My First Bi experience (the long awaited part3)


Topic: I finally found out why Mick seemed more experiencedPart 3.
I arrived at Mick’s as arranged at 7. 30pm, I thought he was out, the house was in darkness, my heart sunk, my cock was ready to explode, my mind was swimming with all the thoughts as to what we would get up to, maybe he had to go out for his dad…
I knocked at the door and waited, Mick said “who is it” I said its me, so he opened the door and let me in, he was stood there completely naked, his cock pointing skyward. As soon as I was in the door he started ripping my clothes off, within seconds I was naked, he knelt down in front of me and licked my cock all over, his tongue was so wet my cock was dripping, as I looked down he was looking up at me with the tip of my cock at his closed lips, he took hold of my hips and slowly slid my cock all the way down his throat until my balls where touching his chin, fuck it felt awesome!, he held it there, then pulled back slightly and then rammed it back in, the end of my cock didn’t leave his throat, he fucked it back and forth with his throat, just as I thought I was going to explode he pulled it out and gasped for air, he told me to bring my clothes and follow him to his room. I picked them up and quickly followed him, my rock hard cock bouncing as I walked up stairs. As soon as we got in his room he knelt down again and took me in his mouth, fuck he was some cock sucker, he sucked and licked my cock for about 20 mins, every time I was about to cum he would stop and squeeze my cock, my head was swimming, I felt so horny, I needed to cum so bad I would have done anything. Then he squeezed my dick really hard and wanked it so slowly, teasing me again, he said I bet you would like to spunk all over me, Ho god yes, I needed it so bad, he said he wanted to tie me up and spunk all over me first, just the vision of that was so hot, I wanted to get so dirty, I would have agreed to anything, Yes I said, tie me up and use me, he led me into his dads room by my cock, I said is it safe, and he assured me his dad wont be home till after 2am. He pushed me on the bed and went for some rope; I laid there with my cock stood straight up, imagining what he was going to do to me.
He came back and secured my arms and legs to the corners of the bed, then he swallowed my cock, fucking it hard with his throat, I couldn’t stand it any longer and as I exploded in his mouth he pulled my cock out and I shot my cum all over my belly. He immediately massaged all my cum into my cock and balls, it felt fantastic. He kept squeezing my cock so hard, it didn’t go soft, he wanked and sucked the cum on my dick, then he said, its my turn, he said he was going to fuck my mouth, he straddled my face and teased me with the tip of his cock, I wanted it in my mouth so bad, he kept pulling it back, finally he slipped it between my hot wet lips and slid it all the way in and down my throat, he paused a second, then pulled it out and slid it back down my throat, he continued fucking my mouth for what seemed like ages, then his breathing quickened, he started banging his cock in my mouth, is balls slapping my chin, just as he was about to cum he pulled out and shot is hot cum all over my face and in my mouth, I was covered with is spunk, all over my face, dribbling down my chin, it was fantastic, I laid there covered in spunk, my cock was still hard  and Mick laid between my legs and licked my cock, I was so horny, he put my knob end in his mouth and sucked hard, moving his head up and down, I was so close to Cumming again, then he got up and disappeared, I wondered where he had gone, he returned with a pair of his 12yr old sisters knickers.
He put them to my face and said smell Lucy’s sweet pussy, I could smell the sweet musky smell, it drove me wild, he left the knickers on my face and returned to sucking me, I didn’t last long, I spunked everywhere, my cock and balls where covered in spunk, Mick took Lucy’s knickers and whipped my cock with them, they where full of my sticky cum.
Mick laid his head on my tummy and slowly wanked my soft cock, I was exusted, I drifted off to sleep.
I don’t know how long I was asleep, but when I awake I got the shock of my life!
Standing there with an angry look on his face was Mick’s dad. Mick was no where to be seen, I just died a million deaths, there I was laid on his bed, tied up, spunk all over my face, neck, chest, and cock, his daughters spunk stained knickers on my cock, I couldn’t talk my way out of this one.
He just stood there, “What the fuck is going on” he said, I said I’m sorry Mr Williams, me and Mick must have got drunk; it was all I could think of.

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  Got fucking drunk, what on, spunk you dirty bastards, he said. I started crying, my life was over, if he told my parents how would I ever be able to look them in the eye. Then he started taking photos with a Polaroid camera, the thought of my parents seeing them was catastrophic. I tried in vain to get loos, he just kept taking photos, getting close ups of my spunk covered face and cock, I pleaded with him to stop and let me go, please don’t tell my parents, Ill do anything! I have £300 in my bank account, Ill give you that, I said, but he just kept clicking away. .
When he had run out of film, he put the camera down and said, well my lad, we can do this two ways. We can call your parents and show them the evidence, please no, I said, Ill do anything, don’t call my parents. Well, the other option is you can become my personal little cock sucker, I was shocked, I had no idea, but anything was better than my parents finding out. Yes I said, Ill suck your cock Mr Williams, ho you will have to do better than that, you will do exactly what I say when I say it, if I want pleasure I expect you to be there and ready for whatever I want, Ill keep these photos in my safe just in case you change your mind, I wont, Ill do whatever you want, just please don’t let anyone see the photos. With that, he went to the small safe in his wardrobe, unlocked it and put the photos in. The sound of it banging closed was like my fate being sealed.
Right then, let’s have some fun he said, he untied my hands and feet, I was so relieved to be free, can I take a shower Mr Williams? No you can’t, he said, I want my little cum slut covered in cum. Now come here and take my trousers off, I went over to him and un-buttoned his trousers, they fell to the ground, I knelt down and took hold of his briefs, I could see his cock straining inside, as I slid them down his cock sprung free, it was massive, about 7 inches, he stepped out of is clothes and moved right up close to me, his cock was touching my face, he took hold of my head, now take it down your throat boy, he said. I took hold of it and slid it into my mouth, as I took it right to the back of my throat and stopped, he forced my head right down onto it, I choked and gagged, you will have to do better than that he said. He started sliding it in, back and forth, going a little deeper each time, I relaxed my throat, he rammed his cock all the way in, it filled my throat, then he pulled out, That’s better he said, all the time I was sucking hard.

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  He would slide it in 3 or 4 times, then right down my throat, then he would push it down my throat ever other time, until he was sliding it right down my throat every time, he now had hold of my head firmly and was fucking my throat, every thrust went all the way down. He fucked my throat for what seemed like hours, fucking me slow and hard, then every so often he would slow right down and just slide the tip in and out, then he would start again. Then he started fucking me harder and faster, he had his hands at the back of my head and rammed it in so hard, it seemed to go even deeper, then his legs started shaking, he slowed is thrusts, and as he rammed it in the final time, he held it there as he exploded down my throat, I could feel his cock pumping gush after gush of hot spunk down my throat, just as I thought I would pass out, he pulled me off his cock, as his cock came out of my throat it brought with it what seemed like gallons of spunk, I tried to swallow it all, but it run from the corners of my mouth and dripped on to my own hard cock.
Fuck I enjoyed that he said, not bad for a first attempt, you will make a good little cock sucker.
Lay on the bed he said, its time to show you what real pleasure is. I did as I was told and he came over and started licking my cock, his tongue was so hot, he was an expert, he licked up and down my shaft making my cock twitch, then he would lick it right to top and just take the head of my cock into his mouth and suck hard, it was amazing, then he gripped my hips and took me in his mouth, all the time he was sucking me his tong was swirling round the head of my cock, it was heaven. Every time I was about to cum he would slow right down and just lick the head, then he would start again, my cock was so fucking hard, it had never been so hard, I ached to cum. Finally after about 45 minutes (and I mean 45 minutes) he took the head of my cock down his throat and kept it there, just moving his head up and down, my cock never leaving his throat, I couldn’t take it any longer my whole body was shaking, I exploded down his throat, my hips bucking in spasms as I shot load after load of spunk down his eager throat. As my orgasm subsided I lay there totally spent, it was the best orgasm of my life, but I was fucked, my whole body felt like jelly. He lit us both a cigarette and lay at side of me on his bed. Did you enjoy that he said, it was fantastic I said. Then he said, I meant what I said earlier, I expect you to do what ever I tell you, and if you tell anyone about this, Ill send your parents the photos and Ill send some round school so they all know what a good little cock sucker you are. Please no, I said, I will do as I’m told, and no one will ever know. Good lad he said.
Now I few ground rules he said, when ever you’re here, if Lucy is out I expect you and Mick to be totally naked, you will help Mick with his chores, that way you are both done sooner so we have more time for fun.

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  When Lucy is home, you will behave as normal, but you will still help Mick with his chores. I agreed of course. You best get off to bed, its 5am, in the morning I want you and Mick to make me breakfast in bed, served naked, Lucy wont be home till tea time, she is staying at her friends, but lock the front door just to be safe he said.
Well, there it his! That’s why Mick was so good, he had been taught by a professional, his dad.
As usual your comments and feedback are welcome, if enough people are interested Ill tell you what happened the following morning.