Double with my Brother


Double with my Brother
My fascination with sex began when I was in the sixth grade. In the gym locker room, I heard some older girls discussing whether or not they shaved their pussies. Being so young, the thought had never occurred to me. I really wanted to know if this was something that all girls did, just like shaving their legs, or was it something strange. In order to find out, I started looking at porn. And of course, most porn stars do shave. But as I continued browsing the internet for shaved vaginas, I soon realized that this was no longer just grooming research, but I was enjoying myself.
By the time I was 16, I had mapped out my families sleep schedule, and found the best time to browse for porn was about 2am, when I would have at least 3 hours until anyone else woke up. I had to time it like this because we only had once Family computer, which was placed in the living room.
About that same time, my 17 year old brother Jim (who was very good looking) had worked a summer job and bought himself a laptop, which he used from his bedroom. There was a period of about 2 weeks when Jim’s best friend Brian was staying with us while his mother was in the hospital, and of course he slept in Jim’s room.
About 2:30 am on a Wednesday morning, I was on my usual routine on the internet, and this particular day I was looking at a website about Double Penetration. Suddenly, I heard the refrigerator door open over in the kitchen. Knowing that you could see the computer from the kitchen doorway, I immediately closed the porn site and pulled up my email and a Social networking site just in case anybody was looking.
I turned to see Brian with a glass of water standing in the doorway. He was about six feet tall, tan skin, dark hair, and wearing nothing but pajama pants.

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   I was wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top, with a robe loosely draped over my shoulders, which I pulled tighter after seeing him. He eyed me suspiciously, saying “Well, you’re up awfully late, or perhaps early depending how you look at it. ” I tried to play it cool, ignoring the moisture which was building in my panties, “Yeah, couldn’t sleep. ” He shrugged and walked back towards the bedrooms.
Shortly after this, I was getting ready to call it a night when an instant message popped up from my brothers screen name. “we know what your doing out there” it said. I replied with a question mark. “mom and dad would be shocked” he said. “oh, not like you don’t do the same thing from your room now!” “too shay” he replied, showing his lack of spelling skills.
Then he sent a link to a website, saying “this one is much better. ” I clicked on it, and my computer screen was filled with a very graphic porn site about double penetration. “ew!” I said, though I continued to stare at the page, still getting more wet.
“Have you ever tried it?” “ha!” I said, “yea right, im still a virgin. ” Followed by a sad face. “Do you want to” he sent with a wink.


   At first I almost laughed at the thought of talking about sex with my brother like this, but then I started to think about it. He was a very attractive guy, tall, blonde hair, green eyes, and very muscular build. Jim and Brian were both on the school football team, and had the bodies to prove it.
I finally decided to shut down the computer and head back to my room to end the night with a visit from my trusty pink vibrator. I decided to stop by the boys room on my way back just to tell them how gross they are, but when I popped my head in the door the room was empty. Confused, I looked down the hallway and saw a soft blue glow issuing from under my own bedroom door. If they were going through my stuff, I was going to have to kill them, no matter how hot they might be!
I threw open my door to see Jim and Brian both sitting on my bed, their backs against the wall, and the laptop on Jim’s lap. Both were shirtless, and both had a rather noticeable bulge in their pajama bottoms. “What the hell?” I demanded of them.
“Took you long enough, geez. ” Jim said casually. “Yeah, you must have been pretty horny” added Brian. “What do you want? Why are you in my room?”
“Well little sister,” Jim began, “we couldn’t help but notice your sadness at being a virgin. Thought we might help you out a bit. ” Thought any normal girl would be grossed out by the thought of her brother saying this, I was intrigued.

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   And while I was still trying to figure out how to respond to this, suddenly Brian was off the bed and closing the door behind me.
I was distracted by his sudden movement and still had no idea what to say. In a way I knew this was supposed to be wrong, but at the same time I wanted it so badly. Brian came closer to me from where he had just closed the door. He gently brushed my hair back behind my shoulders, and I felt him press his body against me as he gently kissed my neck. There was no mistaking that he was rock hard, as I felt him jab against me, bigger that I had imagined him.
Brian slid my robe down off my shoulders and tossed it to the side. His hands felt so strong and warm it was nearly impossible for me to make any protest. Now Jim had set the laptop aside and slid off the bed moving towards me. “I would be stupid not to have noticed how beautiful you are. ” I saw his eyes move down my shapely figure, taking in my C cup breasts, flat stomach, and smooth, toned legs.
He touched my face gently, then moved his hand back to run his fingers through my hair. At the back of my head, he suddenly grabbed a hand full of my hair and forced my face toward his, kissing me hard on the lips. Upon resurfacing, he said “God! I have been wanting to do that since you started buying bras!”
I could tell he expected me to freak out, perhaps try to run, but to his surprise, I wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him back for another kiss, and pressing my body against his. I felt an approving twitch of his wood against me as we kissed deep and hard.

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   We separated, and I lifted my head up as he moved in to my neck, kissing and licking it.
Behind me, I felt Brian press in against me as well. Being several inches taller than me, with my head tilted up he was able to then lock lips with me. I reached back a hand to grab his hair and pull him in for a deeper kiss like Jim had done to me a moment ago. I felt his hands reach around me, and suddenly there were four different hands fondling and squeezing my breasts. I let out a moan as I felt the hands of both these hot, strong guys roving over my body, feeling every inch of me, kissing and squeezing everywhere. If I already thought I was in heaven, I had no idea what was still ahead.
Simultaneously, each boy had grabbed a piece of clothing, and my shorts slid to my ankles at the same time that my shirt was pulled up over my head. I was now completely naked, pressed hard between these two strong, muscular male bodies. It was getting difficult to control myself now, so I suddenly pulled away from them both and took a deep breath. Then, throwing out all negative thoughts, I grasped the waistband of each of their elastic pajama bottoms and pulled them to the floor at once.
I was amazed at the size of both of the rock hard dicks that sprang out of the pajamas. Both were about 8 inches long, though Jims may have been a tad bigger than Brian’s. Being a virgin, I was a little nervous about having such large things enter me, after all, my vibrator was only 5 inches, but at the same time I wanted to have them so badly.
Since I was already at the ground, having just yanked off their pants, Brian positioned me on my knees, and both dicks were shoved towards my face.

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   I opened my mouth, unsure of which I would taste first. Jim then thrust his own forward, saying “My sister, me first!” with a slight laugh. I opened as wide as I could as my brother shoved his dick into my mouth. I closed my lips around it, and tried to use my tongue to play with his head. I could tell I was doing well by his moan of pleasure.
I placed one hand at the base of Jim’s dick to help me better attack it, and Brian seized my free hand and wrapped it around his own dick. For a moment, Brian held his hand tight over mine, holding it to his cock as he moved it up and down, then let go to allow me free control of his cock. For my first sexual encounter, I was doing pretty good, making two men groan in pleasure at the same time.
“Get Up!” Jim ordered me. As I did, he pushed me backwards onto the bed. I was now lying on my back, with my pussy right at the edge of the bed. Instead of fucking me like I thought he would, he instead climbed onto the bed, straddling me. He was on all fours above me, dangling his cock and balls over my face. As I started to lick and suck my brother’s sack, I was surprised by Brian.
At the edge of the bed, Brian had buried his face in my pussy, licking my clit.

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   I let out a loud gasp, almost a scream, and grasped Jim’s hips as the pleasure at my pussy became so great I was going to come. Then Brian slid two fingers gently into my pussy, working them in and out. This sent me over the top, and I moaned loudly as I had my first orgasm that was not self-inflicted.
“Well that was quick” laughed Brian as he licked his lips. “I thought guys were supposed to finish first!” I relaxed myself against the bed, exhausted by the intense pleasure. Jim the smacked his balls against my face before climbing off me. “Now don’t you start thinking you’re done for the night! You have to return the favor!”
I just laid there panting for a moment, looking at them in disbelief, trying to find the strength to sit up and had no idea how I would keep going now.
Without any further warning, Brian was at my pussy again. But instead of a tongue or fingers, he shoved his big hard cock straight in at full force. I felt what people call the “cherry pop” as he plunged all the way in. At this, I did let out a scream. He started pumping in and out of me without mercy, he was ramming in hard and fast.
Off to the side, I see Jim holding a little bottle of something, and he was squirting it onto his cock. Just then I felt Brian’s strong hands wrap around me, pulling me up. And without taking his cock out of me, he was able to lift me off the bed, turn around, and plop back down, so that he was now on his back with me straddling on top.

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   He reached up and grabbed my nipples, tweaking them hard, and using them to pull me forward. All the while he was still fucking me.
I was now laying on his strong chest as I felt Jim’s hands touch my hips from behind. He had climbed onto the bed and was behind me, and I felt his cock smack my now exposed ass. Brian had momentarily stopped his thrusting as Jim moved his cock up and down my crack. I then felt a bit of warm moisture pour over my ass hole, and new it came from the same bottle I had seen a moment ago.
Now the head of Jim’s dick found the tight entrance to my ass and slowly pushed in. I let out a moan as my ass stretched to allow his dick in, it was quite painful, but I didn’t want him to stop. I heard him whisper to me as he pushed it further in “Now isn’t this better than those pictures you look at?”
His cock was pushed all the way in now, and felt like it was right against all my organs. He slid out a bit, and back in. Shortly, my ass seemed to relax a bit, and let him slide more easily. Has Jim gained speed in fucking my ass, Brian resumed fucking my pussy. He was a bit more gentle now, since I had two cocks in me at once. They both started slow, thrusting in unison. I was now moaning and screaming at the same time from the pleasure.

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   It was so good, I had to wonder if they had done this together before with another girl.
As my moans got more intense, Jim seemed to get into the dirty talk more. “Oh, you like that? You like your big brother fucking your ass?” I was breathing so hard it was difficult to answer. “mmmm yesss. Fuck your sister!” Brian seemed to be turned on by this as well, and they both were thrusting as hard as possible now, nearly smashing me between them
Now I was just lost in the pleasure of it all, I yelled out to both of them “Oh Yes Fuck Me! Cum in me!” I could hear them both moaning, and could tell they were both getting close to cumming. “I wanna feel you cum! Yess!”
I felt Brian cum first, he tensed up and pushed himself as deep into my pussy as possible, and I felt a warmth spread in me where his hot come filled me up. This extra feeling sent me into orgasm as well, moaning as I felt myself release. As I collapsed my upper body, my face laying on Brian’s chest, I felt Jim tense up as well and shoot off come down in my ass, ending us with a Triple Orgasm.
Panting, my brother pulled his cock out of my ass and stepped back, allowing me to climb off of Brian and collapse onto the bed next to him. Apparently they had come prepared, as Jim tossed us each a towel to wipe ourselves clean.
I looked at my brother, exhausted, and asked “Why have we never done this before now?” With a laugh, he replied “I didn’t realize you were as horny as me. ” We all laughed for a bit as we sat back catching our breath. “I’m just glad to be included” joked Brian.
And thus my relationship with my brother changed forever. We use to just tolerate each other, not really interacting much, but now we had a secret night time friendship. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   And this was just our first adventure together!