Mary and her Coach


Mary had always been a good athlete and her soccer coach always tried to make her better and better every week.   At fourteen, she was very developed with long lean legs, a curvaceous ass, and very adequate breasts.   Of course, his job was to coach her, not look at her young slim body.


After practice, the girls went off to the showers, and it was not uncommon for him to be in the locker room with them because there had to be an adult present at all times.   They really were so used to him being in there that they were comfortable running around totally naked.   The team consisted of girls from ages twelve to fourteen and looking in the shower, he was always amazed at how much difference there could be in those two years.   All of the girls pussies were either completely shaved or very well trimmed but the biggest difference were their tits.  


Two years ago, when Mary was twelve, she had been flatter than a boy and he thought she would never have any real breasts.   He was glad to be proven wrong though as he looked at her beautiful form and solid perky B-cups proudly protruding in the air.   Coach never made it obvious that he was staring at the girls and they delighted in either flashing him their newly formed tits or pussies every chance they could.


After the showers, Coach asked Mary, “Did you hurt yourself out there today? You look like you are limping a little. ”


“I think it’s a hamstring or something,” Mary replied.


“I don’t want my best player hurt,” he said, “why don’t you stay after for a little bit so I can massage it. ”


She obediently stayed after all of the girls had left.   He pointed to the padded massage table and patted it.


“Come on, jump up,” he said.

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She knew she was staying over so had not even dressed; she only had a white towel covering her young body.   She lay down on her stomach and he started massaging her calves and thighs with baby oil.


“Right there,” Mary said, “my inner thigh.   I think I pulled something. ”


As Coach was rubbing her lean firm thigh, his cock was getting firmer.   “I’m glad she’s not facing me,” he thought, “I don’t want her to see me with a boner!”


“A little higher,” she said.

  He had gone as far as a thigh injury might occur, but he went higher to satisfy Mary.   She pulled the towel out of his way all the way so the bottom of her ass was exposed.   He could clearly see her sweet puckered delicate little asshole.   She might scream, but he went for it; his hand went on her ass cheeks and not only did she not scream, but said, “Why don’t I just take this stupid thing off anyways?  It’s hot in here. ”


She flipped off the towel quickly and now turned face up on the table, revealing her beautiful lithe body.   Her nipples were fully erect and as he looked at the bald slit between her legs, he could tell she was getting wet.  


Without thinking he started rubbing her lovely snatch.   Her clit was hard against his touch and as he put a finger inside her warm insides.   Mary’s cunt juices were now flowing nicely as he spread her pussy lips to show her enlarged clit.

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    Coach bent down and licked her pink cunt lips and clit.    Mary was rubbing her lovely perky tits, getting herself more excited and wet.


Coach’s shorts were so tight that he quickly took them off with his large cock popping straight up in the air.   Mary’s eyes grew large as she saw his enormous tool.   “He must be nine fuckin’ inches!,” she thought.   He saw her eyes widen and went up to her, and said, “you want a taste?”


She nodded leaned over and grabbed his huge cock with her right hand and his big hanging balls with her left.   Her little mouth could barely fit his large rod, but she stretched her lips enough.   Mary could taste his pre-cum and it was salty and delicious.   She licked his hard wood up and down and sucked at his massive balls.


Finally, he took is cock away from her mouth and went to the end of the table where her feet were.

  He took her by the knees and spread her slim tanned legs wide.   The he got up on the table, his cock still proudly standing straight up.   He bent over and pointed his cock at Mary’s tight little twat.


“Have you been fucked before?,” he asked.  


She shyly shook her head “no.

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“Ok, just relax and let me do the work,” he assured her.    But he had no intentions of being gentle or slow with her.   He wanted to pop her virginal cunt hard and pump her over and over again.


Coach pretended to be gentle as he opened up her tender cunt lips with his fingers and guided his enormous rod in for the fuck.   His cock head vanished into her wet soft lips and she moaned a little.   He slowly went deeper until he felt the resistance of her intact hymen against his bulbous head.   He looked into her eyes and then made a violent thrust into her virginal cunt, causing Mary to scream and cry out for mercy.   Her screams just made coach pound her little twat harder and harder.


Realizing her screams were not doing anything, Mary quieted down and just let Coach have his way with her.   His large member felt like it was tearing up her insides with his incessant pounding, but for some reason she was enjoying every minute of it.   After the initial shock of having her cherry popped, she relaxed and even started to have orgasms.   Coach felt her shuttered orgasms and felt proud that he was able to please his prized athlete.


After about ten minutes, Coach felt as if little Mary had had enough and shot his full load deep into her petite body.   He would have to go to the medicine cabinet and get her a “morning after pill. ”  “No big deal,” he thought, “and it was so damn worth it shooting my load into her!”


He pulled out his still throbbing cock from her tight snatch and pulled some of his cum and blood from her popped cherry with it.

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    His and her juices oozed out of her ravaged twat.   “It is a beautiful sight,” Coach thought to himself.   “Nothing better than popped cherry blood and cum!”


He said to Mary, “Ok, hon, how does the thigh injury feel now?”


“What injury?” she replied……. .





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