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She opened the door and waited for him to come up in the lift. This time she promised herself she would not hold back, she would give herself completely without guilt and without inhibitions. This determination, on its own, had a sexual impact on her making her clit moist and quivering with anticipation.  The door opened and there he was, she pulled him into her arms and placed her lips urgently but gently to him, coaxing a moan of surprise and deep desire from him. She deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue between his lips, nibbling at him, and then deepening their kiss even further. She felt him harden and pulled him even closer, moaning in pleasure, she was ready and she showed it.    He lifted her up and walked into the apartment that had now become their “love nest”, strengthening his hold and regaining his composure after the initial shock of not having to coax this gorgeous woman into submission. This was the first time she had thrown herself so openly at him, giving herself up.  She had wrapped her legs around him and was rubbing his now large penis, which was ready to explode out of his pants. When he got to the big red couch in the middle of the room she slipped her legs on the floor and slid downwards to her knees. He let out a sharp breath in anticipation of her next move. She slid her hands down his chest gently and lovingly until she reached the top of his pants, she paused there for a moment then slipped her fingers under his t-shirt and started to lift it up and over his head. She then turned him around and pushed him onto the couch, all the time staring into his eyes and biting her bottom lip. She looked like an innocent schoolgirl and a well-trained whore all in one. It was this mixture of innocence and debauchery that had driven him insane all these years. It was like not a day had passed since their first mating on the bottom of his bunk bed in his small cottage on that heavenly island.


    As he sat there expecting her to join him, he was surprised to see her step back. He only now noticed that the only thing she had on was a t-shirt and a purple g-string, that seemed to hug her clit as if it were addicted to it. She started to sway her hips and smiled at him, not saying a word. She didn’t have to of course because her body told him all he needed to know. Her hard nipples that were ready to penetrate the t-shirt told him that she desired him. Her trembling lips, told him she wanted to share her soul with him and her wet panty told him she wanted him to penetrate and consume every inch of her body. . . her very being. But she didn’t rush, it was obvious to him that this woman, that he had spent years loving and who had insisted on not believing in his love had finally seen the light and she was presenting herself as a gift to him.  She slowly lifted her t-shirt so that just the bottom part of her breasts showed and then even slower she pulled it over her head exposing your breasts to him. They were exquisite despite the twenty years that had passed since their very first encounter, she was a magnificent specimen. He went to take his pants off and devour her right there but she stopped him by lifting her leg and placing it on his crotch. She kept her leg there even though he had pulled his hands away. She leaned forward and traced her finger around his lips, slowly sliding her index finger into his mouth, which he sucked on first, then taking her hand he sucked on her middle index finger, which she then slowly pulled away and inserted into her panty slowly massaging her clitoris.

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   He shivered, she was killing him… and he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to hold on for.  She let out a gently moan, leaning into him and pressing his crotch driving him to the brink of madness, he was so horny it scared him and he wanted more. His head fell back in absolute pleasure and delirium. She let her leg slide down his crotch to the floor and then turned around slowly pulling her g-string down and exposing her self to him, she was dripping and he couldn’t wait any longer.  He pulled his pants off and stood up, while she kept the position and gently played with her self. She had allowed herself to be his personal penis target and he was not about to miss. He took a step closer and caressed her back sending a shiver through her. He loved the power he had over her and she new it, that’s why she took this position, she was telling him that she was his, submitting herself to his passion. He positioned himself just right then plunged, and she let out a wild moan that acted as the final trigger sending him of the edge, he had lost complete control. He grabbed her by the hips and started to move into her pumping her with every thrust of his him. His large, fat penis almost splitting her in half, but she did not back down, she was loving every minute of it.  He moved harder and faster each time, she moaned and called out his name and moaned “fuck me baby”. He was in heaven, she had never spoken dirty to him before, and he loved it, so he did not disappoint her. He fucked her until she was trembling all over and her pelvis was moving wildly in rhythm and reaction to his pounding until she yelled, “Oh fuck me, fuck me, I am coming” and then moaned and climaxed shuddering at his constant pounding.  As soon as she had reached the brink and climax he pulled his cock out and turned her around shoving it in her mouth.

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   Despite the fact that she was weak at the knees, and consumed by the waves of orgasm washing over her body, she wrapped her lips around him and sucked him to climax in seconds. He almost feinted from pleasure coming instantaneously and spurting wave after wave of cum in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily, one gulp after the other.  He fell back into the chair as soon as she let him go and she snuggled up to him with her head in his lap constantly nibbling on his penis… and they drifted off to sleep. .
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