Bowling Alley Queen


Last night,right after I was done bowling,one of the hotties in the league came up to me,and said she was having trouble with her car. Now Suzette is about 34,5'6",110lbs,short,black hair,nice tits,and has a great ass. She has those beautiful,sensual eyes,that always get me excited. We've become friends thru bowling,and even though I'm married,I flirt with her all the time,and she flirts with me. Everytime I see her,my heart races,and she just makes me feel good when I'm around her. She knows I'm married,but I told her after 22 yrs,its kinda old now,not much sex either.
When we got to her car,she tried to start it,and I could tell it was the battery. Lifting the hood up,and checking out the battery,we both were bending over to see. Now she was dressed in in usual,tight Levi pants,which showed off that great ass(my favorite!),and a loose,t-shirt top. I could clearly see those nice titties when she bent over,and this made my cock start to get hard. Many times I've jacked off,just thinking of her,and her hot body. I told her I could give her a jumpstart,to which she said:"I knew you would take care of me,as she gave me a tight hug,and I know she could feel my hard cock pressing against her stomach.
Upon getting my jumper cables,and connecting them,she again bent over,and I couldn't take my eyes off those tits. She casualy said:" Am I distracting you?" I said:"Yes,and I love it!",to be honest with you,I can't take my eyes of your beautiful breasts!" She responded:"You really like them?I think their to small. " I answered:"I love small titties,and to go along with your beautiful face,and perfect ass,I'm in heaven right now!" My cock was now just about fully erect,and sticking out my pants,like a tentpole. I told her to start the car,and it worked.

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Now just thinking of how I'd like to fuck her so bad,I knew I'd just go home and jack off. The wife wouldn't care. I closed the hood,walked to her drivers door,and said:"Okay Suzette,your good to go!" She stood up,looked at me and said:"I have to tell you something,I really am attracted to you. I have been since I first met you 3 yrs ago. "Hearing that,I pulled her to me,and gave her a long,passionate,kiss,it was great! She continued kissing me,and after a few minutes,she said:"This may sound bad,but I'm really horny right now,and I'd love to have sex with you. " I eased back from her and pointed out my erect cock,and said:"Your horny. . . I'm about to explode!!" I then said:"I know I'm married,but I get so turned on everytime I see you,that I just end up going home and jack off,thinking of you!" She answered:"To tell you the truth,I masturbate too,thinking of you. "
I then pulled her to me and said:"Lets fuck right here,do you want to?" She answered:"Yes. . . . lets just do it!" I told her I didn't have a condom,hadn't needed one in a long time,when she said:"Its okay,I'm clean,and on the pill,so just fuck me please. .

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  . I've been wanting this for so long. " I opened the car door,no one could tell what we were doing anyway,she slid my pants down,and out came my throbbing 7. 5" inch cock. She looked at me and said:"I knew you'd have a big cock,and with that she started giving me an incredible blow job. I was in ecstasy!! She was unreal. She made my cock feel so good in her mouth,I had to try hard not to come. In a few minutes,she pulled it out and said:'"I know your about to come,but please wait and come in my pussy instead. . . I'm so wet right now,I can hardly take it,and it won't take long for me to come either!"
She then turned around,dropped her pants down to her knees,bent over,leaning in on her car seat,and there it was! Those hot,looking,pink pussy lips,staring at me,and best of all,her ass was incredible! Tight,round,small cheeks. Just like a teenager,and she stuck it up high in the air. I couldn't believe what I was doing! She then said:"Fuck me baby. . .

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  . . fuck my pussy. . . stick it in. . . please!" I obeyed! I eased into her hot,dripping wet pussy,and holding on to those tight,butt cheeks,I began fucking her. It was wonderful! Her pussy was so tight,so wet,it was like my first pussy I'd ever fucked. She began rocking that ass,back and forth on my hard cock,screaming:"That feels so fucking good baby. . . . .

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  . . . fuck it. . . . fuck my pussy. . . . make me come. . . !" I was banging it hard when she said:"I bet you want to fuck my ass,don't you??" Barely able to speak,I answered:"Yes.

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  . . I do. . . I really want to so bad. . . . . you have a perfect ass Suzette,I've wanted to for so long. . . . but right now, I want to make you and me both come.

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   I want to come in your hot pussy!" We continued for a few more minutes,when she said:"I'm coming baby. . . . . I'm coming. . . . . yes. . yes. . .

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  come inside me. . . . come in my pussy!! I banged hard,when we both screamed out:"I'm coming. . . . . . yes. . . . .

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  yes!! And we both exploded! We fell onto her car seat,laying there,out of breath. When finally,I said:"Your unbelievable Suzette! That was the best fuck I've had in so long. . . . . thank you!!"
She turned around,and said:"I knew it was worth the wait. I love having sex with you. That felt so good. I haven't had sex in over 2 yrs. . . didn't want too. But now,I really want you!" As I was feeling that hard,little butt,she asked:"Do you like that?" I said:"Your ass is perfect. I want to fuck your butt so bad.

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  . but it'll have to wait. I know I got to get home to the wife,or she'll wonder whats up with me. " She then said:'Instead of bowling next week,how about we just go to my house,and fuck our brains out for 3 hours,and you can fuck my ass,and we'll do whatever else you want too,hows that sound?" I said:"That will be fine. . . I can't wait!! As we kissed long and hard,my heart racing,I felt like a teenager in love. . . and said to her:" I could easily fall head over heels for you,you know. " She responded:" I'll be here to catch you baby. . . cause I think I could do the same!  Till next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!