The Backstage Incident


All through high school I was involved with my school’s drama department. And the kid’s in our school’s drama department were sort of notorious for having sex and fooling around backstage during plays, during practice, or during any point in the school day really. I’m no exception to that little perversion. I’ve gotten blowjobs behind the curtains, fucked girls in the costume loft, and fingered the makeup girl while she did my makeup. The best experience I ever had backstage though came during my senior year, during the second play of the year. At our school we always tried to do sort of a new aged play 1st and then a classic play the next, the 3 years prior to that we had done Oedipus the King, The Crucible, and Romeo and Juliet, this year the play was to be the classic Cyrano de Bergerac. I was playing the character Christian who is in love the character Roxane, who was played by this girl named Carmel. Now, while I wasn’t in love with Carmel the same way my character was, I still wanted a piece of her, badly. Carmel was a tall and gorgeous girl. When I say tall, I really mean it. She was 6’1, which is good for me, I’m 6’4. She was tall and trim, she wasn’t a toothpick she carried around quite the ass and strong thighs, and they definitely weren’t fat. Her waist was very thin and her tits were actually relatively small considering the rest of her. She had a very pretty face, with shoulder length wavy brown hair.  
She was the sort of girl that I loved to flirt with, I could get dirty with her and she would play along, and I could always tell when she wasn’t playing. I wanted to fuck Carmel badly, and I knew she wanted to fuck me too.

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   I had heard she was a pretty dirty girl, and that she masturbated chronically because she was so horny, I wanted to give her a solution to that problem.  
During the final week of dress rehearsals before we put on the show, I had really stepped up my flirting with her. And that day during practice I was getting handsy, putting my hand all over that big ass and touching her back, and she followed me step for step. We weren’t in full costumes yet, I only had medieval shirt and pair of brown pants on and Carmel was wearing a long, heavy skirt with a somewhat renaissance looking top on, she looked hot even though she was totally covered up. And it was a few scenes in that I decided to make my move.  
She and I were both going to be off stage for awhile, while another character gave a monologue about the two of us. She and I were standing alone watching the scene behind a curtain where no one else was. I decided to make my move quickly and quietly. While she watched the scene I came up behind her, placing my hands on her waist I pulled her closer to me and pushed her hair to the side so I could kiss her neck. She put her hands on top of mine and seem not care at all that I was kissing her ear. In fact, she told me exactly what she wanted.  
“Kiss my ear. ” So, I nibbled along her ear, then kissing the very back part of her neck, then back to her ears. She was moaning a little and I started to get hard. As soon as I knew I had a hard I pulled her closer to me.

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   Then with my hard cock against her ass, I kept kissing at her ear, and started to rub her pussy through her skirt.  
“Are you sure we can do this here?” She asked.  
“Oh, yeah we’ll be fine. I’m not done yet. ” I told her.  
I started using one hand to massage her pussy through her skirt and I then took my other hand up her shirt, and much to my surprise found her little tits uncovered.  
“Oh, no bra?” I asked her between planting kisses on her neck. She only laughed in return and began to massage her nipples in time with the treatment I was giving her cunt. I started to get more liberal with the work on her pussy and tried to pull her panties to the side, over her skirt. I started to feel how wet she was getting and my cock got harder and harder against her big ass. I was too turned on to wait any longer at this point. I took my hand off her breast and used it to pull down my pants and boxers, exposing my cock. Then, I used it to lift up her skirt. She had on a pair of full bottom, baby blue panties that shaped her big ass perfectly. There was still a little ass that couldn’t quite fit all the way in them, and it was beautiful.

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“Look at this ass. ” I said.  
“You want it, don’t you?” She asked.  
“Oh, of course, let me see it” 
She then reached back and pulled down her own panties to about her knees. I started caressing her perfect, smooth ass. “Beautiful,” I told her. “Now, bend over more and let me see that pussy. ” She bent her knees and her head went down a bit pushing her ass toward me. I could barely see her pussy, but any sight of it was enough. I spread her cheeks and ran my hand up her bare cunt and asshole. I asked her if she was ready and she only replied with a little head nod. So, I spit into my hand and lubed up my cock as best I could and started pushing it into her wet, horny pussy. She tried to suppress her moans as all 7 inches slid into her deeper and deeper. She let out what seemed like a whimper when I finally penetrated her as deeply as I could. She told me to go slow and I did just that.

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   I made her feel every inch of me as I held on firmly to her hips and rocked my hips into her softly, like a boat beating against a dock. I ran my hands up her back to bend her over further, and I started to thrust harder. My cock pushed the boundaries of the walls of her cunt and ran along her clit with every push. She held onto the stage curtains in front of her with one hand and even brought her other hand back to spread her ass.  
“Oh, god. Oh, my god. ” She said. I squeezed tightly on her ass as I picked up speed again. I started to knock into her hard enough that my balls started to swing forward and hit her clit. She didn’t fail to mention this to me, word for word. Every so often her knees would buckle, which every time earned her a harder and harder smack across her big, tall ass. I reached my hand forward on her chest and pulled her into me, so that her ear was close to my mouth. I continued to hump her gently as I asked her, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” 
“Oh, no. Never,” she said.  
“Want to try it?” She waited a minute before she responded.

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   “Yeah, I do. ” 
So, I returned my hand to her back and pushed her forward. Her ass pushed toward me again, and my cock lined up directly with her asscheeks, it rested perfectly against her pussy and asshole as I squeezed her cheeks together and spanked them. Her ass was getting red from all of this attention, it wasn’t half the attention her cute little asshole was about to get. I sucked my finger to lube it up some and I worked it up her ass. She trembled as I did this and let out another one of her little whimpers.  
“You like it, don’t you?” I asked.  
“Mhm. ” 
So, following this I spit out twice more. Once, onto my hands to rub into her asshole and the other to again lubricate my hard cock. And then I started for her ass. It gave much more resistance than her pussy, but the friction made it even sexier. She still held her hands back to spread her cheeks for me, and she made no effort to suppress her moan as I pushed deeper into her ass. My cock buried into her and she had already begun buckling at the knees. She used her free hand to play with her pussy and steadily rocked my hips and cock toward her nice ass.


   I pumped and pumped and we were now singing in a harmony of pleasure. Our moans matched one another as we both seemed to be pumping toward our brims. I knew she liked it rough, so I continued to spank her and squeezed her ass as I tore it apart. She plunged her pussy and was breathing deeper than the ocean.  
“I’m going to cum in your ass. ” 
“Do it, fucking do it,” she encouraged me. So, I turned up the speed significantly as I rammed into her ass, she started to shriek. “Shhh, shhh. Here it comes. ” 
And my load erupted into her like I had struck oil. We instantly fell to our knees together as I continued to let out drops into her ass. She turned her head around to me and we began to kiss as my now limp cock fell out of her, uncorking her cum-filled champagne glass of an ass. Drops of my cum fell out of her onto the floor as she worked the last bits of her own cum out of her pussy.  
“We should try this again sometime. Somewhere where I can be loud.

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  ” She giggled as she said the last bit.  
“Oh, anytime. ” I told her.  
It was only seconds later that we needed to be dressed and on stage. Our little episode backstage definitely helped our chemistry on stage, we later realized.  

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