Pleasuring Zoke


Some time ago I had the opportunity to get to know a young woman who I’ll call Zoke.   I met her through a former lover – a divorced woman who, once upon a time, I had pleasured when she really needed it and now she was steering someone else may way. (If that isn’t a good reason to stay on good terms for former lovers; I don’t know what is. ) Zoke was in her early twenties, tall and thin, with an hourglass figure with B-cup breasts sporting very large, prominent nipples which poked large impressions in the peach, summer weight, sweater she was wearing when we met setting off to perfection her lovely dark, almost sold black skin.   Even though I only occasionally take a lover outside of my normal partner, I must confess in her case I was very interested from the start, in no small part, because I’d never made love to a black woman before and I’d never met a more beautiful woman or seen more alluring nipples.  
As we talked I learned that Zoke had only had three lovers in her life counting her father’s business partner who took her virginity at age thirteen.   He had been a surprisingly kind and skilled lover, even though he was three times her age and their repeated sexual encounters over the next few years had taught Zoke the basics of sex and had yielded her first orgasms with a partner rather than just her skilled fingers.   A love, late in high school, had been wonderfully emotional; all the passions of first love, but along with it had come a lover with first time lovemaking skills or the lack thereof. “He just sort of climbed on top and flailed away. ” Was the way she described their encounters.   Finally at college she hookup up with another student and found much to her delight he was quite massive when erect – something she found was more exciting to look at than to be taken by and while she accommodated him without any significant problems and while he filled her up, bringing some pleasures, they were all secondary to his own fulfillment and not something he pursued for her sake.  
She’d been sharing her situation with a friend who happened to be my former lover and she suggested they call me.   Zoke, remembering the good times she had as a girl with an “older man” agreed to the idea.    We met at a local coffee house and it soon came out as we visited that among other things what Zoke most wanted from our time together was for me to teach her how to how to have anal sex, more important, how to enjoy it.   “I tried it in high school, but the guy was so excited her came on my butt after getting just the head in.   The way it was starting to hurt it is just as well.

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    Last fall my boyfriend just shoved his organ partway in and I was is so much pain I not only made him quite, but threw him our for the night.   The bastard didn’t care one iota for my pleasure, just his own kicks.   I know there is something more to my ass than what I’ve had.   The thought turns me on like nothing else and I masturbate every day thinking about it, but I’ve never had someone skilled, teaching me how to enjoy it and Becky, “she said looking shyly at her friend, “says you are the most wonder man at anal sex she’s ever seen.   Claims you fucked her up the ass four times in one night”
“Well,” I responded not sure how to continue thinking it made me sound like a pervert or something.
“Well, nothing!  I want what she got and more – much, much, more, because I want it everywhere else too!”   Then she suddenly looked away suddenly shy as if shocked by her own words and was now embarrassed.  
I told her how to prepare and we set up a date for an upcoming weekend at a hotel out of town where we could both relax without worry that we might run into someone we knew, hence allowing us to relax and be ourselves.   I set up some ground rules for expectations – keep them low key and have fun.   If something exotic happens it will happen best when you are not trying to make it happen.   What about condoms I suggested.   If she desired them this was fine by me, but when she heard I had undergone vasectomy she was delighted.   “All my life I dreamed of a guy cuming inside me and leaving his load there.   Everyone has always used a rubber inside me.   You will be the first to fill everything, my mouth, pussy, and my asshole!”
It was with some trepidation that I prepared for the weekend fearing that an ordinary guy like me couldn’t maintain her interest.   The morning of the big day I shaved my cock and balls smooth to let her enjoy the sensation and sight.

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    Then packing my overnight bag I headed out of town to our meeting sight anticipation being to flow through me because there is nothing I like more than pleasuring a woman, making her climax over and over and taking her farther into her own body’s response than she’s ever gone before.
We agreed to meet in the hotel’s lounge at 4pm.   Although never having been to this particular hotel, it took me a little longer to find it, check in and then find and carefully inspect the bar, spotting her in a dark corner of the place not far from what was obviously a rarely used service entrance near the rear of the bar.   After questioning the desk clerk about how to access the service entrance I found it easily off a hall with vending machines and laundry facilities.   Opening the door quietly I enter the bar worried she might hear me, but the music was so loud she never heard a thing.   She was dressed to kill in an upper-thigh length aqua dress in a gorgeous fabric, probably silk, that plunged low in front and markedly lower in back – so low in fact that I could see just a hint of her smooth, tight and sexy buttocks – certainly enough to conclude she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath that skimpy dress.   I could feel my organ beginning to grow stiff.
The bar was set up in such a way that everyone’s attention was drawn toward the other side of the room where there was both a small stage on which tonight’s band was doing their preliminary setup while the half dozen customers and the bartender clustered under a pair of nearby televisions watching some type of sports contest and screaming commentary to no one in particular.   Zoke looked bored and was sipping what looked to be a Jack and Coke or maybe it was rum.
I slowly walked up behind her and quickly placed my left hand over her mouth while my right slid down the back of her dress and felt her sweet female flesh tighten on her bare buttocks as she stood in surprise and muffled cry of alarm issuing from her covered mouth, but audible only to me.   Her head turned towards me and I replaced my hand with my mouth in a fierce open mouth kiss while my arm bent her towards the bar and my hind on her buttocks traced her crack all the way down to the warmth of her increasingly wet vulva.   My fingers lightly explored her wetness which was coming is in large volumes until my fingers were well coated and then I moved even farther under her pelvis and felt my fingers slip over her erect center of pleasure and a shudder ran through her whole body.   Now I circled my prey varying the pressure from very soft at first to moderately firm when she broke off our kiss and leaning back against me began to quietly moan with each ragged breath.  
With my right hand fully engaged in her sex my left is exploring the firm, warm breasts which pressed against the dress bringing even more urgent noises from her, especially as I begin to focus upon the hard and sensitive nipples gently twisting and pulling them through the thin fabric.   Abandoning her clit for a minute to extend her pleasure I work one then two fingers inside her vagina reach up under her pubic bone and rubbing small, careful circles on her G-spot, her own hand now flying up to cover her mouth as more audible cries were being wrenched from her body, perspiration making the dress cling here and there.

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    Then I pulled my soaked fingers out covered with her creamy mucus and slid my middle finger over her anus and entered her rectum easily my finger moving in and out just twice before running the length of her soaked slit to circle her engorged clit taking her closer and closer to climax and then reversing down her wet opening to the tiny puckered orifice and entered her once more.   On my forth trip back to her clit she exploded into orgasm lying her head and shoulders on the bar as spasm after spasm of pure pleasure rippled though her body in ever expanding waves enhanced by my fingers now buried in her volcano-like pussy helping her ride out the last contractions of sheer sexual ecstasy.  
I took a couple of minutes for Zoke to recover enough to sit up and regain composure.   No one had even noticed us.   I took her arm and led her out of the bar and up the elevator to my room.   We ended up sharing the elevator with three women in business attire who couldn’t help but give Zoke the hairy eyeball.   She looked and there is no other word for it – like a woman who’d just had her brains fucked out and her body emitted the smells of female arousal, which that had to notice although no one had the nerve to say anything they must have all had some interesting fantasies wondering what Zoke had been up to.
Inside the room we kissed once more and Zoke dropped to her knees and freed my cock to take it in her mouth.   Now I am what I consider to be at best an average guy – not overly handsome, but decent.   I stand more than six and half feet tall and top the scale at 250.   My cock as Zoke was working on it was perhaps 7 inches long and hard in her mouth very thick especially near the base and my body very hairy except for my shaved cock and balls. As I look down Zoke is working me in and out stopping occasionally to lick my shaft and suck my balls.   I usually don’t cum fast, but after the exciting show I’d just witnessed in the bar I only took about ten minutes to begin squirting my load of thick white cum down her throat.  
After she’d licked me clean I stood her up and removed the dress exposing her naked body for the first time and I drew in my breath at the sight of her perfect body.   I laid her on the bed and kissed her mouth, her ears and throat then worked my way down her moderately sized, but perfectly shaped breasts her nipples about the size of pencil erasers but twice as long when erect which they always seemed to be.


    Her areolas fascinated me because they were puffy extending upward from her breasts in a large raised cones that were absolutely the sexiest sight I’d ever seen and right then and there while I had always loved all types of female nipples and still do, Zoke made me a convert to puffy nipples as a all time favorite.   Certainly their effect the effect on me was shocking. I was rock hard just a couple minutes after cuming in her mouth.    
I made love to her nipples with my mouth, lips, and tongue for the better part of a half an hour until her moans filled the room and at last, I regretfully moved south to her shaved vulva.   Lifting her leg that was towards me I tilted her slightly away from me giving me access to butt and sweet anal opening and then licked her femaleness from her clit to her ass and back again sucking on her inner labia and repeatedly inserting my tongue in her pussy and anus.   It didn’t take long until she once more exploded into an intense orgasm.
Unwilling to wait longer I climbed atop her and entered her willing vagina and thrust her happily for the next twenty minutes until I began to feel myself building toward orgasm and knew the time had come.   I pulled her legs up to my shoulders and positioned myself at her anal opening then slowly and smoothly pulled into her stopping when my head was fully inside her and then pulled completely out then re-entering with half my shaft.   Then I let her legs down and began to work the rest of my shaft into her yielding opening.   She was pleading for me to be careful, as most women will do at this point.   She was not hurt, but understandably feared getting hurt and there is a difference.   You should never continue if she actually hurts.   I’ve discovered the secret is not to back off here, but to get her dilated and open as soon as possible, before her fears take over and begin tightening her up so I pushed on and in two thrusts I sank the remaining inches inside her and amid her cries of pleasure and fear I could feel my cock balls deep in her hot little anal opening.   Pleasures over whelmed her and she relaxed slightly now getting ass fucked in the missionary position, her body beginning to flow with mine, her pelvis working her clit against my body her voice now screaming out her pleasure at every thrust – her eyes wide and excited.
I was going crazy the sensations of virgin asshole driving me wild as her rectum clung to my swollen organ, her body literally begging me to cum inside her with the pleasures she was providing my cock.


    I expected her to climax soon, every woman I’d ever taken this way had climaxed form anal sex alone and they were all shocked that they could.   I was  just about crossing the point of no return when she screamed out her sensations once more and began contracting around my manhood and in response I began pouring out my liquid gift into her body, enjoying her final spasms and at last collapsing on top of her my cock sinking fully into her asshole bringing a startled gasp from her.   At last I began to grow limp and pulled out gently tucking a towel between her legs to gather the excess love juices.   She cuddled up next to me and said, “Ooh my God, Thomas. That was the most wonderful sex of my life.   Can you get it up again soon and do me some more?”
To be continued…
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