Rachel's punishment


Rachel walked in and sat down in front of a wooden desk. A sexy blond in her thirty’s sat behind the desk. She didn’t look up when Rachel entered the room she just continued to read out of her folder. There was a moment of silence before Rachel, a young slender red head of 18, asked” So you wanted to see me Miss. Tailor?” “Yes” was her simple reply. Rachel was about to speak again when Miss. Tailor continued. “Before you ask I think is it obvious why you are here. You have been quite the trouble maker at my school and your last stunt has pushed me too far…” Hearing this Rachel smiled remembering how she had gotten into a fight with another who had made fun of Rachel somewhat small barest in the shower. In retaliation Rachel had managed to sneak-up behind this girl in a busy hallway between classes and pull down both her shorts and panties exposing her hairy pussy to everyone in the hall way. Rachel continued to smile as Miss. Tailor continued her speech. “…The time has come for a change because this behavior of your can’t continue. So, I’m left with a choice. I can punish you again or expel you from this school. What do you think?” Rachel shook her head and replied “Just send me to detention like you always do and.

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  . . ” “That’s not going to happen this time!” Miss. Tailor cut her off. “This time I have a different sort of punishment in mind for you, one that I’m sure will fix you of your misbehaving acts. ” “Oh, really!?” Rachel exclaimed thinking that Miss. Tailor was just trying to intimidate her. “Yes, but I think it’s only fair that I give you the choice to be expelled in stead of my punishment. So what do you pick?” Rachel sat back in her chair trying to read Miss. Tailor, she had never see Miss. Tailor act this way before however she couldn’t help to think that the “new punishment” was a bluff. Miss. Tailor looked into Rachel eyes as a smile rain across Rachel’s face. “I’ll take this new punishment of yours. ” Rachel said firmly.

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   A grin spread across Miss. Tailor face “I thought you would pick that. Now go to the nurse’s office and see nurse Alyse. She will administrate your punishment and if you’re not their in five minutes when I call down there I will expel you. Close the door on your way out. ” Rachel was very confused by this and was slow to leave the office. The nurse’s office was down the hall and into the next building and as Rachel made her way there her mind was full with confusion on why the nurse would do the punishment and all the outcomes that could come if it. Her mind was still swimming with these thoughts as she opened the door to the nurse’s office. An older man looked up from his small desk and asked “Can I help you?” Rachel replied “I’m her to see nurse Alyse” “For what?” he asked again. “For my punishment?“ Rachel said, not sure if she believed what she had just said. A look of so-your-the-one come on the old mans face and he pick-up the phone and told nurse Alyse that Rachel was here and then set it back down. In a few seconds Alyse, a attractive twenty-three year old brunette with large breast, cam walking down the hallway. “Are you Rachel?” she asked “Yes” Rachel replied. “Come with me” she stated and led Rachel back into the hallway. Rachel had been to the nurse’s office before but she had never as far back into the office as Alyse was leading her.

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   Alyse stopped at a door and opened in for Rachel to enter. “This room” was all she said. Rachel entered the room to find it smaller then she had imagined it. At the other end of the room was another door and a carbonate was on her right and on her left was a doctors exam table but it had handcuffs attached to chains that went under the table at one end and a knee pad at the other. Nurse Alyse followed her in and locked the door. Rachel just looked at the table as Alyse push past her and went to the carbonate. She took out a needle and a bottle of solution. She filled the needle and set it on the carbonate then turned to Rachel. “This is how this is going to work. You do as I say when I say it and your punishment will be over without a headache. However if you give me any problems I’ll inject you with this needle that will relax your body allowing me to do what I need to do to you with out you putting up a fight, however when it wares off you’ll have a server headache. Do you understand?” Rachel knowing she would not like to be stuck with that needle said “Yes” to nurse Alyes’ question. “Good…” Alyse stated “…now remove you shoes, shire and bra. ” Rachel looked at her and said “Are you serious?” Alyse picked up the needle and said “Yes, now do it. ” Rachel without hesitation kicked off her flip-flops, unbuttoned her shire and undid her bra letting it fall to the ground.

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   Her nipples got hard in the open air and Rachel was left standing in her skirt. Alyse moved over to the table “clime on the table and put your knees under your body on this pad” Rachel did as she was told and watched as Alyse opened the handcuffs and putting first her left hand then her right into the cuffs and locked them. “Lean forward and put your arms out. ” Alyse demanded. Rachel did as she was told with out hesitation. Alyse then reached under the table and pulled the chins tight and locked them in place leaving Rachel unable to mover her arms and legs with her butt sticking up in the air. Alyse went back to the table and set down the needle and came back behind Rachel, Alyse pushed Rachel’s skirt up show her white panties and using the scissors cut off the panties exposing Rachel’s soft pussy lips and opened anus. “What are you doing?” Rachel demanded. Alyse ignored her by saying “before I begin I want to tell you that this will be very painful and disgusting to you and I hope that when it’s over you will never want to see this room again!” Rachel was now completely afraid and didn’t speak as Alyse rubbed circles around Rachel’s anus with her finger. Rachel felt a few drops of moisture land on her asshole as Alyse rubbed them in. Then Alyse pushed one of her finger into her ass, Alyse slid her finger in and out of Rachel’s ass and after a few strokes pushed another finger in. Rachel was starting to find this painful. Alyse quicken her pace and then forced another finger into her all. “Oh that hurts!” Rachel moaned. “It’s going to hurt.

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  ” Alyse said after she forced her fourth finger in Rachel’s ass. Rachel moaned with each inward thrust. Alyse spreads open her finger in Rachel’s ass to open the walls of her anus. With this the pain was too great to speak and Rachel could only moan in pain. Alyse removed her fingers and said “Now for the dido” she walked over to the carbonate and returned with a thick short vibrator, a long white dido and a huge big black dido. Alyse lubed up the white dido and pushed the head into Rachel ass. Alyse with one hand full at a time pushed it into Rachel. Rachel felt at this dido filled her ass and slid into her body on inch at a time. The head hit a wall but Alyse pushed up a part of Rachel’s stomach giving more room to slide the white dido in. Rachel was amazed on how far in this dido was, it fell like it was beyond her belly button. Rachel then felt as Alyse’s hand agents her ass holding the end of this dido. “This is going to hurt a lot” Alyse said and with that she pulled the dido quickly out of Rachel’s ass. Rachel screamed as the dido cam rippling out her body. Her ass was on fire and the dido left a gaping hole. Alyse then pushed the vibrator into her ass and turned it on.

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   Rachel moaned in pain as Alyse pushed it in and out of Rachel’s ass with three fingers. Long drops of liquid poured from Rachel’s pussy but Alyse ignored it to focus on her anus. Alyse remove the vibrator and lubed up the huge black dido. “This will spread your ass wide” only the head of this huge dido could fit in Rachel’s gaping asshole. With one hand Alyse guided it in and with the other she carefully pounded it in. with each pond of the hand on the end if the black dido Rachel let out a painful moan “Oh god, it hurts so much! Your splitting me in fucking two! Please stop, I can’t any more, oh fuck…” “It’s almost in” was Alyse’s reply, not stopping the pounding until the black dido was entirely in Rachel’s ass. Once in Alyse twisted the monster back and forth, Rachel could only moan in pain. “Are you enjoying this dido?” Alyse asked. Rachel couldn’t answer. “Answer me or I’ll use the needle. ” Rachel was so overwhelmed with pain that she could get out “it hurts!” “Good, now I’m going to remove it. ” In one motion Alyse pulled the dido out of Rachel’s ass, the pain was so great that Rachel couldn’t make a sound. Rachel’s ass was now a huge gaping hole, big enough to put a closed fit in with no resistance. Alyse waited until Rachel’s ass closed again, she then returned the didos and got out a speculum. Alyse then lubed it up and slit it in Rachel’s ass, Rachel hardly noticed it until Alyse opened it.

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   “I’ll be right back” Alyse said and walked into the other room. Rachel could feel the cold air entering her open ass and the cold metal pushing against the wall of her ass. A moment later Alyse returned. “Before I use this I want you to know what this is. ” Alyse lowered a glass cup so Rachel could see it. This normal drinking glass was half full with the milky white substance. “I had asked the football team to ejaculate into this glass, which they did, for your punishment. ” “What are you going to do with it?” Rachel managed to ask. “Well, that’s up to you, either you can drink there cum or I’ll pour this glass into you ass. ” Rachel was shocked at her options and didn’t want to do either. “Pick one now or I’ll decide” Alyse demanded. Rachel was scared Alyse would make her drink it so she said” I’ll take it up the ass. ” “I thought you would pick that one” Alyse said as she went behind Rachel. Alyse put the rim of the glass to the metal speculum and tipped it up as the cum slid forward. Rachel felt as the warm cum rolled into her ass as it filled her ass up.

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   “That’s all of it, now for the fisting” Alyse said as she closed and removed the speculum. Rachel could feel a few drop of cum escape he ass as Alyse force four fingers into awaiting asshole. Alyse pushed her hand in, slide the thumb in as Rachel’s ass swallowed her whole hand. Rachel held her breath trying to bare the pain of having a whole hand inserted into her ass. Alyse’s could feet the cum that filled Rachel’s ass, as Rachel felt Alyes’s hand move and flex inside her ass, this broke the silence as Rachel screamed and begged for Alyse to stop. “Oh fuck that hurts, please stop, please. I can’t take anymore, oh god please stop!!” Rachel screamed. “Are you going to behave in school?” Alyse calmly asked. “Yes, yes oh god, yes, just stop please!” Rachel moaned in pain. “Do you want to come back to this room again?” Alyse again calmly asked. “No, never!” was all Rachel could say. “Because if you act up again you’ll be right here on this table again and I won’t show you any mercy. Do understand?” Alyse asked as she continued to move her hand around in Rachel’s ass. A simply “yes” was all Rachel said. “Do you promise to do as a teacher asks you to?” Alyse firmly asked.

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   “Yes, I will” Rachel moaned. “Then prove it to me now and your punishment will be over” Alyse stated and removed her hand, it was covered with the cum and with Rachel’s ass juices as well as the lube she used. Alyse walked to the front of Rachel and stock her fingers in front of Rachel’s mouth. “This hand was just in your ass, suck my fingers clean, swallow whatever is on them and your punishment will be over” Alyse said calmly. Rachel could smell the stench of the cum and horrible smell of her ass juices and if she wasn’t in so much pain she would have thrown up at the smell of it, however she didn’t care what it took as long as her punishment would be over. Rachel opened her mouth, “That’s a good girl” Alyse said as she slid her fingers into Rachel’s mouth. The taste was unbearable as Rachel’s tong wrapped around each finger, she gage a few time at the smell and taste of Alyes’s fingers. Rachel forced down the cum and ass juice and with a painful swallow cleaned Alyes’s fingers. “Very good” Alyse said as she heard Rachel swallow. Alyse reached down and unlocked the chins, unlocked the wrist cuffs and helped Rachel to her feet. Rachel felt sick to her stomach and could hardly stand up, her ass burned in pain and she was on the verge of crying. “I hope I never will have to do this to you again and I won’t as long as you behave. ” Alyse said as she helped put Rachel’s bra and shirt on her. Rachel didn’t say anything. Once Rachel was dressed Alyse said” now go to class and behave yourself.


  ” Alyse opened the door and Rachel walked out, with each step Rachel felt her sore ass and the sick feeling in her stomach, and left the nurse office and moved out into the hall. She thought about what had just happened and what she had just done, she made a promise to herself that she would never misbehave again as she walked to her next class. However, old habits are her to break.