The Studio - Chapter 3


Topic: Chapter 3 Dad and daughterMy business always has its unexpected moments. One of the least expected was when a guy phoned for an appointment - seemed he was a subscriber to our web-casts but what he proposed had my attention instantly. I told him to drop by the next afternoon and we would see what could be arranged. After the conversation I was _so_ horney that I summoned Jo - heavily pregnant as she was - into my office and gave her a right good screw while I told her what the guy wanted which was as follows:1) He was heavily in debt2) His wife had died some years since. 3) He had a beautiful teenage daughter (age was not specified). 4) The pair of them had done 'everything' except fucking. BUT5) For a fee he would take her virginity on camera. She being only too willing to comply. So as I said I told him come to the office the next day and when the time rolled round he duly appeared, daughter in tow. She was drop dead gorgeous, maybe thirteen, fourteen tops, so we talked during which time we agreed an up-front fee and the shooting schedule. Susie - as the youngster's name was - was a bit crestfallen as I penned the pair in for a slot the following evening. "Problem?" I queried. "No - well YES! I thought Dad would get to pop my cherry today!""Well he can if you like but if you want to do it live on camera you'll both need to wait. That way you'll both get the most money and I can have my best camera crew and director on hand. "Susie smiled "OK!"As the pair exited my office I asked "By the way, Susie, are you safe - like are you on the pill?". Her Dad answered "No she's not but I've had a vasectomy.

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  " "Could use a piece of that cunt myself!" I thought as Susie and her Dad left prior to me summonsing Jo into my office. "Fancy her?" she enquired as I thrust my rampant dick into her tight, tight cunny. "Yeah - but not as much as I fancy you. " Jo - my young wife - had technique like no other, she was a joy to fuck! She however was not in the least adverse to me having sex with other girls/women nor to having lesbian sex herself - I _love_ seeing her make out with another girl. Susie sprang to mind as I sated myself in Jo bringing her off several times before I blew my load into her tight clutching cunny. Bliss - believe!"So when's the web-cast?" she asked as we rolled apart. "Tomorrow - 7pm. We'll do it live from Studio 1. I'll get Graham and his crew to do the camera work. You want to direct? Don't think there will be too much to be done, it should all be pretty natural but we can use those tiny in-ear pieces just in case. "Jo smiled "Come to bed Big Boy!"So we did! Fucking and dosing thought the night and early morning before I reluctantly had to leave her for work - not least to organise Susie and her father's web cast. Now the company has a very select band of subscribers but I was very pleased to note the rapid take up rate of tonight's offering despite the very high fee I'd put on it. Mind you I'd used all the right key words - incest, virgin, teenage - whatever I said it definitely worked drawing the highest ever level of punters ever. So the day rolled round and about 6:30pm Susie and her Father showed up and I introduced them to the crew. I gave them some basic directions of what I expected from them telling John to take it nice and slow and to enjoy Susie's breasts and give her some oral (and she him) rather then just stuffing his pole into her however much they both wanted it finishing up by telling him to would be good if he could ream her too.

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   His eyes lit up and he exclaimed "I've never had anal sex before!"Susie's eyes widened "You want Dad to fuck my bum?""Only if you want to Honey!" I assured her. "Yeah - think I'd like that. The girls I've seen on DVD always seem to enjoy it!""You watch them with your Dad?""Yeah over this last year or so Dad and I have been watching them together and he's taught me how to give him head. And I love to have my pussy licked out by him. Can't wait to go all the way. " she enthused. "Love it when he rims my arse too - I think I'd love to take his cock back there. "I told her that the outfit she was wearing was very pretty but it would be better if she slipped of her undies before things started. Without question she pulled off her tee-shirt and unclipped her bra giving me first sight of her gorgeous little tits. Her father was one lucky man to be able to gorge himself on those! Susie didn't replace her shirt immediately - appreciating my gaze on her lovely mounds I think - but instead hitched up her skirt and slid her knickers down quite deliberately presenting her bald pussy to me. I was rock hard but knew I could do nothing about it without spoiling the plot but since my customers always got what they paid for I told her to put her shirt back on and ushered Susie and her Dad onto the stage area. It was 7pm - show time!The session wasn't scripted but Susie and her Dad seemed to have at least worked out part of it in advance. The set basically comprised of a sofa and a telly. To begin Susie walked onto camera and over to the telly picking up a DVD lying beside it flashing her buns as she did so. "Bet Dad didn't mean to leave this lying around - it looks really hot!" she said as she slid the porn film into the machine and set it running.

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   She then layback on the sofa, hitched up her skirt and started to play with her pussy as she watched a pretty little brunette get shafted by a black guy with a quite enormous tool - one of the studio's earlier productions I may add. "Wish I could feel a cock in my pussy. " she mussed as she masturbated furiously. "What's that Honey?" her father asked as he entered the scene. Making no effort to hide herself Susie announced "I want to do that - fuck me Daddy!""Now wait a mo Honey! You're quite young, I've got pretty large dick and besides - I'm your father!" At first I thought he had chickened out but he was just egging the cake. "If you want to have sex take off all your clothes - I want to see you naked. I've not seen you in the nuddy since you were a little girl in the bath. "(I doubted this was true given what they had done together but, what the hell, it made a good line!)She stood up saying "I'm game if you are - I've never seen a guy in the raw!" (Again almost certainly not true!) So the pair of them stripped revealing John to already have a massive hard-on. "Gosh Daddy - he is rather big. Can I kiss him?" Susie said making a rather good pretence of never having sucked her father off before. So she kissed and licked his knob slowly going deeper and deeper until she was really deep-throating him and he blew off in her, she swallowing every drop but letting a little of his cum seep out of her mouth before lapping it back into her mouth with her tongue. My punters appreciated that sort of detail - Susie must certainly have seen more than a few fuck films to know that. "Suck her tits and then go down on her - eat her out!" I heard Jo direct through the comms system. John lay his daughter down and proceeded to suck her little mounds before he nestled his head between her legs which she had thrown wide open and proceeded to lick and kiss her cunt bringing her to a total orgasm just as she had done for him. "Let's fuck Daddy!" Susie demanded "I want to be on top - I want to be in charge of getting this monster into my pussy for the first time!" Having eaten the youngster out John's cock was back at full working pressure - so was I and, seeing little direction would be needed for a while, I bent Jo over and fed by cock into her tight little cunny just as Susie mounted her Dad, yelping loudly as he physically penetrated her.

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   She slowly slid down the eleven or so inches of his thick shaft and then just sat there for a while testing her cunny muscles against the invader. "Gosh Daddy - I feel so full. I knew I'd like your cock in me but this feels even better than I expected!""Feels good to me Honey - your Mother was never this tight. When you're ready fuck me. ""OK Daddy!" she agreed and began to rise and fall on him, just a little at first as she found the measure but enough to bring a strangulated "Fuckkk. . . " from him. Susie's movements grew more confident and she played with her breasts as she pleased her father's cock quickly coming to orgasm herself. On that cue her Dad pulled her to himself and rolled the pair over and really started laying into his daughter's tiny pussy. This was really hot stuff and as I lost my load in Jo's clutching love-hole, she cuming at the same time as I let go, I confessed I wouldn't mind a go with Susie myself. Jo wasn't fazed and simply remarked "Only if I'm there to watch - and I get to lick your load out of her afterwards!""You're on!" I agreed as we watched John and Susie fuck their bodies together until both of them came, he spurting and spurting into her pussy stirring it up into a frothy pie. "That was magic wee one! Best sex I've ever had!" He declared. "Only sex I've ever had!!" Susie replied. "But aren't you forgetting something?""What?""My bum - ream me if you can.

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  ""OK - show me!"Susie knelt up and pried her buns apart displaying her anal passage to her Dad (and everyone else). "Looks awfully small Honey - you sure?""Yeah - just do it! I just know its going to be so good for both of us!""I've never taken a girl this way before. " he confessed. "Well? I've never taken a guy this way before! Just do my arse!"So John rubbed his knob over his daughter's anus and pushed it against her pressing it slowly into her - I was doing something similar to Jo but she opened much more easily for me than Susie did for her Dad, he had quite a struggle to get even his knob into her. "Oh Daddy - go deeper! It feels quite different to having you up my cunny but its kinda nice. Go deeper!""Sure Honey - I'm not hurting you am I? You are so tight its almost not true!""But it is true Daddy and, yeah, it hurts a bit but it's a nice sort of hurt. Just do deeper - ream my arse - hold nothing back. " So John took his daughter as her word (in more ways then one!) and eased his dick all the way into her rear and started pistoning slowly in and out. "Oh Daddy - that feels so good. Go faster""Bet you'd like a go in her rear too. " Jo remarked to me as I took relieve in her arse. "Well! I wouldn't say no but I'm not sure she'd have your technique. " I replied just as she came to a shuddering climax milking the cum out of my balls as she did so. Father and daughter weren't long behind us in cuming, both obviously savouring their first anal experience. "John kiss her arse and then Susie I want to finish with you using your mouth to clean up his cock.

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   OK?" Jo directed. So the shoot wound up with exactly that. John drinking is own cum from this daughter deflowered rear before she tasted herself on his cock. Graham hit the fade button and shut down the cameras "That's a wrap guys - take you want to do the editing Jamie?" "Yeah - shouldn't take much though! It'll be on the site tonight. " I told him in reply. I went to Susie and John. "That was quite something!" I gave John an envelope. "That's what we agreed but there will probably be more to come once I've worked everything out and Susie, there's a wee bonus for you, buy yourself something nice. " I said as I handed her a second envelope. Her Dad went off to shower but Susie held back saying once her Dad was out of earshot "Can I come and see you and Jo after school tomorrow? I'd love to have sex with both of you. I could be here about four o'clock. ""We both love to have sex with you - we both said so while we were screwing as we watched you and your Dad. Want to do it on camera again? It'll pay well. ""Yeah OK but I don't really mind about the money side of things - I just want to feel your cock in me, anywhere - you choose the hole, and I want to taste another girl's pussy plus I think Jo's tits will be something special! I want to taste her milk!" Susie gushed. "You're on! Four o'clock it is then.

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   Take it I'm not to tell your Dad?""Well - we'll see. Don't you tell him but I might afterwards. " she mused before trotting off to join her Dad in the shower. "Jo did you hear all that? Better set up another web-cast!""You bet I heard and I'm already putting the announcement together - can't wait!" came her reply over my earpiece. I found her sitting at her computer still stark naked. I lent over and fondled her chest as I read the copy. "Looks fine Honey - post it. " So she pressed the send button and then lent back giving me free reign on her tits but before we got too far Susie and John reappeared fully clad. John said as he held up the envelope "Thanks for this - it might just have saved my life. " (Some of his debt was to some none too savoury characters!)"Well thanks for the show - it was quite a performance. If you want to watch it it'll be on the site in an hour or two - I'll e-mail you a password so you can watch it free. " I informed him. Both he and Susie smiled at the prospect. Susie kissed me chancing a grope at my cock (and me at her tits under her tee-shirt, bra having been discarded I noted) behind her Father's back before the pair left. I asked Jo if she wanted some dinner but she said she'd far rather help edit up the movie.

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   So we went through to the editing desk and watched the takes from the three cameras. Some time later having fucked ourselves silly as we watched, the pair of us came to the conclusion that there was no editing to be done - each take could stand as it was so all three were posted on the server with pretty stiff premium prices attached. Premium or not before I'd finished uploading the third take the first two were already getting hits! Presumably folk who'd seen it live were desperate to see it again or perhaps it was folk who'd failed to sign up in time. I didn't care and doubted Susie and John would either - it was all the more money for them. "Come to bed lover. " Jo asked. "Hold on - just one more thing to do!" I rummaged through my address book and found John's e-mail address and e-mailed him passwords for the three versions of his daughter deflorination explaining they would be linked to the computer he first viewed them on - one of the techniques the company used to stop people passing on content. "OK Honey! I'm bushed!""Well it's been quite an evening. Can't wait for tomorrow afternoon though. I bet she tastes fantastic!"So we crashed - not making love once until the following morning. . . To be continued. . . gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

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