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    My ex and I went out on a saturday night to a very expensive dinner in downtown greektown. After dinner she made me go to her friends house who was having a small house party.   Since i was driving I didn't drink and let her dring with her friends. I didn't know too many people there and was the only sober one. This party sucked to me. My ex was trashed and just kept dancing. Dana had a cute, tight little body. Very small hips and a great tight perky ass. Her boobs were smaller but very nice.
    After a few hours, she could tell i wan't enjoying myself. She cuddled next to me and asked if I wanted to go upstairs to get my dick sucked. I said of course and my cock instantly got excited. As we were walking up the stairs, my ex's friends' mom stopped us and said nobody was allowed in the upstairs bathroom. I was completely dejected. We sat downstairs for a few minutes and I thought my chance for any fun was over.
    Out of nowhere my ex asked if i wanted to go to the car.

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   I said I didn't feel like going outside just to get my cock sucked. SHe then implied that we could do other "stuff. " I jumped at the chance of thing that I was gonna beat her pussy up one more time and ran to my car. I quickly pulled the car up the strret and parked it. We jumped i nthe back and Dana started sucking my 8" cock. she gave a grat blowjob. Took all 8" in her mouth and tickled my balls. She would put my balls in her mouth and beat the shit outta my cock. She quickly got butt ass naked and bent over for me. I assumed I was going to put my hard cock in her tight pink pussy, but Dana had other plans. She told me to fuck her in her tight ass.
    I began to lick her asshole to moisten it up. Slowly I shoved 6" in her 18 years old ass. After she relaxed, I put he whole cock in her. I started to fuck her slow.

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   My cock needed to explode so I pounded her ass and watched her asshole gape open as my balls pounded against her tight wet pussy. After fucking her ass for minutes i blew my hot cum in her ass. I fell back exhausted and feeling good. As i closed my eyes to relax for a minute. I felt Dana start sucking my cock . It suddenly got hard again and she pleaded for my to stick it back in her ass. As my cock grew harder I bent her back over and easily slid my cock in her ass. Her ass  was soaking wet from the cum i just put in there. I pounded her ass harder than before. I slammed my hips into her and bmade her ass cheeks red. Her face would slam into the window everytime and she loved it. It was the roughest anal sex possible, her asshole had little feeling left in it and I had no mercy. Before I could cum Dana said she wanted to taste my cum. We very smoothly slid into a 69 position and I instantly cummed in her mouth while her beautiful gaping asshole dripped cum onto chest.

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