Seduction of Reverend's Family Part 2


Topic: The thought is plantedWhen Leon saw the reaction of the Reverends wife when he casually put his hand on her ass he thought now is the time to plant the the seeds of her seduction. "I'm going to get your church coupons I'll be right back". "Take your time Mr. Persky,oh I'm sorry Leon,I giggled and surprised myself that I was so informal. "We have some shopping to do anyway and off they went.
Leon went in his office,he was getting excited now,his plan is off and running. First he took the chair next to his desk and placed it at the perfect angle looking into his private bathroom then he got the full length mirror and placed it at such an angle that Mrs. B would have a perfect look at his black python who's only thought now was pounding that white Reverends wife tight white pussy. He knew deep inside himself that if she saw his cock she would not be able to stop thinking about it and pique her curiosity. Then he would have her, she would not resist.
He took a deep breath walked over to Mrs. B,"girls could I steal your mom for a minute,I have some new coupons,I want to know if you would be interested. ""Girls get the milk and  cookies and I'll meet you at the counter,she replied. "
They walked into his office,Leon directed her to the chair and Mrs. B sat down. Mrs.

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   B noticed that Leon was staring right at her breasts which made her nervous and since she had come from church and was dressed in her suit she nerviously crossed her legs and that did nothing but showcase her magnificent long legs. They did not go unnoticed by Leon,his black python was reacting. He showed her some coupons with the normal small talk when he suddenly excused himself"I'll be right back" and he went in the bathroom leaving the door slightly ajar.
I was casually looking at the coupons but mostly I was thinking of my reaction to this huge scary ugly black man putting his hand right on my ass. I was surprised by my reaction and my feelings. Only my husband had ever touched me like that but I really didn't know how to be mean or angry with him,I didn't have much experience with boys approaching me. I guess I just didn't have much experience saying no. I casually looked up from the desk when I saw it. Staring back at me in the mirror was a huge black dick he was at the urnil and it was huge,he couldn't even get his huge black hand around,it was like he was framing it for me to see. Leon's voice shocked her back to earth"Mrs. B are those coupons alright,will they work. "I couldn't breath,I had never seen a dick other than my husbands and I didn't know any man's penis could be that big. I suddenly caught my breath "Oh sure I think they will be fine" Leon turned  pulling the skin back giving her a clear view of his huge bulbous head and a final look at its length,Leon chuckled knowing she had fallen hook,line and sinker. "Mrs. B,I'll be right out,Mrs.

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  B you there?"She was shaking,her breath was short,"Oh yes ,I better go,I have to go. "
She walked up to the girls and went to the counter where the girls were talking to the young black boy Tyrell,they were joking with him. Cindy the youngest looked at her mom"you alright Mom,your face is pink,are you alright?""Yes I'm fine,How much is it?"Mrs. B payed the bill and quickly walked out of the store. Her mind was numb,when she got home even her husband noticed,"Honey you alright your face is flushed, you have a fever,Jeez dear your hot all over. "Honey would you mind to much ,start dinner for me and  I'm going upstairs  to take an aspirn and take a bath,I think I'll feel better in a little while. "Of course my loving husband agreed.
Upstairs I sat at my dresser and looked myself in the mirror,prayed for forgivness of these sexual feelings that had suddenly flooded my mind. Taking my church suit off and sitting down I unclasp my bra and my firm breasts tumbled out exposing silver dollar areolas and sensitive nipples,rolling my panties down my long slender legs I prepared a hot bath,I was shaking all over and my nipples were on fire. I reached between my legs and my little pussy was sopping wet,Oh God what has happened to me. Stop it please,Oh please,God I feel so strange,what is this. I got in the hot water a leaned back took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt so good,the scented oil smelled nice and my muscles started to relax. In my mind all I could see was Leon's huge dick,God it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I can see every inch,God unreal.

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  A low moan escaped my lips,suddenly my daughter Caroyln at the door must have heard me"Mom you okay,I'm worried"I replied "No honey I'm Feeling better,go downstairs, I'll be down in a few minutes. "I went back and started feeling my milky soft breasts,lightly pinching my nipples,electric shock shot thru my body. Oh God I feel so good,Oh God. A thought came to me and I grabbed my razor and my scented cream and spread it all over my legs and underarms and gave myself a shave. A naughty thought came to me after I was done,its a sin to shave down there but I grabbed a pair of scisorrs and trimmed my pubic hair and when I was sure it was short enough I shaved it bare as my girls baby butt. Another moan escaped my lips as I felt so sexual,a brand new feelin for me. I gently smoothed some oil on my skin,got dressed in my sweats and went downstairs to dinner.
It's Wednesday,Mrs. B's shopping day. "Tyrell,help me please. "Tyrell my 18 year bag boy came to the loading dock and helped me move a couch into my office. A few hours went by 1:00 still no Mrs. B. "Tyrell,if Mrs. Beck comes in call me I'm going to straighten up the back room,ok?" "Sure Mr.

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   Persky,sure thing. "
I have to go to the store for my weekly shopping,the girls are in school,my husband has meetings intil 6:00 so off I went. My feelings of Sunday had lessened thru prayer with my family,I felt confident in my spritual strength as I entered the store. "Hi Tyrell" "Oh Hi Mrs. Beck how are you,how is Carolyn and Cindy?""Their fine Tyrell,thanks. "Ring Ring,Leon picked up the phone"Mr. Persky,Mrs. Beck is here. ""Thanks"Leon replied. Leon tested the couch and pulled out the bed,checking the firmness of the mattress,perfect,he threw a big pillow that he would use to prop her ass up so his huge cock would have clear entry into her tight pussy and ass off to the side out of sight. Leon's cock was getting hard just thinking about what might happen today. Close to 4 months of planning was about to come to an end.
He saw her in the produce section reading her list. He slowly walked up,thinking to himself that when he owned her she would be in low cut blouses and short skirts. He got close to her ear and whispered "Hello Mrs.

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   B,you look beautiful even in your sweat clothes". Stunned she jumped but didn't move away "Oh hi Leon,you startled me""I'm sorry I would never do that to you"Leon replied. "Levon. please make sure that Mrs. Beck gets the freshed fruit,ok". "Sure Mr. Persky,you bet Levon replied. "Leon took the chance again to put his  arm around her waist letting his hand rest at the top of her ass as he guided her over to meet Levon. Levon was a parolee that Leon was helping out,he was a convicted pimp and molester,he was a decent guy though and a hard worker. "Listen when you get done Mrs. B I have some new coupons for church so I have paper work to do so I'll be in the office,come over when your thru. ""OK she innocently replied. "
In his office he watched her every move on closed security camera's throughout the store.
I can't believe I'm going back into his office,God. A strange feeling is overtaking me,but its okay,it's for the church so I'll be okay.

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  I walked up to pay and ask "Tyrell would he bag my groceries while I go to Mr. Persk'y office for church business""Sure he replied,sure thing Mrs. Beck. "
Leon screamed to himself,my time has come. Mrs. Beck was unknowingly walking into a new life,a life she never knew existed. Leon stood up as Mrs B entered his office never to be the same woman,mother,or wife again. Leon had changed into a pair of tight jeans that exposed his big huge belly but more important to him it outlined his huge dick. He saw her look at it as she walked in and sat down in the chair in front of his desk. Leon chuckled to himself at the ease this Reverend wife was going to be.
Marylin Beck was feeling uneasy but not bad uneasy,just nervous throughout her whole body. She couldn't believe the huge bulge in Leon's jeans,it ran almost half down his leg. God it was huge. She caught him looking at her so she looked quickly away. Leon handed her the coupons and she started to count them out and he walked around his desk behind her,he had a clear view of her beautiful globes in her loose fitting sweat shirt.

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  "You know Mrs. B, I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. "She turned and looked at Leon"Thankyou,you are always nice and say such nice things,I really don't know what to say. "She couldn't help but see the huge bulge close to her less than 2 feet away. She hadn't noticed Leon had closed the office door and locked it.
TIME had come,he leaned over and whispered in her ear"Marylin how would you like feel my black cock that you saw on Sunday and can't keep your eyes off now. As she turned and before she could answer Leon's huge black lips came down on her full ruby lips. His tongue probed her closed mouth. She broke away,"What are you doing Leon,No,No, Please I can't do this, I'm married,I'm a church woman,Oh Leon please stop,My husband,Oh God Leon please. "Leon wasn't listening,his huge black serpent tongue was probing her mouth,he stood her up and was feeling her beautiful ass pulling her to him so she could feel his cock. "Leon please,I'm married, Oh please don't,don't please. "Leon thought she kissed like a High School girl,lips closed but he was grinding his huge cock against her pussy. He noticed a low moan,he broke away and again "Leon I can't, I can't please. "But she was not very convincing and Leon noticed,in one move he pulled her sweatshirt over her head and beheld the most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen. He was pinching her nipples and then she let out a low moan,"Oh God Leon please stop,Oh please,"Leon dropped his head and started licking her tits and biting and nibbling on her nipples,God Leon thought what a pair of tits.

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  "Oh Leon I can't",a moan escaped her lips,Oh God what was happening.
Leon went back to her lips and planted his big black nigger lips on her mouth his tongue probbing,suddenly a small opening and his black serpent claimed its pray. Her tongue met his and sucked it into her mouth kissing him like no one else in her life. She couldn't get enough of his thick black tongue,his hands were kneeding her boobs a feeling washed over that was unknown to her. "Ahhh,God please my husband,Ahhh,God,I love my husband,Ahhh,Her whole body was on fire. There was no conviction now in her pleas and for the first time Leon stepped back and knew the Reverends wife belonged to him. Pinching her nipples Leon broke the kiss and Marylin,moaned, Ahhh,and Leon looked deep in her eyes and whispered,"listen Marylin, this nigga ain't goin to be stoppin,I'm going to give you a nigger fucking and make you feel real nice,don't you be worryin none. My black baby maker goin to love you. "
Marylin never moved a said nothing as Leon pulled the bed out of the couch. He turned and roughly said"take your clothes off,get undressed. "Oh Leon,please, my husband,but as she was protesting she was peeling her sweatpants over her shoes. As Leon walked into the bathroom to undress and get some oil that he would massage on her pussy to heighten the nerves in her pussy,he growled,"take those fucking shoes off you dumb bitch and get on the bed. That ugly talk didn't scare Marylin it heightened her feeling of sin,she felt like a whore and to her utter embarassement and shame she liked it. She laid on the bed as Leon had ordered her and in a moment Leon walked out of the bathroom. Marylins breath stopped as she saw the black monster hanging from Leon's body.

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  It looked mean like a serpent and it wasn't even hard yet,Oh God,my daughters,the church,her husband,she could only think of Leon's dick.
Leon moved over close and said,"I want to taste some of that creamy perfect body of yers. "Lay back,let this nigga taste that sweet white pussy,with that,Leon couldn't believe how soft her skin was,her thighs tasted like vanilla butter,so smooth,he move up and with a chuckle,"bitch you shaved your pussy,look at that,did you know niggas only eat shaved pusy,you do that thinking about old Leon. He expertly pulled her swollen pussy lips apart and started licking the edges of her pussy slit.
I can't stand it any longer,Leon,OH God,Leon,please,oh please God whats happening,Oh shit,AAAAhhhh,God. "Leon growled,you like this nigga licking yer sweet church going pussy"A pang of guilt she felt was soon consumed by an orgasm,OHH GGOODD Leon oh shit,oh shit III'MMM CCCuuummmiiinnnggg,oh god please oh shit. He felt her pussy juice shooting into his mouth,man she tasted sweet. Her clit had unsheathed itself from its protective hood and Leon knew exactly what to do. Licking and sucking on her clit Leon knew she was going to cum again. AAAhhh<GOOODDD,OHHHH,PPllleeeaassee shit AHHHHH GOD IIImmmCCIUUUMMMIIINNNGGG again oh shit please dont stop please dont stop.
Leon stopped suddenly,knowing she was weak,"Look at me bitch,Mrs. Beck,mother and wife looked in Leons eyes,"You like how this nigga makin you feel,tell me,you like my black nigger tongue in your white sweet church pussy,tell me bitch. Marylin was awash with guilt but her body and mind betrayed her,"God Leon you make me feel wonderful oh my god don't stop please. "He stood up and the object of her desire was now inches from her face. Leon looked down at her a confidence that he hadn't felt before,"Go ahead slut,worship my cock.

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  Play with it,kiss it.
To Marilyn it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Her hand couldn't get around it,it was so smooth,like velvet. She picked it up and saw 2 large balls the size of lemons,she was sure they were full of hot nigger cum. His cock was black as coal and the skin contrast excited her more,she pulled the skin back exposing a huge purple head,pre cumm was oozing out, she leaned over and licked it off. Not lost on Leon he snarled"Fuck bitch,you really do love my big black cock don't you,let me here you say it. "Marilyn looked at Leon"Its beautiful"she leaned forward and kissed the head,she opened her mouth wide and Leon slid the head of his dick into her mouth. "Oh shit,suck it bitch yeah oh man you are a natural born cocksucker,fuck. "He pulled his dick out and said lick my nuts cunt,with that Marylin grabbed his balls and licked them making them wet with her spit. "Oh yeah slut,here lick my shaft,lick that black shaft and get me good and hard fore this nigga give you a nigga fucking.
Oh yeah,Marylin looked up and his dick had to be 13" long,God it was beautiful. Lay down whore,Im going to fuck you good,Marylin had been cumming unknown times while sucking his dick. Something was building inside her,she couldn't define it yet but somewhere deep in her something had awakened. Leon had rubbed some oil on her pussy to increase the nerve endings. He layed her down and looked in her eyes,you like this nigga and how I make you feel?Her pussy was on fire,it itched,god it was seething hot.


  She leaned up and kissed this huge ugly black man,their tongues met and kissed deeply another orgasm overtook her once again. "You my black cock slut whore now"She looked in his eyes "I love you". Thats a good girl as he inserted the huge purple head into her tight Reverends wife's pussy.
She tensed,God it filled her like nothing before,she had become a wanton animal. Her previous life was a fog,all that mattered was her pussy and this black python that had seized her as its helpless prey. Oh God honey please God it hurts oh God with that Leon pushed and 3" entered her. Leon couldn't believe how hot and tight her pussy was. She squealed oh God,Oh shit;Leon withdrew 2" and with another plunge, 4" more entered,nothing had ever been in her body like this. She was being racked with orgasim's but still deep down a rolling thunder was building. Out again and another push 3" more,God she couldn't stand it,Oh baby,oh baby please,God iiimmm cccuuunniinnnggg,God I can't. Oh I Can't. Leon felt her juices coating his cock so he with drew and pushed another 4" entered,he felt the cervix wall protecting her womb. She knew her cervix wall could not withstand this assult. He still had 3" left,Marylin couldn't stand anymore,No Honey please,I can't. AHHH,Ahhh god another orgasm racked her.

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  Leon looked in her eyes,she kissed him deeply again cumming again. Baby,baby,please don't hurt me. Leon said nothing but to himself he said its time to make her mine.
Leon withdrew his cock almost to the head and positioned himself where his full 270 pounds would give him leverage and in one huge deep plunge his black cock entered her shooting down her love cannal ,her treasure cove and broke thru the wall and directly into the Reverends wifes womb. Marylin thought the pain was going to split her into,she screamed at the top of her lungs OOOHHHH GGGOOODDD oh please its killing me oh pull it out but Leon Pulled and plunged again and again and again each time faster. Suddenly the pain that Mrs. Beck,wife,mother,was replaced by a pleasure she couldn't describe and it was building,heavier,faster,higher,she couldn't breath,her heart was beating thru her chest,her long beautiful shapley white legs wrapped around her black bulls butt and Leon was now an animal,he was howling,and growling. Oh God Leon Please Fuck Me,Fuck Me ,Fuck me harder. Leon picked up his pace,her pussy canal's wall grabbed his huge black cock and was pulling his cumm from his huge balls. The cumm was boiling in his dick he could feel it moving outward. Suddenly!
Marylin suddenly was overtaken by a feeling she thought only existed in heaven,OH GOD<OH PLEASE<OH GOD <OH SHIT,and then it happened. Like a firehose spurt after spurt of thick hot nigger baby batter was firing into her womb,AAAAHHHH OOOHHH GGGGGOOOODDDD IIIMMMM CCCCUUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG OOHHH GGOODDD,shot,another gob hit her womb. another,Leon was grunting thick spurt after spurt of black spunk enptied into his whores womb. Marylin was still cumming she couldn't stop,AAAHHHHH,God O MIghTY,Oh God. Suddenly there was silence,Leon was nibbling on her neck, leaned down and kissed and bit her nipples,sucked on her tits.

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  Baby I love your tits,he felt her smooth body and kissed her shoulders. AAHHH another orgasm overtook Marylin.
Leon lifted himself and Marylin felt her pussy reluctenly releasing his cock. With a loud plop his dick came out. Leon stood up and looked down at his new whore,so much more beautiful than any of his other girls. Her beauty was undeniable. He told her,"I like my sluts to clean my dick,lick it clean slut. "Marylin lovenly moved to the edge of the bed and started licking her lovers big huge black cock. A strange feeling of confidence overcame her that she was woman enough to take care of her big black man. A taste of her body fluids and a black mans cumm was intoxicating to her. She heard Leon talking"you belong to me now,your my whore,understand?"he pulled away,"answer me cunt,Marylin smiled,"I love you,I'm yours. "Good" he replied. "Finish up cmon get my black dick clean. "
Get dressed,you have to go. Leon went into the bathroom,chuckling to himself how easy the Reverends wife had been.

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  She was sitting in the chair putting her shoes on when Leon came out still naked,his soft black monster still hanging 8" down his body,god she loved his dick. He walked over,go ahead play with my cock while I explain the rules. She loved its velvet feel. She looked in his eyes.
Okay,first,no more sweat clothes when you come here,I want you to buy some Mini dresses and Mini skirts to show off those long beautiful legs,got it?Next,tank tops,low cut blouses to show off your tits,I want all the black men here to get to see that hot body of yours,got it?Make up,wear some make up,lip stick,pretty yourself up, I want you looking like a whore. Marylin still in the theros of many orgasm's nodded yes anything you want,all the while stroking his big black dick. We are going to go out on dates when I say to my part of town,I'll take you to dinner and my pad for some good fucking. With that Marylin pulled back,"I don't think I can do that,how can I get free?". Leon gave her a bitch slap directly across her cheek,It shocked and scared her. Tears came to her eyes,Leon looked down at her"what bitch you to good to be seen with me in public,huh?"Oh no I just I just,Leon "I don't give a shit what you have to do, make up an excuse,I don't care,understand?"Your my whore now,understand,you know what that means,say it,say it,another bitch slap>"Marylin should have been scared but oddley she felt loved. "Okay baby,I'm your whore" she replied.
"Good now put my cock in your mouth and suck me off. "Oh yeah baby suck that cock, oh yeah,You like my cock huh slut,you goin to be a good whore for me. I might get your daughters to slut and bring them to my pad to, huh cunt,you do that for me"?Now Marylin was truly scared but she couldn't say no,her babies were pure and angels. Leon pulled his dick out of her mouth"open up"She opened her mouth and Leon started jacking his cock and suddenly the first gob of black spunk went into her mouth,then another thick spurt,another,the last 2 he shot on her face and hair,thick ropes of cumm were dripping down her face.

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  Okay lick me clean then get the fuck out of here. Don't wipe your face till you get to the car,let the boys know your my black cocksuckin whore,got it. "Okay" she replied. "Tyrell"Leon talked into the phone,"let Mrs. B have her groceries,put it on the comp key. "right,Tyrell replied"
Leon looked at her and said "I don't kiss no whore who done swallowed my cumm,get the fuck outta here. Marylin stiffly walked out and walked to the counter where Tyrell and Levon were standing,she smiled at both,she knew they could see the cumm on her face. Both men were much different now,Tyrell lowly said "lookin good Mrs. B",Levon snickered,she thought she heard him call her a whore as she walked out.
In the car she checked,4:30,good she would be alone when she got home. After unloading the groceries and starting dinner Marylin went upstairs,started the bath water,looked in the mirror and started licking the cumm off her face with her fingers. Laying in the bath her mind was replaying what had just happened,God,she pinched her nipples and another orgasm overtook her. She was planning her shopping trip in the next few days wondering where she was going to go to get sexy clothes for her black man hoping against hope he would like them. In the kitchen fixing dinner she heard her loving husband and her angelic girls coming into the house. They both ran,"MOMMY,MOMMY,Hi Mommy,she hugged both of them,they both were so beautiful young girls.

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  Her loving Reverend husband came and hugged  her and said "I love you hunny,I'm glad your feeling better. ""Dinner sure smells good.
Laying in bed my husband fast asleep,my mind is running thru a list of excuses I can use for my upcoming dates with my big black man who I now belong to,I don't want to hurt my lovely husband but,I belong to someone else now. My last thought before being overtaken by sleep was I sure hope Leon my black man likes my 2 beautiful daughters,I hope they make him happy.  
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