Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires- Chapter Fourteen - Test Subjects


Harry Potter and the Spellbook of DesiresChapter Fourteen – Test SubjectsDisclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Story Codes: mg, mf, ncon, cream pie, hp, first, grope, magic, morph, preg, spank, unif 
The adult version of the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes had been deemed a complete success after Ron thanked Fred and George several times for the small bottle of Hot Sauce they had given him to test out.   Ron had used it wisely, pasting the beautiful Fleur Delacour with a sizable load of hot cum.   Hot Sauce was only the beginning however; they had an entire line ready for sale, but first they’d have to test out the miracle potions on willing girls.   This was the part the twins had been waiting for; they were willing to take the risk in making sure the products were safe for consumer use.   They posted sign-up sheets around the Gryffindor common room for this purpose.  
They read:Need some pocket gold to pay for your next trip to Hogsmeade; any female student can make some much needed gold by safely testing the newest products from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.   Perfectly safe and enjoyable, these tests are quick, safe and profitable for everyone.  
They hadn’t even had the chance to post the sign when they met up with Ron on the way back to Gryffindor Tower, who couldn’t stop praising them and their miracle potion.   The twins promised to sell him some more of their products as soon as they were able to test them.   Ron graciously offered his help in testing out their new products, but Fred and George were more than sure they could handle the testing by themselves.    
They had already signed up several girls, including a number of first and second year students, when they saw Hermione walk down the staircase in the sluttiest clothes they had ever seen.   They both nearly fainted at the sight, especially when she started bending over to tie her shoes.   Both Fred and George were harder than diamonds before Hermione left the common room.   The gaggle of girls surrounding them snapped them out of their fantasies, forcing them back to reality and the task at hand.   After putting up their poster and signing up several more girls, the twins finally went to bed long after midnight; they were going to pick the first two test subjects the next morning.

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The twins woke up to a beautiful Saturday morning and went over their prospective list.   It looked like they’d have several willing and fitting test subjects in the days to follow, but they both agreed that they would both pick their top prospects first and try out a couple of the more interesting potions they had come up with.   Fred wanted to try the Hot Sauce, especially after Ron’s glowing description of its effects, but George made him try out another.   Fred would be trying out a potion named Maturity.  
The label on the small bottle read: 
A simple but effective twist on an aging potion, which is able to temporarily age a female drinker to perfect sexual maturity; usually around eighteen years old.   The spell only lasts a single hour, but the drinker becomes addicted to sex for that hour, so make sure you’re as close to the drinker as possible!  And don’t worry; the drinker will have no recollection of what happened to them when the potion wears off! 
The potion would be perfect for Fred’s test subject; he had chosen a hot little tanned second year student named Romilda Vane, who had been sorted into their house the previous year.   She had always been annoying and Fred was sure he had something perfect to shut her up.    
George on the other hand, had chosen to use a heavy sleeping potion on his test subject called Dopey.  
The label on the bottle read: 
A powerfully effective sleeping potion which will cause the drinker to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep.   They may fall asleep, but your sexual advances on the sleeping beauty will be gladly accepted and they’ll remain unconscious for an entire hour!  And don’t worry; the drinker will have no recollection of what happened to them when they wake! 
George had picked a girl in the twins’ own year named Patricia Stimpson, a witch who had suffered a minor breakdown the previous year during the O. W. L. testing.   George had remembered Patricia’s breakdown the previous year and was fairly certain that the Dopey potion would be perfect to help her relax.  
Like the vials of Hot Sauce, the labels on every single one of their handy little sex potions were enchanted to appear only when a secret phrase was uttered and the label tapped.

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    They’d only reveal the secret password after the purchase was made and the contract they had made was signed.  
Because it was going to be such a beautiful Saturday; Fred and George knew that the best place to try out their newest products would be outside in the gorgeous sunlight.   It was under these pretenses that they told Romilda and Patricia to meet them near the Whomping Willow, in a secluded and safe location.  
‘Hello girls!’ said the twins together when both Patricia and Romilda came into earshot.  
‘Hi!’ they replied cheerfully, walking over to the twins.   Patricia dwarfed the tiny Romilda when walking side by side, but that was all about to change.   George handed them both the contract they had to sign and told them the consequences of telling anybody about the use of the potions.   The contracts were made for their soon-to-be customers, but they had decided that using it with test subjects would make just as much sense.  
‘Here’s your promised gold’ said Fred, handing both girls two Galleons each before passing each of them the correct bottles to drink from.   ‘Drink these and the reactions should be immediate’ smiled Fred.  
‘Why did we have to meet all the way out here to test these things out…? Are they safe?’ Patricia asked, looking the bottle over questioningly.   The label was blank and revealed nothing of the potion’s sinister nature.  
‘There perfectly safe… We just didn’t want McGonagall snatching away our hard work!’ replied George with a smile.   The girls seemed to take it as the truth before removing the potion stoppers and consuming the contents of both bottles in seconds.  
‘I feel weir…’ started Patricia, before falling unconscious onto the ground.

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‘I know what you mean… but it feels really good!’ replied Romilda, as her body began to change.   Patricia remained unconscious while Romilda’s entire body transformed into a tall, tanned and unbelievably gorgeous eighteen year old girl.   What made the situation even better was the fact that all of Romilda’s clothes were now far too small for her and accentuated her perfect body.   Fred and George got immediately hard and Fred had to beat his brother off before he tried to fuck his prize.   George looked down at his unconscious test subject and decided that it could have been worse, before pulling off his clothes and getting onto his knees in front of Patricia.  
‘I’m so horny!’ moaned the adult sized Romilda, as she stroked her pussy through her skirt and panties.   Fred basically tackled Romilda to the ground after saying she was horny, pinning her to the ground and helping her to remove her tight clothing.   Fred tore off his own clothing as he lay on top of his prize, who was still in the process of rubbing her pussy.   Fred proceeded by unclasping her tiny skirt and tearing off her dress shirt and tie.   Fred was pleasantly surprised to find out that Romilda’s bust size had increased substantially.   She hadn’t worn any bra before because she had nothing to support, so when he removed her shirt, her perfectly large tits were completely visible.   Romilda gave him a quick wink before Fred straddled her chest and guided his shaft towards her beautiful mounds.   He gave each one a playful squeeze before forcing them together and rutting his seven inch hard cock between them.   It felt so good to both Fred and Romilda, who by this point loved the attention she was getting.   Romilda may have looked like a hot and slutty eighteen year old, but in reality; she was a twelve year old virgin.


    Fred spat down onto his cock, helping it slide faster and smoother in between Romilda’s gorgeous globes.  
While Fred titty fucked the horny Romilda, George was occupied in removing Patricia’s school uniform.   Patricia was a fairly attractive girl that George had long lusted for, but had never acted on his feelings.   Now that she was completely defenseless to his advances, George was more than ready to take advantage of her situation.   After getting her completely naked, George took a good long look at her attractive figures; her perfectly sized breasts, her tiny pink nipples and little fuzzy strip of brown pubic hair located just above her tight pink pussy were very attractive.   George couldn’t be sure yet, but he had a nagging suspicion that Patricia was just as much of a virgin as Romilda.  
‘Let’s see that ass!’ George said to the unconscious Patricia, flipping her over in the process and getting a great view of her big juicy ass.   George was surprise by how much junk Patricia had in her trunk and couldn’t help but lie on top of her and begin to move his seven inch shaft in between her ass cheeks like Fred was doing with Romilda’s tits.  
‘Ohhh Goddddd!  It feels so good!’ groaned Romilda, enjoying the sensation of Fred’s cock as it moved like a piston between her sizeable tits.   Fred couldn’t take it any longer and needed a taste of the beautiful Romilda.   He got between her legs and watched as Romilda continued to move her fingers in and out of her panties.   Fred bent his head down and got a great whiff of Romilda’s pussy before using his teeth to grab hold of the thin material and tear off her panties.   He threw them aside and moved his mouth in closer, sticking the tip of his tongue as deep into her tight teen pussy as possible.  
‘Ahhhhhh!’ screamed Romilda, never having a man’s long tongue penetrate her before, caused her to scream out in ecstasy.   Fred continued to eat Romilda out for the next five minutes, only breaking away when she went through her two orgasms.

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    The urge to fuck her overpowered Fred, and he made to pop Romilda’s cherry.   Before he did however, he took a look over at the scene developing only feet away and was surprised to see that George had already beaten him to the punch.  
‘Fuck this pussy is tight!’ moaned George, humping into the unconscious Patricia while she remained on her stomach.   George had spread her legs and was slowly working more and more of his shaft into her tight teen pussy.   After a few inches, he quickly realized that Patricia was in fact a virgin.   He continued to thrust into her flexible hymen for another three minutes before he tore through it, causing her to bleed from her pussy and coat his cock.   ‘That’s better!’ sighed a relieved George, as he started to pump his cock into her with a little more freedom.   ‘How’s it going over there Fred?’ George said as he propped himself up with his hands on the ground.  
‘She’s as tight as a twelve year old!’ laughed a pained Fred, as he tried to force his cock into and screaming Romilda.   Romilda’s eyes were wide open in both pain and shock as her maidenhood was being stolen from her.   She shut her eyes and just accepted her fate.   She knew she wanted it, but didn’t really know why.   Fred grabbed hold of her jiggling breasts and pushed his shaft as deep into her as possible, bursting through her elastic barrier and causing her to orgasm and scream in pain.  
‘FUCK ME HARDER!!!’ moaned Romilda, as her orgasm subsided and the pleasure from Fred’s thrusting began to increase.   She wondered why she had never done this before as she felt Fred twist her nipples and begin to kiss her neck.

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‘SMACK!’ SMACK! SMACK!’ George gave Patricia’s juicy white ass a few sharp slaps to watch it jiggle even more as his cock continued to move in and out of her pussy.   George could swear he could here Patricia moaning under her breath every time he thrust his cock into her and he was sure she was having one hell of a dream.  
Fred in the meantime had Romilda’s legs up over his shoulders and was pumping his cock into her as hard and as fast as he could.   He knew it wouldn’t take him very long to reach his end and he wanted to make sure he would be able to get Romilda to reach hers at least one more time before he did.   He was in luck too; just as he began to pant and near his end, he heard Romilda begin to squeal in pleasure before her juices enveloped his cock that continued sliding in and out of her.   The added sensation of her pussy clutching and her juices coating his cock was more than enough to push Fred over the edge in the process.   He had no intention to pull out of the young teenage slut, deciding that because she would transform back into her twelve year old body in only a few minutes, a healthy dose of potent seed into her womb would probably not impregnate her.   Either way, he was willing to take the chance.  
‘UNGHHHHH!’ grunted Fred, jetting several wads of hot sticky cum directly into Romilda’s bald eighteen year old pussy.   Romilda closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt Fred fire several long thick strings of his warm semen directly into her for several seconds.  
‘GOD! I can feel it shooting inside me!’ moaned Romilda, not realizing that if she had actually been eighteen, she would in fact have been impregnated by Fred’s large load of cum.   Fred finally stopped cumming after several seconds of grunting and instead of pulling out of Romilda, he just remained inside of her and tried to catch his breath.  
As Fred finished going through his orgasm, George began to go through his own massive orgasm.   Unlike Romilda however, Patricia was definitely impregnable, but George cared little for that as he began to pant.   He and his brother had already impregnated Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet, so getting Patricia pregnant mattered little, especially when nobody would be able to prove his little act with Patricia after she awoke from her deep sleep.

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    There was also the funny fact that in a few months time, Patricia would be dealing with another stressful issue; pregnancy, and both Fred and George would have a good laugh at that.  
‘FUCK!  I’M CUMMING!’ screamed George, as he slapped Patricia’s now red ass one more time and began cumming inside of her tight cunt.   He painted Patricia’s womb with four thick strands of hot seed deep inside of her before collapsing on top of her in ecstasy and relief.  
‘Stupefy!’ shouted Fred, hitting Romilda in the chest as he pulled his deflated cock from her cum-filled pussy.  She was shocked when he pulled his wand on her, but after being hit, she simply fell unconscious.   ‘That’ll make it easier to get her dressed and tidy things up a little’ replied Fred to George’s questioning look.  
‘Good idea brother!’ said George, as he got dressed and re-dressed Patricia seconds later.   Fred did the same with Romilda before they both picked up the empty bottles the girls had drank from and left them lying on the grass to change back to their normal states.   Romilda’s body would turn back into her cute little twelve year old body while Patricia would wake with a baby growing inside her.  
‘I think we can say those products work just fine George!’ Fred said to his brother, as they made their way back their bedroom and the massive assortment of vials of potions they had made for the adult oriented Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes line.  
‘I love that book’ replied George, as they made it up to Gryffindor Tower and their bedroom to find a shocking and disturbing scene.  
‘What the fuck!’ shouted both Fred and George together, when they saw that both their trunks had somehow been forced open.   They were so shocked because they knew that they had magically sealed the trunks and forcing them open was impossible to their knowledge.   They quickly checked each others trunk, knowing of only one valuable item that could have been stolen.   Sure enough, the Spellbook of Desires was the only thing missing.

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‘NOOOOOO!!!!!” groaned both Fred and George as they ran out of their room to see if they could find whoever had stolen their book.   No one was in the common room and there was no evidence that anyone had been there when they had come in.   They had been able to make several vials of their valuable potions and they still had the recipe for each of them, but they would never be able to make anything different without the wondrous Spellbook of Desires.  
‘Dammit!  Not again… We’ve got to find that book…We’ll search the entire school from top to bottom if we have to!’ exclaimed and angry Fred, as he and George ran out of the common room and down the stairs to look for the culprit and the book.   Little did they know however, that the Spellbook of Desires was in fact only feet away from them.   The book was now magically sealed in its rightful owner’s trunk and Harry Potter had a smile from ear to ear on his face as he sat in the Great Hall and watched students put their names into the Goblet of Fire. .
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