed, droplets of milk quickly absorbed into the sheets. Jake then feels a strange sensation in his crotch. It’s almost a funny feeling, a warm feeling like when he has a boner except for the distinct lack of a boner. It’s so subtle he barely notices it at first he’s so busy pulling milk out of his tits. Finally he reaches down under the sheets to relieve himself and makes a very startling discovery. He has no penis. He has no balls. They’re gone, and in their place is a vagina.
Jake freezes, feeling himself down there; he hadn’t worn clothing to bed. Severe horniness gives way to a sickening feeling in his stomach, as he is very quickly brought down to earth. This is no longer fun, he remembers that he has a physical for football on Tuesday.

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   The implications quickly overwhelm him, and he can’t think straight. He sits there, naked, in his bed, with a pussy and lactating breasts not knowing shit about what to do. However, the feelings in his pussy can’t be ignored and in light of his present opportunity he temporarily forgets about the future, finding more happiness in the present. It’s a dream come true! He’s fantasized about being a woman, and now he gets to live it!!!
He throws the covers back and looks at himself. He has a small, neat pussy without any pubic hair as if it were naturally hairless. He touches it and shivers from the strange sensation, the heat in his crotch from deep inside of him intensifying. His nipples harden further and spill out just a little bit of their milk. They’re so full of milk that they feel taut and firm, the pressure just a little uncomfortable but also erotic. He pulls on a nipple while he touches his pussy, the lips flaring a little as they swell with blood, and his pussy poofing out to form a mound. The smell of milk is now thick in the air as he pulls more milk from his breast, slicking one side of his body and then the other, while his other hand explores his pussy.
He’s so horny that the slightest touch of his fingers is overwhelming, but he manages to explore around inside his pussy just beyond the folds, finding his pee hole, an extremely sensitive nub at the top, and a small, tight hole at the bottom. He feels around for a good while, rubbing up and down his pussy lips until he stops exploring inside his lips completely and simply rubs his pussy lips faster and faster. Juices start flowing from his hole, slicking his hand and fingers as he moves his hand against his now wet mound, his breathing getting heavier and ragged. Suddenly he feels something big coming, and then an orgasm hits him, making him squeak from the strength of it as his body contorts on the bed. His pussy sprays cum on his bed three times, each time his legs involuntarily spreading and his pussy cramping, then it stops and Jake lays there exhausted, a happy smile on his face.

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   Then, something amazing happens that Jake has never experienced; he recovers completely and starts getting horny all over again, not even a little bit tired from the experience.
He sits up and examines his pussy more intently now, drawing a finger through his delicate and sensitive lips to his clit, and begins rubbing it slowly. Jake involuntarily arches his hips into the air as he torturously moves his finger in faster and faster circles around his small love button. He can’t stay quiet, and gasps out as his attentions cause his pussy to spasm. First once, then twice, then again and again in a rhythm that is nigh on unbearable. Jake can hardly keep doing this to himself, but forces himself to right up until he orgasms again, this one even more forceful than his last, a pool of fluids forming underneath him making it look as though he might have wet the bed. He lies back in the bed, once again exhausted, and feels his breasts. They’re still full of milk and Jake finds himself wanting to relieve the pressure, so he gently milks himself, pulling more and more milk out of himself and making a mess on his bed. He can’t imagine how he’s going to explain this to mom, but then immediately comes up with a solution; he’ll wash his own sheets while his mom is at work. He lays there a while, but doesn’t go back to sleep. Finally he gets up, rubbing his pussy as he gets off the bed, then rubs his pussy some more.
He’s getting turned on again, for the third time in less than half an hour, and he can’t believe it. He’s already had two fantastic orgasms, and now his pussy desires another. How can woman stand it having these things between their legs all day?, he wonders as he rolls back into bed. He rolls onto his stomach, his breasts pressed against his bed deliciously, and he lies with his pussy on his hand rubbing his finger up and down just barely inside of his lips.

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   He’s doing this, getting very hot and horny, when he decides it’s time to really test out his new pussy. Gently he inserts the tip of his finger into the hole at the bottom of his slit, and is astounded by how tight he is, as well as by the fact that the stretching is actually causing him just a slight amount of pain. He can barely fit his finger inside, but he pushes slightly, gritting his teeth against the pain of his intruding finger, and is slowly able to get his entire index finger up inside of him. He just lies there, getting used to this new, strange sensation of his finger up in him, then starts moving his finger in and out as the small amount of pain ebbs. At first it only causes new pain, but very quickly that goes away as his pussy hole loosens up and his finger is lubed up with his own juices. A new level of pleasure emanates from his love hole as he rolls over and fingers himself faster and faster. Small, mini-orgasms force him to slow multiple times as his pussy clenches and squeezes his finger, his juices squirting, but he doesn’t stop, the pleasurable and alien sensations building and building until finally, his fingering accelerating as he begins cumming so hard that it almost hurts, the feelings in his pussy so powerful that he nearly blacks out as his pussy clenches and spasms uncontrollably. Finally Jake lays there spent, his covers and bed sheet soaked, his pussy drooling girl juice and his breasts swelling with milk. His pussy then slowly shrinks down back to the small, neat little slit that it was to begin with, and Jake gets up, pulls off all his bed sheets, and then walks downstairs naked to put them in the washer. He knows his mom is at work, and won’t be back til 5:00, so after a quick shower where he thoroughly washes his body and fingers himself again he goes into his mom’s room.
He and his mom are about the same size, (his mom is strikingly beautiful), since Jake is small for his age. Jake finds her underwear drawer and puts on her underwear and bra, the underwear fitting perfectly, but the bra just slightly too small. They’re soft, black silk panties that are unbelievably comfortable, and a matching silk bra. He looks himself in the full length mirror for the first time that day, and hardly recognizes himself. Apart from his breasts and his pussy, he now realizes that his waist is now pinched and he has almost perfect curves.

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   His feet and legs are daintier, and so are his hands. His hair has always been a bit on the long side, but now it’s ridiculously longer, down past his shoulders in fact, and while his face is familiar it’s also hairless and very effeminate, with a weaker jaw, pouty lips, and long dark eyelashes. He looks like a model from a magazine.
He stands there dumbfounded, he cannot possibly hide this. He rather seriously doubts that his mom will even recognize him. His pussy, while wild and erotic a while ago when he was putting on his moms panties, feeling their softness against his unnatural flat crotch, is now no longer as desirable or sexy.
He shakes his head, his long hair flying, and grits his teeth. He will make this work, he has to. He immediately runs into his room and grabs the ankle wrap, then tightly lashes down his breasts underneath the bra. Then he grabs one of his football cups and puts it on over his panties. Then he puts on one of his loosest pairs of jeans and a baggy shirt. His breasts are well hidden, squished flat like they are, and they only make his chest look slightly larger as if he had muscled pecks. His bulge in his pants is visible, but due to the bagginess of the jeans it isn’t outrageous and Jake’s legs and hips are for the most part disguised perfectly. His baggy shirt hides his pinched waist and the worst of the protruding overhang of his breasts. All that is really left is his long hair, which is now even longer than it was when he last looked, flowing down far past his shoulders where it was only just a little while a few inches long.


   In fact, Jake realizes that his hair must still be growing since its several inches longer than it was only a few minutes ago. He goes back into the bathroom, finds the clippers, and begins hacking at his hair. Very quickly he has a short, although choppy, haircut and he’s appreciating the effect in the mirror when suddenly his hair starts growing wildly fast.
He freaks out, watching in the mirror as this hair grows in fast-forward until it reaches all the way down his back, shimmering beautifully and destroying the illusion of him as a boy, making him the super model once again in boy’s clothes. On top of that his breasts start leaking through his shirt, and the pressure is becoming very painful and Jake very nearly cries, but he doesn’t quit. He unwraps his chest, gets a new shirt, milks himself as fast as he can into the sink, inserts the pads his mom used when breast feeding into the bra to stop leakage, rewraps his breasts painfully tight, tighter than last time in fact, and retrieves an old baseball cap from downstairs. He then ties his hair into a long ponytail with ease, which he admires briefly in the mirror, then bundles it up underneath his cap. He once again stands in front of the mirror, looks at himself, and is surprised by the effect. He looks different, and definitely more effeminate, but he looks like himself again. He thins his lips in a line and the effect is increased, and confident in his appearance he goes downstairs and eats breakfast.
After a bowl of cereal he needs to use the restroom, and he’s zipping down his pants standing over the toilet when he realizes that he can’t pee standing up. He looks around awkwardly, dancing, then decides to go for it and sits down on the toilet. Pissing like a woman is messy, and suddenly he misses his penis, tears welling up in his eyes as he wipes himself afterwards, but he is soon over it as he again begins playing with himself and is reminded by how much better masturbating feels as a woman than as a man. He’s playing with his pussy when he has an idea. His mom probably has some sex toys upstairs, and he runs up to her room once again.

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After some searching he hits jackpot, finding a hidden drawer in her dresser that is packed with interesting things. Jake pulls out a long vibrator with a pointed tip, colored flesh-pink and shaped like a penis. He takes off all his cloths and begins rubbing the plastic toy against his pussy, shuddering at the feeling and the concept of what he’s about to do. Very quickly he’s wet again, but he knows that might not be enough, so he takes a bottle of “fire lube” from his moms drawer and smears it all over the dildo. He then sticks some on the end of his finger and rubs it all over his pussy, finally sticking his finger up inside of him. It doesn’t hurt like before, and he pushes more and more of the lube up inside of himself, not wanting to take any chances.
Then the lube starts to heat up, quickly becoming firey hot deep inside Jake, surprising him and making him squirm.
“Oh, mmm,” he says, rubbing more into his pussy and biting his lip from the sensations. He can’t stand it any longer, and places the pink dildo at his pussy entrance, sliding the point between his lips until its tip is just inside his hole. He slowly starts forcing it up inside of him, stretching his tiny hole wide, the lube making easy work of it despite the searing pain of his flesh stretching around the intrusion. It’s nowhere as bad as in his dreams, however, and he continues until he reaches a spot in his vagina about three inches in that isn’t giving way. Jake was expecting this, so he takes a deep breath, then presses a little harder.
His hymen breaks, tearing suddenly, and Jake screams from the instant, unexpected pain of it. He quickly covers his mouth, and slowly calms down with the dildo still inside of him and his pussy leaking a small amount of blood. Once he catches his breath again he resumes pressing and working the dildo farther and farther inside of himself and after several minutes succeeds in fitting the entire seven inch dildo up inside of himself.

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Smiling at his accomplishment and pushed forward by the still intensifying heat of the lube, he begins working the dildo back and forth, gently at first and with short strokes, but very quickly picking up the pace. He is amazed that something so large is so far inside of him, he can feel it moving past his belly button. He’s in the middle of heaven when he notices for the first time that the dildo has a switch on it’s side, and quicker than thinking he flicks the switch out of curious habit. The dildo buzzes to life inside of him, and again Jake screams, although this time it’s in mind blowing orgasmic pleasure, he is quickly orgasming, and is unable to continue fucking himself with the dildo, however neither does he turn it off and his first orgasm, after it subsides, is quickly followed by another almost unwanted orgasm. Jake finally is able to pull the vibrator out, his over-sensitized pussy making him gasp as it leaves him, and he turns it off, lying there, utterly spent, on the carpet. After several minutes of recuperation he gets up, cleans up the carpet and the dildo, puts his disguise back on, and waits downstairs for his mom to come back home, turning on the T. V.
Okay, this is as far as I could get writing it tonight. It took me only four hours, amazing eh?, from 11:30 til 3:30. I’ll very probably continue this tomorrow and submit even more, and I do have a whole lot more planned for Jake, but comment anyway. Also, if you have an idea or a fetish that you’d like to see in writing, feel free to ask or suggest it. If it’s original and interesting I may write it. Other than that please leave a line below so that I might judge how well everyone is receiving this. Thanks for reading!
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