Getting to be friends - part II


Suddenly there I was laying there with this absolutely huge erection, so stiff that it was giving me a cherry, as the mushrooming tip became shiny smooth and a purple-tinged shade of crimson. Ron's erection was no less pronouced, pushing rigidly up over his stomach. We both blushed over our unintentional arousal. Yet, having an erection right then just seemed to naturally compliment the emotional intimacy which we had been sharing, and as shy as we might have been, it was great letting our feelings show like that with one another in such an obvious way.
Neither of us knew exactly what to do. We just continued to lay there exhibiting ourselves, our initial embarrassment passing, and the two of us being sort of admiring of each other's development. Not the kind of thing that you usually get to do with another guy. There was a teasing excitement about it, but also the moment seemed so incredibly romantic. The two of us just laying there having an erection together, sharing that masculine response. In a non-reproductive way, providing us with a pleasurable form of communication. That was something we were both intrigued by.
We talked a little bit about how it was silly to have to feel all embarrassed about it, especially since we both had one. Admitting how good it felt. . . uniquely good having it had with another guy.

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   Agreeably curious, we cautiously felt each other's. It was interesting to be holding a hard penis that was not my own, and to feel so relaxed about having another guy holding and feeling mine. I liked being able to feel the large, firm, curving male-shape of Ron's erection. He liked that, too. We laid there just calmly feeling each other, allowing ourselves the luxury of having this all-male moment. It was a refreshing change not having to worry about looking gay because we found that enjoyable, and I have to admit that it provided a marvelous sense of male-identity in a way that was independent of female-influence.
Being quite casually about it, Ron and I both admitted that we liked that aspect of it. Even how pleasurable it felt to be having a boner together, as friends and just as two guys. Again, there was that inviting sense of romance that was just naturally a part of it. Romance that need not be gender-specific, but just inviting to be indulgent of. Because it seemed like the thing to do, as Ron and I laid there holding each other's erection, we slowly leaned forward to let our slightly parted lips touch. There was nothing awkward about doing that. In fact, juts the idea that we were kissing another boy, made it wonderful to do. We kissed a few more times, letting it be slightly wet and sloppy. Ron's lips felt so smooth against mine, and I became aware of the urge that it was causing to grow within my stiff penis.

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  An urge he was quickly feeling, too. As we drew back to take a breath, he said something about how we should both come. We kissed again, our hands working up and down each other's boner. Then Ron ejaculated and ejaculated, too. We pulled back, each of us gasping and tensing, as our semen came squirting out in repeated pulses and we weted one another with our creamy male-liquid.
The moment was unbelievably intense, and there was this complete abandonment in the thought that we weren't going to get each other pregnant. That we could just let it happen together. It was unbelievably fulfilling.
It took us several long moments to recover from that.
We laid there until we both gave a deeply satisfied sigh. Then we grinned, looking slightly modest over our shared wetness. Ron produced some tissue from the pocket of his jeans, and we cleaned up. There was nothing disgusting about it, as we might have imagined. Instead, it was pretty cool to share our sperm like that. It was great having this moment of physical expression as friends.

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   What was amazing to both of us, was how easy and satisfying it was, and to discover that guys could have feelings that were quite apart from those they had for girls, and that it had nothing to do with being gay. That was wonderful.
The rest of that summer, Ron and I shared a whole lot more moments of pleasurable intimacy. It was great becoming friends.