In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Ten

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Revolutionary Ideals

Chapter TEN

In a small building in the Cayman Islands, Richard Kyle was scanning through his daily series of e-mail’s from people submitting what they purported to be original photos they owned and wished to sell to one of Richard’s companies. His companies supplied content to over three hundred different web sites, mostly pornographic, based all over the world.
To most men, his job would seem like pleasure, but for a man who looked at photos for a living, it was just work, and his eyes were tired.

Richard had a photographic memory and once he saw a photo he never forgot it. This rare gift allowed him to reject a full 90% of the photos he scanned. He knew they were stolen from other sites. Of the 10% of truly original work 90% was unusable due primarily to it’s extremely low quality. Of the 10% of the ordinal work most came from a hand full of reliable, if not creative photographers who worked out of Eastern Europe. He knew full well that a good percentage of the girls he saw in the photos were underage in most developed countries, but in the former iron curtain countries, false proof of age was no problem.

He had emailed purchase contracts to only two photographers that day and was about to break for lunch when he opened an email that read
“I shot these and over one hundred other photos of these two at the nude Havisau Beach in Miami last summer. The woman in the photo said the girl was her niece, but as they talked I realized that this is a mother and her teenage daughter. They are all full sized six mega pixel photos. I don’t know the age of the mother but the daughter said she was 18. They have never been seen by anyone. How much would you pay for the whole set.

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Richard looked carefully at the attachment. It contained ten photos. Upon opening the first he noticed the sender had been wise and had “Evaluation Copy” printed several times across each photo so they could not be used with out paying. He looked carefully. These had been taken with a good quality Digital SLR by someone who knew their business. They were high resolution 2000X3000 pixel photos with excellent color and sharpness. By looking at the background he could tell the photos were indeed taken at Havisau beach; he had been there. Finally he looked at the women. The older was looked to be mid-thirties, possibly fiver years younger or older. Nice figure and face, but not too nice. She was no model, but what the industry called a MILF (mother I’d like to fuck). Firm breasts, nice ass with just a little cellulite, nothing a little Photoshop can’t fix, if he chose to.
The “daughter” looked to be fifteen or sixteen. As the photos were taken in a pubic nude beach and since there was no sex involved, the age would not be prohibitive; but he was sure he could generate a proof of age should one of his buyers want it. She was cute, thin, nice round B cup breasts, long legs, waist long dark blond hair.

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   Both mother and “daughter” were clean shaven in the pubic region. He zoomed in on the faces and after a long time concluded these two appeared to be related. He would market them as mother and daughter even if he wasn’t sure of the relationship. These photos were worth tens of thousands of dollars.
He replied to the email with a planned lukewarm tone, he didn’t want to pay too much.

At the end of two weeks of negotiation via email he paid $650 for 134 photos. They were great. He found photos of the two posing together, playing in the water, posing with some naked college age guys. A dozen or so were photos of the older woman playing with one of the guy’s dicks and of them playing with her tits. He would make a hundred times his purchase price on these if he sold them. But, if he used them for one of his own sites, much more.

To maximize his profit before the photos were all ripped off and posted on free sites he planned a maximum exposure using banners on all his sites and posting “teasers” on fifty free sites with links to his sites. It would cost the end user $19. 99 to get access to the whole set, and he knew his servers would be jammed with men trying to bill their credit cards to see the nude mother and daughter. All this was scheduled for April 1st, to appear the photos were taken this spring break rather than last summer.


   Even with all his marketing it would take over three weeks for someone who knew either of the women to see the photos and identify it as the person they knew.

Back in Sparta, Georgia, no one knew any of this, least of all the mother and daughter who were the target of this marketing scheme.
As it happened it was a high school boy by the name of Mark in the same Algebra II class as the nude teenage girl in the teaser photos who first saw the connection to the real girl. Not one of the free pics showed her completely. Some showed her naked from the rear, but the two shot from the front had censor bars over the “good” stuff. Still, he was sure he knew the girl, she was Misty Campbell, the 11th grader who sat two seats in front of him every day. Not that she even knew he was alive. He was only 16 and a 10th grader, but because he was a math wiz he went to class with the upperclassmen. He tried to print out some of the photos but the freebie pics were too low resolution to convince others it was her.
He called a buddy, Byron Simms, who for months has had a crush on Misty.

Byron, it seems went to church with Misty. Even her brother who was also a freshman was his best friend. Mark told him to check out the site. Byron lived with his mom, but his dad had bought him the computer and let him take it to his mom’s house with the strict condition he would not look at “sinful” things and it can’t be put in his room. For fear his dad had some spy ware on his computer, he had to wait until he went to Mark’ house that weekend to look at the site.

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  After looking at the looked at the photos, Byron agreed that the photos looked like Misty. Better proof was he could tell the woman was defiantly Mrs. Campbell. He was sure because Mrs. Campbelland his mom were good friends and he’d been at the Campbell house many times. What was odd to Byron was that he and Lamar were pretty good friends and he had never told him anything like this.
It was another friend, Lucas, who “barrowed” his mom’s Visa Debit card and bought them an access code to the whole set of hi-res photos. It took hours to download all the high-res photos. But just looking at the thumbnail, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Lamar’s hottie sister and amazingly hot mom, showing their tits and hairless pussy’s to the world. There were even beaver shots and in a few Lamar’s mom played with a guy’s dick and looked like she was going to fuck him. It was beyond belief.
It was Lucas who suggested burning copies of the photos onto a CD and selling them at school. They made 20 copies and sold them the next week for $5 each. Amazingly no one told Misty or any of her friends that week.

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The next week the entrepreneurs got greedy. They made 40 more copies and on Tuesday Lucas got busted by Mr. Phelps the gym coach. The coach did not know what was on the CD’s but he knew Lucas and when he saw him take a bill and hand over a CD, he moved in and took that CD and the dozen or so still in his book bag. It wasn’t until two days later he remembered the stack of CD’s in his desk and loaded it into the computer on his desk. The coaching office was between the locker rooms, shared by both the male and female P,E, teachers and Junior Varsity coaching staff (Each varsity coach as a private office). Opening the first file he chuckled to his colleges at their desks “Well, it looks like Lucas Terranova is now peddling porn off the net. ” That brought several head swiveling to see what was on his screen. He changed images. A full screen shot of a nude Misty throwing a Frisbee appeared. A gasp, rather than a chuckle came from behind Coach Phelps. “That’s Misty Campbell, I’m sure of it. ” Came the husky but clearly female voice of the JV volleyball coach, Sue Parker. “Pull up another one, so I can be sure. ” A second photo taken farther away of her splashing in the surf convinced her that this was indeed Misty.

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   In minutes, with CD’s in hand, Coach Parker was on her way to the office of Dr. Collin’s, their principal.

Dr. Collins, in turn, called the police because they knew with out a doubt that Misty was a minor.

Lucas, Byron and Mark were all called to the office where they, realizing this could be a “real” crime, gave a full account of how they found the photos and were summarily suspended for bringing and distributing what was deemed to be pornography on school grounds.

The local sheriff and his staff looked at the photos and concluded that this matter fell under the jurisdiction of the FBI. Upon a though investigation over the next few moths found all the servers selling the photos were based in countries which had age of consent laws of 15 or 16 years old, so no Interpol warrant could be issued. The FBI would also conclude, as Richard had, that because these were photos taken at a public beach that that were legal in the US, and the only photos containing touching did not include the minor girl, no crime had been committed. The legal case would be closed by the end of the summer with out ever contacting anyone in Georgia; however, this was a small southern town and what had been the knowledge of a few teenage boys would soon make front page news on the local paper.
Cooper Campbell, architect, was on a sabbatical of sorts. He had decided to take his life in a new direction. With the help of a friend Amy Douglass accepted a position as an architecture teacher at Augusta State University. His double masters in Architecture and in Social Anthropology would finally come in use. In the fall he would be teaching four courses in Architectural business, and one in architectural anthropology. His new position would not begin until the summer, when he would teach one summer session, but he took two months of accumulated leave to begin preparing lectures.

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   He cashed out his 4. 5% stake in LeMarco and LeMarco Architects for a considerable profit. Enough, if invested wisely would more than make up for the pay cut. Additionally he had accepted a retainer to design a new theater for the Augusta Ballet Company and was in the running for a larger project for a new national capitol building in the Caribbean nation of Antigua. Besides all this he had been writing a series of treatises on Sexuality, Christianity and Open Societies. The first was due to be published in The Methodist Social Chronicle as an op-ed piece this very week. A second was under consideration by Salon. com. He was proud of his work in the piece for the Social Chronicle. It used theological history to show the modern notion that sex is inherently dirty and should be hidden was a 4th century construct, unknown to the first generation of Hellenic Christians. But, he knew that the Salon piece, using social history rather than scriptures to support his proposition of sexual openness would, if picked up by Salon, would have a hundred times as many readers. All in all he was feeling pretty good about abandoning the corporate world of greed, for the academic world of ideas.

Sitting in front of his computer he labored on a particularly sticky paragraph. From behind him he hear Bonnie’s footsteps. “OK, Mr.

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   Professor, enough for now. I think you work more hours now than you did before you quit LeMarco’s. ”

The phone rang. Bonnie answered. A very terse voice said “This is Dr. Collins, the Principal at Jeff Davis, We have a problem and would like you to come up to the school as soon as possible. ”

Bonnie’s heart raced, she had never gotten a call from a teacher, let alone the principal “Is Misty OK? Is she in some kind of trouble?”

“No, she’s fine and let’s talk when you get here?” and the phone went dead.

“Cooper” Bonnie yelled “That was the school, something is wrong” The phone rang again. This time it was her friend Trisha, she was very upset sounding “Bonnie, I just got a call from Byron; he is in trouble at school. Its something about beach pictures of you and Misty”

Bonnie had not been secretive with there friends in her tanning group about going to the nude beach, after all they all tanned sans tops with her every week in August and most of September. Even so, when she told them she had gone to a nude beach, it was mildly scandalous. That is not to say they didn’t pepper with questions, especially about the naked men. She had not told them Misty had come with her though. After a few weeks of questions, she admitted that she had held a guy’s penis while his buddies had taken photos. Her friends were horrified that she would end up on the net, they had all read such stories, but Bonnie assured them “There were much better looking, and younger women on that beach, and on South Beach, all topless.


  If they wanted to post photos, it wouldn’t be of me. Anyway, they promised they wouldn’t”

Since Jill’s departure over a year ago, Bonnie and Trish had become much closer. Trisha had been divorced for two years and had yet to start dating. She was not a bad looking woman. A short shoulder length brunet in her mid 30’s, perhaps a size 12 or even 10 with well matched hips and 36 D breasts that, though attractive showed some effect from gravity over the years. She had been one of the first of her friends to shed her top last summer. She and her friends did a lot of sex talk and had been encouraging her to go ‘get some’ but she always said “I couldn’t do that”, though she did readily admit she had stared to use the vibrator they had bought her as a joke in April, on the first anniversary of her divorce .

“Could he have gotten any of your beach or pool photos from last summer?” She asked in a quivering voice.

“No, I don’t see any way” Bonnie replied, though in her mind she wondered if Lamar had sent some to his friends. “Unless. unless, Lamar found them and emailed them to someone. ”

“No, Byron clearly said he found naked pictures of you, Misty and some college guys at the nude beach on a web site. Did Misty go with you when you went to the nude beach?”

Bonnie thought back to last summer “I didn’t tell anyone that part. Oh God, Those college boys. They sold the pictures they took of us.

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   Damn. You were right. ”

Trish added “Yep, I we told you this could happen when you told us that guys took your picture at the beach, we didn’t know it was of both of you?. ”

Bonnie went on, “It’s got to be those photos. Damn. I just got a call from the principal too; I guess I’ll see you up at the school. I’m sorry if I caused problems for you guys. ”

Trisha was calmer now. “No, it was Byron who was porn surfing at his friends house. And he and some friends brought a CD of the photos to school. His dad is going to hit the ceiling. ”

After saying goodbye to Trish, Bonnie told Cooper she was off to the school.

Cooper offered to come with her, but she thought she would deal with this on her own. It was fortunate that Trish had called; she would have been blind sided. The high school was far enough away to give time for Bonnie to get her thoughts together.


   By the time she arrived she was loaded for bear if the Principal should attempt to do anything to Misty because of those photos.
The principal did not have Misty in her sights but Bonnie. After the preliminaries Dr. Collins says “I’m sure these photos could not be you and your daughter, I could not imagine why any mother would do such a thing. ”

“Well we did go to Miami Beach last summer and the dress code there is much different, but I don’t know what that has to do with the school. ” Bonnie said calmly.

Dr. Collins was a large woman not much older than Bonnie. She was used to giving orders, and unused to being challenged. Her face became red “Because your photos ended up at my school. ”

“My photos?” I’m sure that is not possible, Bonnie replied, “Let me see them. ”

Dr. Collins ceremonially took out a CD from her drawer and placed it in a lap top on her desk, pressed some keys and turned the computer to face Bonnie. On the screen was a photo of she and Misty running on the beach. She recognized it as one of the first photos Rob had taken.

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   She clicked to the next photo and then one more. She was very pleased at how good she looked and thought she and Misty looked good together. She noted the large logo in the corner of each photo. Later she was sure she remembered it was BeachNudz. com, but she didn’t know that was the host site and not the direct link to the photos.

She shut the laptop and calmly looked up to the glaring Dr. Collins. “Those are not our photos; I’ve never seen them before. ” The Principal relaxed a little “Good, so this is just a case of mistaken identity. The boy who was selling these photos was sure it was you and Misty. ”
“Oh, that is Misty and I; we did visit the nude beach as did a number of other families with children much younger than Misty. It is a legal family beach with life guards and beach patrol. But the photos are not ours. Did you look at all the photos?”

Indignant Dr. Collins almost shouted “I most certainly did NOT!” Still calm Bonnie said “If you had you would have seen a group of college boys.

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   They took the photos. ”

Still very loud “You let them take photos of you?”

“It is a public beach, I couldn’t keep them from doing so. I guess I could have stolen his camera, but like I said Beach Patrol was there and I would have gone to jail. ” Bonnie said sarcastically. Trying to regain the upper hand “Well I’ll have you know I turned all the other copies of this disk over to the Sheriff’s office. I’m sure you will be talking to them soon. ”

With a contemptuous smile Bonnie said “Good, because I would assume it is illegal to post photos like this on the web. ”Bonnie stood up to leave
Once again the Principal tried to put Bonnie in her place “I am very concerned about how you handled this will impact Misty’s self-esteem and reputation. ”
Bonnie was already to the door, she turned briefly before leaving and said “Thank you for your concern, I will talk to her and we certainly want to know who is marketing these photos. ”

Dr. Collins stood dumbfounded as Bonnie walked on with a smile on her face. Inside she was angry. Not at the boys for bringing the photos to school, but for the Dr. Collins’s hypocrisy. This was a small town and everybody knew every body’s business.



Misty Campbell had no problem with her own body image. Not only had she spent time at a nude beach, during the family’s trip to Miami Beach last summer. For most of that week she wore nothing but a thong at the beach or at the condo’s pool. By the end of the summer she talked a dozen of her fiends out of their tops when at their home pool. She and her best friend coined the term EuroClub for their clique. With summer coming up they were planning a Euro-Club party and had almost decided to invite boys as well.

She had just turned 17 and had been sexually active with a number of her Euro-Club girl friends for a year and but had delayed having sex a boy until loosing her virginity just a few months ago. All this with the full knowledge and blessings of her parents. When she and her best friend, Keli, had decided to have a manage-a-trios as a way to introduce Misty to sex with guys, Bonnie had even taken the two girls lingerie shopping for the occasion. Since then two other boys had spent the night with Misty, but they were all just friends. She was sure she was not ready for a real boyfriend yet, though she liked sex. She enjoyed dong both guys and girls, but most of her partners were girls for practical reasons. It took no subterfuge to ask one of her Euro-Club friends to spend the night, but to have a guy over even for a quickie took some planning.
She liked her body and liked to touch herself, even masturbating to climax on occasion, while looking into the mirror. She had felt strange admiring her own body, she talked to her mother.

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   But Bonnie had said “No sweetie, that is good you appreciated your body. ”

Explicit discussions bout sex was common in the Campbell home, so she had no embarrassment about sex talk, so she didn’t even hesitate to say “But, I like it so much. I watch myself masturbate in the mirror until I climax looking at myself. Doesn’t that sound a wee bit narcissistic?”
He mom replied “Misty, since I had that mirror put over the bed last month, hardly a day hasn’t gone by when I haven’t watched as I played with myself. ”

A little later that day, when her mom and bother were out grocery shopping she tried it out. Feeling a little silly she crept down the stairs with her favorite vibrating dildo in hand.

It wasn’t like she’d never been naked in here. It was in her parents bed, not her own, that, in February, she had lost her virginity. She, Keli and Cody had opted for using the king sized bed that night, at least for the first session. By the end of the night they had done it in her parent’s bed, the floor of the family room and all over the game room. By the time they made it to her room Cody couldn’t get it up again, so he just watched the girls until he left at 1:30 AM. She had been sure to leave empty condom wrappers in all three rooms (two in the game room). The discovery of the wrappers led, the next day, to a detailed recitation to the family of who did what in what position in each of the rooms as they ate pepperoni and bacon at Pizza Hut. She tossed the dildo on the bed and pulled off the tee-shirt and thong she wore. Looking up in the mirror she ran her hands over her stomach and breasts.

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   She was pleased she with her breast that on a good day measured 32 C. Running her hands over them she tingled. Her Nipples were dark pink and stood up above the white flesh. Having seen her friends topless on many occasions, and having made love to a number of them, she was sure none had breasts any better than hers, and most, she thought, were not nearly as nice. As she caressed she remembered the amazingly soft lips of Caitlin the first time they touched her nipples. How she had lingered for what seemed to be an eternity on each of Misty’s tender but hard tips.

One hand involuntary descended to her smooth shaven labial mound, as she felt of her own sex, she thought of how each of her friends labia’s were different, but all were beautiful. As her hands explored her other and then inner lips she remembered the sex of each of the six girls she had discovered over the past year. She imagined it was Keli’s fingers, and then Rebecca’s tongue, then she pressed three fingers in as Connie likes to do. All the while she watched herself. She pushed up on her hips so she could have a clear view of the dildo sliding in.

Lying nude on the duvet cover, she thought of a day last month she watched a real penis going in and out of her mom’s pussy as she lay on this fabric, and not that of her father.

It was a rainy day in March; she had been allowed to drive home for lunch. The swimming pool supply company’s truck was in the drive, so she parked her green beetle on the street. That was odd, how could he be working on the pool in the rain.

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   She knew the Mr. Newell from the pool store. He was good looking and wasn’t very politically correct how he looked at women. He’d seen him try shamelessly to look down her mom’s shirt before. The house was quite, something told her not to announce her presence. Inside the door, she slipped off her jacket and shoes and turned left to the family room. Due to the rain, the room was dark for 11:00, but the lights were on in her parent’s bedroom. As she neared, above the sound of the rain, she heard noises coming from her mom’s room. As she crept forward she knew full well what the sounds meant. By now she knew the sound of sex and before she moved into a position to see she knew what was going on.

She crept behind the couch and she peeked around she could only see her mother’s shoulder moving up and down, but she could see nothing else from where she was. She wanted a better view. Since she could tell her mom’s back was to her, she ghosted across the room and moved up behind the book-self. Now she was just feet from her parent’s door, even before peering around the case, she could hear the squeaking of the mattress and voices. Cautiously she looked around; he mother sat on her knees on the right side of the bed.

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   The tips of her hair were dark with moisture as sweat ran down her back in tiny rivulets, converging into a stream that disappeared between her spread ass cheeks. Slamming down on thick dark haired thighs with a shudder sweat droplets flew in the air. Her mom arched her back and up went the soft flesh of her buttocks. Lifting, her inner lips griped a bright green condom clad penis until enough shaft showed that Misty could grip it with out touching her mother, then down to an another thigh shaking thump. The sweat told Misty her mom had been at this for some time. She was so close she imagined she could smell their sex. A tightness in her crotch begged to be satisfied, but her tight pants precluded pleasuring herself as she watched from behind the bookcase.

For twenty minutes she crouched watching her mother and the owner of the pool supply shop. Some, half-way through, the man rolled over on her mom. This necessitated Misty to move more in the open to see. Her mom wrapped her legs around the pool man’s waist, holding him tight as they did the missionary position. She never realized how big a man’s balls could be. They nearly completely covered her view of his penis sliding in and out. Her mom released her legs and moved to the left and he stood on his knee’s and rolling her mother onto her side. Misty could see her mother’s whole body now as she lay crossways across the bed.

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   Misty ducked for cover fearing her mom might see her. But after peeking for a few minutes, she confident that her mom’s lover had all her attention. He was holding up her mom’s right leg up horizontally as he worked hard enough for the “slap, slap, slap” to fill the room. Again, her clit begged for attention as she watched in full profile her mom having sex. But again, she was in no position to satisfy that urge.

At precisely 11:25 the alarm on her phone went off. She jumped back behind the bookcase. She began to turn it off, but was sure her mom and her lover had heard. Thinking quickly, she dropped it on the floor and slipped into the kitchen doorway behind her. Her heart beat so hard it hurt. She thought her breathing was so loud the neighbors could hear. From the family room, she could hear her mom walking toward the bookcase and the kitchen door beyond it. The steps stopped.

“It’s my daughter’s phone, she must have dropped it here on the floor when she went to school” Bonnie called back to the man on her bed.
Misty thought she was in the clear.



“While I’m up I’m going to get a drink, do you want one?” her mom continued.

“Sure” the male voice answered.

Misty froze as her mom stepped completely naked into the kitchen. Her body glistened with the beads of perspiration and her face ruddy with exertion. Then she saw the grin on her face, and almost fell in relief.
Bonnie put her finger to her lips and whispered “You wicked girl. Watching your mommy get laid. ”

Misty whispered back “You wicked mom, getting laid by the pool man, what will dad say. ”

Bonnie grabbed two Cokes, and whispered “He’ll be sorry he didn’t get to watch. ” She handed Misty the phone “I figured you’d want this back. Don’t be late for class” and danced out the door.
Once her heart was back to normal rate she grabbed a Sprite and a Dannon Yogurt, and stole a glance around the door frame. There was no way the pool man would see Misty leave, her mom was now sitting on his face as she sucked on his penis in the 69 position. As Misty crossed the room her mom looked up and winked. Misty wagged her finger at her mom before heading to the door.

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As she thought this memory through, imagining it was the pool man was the dildo and her mother was watching from the family room. Here hips began to undulate, and watching herself involuntary fucking the dildo pushed her further toward orgasm her first orgasm.

She kept this up for three rounds of climax and resolution until she couldn’t move any more. The power of orgasm after orgasm sapped her strength. Eventually, she could hear her mother and brother had returned and were unloading the groceries. There was something erotic about watching them through the open door come and go carrying bags of groceries, oblivious to her presence as she laid spread eagle exhausted from making love to herself. Her left hand still lay on her pelvis. As if on its own, the middle finger began to stimulate her sensitive clit. With her eyes closed she again imagined the pool man was back. Now with her mom really out in the living room, she imagined he had come for a anther midday te-ta-te with her mom and the footsteps she heard were the two of them coming in to the room ready to make love, only to find her naked in the bed masturbating. Of course she knew the footsteps were just her mom’s. She knew full well she had entered her bed room, but she kept up the fantasy. She kept going and going, the orgasm was eluding her. Finally she opened her eyes, in the mirror she saw her naked body tensed, ready to climax, and by the dresser her mom watching her. That did it, the last nudge over and watching her mother watch her, she came to a shuttering climax.


   It wasn’t the biggest climax she’d ever had, but it went on and on for a good dozen cycles of contractions before her bare bottom fell to the bed.

“I meant try the mirror some time, I didn’t mean immediately. ” Bonnie said with a pleasant tone. Misty just lay panting.

Bonnie continued “Now you owe me, last time you walked in while I was playing with myself, you interrupted me, as you did when I was doing Dwain Carter. But did I stop you before you came? Nooo and next time you won’t stop me. It’s not like I care if you watch, just let me finish. ”
Such was the open and supportive family in which Misty lived. It would not be until after school that word would begin to get around as to why three students, two of them honor students had been suspended; however in a school of just over a thousand, were almost forty disks had been sold, every student’s email box held at least a few photos of Misty and her mom by dinner time. As soon as Misty arrived home from school, Bonnie and Cooper explained what had happened and how the school had responded. Misty thought for a moment, she was actually a bit excited that the some of the guys at school might see her nude in the photos. Now she was a real live web girl.

She and asked her mom “Did I look good?”
Bonnie put her hand over her girl’s shoulder, “From what I saw you did. Your Dad has been looking for the site for an hour so we can see the whole set. ”

“Is Dad mad?” Misty asked.

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“Only at the school. ” He went on a rant for about an hour how this is exactly what he is writing about.

Keli; however, did not live in such supportive environment. Like a number of her friends, her parents had only allowed her access to the internet with the understanding the computer stayed on the table in the corner of the den. Her mother and step-father were very adamant that their daughter would be protected from all the smut on the net. As a matter of course she, upon coming home from school opened up her email. She had two accounts. One account, her parents knew about and insisted on seeing. Her friends used that one send boring stuff, like home work assignments. She also had a second Hotmail account that held the juicy stuff, like her friends telling the raunchy details of last night’s date.
She was opens the account and she had four emails with identical tag lines and apparently sent to everyone at school. She said to herself, “Someone is trying to get something out. ”

Her mom walking by said “Did you say something honey?”

“No, Mom” Keli answered “I was talking to myself.

Her mom said “OK. I’m running up the store for a few things”.

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   As soon as the door shut, with out bothering to open any of the mail in the main account, she opened a new window to her hotmail account. On that account she had eight messages, several were apparently the same message from the other account. Now curious about what was so important. It was from a Yahoo account she did not recognize.

The text read:
Fellow Students,
Itseems we have a celebrity in our midst. She even has her own web site.
Youmightknow her asaquitebookwormorthe yearbook/school newspaper photographer or the niceChristian church girl.
ButnowMisty Campbell is the first girl in ourschoolto haveherown porno website - and even better she sharesit with her Sunday School teacher mom.
Herearesome reduced sized previews, but it will take$20 and some searching to find the rest.
Tell Misty what you think of her pics tomorrow, I’m sure she will be glad you did.

Scrolling down she saw six photos of what were very clearly Misty andher mom, nude on the beach. She knew full well where and when these photos had been taken because Misty had told her allabout it. But where had the photos come from?Looking closer she sawa web logo, but it had been blurred out.
“Oh God” she said aloud. “Oh my God”

Notonly was she worried about Misty, she was cringing about what would happen if her mom and step-dad found out.


   She would never be able to see Misty again. She was sure of it.

Quickly reopening the main account, she deleted all the messages without even opening them. Then reconsidering, she restored them and had then sent to the junk mail bin, then had it emptied. That should keep anyone from finding it.

She deleted the duplicates in her hotmail account, but left one on the hotmail server, after all the photos were sexy and she would definitely want to see them again. When she heard her mom’s car in the drive she closed the window.

“Mom” she said after helping put away the groceries “Misty called and would like me to come over to work on our Algebra together. Is that OK?”
“Sure, but eat first. ”

Keli went to the room and turned on her radio before calling Misty.
Misty’s cell rang. There had been a torrent of calls from virtually everyone she knew. Almost every call started with “Misty, did you know what someone emailed me?”

After the third call she just said “Yea, someone took pictures of me in Miami, so far the one’s I’ve seen are pretty good. I just hope the rest are as flattering, do you know where I can get a copy of the whole set?”
All of her friends already knew she had gone to the nude beach and were just calling to lend support and to ask if it were all right they come over. Those who just were looking to ambush her simply hung up with “Just thought you’d like to know” After an hour or so, Misty’s friends had begun showing up and she stopped answering unless the caller ID showed it was one of her close friends.

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Keli picked up Cody on the way. She had to drive fast because her mom said “Have Mrs. Campbell call me when you get there. ”
When she arrived at Misty’s at about 7:00 there were already a number friends, all Euro-Clubbers and some of their boyfriends. Bonnie didn’t mind calling Keli’s mom, she had been through this drill before and knew to tell Keli’s mom she had been there for 15 minutes to cover the time it took to pick up Cody.

Rebecca with her bo, Samuel, arrived with at about 8:00 bearing a copy of the CD. Handing it to Misty, saying “Now I had to promise not to say who I got this from and that I’d return it by 10:00, but here is the whole set. ”

Friends and family tried to crowd into the small study but It was not big enough, so Cooper told everyone to wait in the family room.

The whole Campbell family, and a dozen or so of Misty’s friends were in the living room. Samuel asked if he and the other guys should leave the room before the look at the pictures.
Misty stood up in front of their big screen TV “I want all of you to believe me, I am not ashamed of these pictures. I’m not ashamed of my body. If I was I wouldn’t have gone to a nude beach in the first place. I think you guys all know, that for several days I went topless at our hotel pool and on the beach before I asked my mom to take me to the nude beach. I’ve seen the hotel photos, I’ve showed them to Keli and Cody and they thought they were very nice.

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  ” Looking to the study door “Dad, could you put the photos of me at the hotel on that CD?”

“No problem, if you’re sure that is what you want to do. It will just take a few minutes more” Cooper called from the study.

Keli had been fretting for two hours about what to tell people asked “So what do you want us to say when people start talking about this?”

Misty thought for a second and said “Tell them that I have a healthy self image and don’t see any reason to be embarrassed. ” Rebecca rejoined “But going with your mother to a nude beach?” Bonnie had to respond “Tell them her mother has a healthy self-image too. Or you could just ask how many people would pay $20. 00 to see their mother naked. ”

This brought a round of laughter.

Haley said “I’ll say I just wish I’d been there”

Cooper had copied the whole disk to his hard drive, now he dragged another hundred photos or so into the directory then burned it onto a CD that could be shown on the DVD player.

The CD was passed to Misty, who ordered the lights dimmed.

The first few photos were basic vacation pics, smiling and pointing. Then came the first photo of Bonnie and Misty from the rear, wearing their thongs and cover-up’s standing by the elevator.

“Look at Misty’s ass. Go girl. ” Keli said in support.

The next two were side angels.

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   The camera’s flash cut right through the sheer fabric, showing a good silhouette of both mother’s and daughter’s breasts. Next came several dozen photos taken at the pool. The first few showed only Misty wearing the cover-up clowning, but the third photo was of her mom going topless.

Cody whispered “Nice rack” into Keli’s ear, she elbowed him. The rest of that day’s photos showed one or the other, or both, wearing only a tiny thong, so small it was not even visible in many shots. What was also visible was the fact that most of the other young women around the pool were also topless.

“For the record” Bonnie said, motioning to Misty to pause the
slide-show on a frame that showed a good half dozen topless girls and women in the background “note that we are as the saying goes ‘When in Rome, doing as the Romans’.
Cody added “Thin I vote we move to Rome”, which resulted in a second elbow in the stomach by Keli.

The other friends in the room sat in stone silence. Bonnie broke the tension by saying “If at lest you guys don’t start making a lewd comment about me I’ll never invite you back. ”

A girl’s voice perked up “I don’t know about the guys, but I think your hot Mrs. C. ”

“Your damn straight she is” Samuel added.

A third voice, male’s, made a barely audible “nice tits”, and soon there were anatomical and off color comments about Bonnie, Misty, and the girls in the back ground as the slide show resumed.

The photos cycled through the more pool and beach shots.

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Misty stopped the show with a photo of her mom sitting at a cabaña bar wearing only her thong speaking to a good looking Hispanic man. “Keli, that’s the guy I told you about. I had no idea what was about to happen, I just thought it was sexy to see mom flirting with strangers wearing practically nothing. ”

Connie piped up “What are you talking about”

“Nothing” Misty said and advanced to the next photo; one of her mom walking toward the camera, now wearing the cover-up that was sticking to her breasts making it so that nothing was covered. Her was face pink and sweat drops shone on her face and arms. In a much lower tone she leaned over to Keli “This was taken when she came down stairs. I had no idea why she was so hot”

“OK” Connie insisted “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing” Misty insisted.

“Right” Connie said with an irritated tone.

“No secrets” Haley chided.

Bonnie spoke up “Go ahead and tell her”

“OK, if you say so. ” Misty said and turned back to the previous image. “See this guy, notice the huge bulge in his Speedo. ” Though only a few noticed before, on the 46 inch screen his erection was plain to see. “Well, he is a big time big shot and lives in the penthouse. Not fifteen minutes after I took this picture, mom pretends she had to go to the bathroom and goes upstairs”

Bonnie interrupted “I did need to go”

“Well, she conveniently decides not to use the one at the pool area.

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   He follows her and next thing you know they are on the deck of the penthouse doing the dirty deed. ” She brings up the slide of a sweaty Bonnie. “Then before her fries gets cold she’s back down telling us she just got laid. ”
All eyes swung over to Bonnie who was sitting next to her husband on the love seat. “No way” Rebecca said incredulously.

Bonnie, who now loved to shock said “No, that’s not really what happened. ” The audience looked disappointed. “The fries were cold when I got back. He wasn’t satisfied with once, after we did it on the deck he we did it a second time on the couch before I came down. ”

Rebecca, in particular looked shocked “Really? You’re just teasing us aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry if you think I’m trashy, but that is exactly what happened” Bonnie said; now sure she had made a huge error of judgment. “I just figured I would never again be seduced in a Cuban millionaire’s penthouse, so I decided to just go for it. ”

Haley, a buxom dark brunette, whom Bonnie didn’t know very well, said “That is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. ”

Followed by Jeannette who said “And to come down and tell your family you just got laid, it’s fuck’n beyond hot. ”

Then Rebecca said, “I hope I’m like you when I get your age”
Bonnie felt less apprehensive “Thanks. I think - what do you mean my age?”

Misty continued the photos with the shots from the snorkeling trip.


   Several girls commented about how small her bikini was but one particular photo caught their attention as being especially hot. Misty was just coming up on deck her snorkeling gear on. Her hair was slicked back and pale blue thong bikini of the previous photo, was not like light blue tinted glass. Not only did the big screen show her nipples in detail through the sheer wet fabric, but in the next, closer up photo, her lips and clit were on display, framed by the blue border material.
“Wow, that’s hot” Jeannette’s boyfriend gasped.

“Yea” Misty said “It took a most of the trip back before our suits were opaque again. It was a real turn-on to be so exposed. My nipples stayed hard for the longest time. ” And sure enough in the next dozen or so photos her see-through bikini reveled stiff nipples, as did Bonnie’s.
Misty paused before the next image “That is why when we got back I asked mom to take me to the beach were I could just go “all the way” and see what it would be like completely naked in public. ”

She cued up the next photos. The first few were full frontal nudes of Bonnie. On the 46” screen the shot of Bonnie from knees to head was almost life sized. Someone gasped and a guy said “Wow”

When the first one of Misty came up she stopped and said “I loved it. It is so different from even topless with a thong.

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   I know I’m only showing a few inches more skin, but it’s just different. ”

Connie said “You are so beautiful”

In the photo she stood, legs shoulder with apart, one hip thrust out with her hands on her hips. Her barely tanned breast stood out from her body with the nipples dark and pointed, the smooth tanned stomach slowly gave way to skin of increasingly light tones. The two halves of her cleanly shaved labia arched forward from her pelvic bone. Between them, slightly darker lips peeked out making her inner lips the natural point of focus.
“That is a great picture” Bonnie said of her daughter.

“Can I have on for my locker?” Cody jibed.

When the slide show resumed, there was a series of photos showing both Bonnie and Misty running on the beach, slashing in the water, and playing Frisbee.

The girls began to go on about how good Bonnie and Misty looked together. The boys were consciously silent.

The next set was of Bonnie playing model, posing standing, and then laying in the water then laying spread eagle in the sand for a beaver shot.

“Oh, Mrs. C, you have to take me there. ” Keli gushed.
“Next summer maybe we girls can all take a road trip” Bonnie said happily.


Then came a similar set of Misty, eliciting several comments of increasingly explicit nature.

The next photo of both of them was fairly close, as many had been shot from a distance, both leaning forward, side by side, hands on their knees, facing the camera. It was cute, the following were more erotic. The images were the same photo only taken from behind them. The screen contained two sets of rounded, tan globes connected to long dark legs. Though they seemed to be a matched set, the one on the left was clearly thicker in all respects. In the low in the valley between the globes, lay a horizontal cleft. Emerging from each of the matching clefts came the perfectly matched. frilly scalloped edges of pink orchids just opening to the sun. Every one in the room could swear they could smell the special fragrance of the feminine orchid as it called to every libido that loved womanhood to “Come and be sated in me.

Samuel burst out “You’re killing me, what I wouldn’t give to see that in person”

“And what would you do if you saw that view in person?” Bonnie said as the frame moved to a different view of the naked women. Now the images were far larger than life sized. ”

With out hesitation “Fuck the shit out of both of them. ”

“Good, I was just making sure. I maybe we can make room for you on our road trip” Bonnie quipped.

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   She looked over to him and the bulge in his shorts was large. He looked back with clear lust in his eyes. It was unnerving and flattering that one of Misty’s friends should look at her that way.

The final couple of dozen were different group shots of Bonnie, Misty and the college guys, much to the enjoyment to the girls present. The first few were just standing poses, them moving to hugging. It was obvious that as the photos got more physical the dick’s got harder and longer.

“Oh boy, it’s the girls turn to lust now” Jeannette said
In the last few fully erect penises were evident on all three guys.
“And did you two have a party with these guys?” Jeannette asked Misty smiled and cued the next photo, she knew nothing had happened but there was no reason to tell them.

The last few were of Bonnie and a guy that had not been in the other photos.

Bonnie explained he had been the photographer of the other photos. The girls hooted for he was indeed a hunk, and from the first he sported a full erection. In one photo he stood behind Bonnie cupping her breasts. In the next few his hands still on her breasts, he turned her so they were clearly deep kissing, with her gripping his penis in her hand. The room had again gone quite.

“Go Mrs.

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   C” said Keli breaking the momentary silence.

“If you don’t do him I sure want to” Connie said.

In the next photo they stood face to face, his erection pressed firmly on her stomach and his hands gripping her ass. The next was the same except his lips held one of her nipples. In the next photo they were still facing each other but he had one hand pushing his penis down between her legs. In the last he held her leg up high, the full head of his penis was nestled in her lips. It was not evident if he was not yet in her or not. The next photo was much closer up. Now everyone could see the deep red head was nestled between Bonnie’s pink lips.

Misty paused “Do you really want to see the next one?”

There was a universal cheer “Yes”

The audience expected to see half his tool buried in her in the next photo. But the next photo was back to the beginning.

“OK Ms. C, where are the rest?” Keli complained
“That’s it. ” Misty said

“But where are the pics of him doing you?” Keli pursued.

“He didn’t fuck her,” Misty answered sensing Bonnie was not believed “I was there, we left right after that”

“Really” Bonnie added “That was it.


   I’m not going to say that I would have stopped if Misty hadn’t been there. OK, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stopped if Misty hadn’t been there, but she was, so I stopped and we left. ” Still the audience was not satisfied “Keli, I told you about doing the Cuban. And did I object to you girls seeing the photos of me doing men on our cruise last February? I’m no more ashamed of having sex than Misty is. I just didn’t do it this time. OK”

The all sat for a few moments.

Haley stood up “I think you guys are the greatest. The photos are great, and we will all stand up for Misty; you two are my role models. ”
With that motion the group agreed and soon every one was out the door. Well almost everyone, Misty had asked Keli and Cody to stay for a while but she had to get home. Rachel and Samuel who were not in such a rush had gone up to Misty’s room.

Bonnie walking from the door said “That went well. I’m just tired and think I’ll lie down. ”

Misty looked askance. “Tired, after being on display like that? Are you dead or something? I’m so turned I can hardly stand it.

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“OK, you got me, I am too, but I have your father to take care of me. And if I know him, having those teenage guys look at me naked will have him ready to go. Sorry it’s solo time for you. ”

Misty turned to go to the kid’s wing “Not likely,” and she headed up stairs.

The next morning when Bonnie went in to wake Misty up, three empty condom wrappers were on the dresser.