True story of a reply to a craigslist ad, London UK, 2009

True Story

--------- Like all my stories, This story is absolutely true, so names and locations will be changed to protect the people involved --------

In 2009 I replied to a craigslist ad which read "reply, and see nude pictures of my mature wife"
The full ad only mentioned viewing the pictures. . . nothing more, but I like mature women and so I took a chance and sent a polite reply.

Within a few days, Harry had sent me half a dozen pictures and a couple of softcore movies of his wife. She was a very attractive woman - for a 55 yr old - tight body, no fat, nice pert tits (small, so, even with age, they were not floppy) and a neatly trimmed pubic triangle. Harry told me that he had a couple of good hardcore movies, of himself fucking his wife and I could see them if I visited his flat
Harry made it clear that his wife would be out, and would not be aware of this viewing, although she was fully aware of the existence of the photo's and films. He said that he wanted to watch someone wanking over her movies. Harry was bi curious and liked to watch and have a little feel of a cock, but nothing more. Normally this would not have been enough to make me visit but I got a good vibe and Harry had promised further meeting where the wife - Sian - would be present. Apparently Sian and Harry had had a threesome a long time in the past, and she had fantasised about it a few times since.
On the first visit Harry and I had a chat, and found we had a lot in common, we got on really well, and at the end of the evening I had a wank over his homemade film of him fucking Sian, while he keenly admired my cock.

The real story started 3 weeks later. I had already been introduced to Sian as a new business acquaintance and we had started to get socially friendly. This night had been planned by Harry and me, but Sian had no idea of what was to happen.

I came to the flat at 5 pm Saturday, shortly after Sian and Harry had arrived home from shopping.

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   As planned, Harry had bought Sian some new lingerie and underwear.

Sian got me a drink and we started chatting. Harry casually mentioned that Sian had some new underwear and described it - and then asked my opinion.
"Hmm, I couldnt really say, I would have to see it" I said
"OK" said harry. . . . . "Sian go in the bedroom and put it on"
Sian resisted. . . first of all she outright refused but after a lot of persuasion, she finally decided the simplest thing would be to go and put them on and do a quick fashion show.
Obviously put out, and with bad grace, Sian went into the bedroom and came back to the lounge sporting a pretty pair of knickers and a bra.
Harry and I expressed our delight and wonder at this lovely sight, but after only about 20 seconds, Sian wanted to go and get dressed again.
Harry physically barred her way to the door and grabbed her around the body, holding her buttocks.

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   He started to kiss her and she was very flustered, she struggled and refused, pointing out that they couldn't do that while I was in the room.

This was my cue. I went behind Sian and pressed myself against her back. I put my hands around her and pushed my fingers into the front of her briefs, feeling her trim, wiry hair.
Harry was trying to kiss her while she struggled against him. I buried my mouth into the nape of her neck and licked from her shoulder to her ear.

after a few minutes she gave up struggling and went with the flow. Obviously starting to enjoy herself, she pressed her crotch against harry and my hand in her briefs felt the hardness inside his trousers pressing against her.

Harry moved her briefs down her legs and I knew she was up for it as she helped him remove them. At this point I undid the bra from the back and she shrugged out of it while still kissing.

I let them get it on while I quickly removed my clothes and went back behind her, kissing her neck and rubbing my cock against her arse. I put my hand round and used my middle finger to find her clit.

somehow harry turned her round and I started to kiss her while harry got naked.

when we were finally all nude, we kissed groped and stumbled our way to the bedroom
Harry laid on the bed and Sian laid beside him. I knelt and grabbed her legs, moving them apart so I could get into my favourite position, with my mouth exploring her pussy and clit.


Harry moved up the bed until his cock was beside her mouth. He gently touched her face and moved her mouth into position to fuck her mouth.

My cock was feeling left out so I moved over to the other side of her so she only had to turn her head to suck me.

Harry got into position to fuck heras she started to oral my cock and i felt her body moving back and forth as he rammed into her.
After 10 minutes harry had finished and left a cunt full of cum. He went off to clean himself in the bathroom.
Sian turned to me and whispered "I am only doing this for him, you know that dont you?"
I went down and buried my face in her cunt and i felt her legs clench my face. I dont think Sian had ever had a creampie eaten and was used to a cunt full of cum meaning 'end-of-play'
So far Sian had obviously enjoyed herself, but had not cum herself.
As I licked her, I felt her shivering - much more reaction than I had seen from her so far.
I laid her on the bed and slipped a condom on.

As I started to fuck her, I lifted her leg so her cunt was wide open. Harry came back from the bathroom and laid on the bed kissing her mouth.
I fucked and fucked until i felt her muscles tense and almost grab my cock from inside.
I had been holding off for some while, but, as she came, the feeling from her cunt sent me over the edge
and i filled the condom inside her dripping wet pussy.

It's a real shame, but Sian decided that this was going to be a one off, and - to be honest - the thought of harry wanking me off while watching porn is not a great turn on, so we have not contacted each other for 4 or 5 months, But I live in hope of another session fucking that wonderful, mature, scented, sweet, tasty, trimmed hair pussy.

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