It Happen At My Show


It happen at my show
By Korey Flad Aka clockwork orange
Featuring: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato
Codes BJ, Anal, Hand job, masturbation, oral, FF
Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional; all characters mentioned within are entirely fictional. It contains themes and stories only suitable for those aged 18 and over. Names are used for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to harm or offend those mentioned. If you are offended by adult content, do not understand that this story is not real, or are below the age stated, please stop reading immediately.

I was up on the stage on a Friday night as I was with my band,
The Nazis of Droogs. I sang on lead vocals as I was screaming my voice out into the mic as our fans were rocking out and having a good time. I pulled back as I took a breath and that when I saw her. She was in the back of the crowd; she was with another friend I guess. She was looking at me with her brown eyes as I went back on the mic. I finished the song as my drummer Mike beat the last tune and we took our break and waited to do are next set.
I stepped off stage high fiving the fans of ours and thanked them, making my way to the girl in the back. I made it threw the crowd as I saw her she was drinking a drink as I walked up to her.

“Hey did you like our set”?

I said trying to break the ice.
She blushed as she looked at me and smiled.

“Yes I did I enjoy your music you guys are a good band”.

She said as she started to be more open with me and talked I talked with her for a half hour as I was starting to get to know her more as a person and not a one night stand.

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She brushed her hair back as she looked at me. I could not hear well as the next band started to play.

“Hey do you want to go somewhere quiet and talk”?

I said as she nodded and we both headed to the door and went outside. Outside we saw a light post and a clear opening as we walked over there and we talked some more. She looked so sexy in her tight pants and her rocker tee shirt. Her hair was brown and her eyes were same as she looked smoking hot as she talked and her eyes always looking at mine.

“So what is your name”?

I said as she smiled.

“Oh I am so sorry my name is Selena Gomez”.

Selena said as she smiled and took a sip of her drink. She asked me what my name was as she finished taking a sip from her drink.
“My name is Zack Green”.

I told her as she twisted around as her hair flowed around. Selena and I talked for a few more minutes until, her friend came walking up to us. Selena turned around as she her friend tapped her shoulder and.

“Um hey Selena why did you leave me inside there alone”?

Demi said as she looked at selena with angry in her eyes.

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   Selena nodded and explained to Demi what happen. Demi looked over at me as she smiled but did not pay any attention to me as she was a little mad at her best friend for ditching her like that.

“I am sorry Demi but this is Zack green, he is the lead singer of The Nazis of Droogs”.

Selena pointed me as Demi turned around and looked at me and nodded. Demi apologized to selena for getting all mad over a little thing, as she loosened up and started to talk. I could not help my self form eyeing Demi's hot figure, she was the same as Selena when it came to looks and body figure. And their personalities were crazy cool, they were like two girls that you would want to talk and fuck. I talked to them both as they laughed and giggled at my dumb jokes and remarks on stuff. I could sense that they both wanted to be with me in bed. I figure it out as Demi was giving me signs as was Selena.

“So who is your band zack”?

Demi asked as she gave me a sexy look. I told her as she smiled and thought about their names in her head.

“There is me, singer my bass player Nick, my guitars Tyler and are drummer Jester’.

I said as they nodded and smiled. We talked some more then on as my drummer jester and Nick and Tyler came walking outside and saw me talking two girls near the light pole.

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“Hey dummy, not going to invite us along”.

Jester said as he started to punk walk over to us three. Nick and Tyler were walking up to us four when their girls showed up and took them before they got near us four.

“Sorry jester, I just met Selena here after are first set and her friend Demi as me and selena were outside here”.

I said as they both introduced them selves to my drummer. Jester was smiling as he shook their hands and tried to catch up in our conversation. Jester was a shy person but on stage he was a crazy person and open with people. But it was strange as he was talking like he was stage and the girls were both cheerful as he said goodbye and left me with them two.

“So do have to do another set”?

Selena and Demi said as they looked back at jester walking back inside the building. They turned back at me waited as I check my watch and nodded.

“Ya, I one more set to go, then I am done shall we go”.

I said as I took them both by my hands and I placed my hands on their hips while we all walked inside as their hips moved side to side, I had a big smile on my face as we entered the building and I let go and met up with my band as we set up and the two girls when to the front of the stage and waited for us to play.
My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I thought of them looking at me and I did not want to look like a fool as I made sure we were all ready.
Jester started to play the drums as nick and Tyler were tuning their instruments and got them working as nick begun to play the bass and Tyler did the same. I let the beat build up the song as I tossed my head up and down getting in the zone for the song as I placed the mic to my mouth and started to sing.

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“We are the ones who take you out at night and drag you in the streets,
Kicking and screaming we don’t mind…. With you out now, we now throw you up against the wall and killed you with a firing squad”.

I sang as the crowd and the two girls were all rocking out to our song. I continued to sing more of our song.

“This is night of broken glass this is the night of the holocaust”….

I screamed as the crowd all cheered and showed us their support and rocked out.
My band was getting into the song as we played on and we were rocking on the stage.
I took a pause and went to the edge of the sage and spoke into the crowd.

“We are……we are…. . we are…. the …. NAZIS…. OF …. .

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I screamed as the crowd screamed and yelled our name and cheered, Selena and Demi were screaming and cheering our name out as I held the mic out into the crowd and we finished our song with a drum solo from Jester.

We finished playing as I placed the mic back and walked off the stage as my band mates did the same. Selena and Demi rushed me as they grabbed me by the arms and took me to a backroom where they threw me on a couch and Demi locked the door and they both looked at me with lust in their eyes and I was nervous and a little scared as they started to remove their clothes and walk over to me. I sat there as I looked at both of them showing me their sexy nude bodies to me as my cock throbbed in my pants and I was eyeing their breasts and tight lips. Both were trimmed but just right. Their breasts looked so supple and tender as they jiggled and swayed as they now were in front of me looking at me.

“We are so hot for you we want to have some fun”.

They both said to me as my mouth dropped in shocked. I wiped my eyes as I thought maybe I was dreaming but when I blinked and looked again they were fully naked and in front of me as they both sat down next to me. They both played childish as they touched me slowly slipping their hands inside my clothes and rubbing me all around. I closed my eyes as I felt good being touched by these two fine girls. Demi hands were inside my shirt as she rubbed my chest and moved down to my waist. Selena touched my face as she moved my face to hers and she kissed me her mouth was on mine as her tongue slipped inside and I slipped mine in her mouth as we both made out with are mouths and enjoyed the rush of pleasure between the two of us. Demi sneaked her hands into my pants and got a grip of my throbbing member in her hands and started to stroke me off as I gasped and moaned I was being fooled around by two drop dead stunning girls in the backroom. Demi pulled my zipper down as she pulled my cock out of my pants and outside for her to admire and play with in her hands.

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  I kept kissing selena as my hands were squeezing her breasts. Demi licked her lips as she placed my member near her lips and breathed on it as she slowly opened her mouth and placed my throbbing cock into her moist mouth and started to blow me. Demi rubbed up and down as she slides my cock deeper down into her mouth and sucked. I gasped as I was getting head by Demi Lovato and Making out with Selena Gomez. I pulled back from selena’s lips as I looked at her and gave her a look as she nodded and she spread her legs apart and showed me her tight pussy. Her lips were tight and moist as she was a little wet from the kissing. She placed her fingers into her mouth and licked them as she placed her wet fingers on her tight slit and started to play with her self as I rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples ever so as she moaned and gasped as she was getting wetter and wetter by me and her fingers. Demi sucked me off until I came into her mouth; she moaned as my load filled her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it as she sucked up the last of my come and removed my cock nice and wet. She smiled as she looked up at me and stood up and turned around. She wiggled her tight nice ass in front of me as I let go of selena and let go crazy by her self as I grabbed Demi tight firm ass cheeks and placed my throbbing member on her cheeks and grinned up and down as I slide my cock into her backdoor and pressed against her tight hole.

‘Are you ready Demi ’?

I said as Demi turned her head around glancing over at me and nodded as I nodded and eased my cock into her hole. Demi bit her lower lip as I got inside and penetrated her. I got inside all of me now in as I started to stroke. Demi rocked back as she helped me get deeper into her ass. Demi’s ass was so tight and felt great as I fucked her nice and long.

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I looked over at selena who was still masturbating as she came she wanted to join me and Demi as she stood up and walked over to Demi and kissed her on the lips as Demi kissed her selena moaned as she pulled back and fell to her back as Demi was already on her hands and knees. Demi placed her face near selena’s pussy and started to lick her as selena rubbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Demi went to town on her friend’s pussy as I fucked her. We all three build a room of pleasure and lust as we all came in the end and sighed. We got dressed as we walked out the backroom as to see that the show was still going on and we all walked outside to my car. While we walked outside to the parking lot. I saw my band was chilling on my car as we three walked up with them next to the sides of me my hands on their waists and a big smile on my face.

“Hey everyone, I am heading home”.

I said as my band and their friends nodded and my band mates gave me the look as they knew what was I thinking and what was going to happen when I got home. As I helped them both get into my car I started it up as I waved goodbye to friends and the three of us drove off to my house for some more FUN.