Charlottes Diaries (Part 31 of 36)


Charlotte’s Diaries (Part 31 of 36)
Introduction to my sexy world
Hi my name is Charlotte, Charly to my friends. I am 36 years old I am married, I have two daughters and ever since my second daughter was born a couple of years ago I have turned into a bi-sexual nymphomaniac slut. I am always horny. I have over the past couple of years discovered that I’ll do just about anything sexual that a woman can do with men and other women and even animals! I just can’t help myself. These are my diaries, there are usually about two adventures a month for ease of continuity, but in reality they happened over the course of eight years so you’ll have to forgive how my husband has written them up from my hand written diaries. They cover three years so you’ll have to look for each months instalments although I’ll be posting them close together starting at Jan 2001. Love Charly xxx

September 2003
All I can say about this month’s adventure is that I had to learn the hard way: Included in this month is FemDom, Dildo’s, BDSM, oral, anal & vaginal sex, watersports, interracial sex, bisexual sex and beastiality! Again this is a long adventure so there is only one again this month.
September 2003 – Adventure 1
My daughters both told me on different occasions recently that I was being very nasty to them and ignoring them this bothered me quite a lot as you can imagine. A few weeks ago Dave said something similar about how I was treating the girls and him too! I hadn’t realised that I’d changed so much just because of my new years resolution to stand up for myself more, I hated myself , it’s not what I wanted to happen, but what could I do about it? Dave even said that I’d started getting too aggressive when we had sex too!
I can’t really change how I’ve started standing up for myself, but I have modified it, I’ve tried being more attentive to them all, but I do find it difficult, not because I don’t love them all dearly, but because I have so many other things to do during the day too! Sex wise I was at a loss at what I could do, I remember after using Dave’s cock to pleasure myself several times before he came too that I suddenly realised that he was right. I was just taking what I wanted to satisfy my nymphomania, his satisfaction was of secondary concern to me!
I was becoming aggressively dominant during sex just as I was with everything else. I had to bring myself back under control and start thinking of others again too! I needed help to work this problem out. I turned to Dave and asked for help. It took him a few days to work something out, but when he did it was planned in his precise manner. He took everything sexually that I either didn’t like or hated and he also threw in a few things that I did like too. Because this is spread out over a few days this will be the only diary entry for this month, I hope you like it, I will be writing each days adventure in the evening after it.
Day one
Dave hired a very strict Dominatrix for several days and gave her a list of things to make me do to bring me down, and a couple of things for me to enjoy too, if I did as I was told! I was given a video camera, tripod and six tapes each day, and told to set it up and set it running each day to record what I did.

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   Then I was given the address of where I was to go to and instructions of what I was to become! As I stood and listened to Dave he said,
“Charly you’re to go and learn how to be a submissive sex slave!”
I stood open mouthed for a few moments then I left for my first day’s training.
I arrived at the house which was located in a little village just outside the nearest market town in our part of England. The woman that greeted me was very striking to say the least, she was about six feet tall, blonde, well muscled with large breasts, slim waist and long, long legs. She was wearing a black leather basque, matching leather briefs, fishnet stockings, black thigh length boots, black studded leather gloves and she was holding a cat of nine tails whip in one hand and a coil of rope in the other. Phew, she both turned me on and scared me too!
“Stop looking at me slave and look down at the ground. ”
She barked at me as she slammed the door behind me.
“Strip your clothes off and drop them on the floor where you are. ”
Then she told me to follow her down into her basement, once we were down there and she had closed the door behind us she said,
“This room is sound-proofed, so down here nobody can hear your screams! From now on you will be known as slave. Over the next few days you will learn how to be a submissive sex slave. ”
I didn’t say anything so she carried on and said, “Firstly set your camera up over there and get it ready to film your training. Then we’ll get started. ”
I set the tripod and camera up, I put the spare films next to it on the floor (Before I left home I opened each tape and stuck the labels on them and numbered them all. )
I said.
“Right, switch it on and come over here. ”
“From now on you will only refer to me as Mistress, if you do something wrong you will be punished, if you do things right you may be rewarded.

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   Do you understand what I have said so far slave?”
Mistress asked.
I replied
“I think so Mistress. ”
“Your family think that you have become over the top strict with them all, your husband has asked me to change your dominant sexual ways, he told me that he has no problem with you continuing to have sex adventures, but he wants your attitude during sex to be changed to one of submissiveness. ” She paused before continuing.
“I am going to break you. I know the things that you like to do during sex, I know the things that you don’t like to do so much and I also know the things that you hate to do during sex. By the time that I have finished with you Slave you will do them all willingly and without question, you will even begin to ask to do those things to give pleasure to others while they watch you doing them!”
I defiantly held my head up and looked her straight in the eyes and said “I won’t do anything that involves children in any way!”
She said.
“I won’t either, now stop looking at me and hold your arms out to me with your wrists close together!”
I did as I was instructed and after placing her whip down on the floor she bound my wrists together with the rope in a strange way that left a loop of rope in between my wrists. She then unclipped a safety hook from its place and clipped it to the loop. Then she started to pull on the chain near her and my wrists were lifted above my head until just my toes were touching the ground. She then forced my legs apart and fitted what she called a spreader bar to my ankles which kept my legs wide open for her, thankfully she lowered me down a little so that I could just take my weight with my toes again! For a few moments she walked around me, looking at me and finally she put a blindfold on me.
“Now Slave, I’m going to punish you so you know what will happen to you each time you disobey me!”
Mistress said.
Swish, Slap! The first of the many lashes across my breasts, bum, pussy and back landed with a convincing sting and I whimpered a little bit. For the next ten minutes or so she kept beating me, my sensitive sexual areas started to burn hot and angry and I started to cry out at each lash. Still she kept on beating me, then things started to change, the pain that I was feeling started to change to a strange tingly sexual feeling and soon she had me writhing in pleasure at each lash.

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   My Mistress didn’t stop beating me until I climaxed.
“Now you have felt both the pain and the pleasure that comes from my whip, when you are bad you will be punished and it will hurt!”
Then she pulled on the chain again and lifted my toes from the ground and slowly turned me around so that the camera could record all the fiery red marks across my back, bum, tits and pussy before she let me down and released me.
“Come with me slave. ”
She commanded, I followed her to another part of the basement where there was a gynaecological examination chair with stirrups and straps. She indicated with her whip that I should sit down in it, as I sat down on the cool leather I winced as it made contact with the tender areas of my back, bum and pussy! As soon as I was seated she took each of my ankles and lifted them into the stirrups and strapped them in. Finally she swung the stirrups open wide spreading my legs and parting my puffy pussy lips. My Mistress then went over to a rack and picked up a really huge black jelly dildo, it must have been about eighteen inches long and about four inches thick, she laid it on my tummy and told me to fuck myself with it. I told her no because it was far too big! (Although in Charlottes Diaries 2002 I was forced to fuck an enormous pony’s cock which was far bigger than the dildo) The next thing that she did when I refused was to strap my wrists to the arms of the chair, and then with deliberate ease she knelt down between my legs and started to lick and suck on my very tender pussy lips, my groan was one both of pain and pleasure, which soon turned wholly to one of pleasure. She soon had me writhing around in the chair, building me up close to another orgasm. Then she stopped, got up and disappeared for ten minutes leaving me there. When she returned she went over to the camera and replaced the tape and started it recording again. Again she came over to me and knelt down between my legs and licked and teased my pussy with her wonderfully long tongue before again stopping just before I climaxed. After the third time of teasing me she stood up and released my wrists, again she laid the massive dildo on my tummy but this time she said nothing and just stepped back.
By this time I was desperate to climax and my fingers darted down towards my clit, before I could touch my self she moved like lightening and lashed me across the back of the hand that was moving and I yelped out in pain and surprise. My Mistress just tapped the dildo with her whip.

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   I got the message and picked up the dildo. It felt huge and heavy in my hands as I gingerly pressed the swollen bulbous head of the replica cock against my tender slippery pussy lips. Even though I was very wet and desperately wanted release from my pent up sexual feelings I was too tense to let it penetrate me and I started to cry in frustration as I pressed it as hard as I could into my cunt only for it to slip away from my wetness each time.
For the only time my Mistress came over to me and whispered in my ear
“Relax your leg muscles; let the chair hold your weight. Don’t fight it, just welcome it into you. ” With those words she started kissing and licking my tears away and finally passionately kissed my mouth and at the same time she began to squeeze and caress my tender nipples. Slowly as she kissed me I felt my leg and pussy muscles starting to relax and I felt myself sinking into the chair. As her mouth moved down to my nipples I tried again to fuck myself with the dildo, this time as I pushed it against my pussy lips I felt them stretching open wide as the thick head of the dildo started to penetrate me. Wider and wider my pussy opened as I slowly eased it into my slippery pussy, I gasped out loudly as the head was suddenly swallowed by my pussy and my stretched lips closedown around the main shaft of it. Slowly at first I eased it in and out of my horny pussy. Deeper and deeper I pushed it as I became accustomed to its size, soon all that could be heard was the squelching of the dildo and my loud moans of pleasure as I deeply fucked myself with it until finally with lots of jerking and thrusting of my hips I came loudly.
My Mistress allowed me a few moments to recover from one of the most powerful orgasms that I have ever had before she released me from the chair and made me kneel down in front of her. She turned around so her back was to me and she eased her knickers down and off, she bent down over the chair and said in a commanding tone
“Slave, tongue fuck my arse!”
I didn’t move, I’d never licked another persons bum, the very thought of it made me feel queasy. I hesitated too long because she stood up, grabbed a handful of my hair and threw me down onto the floor on my back. Just as quickly she straddled my face with her knees pressing down on my arms and sat down covering my mouth and nose with her pussy and bum hole, cutting off my air supply.

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   It seemed like ages that she kept me like that thrashing around trying to breathe, in reality it was only a few seconds. I gratefully gasped in air as she lifted herself off my face and hovered over me. I still didn’t react as I should have so she repeated it again, only this time for a little longer before lifting herself up again. This time I didn’t give her chance to do it again, with the heady musky smell of her slippery cunt juice covering my mouth and chin I pushed my long tongue into her arse hole! I couldn’t really taste anything other than sex, but she was soon pushing down onto my upward thrusts, she moaned especially loudly each time my long tongue penetrated into her bum. I must have been doing it right because soon she was finger fucking her cunt too, then all of a sudden she was jerking and screaming out loudly as she too climaxed. The second tape ran out about now.
After recovering she led me to a shower cubicle upstairs and we made love to each other as the warm water cascaded down over our bodies. Afterwards we sat and drank tea and chatted, she asked me to tell her all about my other adventures (even though Dave had given her both volumes of my diaries to read) and as we talked she must have been comparing what I told her of my likes, dislikes and total taboo’s to what Dave had told her.
“Your husband obviously knows you really well, because everything that he has told me you have confirmed. You have even given me more details than he did!”
She said. I replied;
“I’m his slut; I will always be his slut. I was just totally unaware that I had become so selfish sexually. Sex for us has always been our release, our way of rebelling against the system. My nymphomania was just an added bonus and it has allowed us to indulge in lots of different sexual adventures together. What I didn’t know was that although I was making him cum I wasn’t teasing him and turning him on the way that I did when we first started doing these things.

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I paused for a moment or too, considering and realising what I wanted to say to her and then continued on to say;
“I love sex, but I have realised that I have to be in control. I think that I need to learn how not to be in control. Today when you were in control, I was really tense even though I was sexually turned on and I had the best orgasm that I have ever had. ”
My Mistress just said to me
“Go home now, tomorrow you will wear red and black matching bra, knickers and suspender belt, fishnet stockings, red high heels, a school girl blouse and skirt and have your hair up in bunches and make sure that your pussy is totally hairless as it is now, no stubble or missed hairs!”
I left the camera and tapes there and went home. I thought about what she had made me do, and how she had made me do them and it made me a little angry and frustrated to think she had MADE me do those things. I didn’t tell Dave what I had done that day and he didn’t really ask me either.

Day Two
I dressed as she had ordered, I also took a spare set of normal clothes as I would be getting home at about the same time that my daughters got home from school and returned to her. She greeted me dressed as a school teacher in along black cloak and mortar board hat holding a long thin cane. “Good you dressed as I told you to!” she said. After ushering me in and down into her basement she told me that I was to totally satisfy two paying clients that would be arriving shortly. I was to do exactly as I was told to or be punished, to demonstrate this she made me lift the back of my skirt and bend over. With a loud swish she slapped the cane hard across my bum cheeks and made me yelp. Instinctively I swung around and raised my hand to slap her, she was far too quick for me and grabbed my raised wrist put it in a wrist lock and had me down on my knees before I knew what was happening!
Angrily she began hissing and spitting out words and holding me down on my knees in the wristlock she beat me half a dozen times across my bum and back with the cane. I can tell you I never raised my hand to her again after that! Then a buzzer sounded and she told me to put a fresh tape in the camera, set it running and to go and sit down at the desk and wait for her return. I did as I was told.

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   Soon she returned with two OLD men, they must have been in their seventies or eighties! My Mistress must have seen the look on my face and must have known exactly what I was thinking (Last year me and a friend of mine fucked an old MP to death, he died with his cock inside me!). With a swish and loud snap she hit the top of the desk with the cane and snapped me out of my thoughts. I started to say
“Mistress I can’t do this!”
When she shouted at me and told me that I was a disrespectful little slut, and to get up on my feet when guests entered the classroom. I instantly stood up and said
“Good morning Sirs”.
After exchanging greetings one of them called me over to him and told me to lift my skirt up. I did as he told me, and soon the other one was beside me feeling my tits through my blouse and bra whilst the first pushed his hand down inside my knickers and finger fucked me. They soon had me moaning and squirming and very quickly I forgot that they were old and let them do what they wanted to me.
After a while they made me strip off my skirt, blouse, knickers and bra. My Mistress then led me over to a mattress that was laying on the floor in the corner of the basement and the two old men got undressed, one of them had a fairly stiff erection and the other didn’t have a hard on at all. They came over to me and got me onto my hands and knees, the one with the stiff cock got down behind me and pushed it into my pussy and slowly started to fuck me. The other pushed his soft cock against my mouth for sucking and said hoarsely
“Suck my cock you little cock teaser, make it hard and taste my cum!”
As an orgasm started to build in my pussy I started to tease his cock with my mouth, tongue and hand knowing that I would soon feel his cock hard in my mouth as it came thick salty cum into my hungry mouth. It was just as I started to work on his cock that the other old man came in my pussy with lots of loud groans and gasps.
As he lay forwards on my back recovering his breath I tried everything that I knew to try to get the other cock hard but it didn’t move! My Mistress saw this and came across to me and after asking the other old man to slip himself out of me (and making me lick and suck his cock clean) she made me kneel upright with my arms down by my sides and said;
“The gentleman told you to make his cock hard and suck him off; you haven’t done as you were told have you slave?”
“No Mistress I haven’t done as he told me. ”
I said.
My Mistress replied
“I told you that if you didn’t do as you were told you would be punished didn’t I?”
“Yes Mistress.

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My Mistress then retrieved two short pieces of rope from a nearby shelf and after tying one end of each piece to a wrist she pulled each wrist down to the corresponding ankle and tied them together, finally she made me arch my back thrusting my breasts upwards and forwards at the same time.
Then she stood up and picked up a cat O’ nine tails and in a smooth movement lashed me across my exposed breasts, I cried out and whimpered sorry! She said that it was not good enough and that I had to apologise for my failure to the gentleman and ask him to punish me!
“Please Sir; I am sorry for not satisfying you. Please punish me and let me try again!”
He said to me;
“You are a little whore, whores give pleasure to men. You gave me none, you are useless. I am going to punish you and then you can try again. ”
My Mistress passed him the whip and he whipped me across my breasts four or five times and then my Mistress released me. I crawled over to him and tried wanking his cock to make it hard again but that didn’t work and licking and sucking just didn’t do it either. I even tried lying down with my legs wide open and fingered my self to a climax to excite him but that didn’t even get it hard either. I failed again!
This time I didn’t wait for my Mistress to say anything, I just stood up walked over to her took the whip from her hand and after kneeling down in front of the old man I held the whip up to him and apologised again for being a useless whore. He took the whip and made me lay on my back with my arms and legs wide open like a star. He stood over me and after calling me all sorts of derogatory things he whipped me half a dozen times on my pussy, I cried out twice.
He went to my Mistress and said to her;
“I must get my cock into that little slut’s cunt. I want to feel her cunt holding it!”
She thought about it for a moment then she disappeared and returned with a stack of pillows. After stacking them up she made me sit on them and then lay back so that my shoulders were on the floor but my pussy was up level with his soft cock when he was kneeling between my legs. After much fiddling and forcing he at last got his soft cock into my pussy.

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   He lifted my legs so that they rested against his shoulders and just knelt there. By now the other man had a hard on again and he knelt down above my mouth and forced his cock into my mouth and started to fuck me fast and hard. Because I was concentrating on letting my throat be fucked I forgot about the soft cock in my pussy until I felt it move.
I was totally at his mercy, trapped between two cocks. Above the sounds of the old man fucking my mouth I heard the other one saying;
“I told you to make me cum, all I wanted was for you to feel my cum in your mouth or cunt and you couldn’t even do that for me. You are the worst whore that I have ever used! As you didn’t get my cum in you, you can take my piss instead!”
With that he pushed his soft cock as far into me as he could and he started to piss in my cunt, soon hot piss filled my cunt and started running out from it down over my bum and tummy, and I could do nothing about it! It seemed to take forever for him to stop weeing in me, all the time I could feel his strong stream hitting against the inside of me. Soon the other man came in my mouth and pulled out from me, but the one with the soft cock buried in my cunt ordered me to wank myself to a climax as he wanted to feel my cunt squeeze his cock. I was past caring now so I did as he told me and enjoyed a good shuddering orgasm with him still buried in my cunt. Slowly he eased his soft cock out of me closed my legs, crawled around to my mouth and made me lick the piss off his cock. As a final insult he made me stand up and feel his piss flood out from my pussy down my legs and onto the floor.
They paid my Mistress and one of them loudly complained about how useless I was as a prostitute! Once they had left she threw a mop and bucket at me and commanded me to clean up my mess. During this session she had changed the video tape for me, so it had all been recorded including me being made to clean up the mess. I Felt dirty, used and a failure, I had actually failed to give pleasure to a man, I found it very difficult to handle and didn’t talk about it to my Mistress at all that day. After a shower and a quick cup of tea I left. This time as I left she told me to wear matching black underwear and a nice dress.

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   That night I felt very depressed and I didn’t really interact with Dave or our daughters I was too busy feeling sorry for myself!
Day Three
I arrived a little early and after my Mistress allowed me in I apologised to her for letting her down in front of her clients. I told her how much of a failure I felt and that I’d never before ever failed to give pleasure to a man. Her reply to that was along the lines of;
“So you should feel a failure, I had to give back some of the cash that I was paid for you to please those two gentlemen, you must do better today. I have another two clients for you to give pleasure to slave. This time you are to offer yourself to them for their pleasure. You must also keep asking them what you can do for their pleasure. Do you understand what you have to do today?”
“Yes Mistress. ”
I replied.
The buzzer sounded and as she left to show her guests in I loaded a fresh tape into the camera and set it running. I was still feeling like a failure when they came in. Without lifting my gaze from the floor I said to them;
“Good morning Sirs, I am here to give you both pleasure, please tell me what you would like me to do?”
A very thick West Indian accent cut through the air and I briefly glanced up and saw two tall black men standing beside my Mistress and he said;
“For starters white girl you must call yourself ‘White whore’ when referring to yourself. ”
“Yes Sir. ”
I replied
“We want to start by raping you, we won’t hurt you but we want you to fight back, do you understand whore?”
“Yes sir!”
My mistress stepped forwards and slapped me across my face and said;
“What did you say?”
Still a little shocked at her slap across my face I stammered;
“Yes Sir, this White Whore understands her instructions. ”
I had hardly finished speaking when they both grabbed me and threw me to the ground, I immediately started to kick, scream and punch at my attackers. Obviously they were too strong for me and while one pinned my legs down the other pinned my arms down.


   Somehow they managed to rip the top of my dress open and my bra apart and they mauled my breasts and nipples. It was really difficult to keep struggling as such nice feelings started coming from my abused nipples! They then also managed to rip my knickers off and finger fuck me until I climaxed. I couldn’t help myself I just stopped struggling, only to receive a slap across my face from one of the black men who said;
“You stopped struggling bitch”
“This White Whore is sorry Sir!”
Then whilst I started struggling again the one holding my legs down unzipped his trousers and let his huge cock flop out. When I saw it I started begging him not to fuck this white whore with his huge black cock, he just laughed and forced my legs open and started to rape me. I couldn’t act anymore I just fucked him back as hard as he was fucking me. I don’t know how long his cock was but it felt as if it was buried deep inside my belly each time he thrust it deeply into me! I lost count of how many times he made me climax before he filled my belly with his seed but it was several times. As soon as he pulled out of me they swapped around and as my arms were pinned down again I heard the second one say;
“Flip her over man; I want to fuck her tight white arse. ”
I really started to struggle now and begged in earnest for him not to fuck me in my arse, but it did no good. He forced my legs apart and rubbed the swollen tip of his cock in the thick white cum that was leaking from my cunt before he mercilessly thrust his cock into my arse. Although he didn’t do me any damage the intensity of the pain that shot through me made me pass out, and when I came round he was still fucking me. He did make me climax, but only when I felt the jets of his hot cum hitting my insides! After pulling out of me they both let me go and he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to lick and suck all the mixture of bodily fluids from his cock!
After a few minutes rest I stood and let the remains of my dress and bra fall to the ground and I said to them;
“What can this White Whore do to give you more pleasure?”
One of them said to me “Make my cock hard again whore, and then ride me. ”
I did as I was told. I wanked and sucked him back to hardness and straddled his big cock, pressed it to my slippery pussy and lowered myself all the way down onto it and started to fuck myself on it. After about five minutes or so the other one told him to hurry up and cum in me as he wanted to fuck me again! I didn’t even think about what I was saying when I said to him;
“Will Sir put his cock in this white whore’s cunt now too so that she can pleasure both of you at the same time?”
He didn’t need asking twice, he was soon kneeling behind me forcing his cock in beside his friends cock. I hardly had to move at all to climax as there was so much stimulation to the inside of my widely stretched pussy.

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   The added stimulation made them both cum quickly after that too! As their cocks shrunk and slipped out from my well fucked cunt, I automatically took each one in my mouth and cleaned it up.
As the two of them sat on the floor one of them looked at his watch and said;
“Hey man we gotta get outta here we have to be in town soon”
They both got up and dressed quickly, as they dressed first one of them and then the other said to my Mistress;
“Even though that white gal made me cum she was the worst fuck that he had ever had. ” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and then under his breath he said;
“She’s not even good enough to fuck ma dawg!”
And they left. As my Mistress returned to the basement I dropped to my knees and begged her to tell me what I was doing wrong, first I couldn’t get a man’s cock hard and make him cum and then I’m told that I’m not even good enough to fuck someone’s dog! She started by asking me what I thought she should do to me. The tape in the camera needed changing and whilst she did that I thought for a moment or two before saying that I didn’t know.
“Wrong answer!”
She exclaimed and she dragged me over to the gyny chair and strapped my legs in again before she handed me the same huge dildo that she had before. I knew what she wanted me to do so I did. I easily pushed it deeply into my well fucked cunt and as I began to move it in and out of my pussy it kept making farting sounds because of all the slippery cum that was still in me. Then she told me to push as much of it into my pussy as I could, I did as she told me without questioning it. From somewhere she produced a roll of bondage tape and she taped it to one of my thighs, so there I was with my pussy lips stretched wide open around the dildo with it taped to my leg, then she strapped my wrists down to the arms of the chair. In a very angry mean sounding voice she said;
“I have never known any woman to be so useless at fucking as you, on two occasions now you have cost me money and I’m going to punish you for that first. ”
She picked up her whip and whipped my breasts and stretched pussy lips again and again and again. By the time that she had finished whipping me she had delivered a dozen or more lashes to my sensitive bits n pieces! I orgasmed!
My Mistress wasn’t finished with me yet for the day, after releasing me she made me strap a reasonably sized dildo on and she lay down on the floor and made me fuck her until one of us climaxed. That person was me! Ooops! I couldn’t apologise enough for her and she screamed at me that I really was a selfish useless fuck! After pushing me off her she got dressed and ordered me to get dressed into my spare clothes without the luxury of a shower to get cleaned up with.
Just before I left she gave me my instructions for the following day;
“Tomorrow you will wear a corset or basque in what ever colour you want as long as you have matching knickers and stockings on.

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   Also you will beg every sex toy or what ever you come across to let you give them pleasure. For example if I take you to see one of my friends then you must automatically ask him what you can do to give him pleasure and do what ever he asks without hesitation or question. ”
“Yes Mistress, I won’t let you down again Mistress!”
“Charly, today’s sex session was meant to be like a reward for your efforts so far, but you couldn’t even get that right, tomorrow will be your punishment for getting so much wrong. I hope that you learn from it!”
Two days running I had failed sexually, I couldn’t believe it. Maybe it was true and all the sex that I’ve had with other people was just sexual relief for them and not pleasure!
Day Four
I was determined to be the very best sex slave that she had ever known and I arrived spot on time ready to do whatever I had to do, I didn’t care what it was anymore, I just had to do it right. Once in her house she inspected what I had on under my long coat and approved of the matching black corset, knickers and stockings. She added one extra thing to my clothing and that was a pair of leather thigh length stiletto heeled boots. She gave me a bag for my extra clothes and then we got into her car. This time she told me to take my coat off once we were out of her neighbourhood and sit there in her car in my sexy outfit and masturbate myself to several climaxes. It wasn’t long before I forgot all about the other vehicles around us and just concentrated on pleasuring myself. I had ten orgasms before we got to our destination. It was a farm somewhere in the Suffolk countryside, I won’t say where as didn’t really pay attention on either trip to the directions that we were going.
Just before we got out of the car she passed me a large studded dog collar and told me to put it on, and then she walked around to my door, opened it and clipped a dog lead to it and then made me walk behind her to the front door of the farm house. After she knocked on it, it was opened by a large friendly looking woman who said hi to my Mistress but ignored me and said;
“So this is the one that you told me about that can’t satisfy men is it?”
My Mistress said that I was the one, and passed my lead to her. Then she switched the camera on and started recording things again, as the jolly woman looked me over she said;
“Right dear, first things first take your knickers off, you won’t need them for a few hours.

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I did as she requested and without looking at her I said;
“I am a useless slave, but I will do whatever you want me to do to give you pleasure!”
“It’s not really me you have to give pleasure to today, it’s my boy’s. Out here in the country you get your pleasure from wherever you can. My boys always make me feel good when they fuck me, and I always give them pleasure back with my mouth. I will warn you now; if you don’t satisfy them properly they will punish you!”
Then she pulled my lead and led me over to her large wooden kitchen table and said;
“Get up on the table on your hands and knees with your legs apart for me you useless slut. ”
I did as she told me and she started rubbing her short thin fingers up and down my pussy lips and then without any warning pushed her (Thankfully quite small) hand into my wet cunt;
“Oh good you’re nice and wet already, they’ll like that, I will give you a little advice, my boys like to be talked to during sex, they like to be asked if they like such and such and they like to hear that they are making you feel good too and they seem to like hearing how it feels when they are cumming in your cunt!”
With that she pulled her hand out of my pussy, rubbed most of my slippery cum off her hand onto my bum and pussy. And then told me to get off the table and stay on my knees on the floor. She then lifted her floral print dress up to reveal a really hairy pussy (She wasn’t wearing any knickers) she explained that she never wore any knickers as that way whenever one of her boys wanted her they could have instant access to any of her holes. She put a foot up on a chair and jerked my lead towards her and commanded;
“Do me good and I may help my boys do you good. ”
I crawled forwards and buried my tongue into her hairy pussy, it had a very strong after sex musky smell and as soon as I started licking her to a climax I knew that she had been fucked recently and it made me even hornier as I tasted more of the mixture of sex juices that started to ooze from her. It wasn’t long before she grabbed my head and ground her cunt hard against my face until she came loudly.
As she pushed me away from her she managed to gasp out;
“Oh what a ……What a good little bitch you are, my boys are really going to like you. ”
After dropping her dress she pulled on my lead and started to walk towards the door, I started getting up and she turned to me and told me that I wasn’t a good enough woman to walk so I had to crawl and act like an animal until I was. I dropped back down to my knees and crawled along behind her like an animal. I followed her outside and across a concrete area to a large barn. At the door she unclipped my lead, opened the door and said;
“In you go and do your duty fuck bitch!”
I crawled in followed by her and my Mistress, it was quite smelly in there but I couldn’t see her boys anywhere, only animals! I suddenly realised who her boys were, and all at once it dawned on me what she had been saying about her regularly fucking and sucking her boys and what she thought I was going to do and I began to stand up and say;
“I’m not doing this!”
When she slapped me across my face hard and knocked me to the floor and shouted at me;
“Listen to me, you’re a failure as a woman, you have proved that you are a useless fuck and you were told yesterday that you weren’t good enough to fuck someone’s dog.

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   Well today you will learn to be a good fuck again. You are young enough to learn that to be a good woman you have to be a good animal too!”
With that she picked up what looked like a garden cane and beat me across the backs of my legs and bum with it and told me to crawl over to the dog pen. It was about ten feet square with wire netting sides and a wooden frame door. Inside there were three mean looking Rottweiler type guard dogs, there were a few blankets in one corner that served as their bedding and there were some food and water bowls and all over the floor there were piles of dog poo! Before she made me crawl in there she made me take the thigh length boots off as she didn’t want her dogs hurting themselves on the heels. The dogs were barking and growling with what I knew was anticipation, as the woman followed me in the biggest and most dominant dog stepped forwards wagging its stump of a tail. From where I was I could already see its cock was hanging down hard thick and very vieny. From behind me I heard her say;
“Just turn around and open your legs bitch, he knows what to do and you know what to say!”
I turned around to face the woman and my Mistress, I looked up at my Mistress and began to beg please don’t make me…. But she cut me off and said to the woman;
“See I told you he was right she isn’t even good enough to fuck dogs!”
I lowered my head and called the dog over to me;
“Come on boy, come and fuck me!”
Before I finish speaking he was there and started licking and sniffing at my pussy, I couldn’t help myself when he licked me and his tongue penetrated into me I gasped! Then he was up on my back his weight pushing me downwards as he madly thrust his hard cock against my thighs, bum and pussy trying to get it into me. I remembered what she had said to me and as I reached back between my legs and guided his cock into my wet pussy I said to him;
“Oh yes that’s right fuck my nice bald cunt boy!”
His cock felt so hot inside me as he madly thrust it in and out of me getting more and more of it inside me. The combination of his weight and the speed of his thrusting soon had me gasping and grunting out in pleasure. I hardly even noticed that a larger swollen part of his cock was banging against my cunt lips until it finally popped inside and then I felt hot jets of doggy cum spraying into my fuck hole!
“Oh yes, yes that’s a good boy, fill me with your hot cum, oh god it feels so good inside me!”
Then I remember crying out in both pain and pleasure at the moment when his thrusts calmed down and he climbed off me and then I screamed out in pain as he climbed off me and turned around…. He was stuck inside me, then I realised that his knot had worked its way into me. The woman called over to me as he stood there patently waiting;
“Don’t worry bitch, just stay like that, it will go down in a few minutes. Just get on with what you have to do!”
Still gasping breathless and in a little pain I managed to pat the round in front of me and called the other dogs over to me, they didn’t need any encouraging either both of them already had hard cocks and both of them laid down on the ground in front of me. Then telling them what good boys they were I took the first one into my mouth and gently at first started wanking, licking and sucking his hot cock.

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   Slowly I built up the speed and depth of my sucking and right before my eyes I saw his knot growing larger and larger and his pre-cum started leaking into my mouth. (I made sure that I didn’t take any of his knot into my mouth!) Then with a low growl he started to jet his hot cum into mouth, I couldn’t swallow all of it and some leaked out, but as soon as he had finished cumming I patted him and told him how good he’d been. I repeated the blow job on the other dog too. Sometime during this second blow job the dogs knot in my pussy must have one down because when I had finished the second blow job he was sitting on the bedding licking himself!
Still on my hands and knees I could feel doggy cum oozing form my pussy down my thighs, when the woman called me out of the dog pen, stroked my head and told me what a good little fuck bitch I’d been so far. And I felt pleased that I’d pleased her!!! This time I said to her;
“Is there anything else that I can do to give you pleasure?”
And this time I wholeheartedly meant it, I knew that I would do anything to please her again, I liked the praise!
“Yes there is more you can do for me, I have two more boys for you to give pleasure to. Unfortunately one is rather old and can’t stand very well, but he still enjoys being given a blowjob and the other really loves fucking human pussy. ”
I crawled along beside her and followed her into a stall at the far end of the barn, lying on its side was an old pony, he looked so sad until he saw me crawling towards him. I spoke sexy words to him as I gently started to rub where I knew his cock was hiding. As soon as his cock started to grow he shifted his position slightly and lifted his head and looked at me and I swear that at the very moment that I took the end of his cock into my mouth he smiled at me if it’s possible for a pony to smile and laid his head back down. I had to use both my hands to wank up and down on his cock and my mouth to fuck just the very tip of it. It wasn’t long before he began leaking loads of watery pre-cum into my mouth. Every now and then I stopped sucking on his massive cock and told him how fucking wonderful his cock was and how much I wanted to make him cum. Itold him several times that I wanted his cum in my mouth and over my tits. I even changed my position so that I was kneeling beside him with his cock in my mouth and I pulled my tits out of the cups of the corset and cupped them around his cock as I was sucking him and wanked his cock with them too. It took me about ten minutes to make him start cumming his load in my mouth, it was hot and quite thick, I swallowed some of it, but I also held the end of his cock against my tits and let him cover them in his sticky cum too.

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   When he finally finished squirting his cum over my tits I gently put his cock down and after rubbing his thick cum all over my tits I thanked him for letting me give him pleasure. The woman clapped and said to me;
“That was a nice touch, wanking him with your tits, I’ll have to remember that next time I come and use him, last one. ”
I crawled beside her and told her how good it had made me feel to give that old pony some pleasure. She didn’t say anything, she just looked across at my Mistress smiled and nodded. As we entered the last stall I saw a beautiful black horse, I was on automatic pilot now, I crawled in and started rubbing at where his cock was hiding and it soon started growing into a huge thick long black horse cock which I made lots of fuss over. The woman stopped me for a moment or two while she pushed two bails of hay between his front and back legs and told me to lay on there and fuck myself with it and to be sure to get as much inside me as possible so it felt good for him. The horse never moved all the time he just stood there.
I worked myself into a good position underneath him opened my legs and pushed his cock into me, thankfully because of the doggy cum that was already inside me he slipped in easily.
“Oh what a fucking wonderful cock you’ve got, Mmmmmm oh yes let me fuck myself on it. ”
I couldn’t help myself, this time I enjoyed fucking this animal it made me cum! Again it took me about ten to fifteen minutes to make him cum. When I felt the first huge squirt of his hot cum hit my insides I cried out to him;
“Oh yes big boy, fill me with your seed!”
And he did. He just kept squirting and squirting jet after jet of hot sticky horse cum deeply into me until I was full, the rest just forced its way out between his cock and my pussy as I continued to fuck myself on his cock. Eventually his cock started to soften and it slipped from my pussy and fingers. I slipped from the bails, reached up, patted him and thanked him for letting me give him pleasure and crawled over to the two women that had watched me being an animal. Horse cum was running from my pussy as my muscles contracted back to normal and my Mistress handed me my knickers and boots and told me to put them back on.

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   As they started to walk from the barn they told me that I could walk too. I didn’t even have to think about my answer I just said;
“I’m not good enough to walk like a woman yet, I need to pleasure the man whose cock I couldn’t fuck!”
So I crawled back to the car still covered in animal cum, before I stood and put my coat back on and got into the car I turned to the other woman and thanked her for letting me give pleasure to her and her boys and that I would do it all again if she ever wanted me too!
Once inside my Mistresses home I dropped to me knees and crawled around to get my shower and get changed. I even knelt on the floor beside her while we drank our tea. It was then that I asked her to arrange for the client of hers that I had not been able to pleasure to come around the next day so that I could try again to please him.
Day Five
I arrived wearing my sexiest lacy bottle green matching underwear and green stockings, and crawled down into her basement. He was already waiting for me. I crawled over to him and begged him to let me try and give him pleasure, make his cock hard and let him use me as a cum receptacle. He sat there and smiled at me and told me I could try if I wanted too.
My Mistress had been filming me as soon as I had dropped to my knees just inside her front door and she continued now too! I tried everything that I knew to get his cock to rise for me, but nothing worked, after about an hour of trying different things my jaws ached from being stretched over his soft cock I gave in! I knelt back and apologised again and again I felt so bad that I just sat there and started to sob. Neither of them said anything, he just stood up and pissed all over me. I just stayed there and between sobs I heard myself thanking him for pissing on me. He left and my Mistress stood over me and gloated over the broken sex slave that was sobbing in front of her. After cleaning up the mess, showering and getting changed I gathered up fifteen recorded tapes and packed them and the video camera and tripod back into my car. It was about 11 o’clock when she followed me home. Just before we left she gave me a small package and told me to put it on before I got out of the car at home.

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   As soon as we pulled in and parked I opened the package and saw that it was a dog collar and lead. I put them on and opened my door, my Mistress was standing besides my car door waiting and I passed the lead to her. After collecting the tapes she walked me into our house and called out to Dave.
She passed the lead to Dave and said;
“As promised here is your sex slave, though why you want to fuck her is a mystery to me as my clients tell me she is a useless fuck and in one case she couldn’t even make him hard!”
After exchanging a few words privately in his study she left. Dave took my collar and lead off me and led me by my hand to our bedroom he gently laid me down on the bed and went to our naughty cupboard and retrieved one of my sex toys. He didn’t say anything; he just threw it down on the bed beside me and stood there. I didn’t hesitate at all I knew what he wanted me to do, so I picked it up, pulled my skirt up, pulled my knickers to the side and fucked myself with my big black dildo until I came loudly for him.
“Over the next few days when we are alone we will watch the video tapes of all the things that you have been doing and you must describe in great detail how they made you feel, submissiveness is only for sexual times only. Just be your normal self at other times because it was only your sexual aggressiveness that I wanted modified not the rest of you. ”
That night we made love together and I made sure that I was very submissive and very, very sexy for him and proved to him that I really was his whore in bed, and he held me to his chest for ages and ages afterwards, and just him doing that was enough to make me cry because he never cuddles!
Over the next few days we watched all the video tapes that had been made of me, I told him truthfully how I ended up feeling even the strong feelings of satisfaction that I’d got when I sucked that old pony off! I also told him that I still felt like a failure because of the old man that I hadn’t managed to satisfy. He just smiled a knowing smile……. . I have learnt a lot about sex recently, just doing sex and getting pleasure for myself wasn’t necessarily wrong, the thing that was wrong was not satisfying the your other sexual partners! I understand that now and I understand now why Dave has always enjoyed seeing me, making me and feeling me climax so much!
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