Our sex game 3


It’s the continuation of our sex Game 2


My cousin, Michael, his sister, Emily and I were bored so we decided to do the games we used to do, but this time with Emily. We didn’t founded challenges to do so we just played truth or dare. Emily started by asking Michael to undresses himself. He got fully naked and we would see his already growing cock waiting for more action. After that, He asked Emily to do a lap dance to me. I first sat on a chair in the middle of the living room.


Emily was one year younger than me, and she was already gorgeous. She was 5’4’’ tall with cute little B-cup breast and She had the most amazing ass I have ever seen. She had chestnut hair with green eyes; she also had an eyebrow piercing and a navel piercing.


She first started by getting behind me and she rubbed her hands on my chest, then she went in front of me and sat on my lap as she was rubbing her firm ass onto my crotch. I was getting a boner and she felt it as she started to moan at the same time. She then stood up and took her tiny top off, revealing her beautiful lace pink bra. She sat down on me again but this time facing me, so her nice tits were right in front of my eyes and then she pushed herself against me. She stood up once again but this time, she took off her little shorts by bending right in front of me, giving me a very great view of her incredible ass. I grabbed her ass cheeks as she took her bra off. I could see my cousin jerking off too at the view of her sexy sister undressing, but that wasn’t that who excited me more because she sat on me once again and took my hands and put them on her boobs, by gently squeezing them and still rubbing her butt onto my now hard shaft.

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   When she stood up to take off her sexy little pink thong, I couldn’t wait any longer as I pressed my face into her ass. I felt that she was already dripping and I pulled her thong to the side and stated to eat her out. Her moaning was instantly and Michael went closer still jerking off and he asked her sister to suck him, what she did.


She got her lips around his big hard cock while I licked the hell out of her. She was dripping wet and she tasted so good, she seem to like to suck cock because she was doing it very fast and she took her brother’s cock all the way down her throat. Michael asked her to stop because he was going to cum too quickly; he then said he wanted to suck my cock. I didn’t refuse it and we all took different position. We were all lying on our side, with our face near each other’s sex. Michael was sucking me, I was eating Emily’s pussy and she was throating her brother. All that oral sex was very hot, we got so fucking horny and then we changed roles, I was sucking Michael, he was eating out her sister and the delicious Emily was sucking my raging hard cock.


She started by licking the top of my shaft, and then her soft lips went down slowly on my cock swallowing every inches of it. She was deep throating me like a goddess, I was sucking Michael’s cock even more and I was fingering his nice, shaved and tight asshole.

Suddenly, Emily said: “I can’t wait any longer guys! Please fuck me, Fuck me real hard!” We wasted no time answering her request, she was laying there on the floor, fingering her nice and juicy pussy, and I never saw something as beautiful as that, I wanted to fuck her so badly. I positioned myself on top of her as Michael was kneeling beside her, near her face. I putted my cock inside Emily’s pussy, it felt so fucking good, she started to moan instantly as I was getting deeper and deeper in her, she was sucking on Michael’s cock like never before.

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   Michael was fingering my ass like he knew what I wanted to do after.


I rammed my cousin’s pussy like that for about 10 minutes when we changed position, we got in her bedroom and she was on all fours. Then it was Michael’s turn to fuck her sister, seeing such a thing was very special. My cousin that I’ve fucked so many times was going to fuck my favourite female cousin. He pushed his dick up her sister twat and I couldn’t believe it, it was so hot seeing that.

Emily begged me to bring my cock over her, so I did just that, I sat right in front of her so I could see her getting fucked and also see her head going fast down on my dick. All that action and view was totally awesome, then I got surprised by something, Emily was getting her hand down to my ass and she started to finger fuck me while deep throating my shaft. It was feeling so good as I was going to cum, but she then stopped and told me: “ Oh no big boy, don’t cum now I need to be fuck more than that, we are only beginning this!”


Then, she lay on her belly putting a pillow under her crotch to higher her butt. I went beside her and put my cock into her once again, doggy style was even more pleasurable than missionary position. I was fucking her for about a minutes when I felt Michael’s cock near my ass, so I lowered myself to so he would be able to fuck me while I fucked her sister. He pushed his dick inside my now relaxed asshole, and started to fuck me. Our pace was the same when I was getting deeper inside Emily, he was far inside my asshole and it felt so fucking good, I wanted this moment to last forever but, about 5 minutes later, I felt Michael’s cum filling my ass, that feeling make me want to cum now so I said to Emily that I was going to cum, but she said: “Wait! I want to eat your cum so bad! I don’t want to waste it into my pussy!”


 She wasted no time getting on her knees with me in front of her and she swallowed my whole cock. It was all I needed to cum like never before. She was moaning and seemed to love the taste of it because after she swallowed the cum she had in her mouth, she licked what she had on her hands. Then we all fell on her bed, exhausted and sweaty.

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   She then said: “Guys, I hope this won’t be the only time we do this, because I want you to fuck me again…” I looked at Michael and then he looked at me then we said: “Welcome to our sex game, and we hope you’ll like it".


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