A True story of dogging (Dartford Viewpoint, Kent, 2002) - part 3... Unknown black Goddess

True Story

************* Please note. . . . . This is a TRUE STORY, and this depicts the actual events and the actual location. . . . HOWEVER, The local council closed Dartford viewpoint in 2006, so please don't go there expecting dogging action now **************

I guess it would have been July. A hot month. It was a Friday night/Saturday morning and I had been down to Devon for 2 days, working - my job would not pay for a weekend stay, and so I had set out around 11 pm and, by the time I got to Dartford, it was gone 3 am. I thought it was to late to go the viewpoint. . . .

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  but. . . . . ah well, what the heck, it was literally a 2 minute detour from the tunnel, so I headed to the Viewpoint expecting nothing and prepared to simply sit and have a rest before completing the last 20 minutes home.

As I pulled in, I noticed another car there. It was Frank, a fellow dogger and someone I had chatted to in the past, so I got out prepared to pass a few minutes talking. We talked about people we had seen, dogging and work. . . Then, just as we were both about to call it a night, a white VW beetle drove in.

The beetle park close to the hedge, about 10 yards from us and a youngish black girl, about 20 - 25 yrs old, got out.
She looked our way and, in the moonlight I saw she was very beautiful.
Looking at us, quite brazenly.

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   she took her knickers off, and disappeared as she squatted down. we both heard the delightful splash of a full bladder being emptied onto the gravel.
The sound and the spectacle made my cock rock hard straight away.

She stood up and looked our way.
"has either of you two peeping toms got a tissue?"
I went over and offered her one from a fresh packet.
She wiped her pussy and tossed the tissue.
"So, what are you two doing here?" she asked
"just waiting to see what turns up. . . or who turns up" I replied.
"This is a dogging site, isn't it". It was a declaration rather than a question
I smiled "I have heard that goes on here" I said.
"So, what? you just wait around for a couple to start having sex and wank yourselves silly?
"Not always", I smiled as I answered, "Sometimes I have been invited to play along"
"They must get some desperate women here, then, if they want *you* to fuck them"
She seemed to be playing and I didn't feel she was being malicious
"Are you a big boy then? lets have a look" she said. I noticed that Frank had joined us "OK you too" she said to him, "Lets see who's the biggest"
I pulled out my cock and gave it a wank, pulling the foreskin back, to make to look at it's biggest and Frank followed suit.
she look closely at us both then she reached down and had a feel; cock and bollocks too.

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"OK", she said "Not massive but OK. You're both pretty hard. do you get off watching girls piss?"
"It's a very sexy sight", I said
"I've given you a bit of pleasure then, what about me?"
"What do you want", I asked her
"You like piss so much, you can lick my cunt" then she turned to Frank. "You let me watch you wank. I want to see you cum"
I knelt on the gravel avoiding the pool of piss on the floor, and she put one leg onto the car seat, pulling up her dress.
Frank had started to play with his cock and the girl was looking at it intently.
I found her clit with my tongue and lapped and sucked at the little point of flesh. She tasted fantastic, bitter and fragrant; musky and very, very erotic.
After a few minutes Frank shot a jet of sticky cum onto the ground and she pushed my head away and furiously rubbed her clit with her fingers.
I kept me head in place and watched the beautiful sight of a black woman frigging and cumming from 3 or 4 inches away.
I moved closer and tried to lick her pussy again, but she put didn't let me, instead she wiped her pussy and then put her fingers in my mouth.
I sucked them clean and she took another tissue off of me to wipe her hands.
"Thanks boys" she said, as she got into the car. "I'm off"
"Err, I didn't get a chance to cum" I said
She pointed to Frank "Get him to give you a blow job then" and, laughing, she shut the door and drove away.


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