loving a vampire the right way (part2)


i looked over the outfit and realized it was my tool to his body but also my tool to dating him
i thanked Alice and jasper
i expect you will be getting some and get it good. . Alice said looking smug
i want to date him first Alice i want him to find me as his new mate not just some one to fuck
i think he wants you as his mate i felt nothing but love. . . Jasper said looking at me like i was stupid
I will be getting you ready in so many ways. . . Alice said looking at me like food
i want to experience this as a human Alice
fine. . . Alice said pissed
we walked out side where we were greeted by Emmett holding some roses and other flowers
i hugged him and took the flowers inside and went back outside and jumped in his jeep we went to la belle and ate food they even ate some
will you be my new mate Esra. . Emmett said looking at me happily
yes i will. . i said feeling happy to happy
we left and went to their house
Emmett i have to go home my dad will kill me you know how he is
your dad think you going on vacation with us for three weeks so your free to stay here until that time is up.

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  . Alice said looking like the pixie she is
boy i love my pixie of a friend
i was quick snapped out of it by a big hand grabbing the back of my head in a loving way
I know its a little early to say this but i love you Esra. . Emmett said looking like if he could cry he would
I love you too Emmett. . i said crying
he leaned down and kisses me with lots of passion and force in a way
he pushed me down on the couch were we started to get alittle more passionistic
we were shortly interupted by Esme
take the to your room you two i dont want to see it i really dont want to hear it but if i have to i will. . . Esme said smiling
I'm sorry Esme i thought no one was going to be here . . . i said quickly pulling away
ok its ok dear you two go have fun. . she said giggling
Emmett picked me up and totted me to his room where he laid me on his bed and then locked his door
Emmett dont you think they would just break down the door. .

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  i said feeling kinda dumb
they would but i dont think they will. . he said smiling
he quickly removed all his clothes except his boxers
he walked over to me and pulled off my dress and the looked down at my naked torso
i love your breast there beautiful. . he said looking very hungry
he quickly start to rub them tenderly
my head was spinning but not to where i didn't feel everything intensified
he placed his lips on mine kissing me deeply he then moved to my neck and began to lick and suck on it he then bit me but not to change me to get me hornier
mmmmmmm. . . i said feeling ready
he moved down to my breast and began to suck and nibble on them he kept moving down and began kissing my stomach
he kept kissing down my body to where he found my wet pussy
he slowly licked my clit then her lightly bit it
oh god Emmett mmmmmmmm. . . i said feeling so hot i could catch the sheets on fire
he began to devour my pussy sucking and licking it
i rubbed my pussy in his face grinding on it
he then shoved two of his massive fingers in my pussy
your so damn tight Esra. . he said moving his fingers in and out slowly
god Emmett mmmm harder. . .

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  i was about to cumm i knew it
he began to slam his fingers in me
oh oh oh oh oh oh yessss. . i said about to climax
he began to suck on my clit and bit it harder than i could handle i began to grind into his face and then i let it happen i released on his face gushing cum all over his face he lapped it up greedily

more to come later in a minute i mean


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