The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 35


Monday morning, Jessica and Mike gave his brother and Lizzy theirguitar lessons over at Lizzy's house. Mike thought he would try to replicate the experiencethat he and Jessica had when they would practice together in her orhis bedroom at the outset of their relationship. Jessica was a moreadvanced player at that point than Lizzy and his brother were now,but he nonetheless told them to learn "The Trooper" that week and beable to play it together. It was going to be a challenge for them tobe sure, but it would be good to really stretch themselves. Jessicawas very much taken with Lizzy's focus, so she thought this exercisewould not just help the communication in the relationship, but froman ensemble standpoint, it would help them understand somewhat theprocess of working in a band while pushing them technically. Jessicaalso worked with Lizzy on polishing her tapping skills.

Once the lessons were over, they all headed to Jessica's. Mike decidedhe wanted to tie Jessica and Lizzy together on their sides facing each  other and with their arms wrapped around one another while explaininghow it was done to his younger brother. He also linked their collarswith a small bit of rope so that Jessica's lips were within only sixinches of Lizzy's. For Lizzy,  she had wanted to be this close toJessica for a while and as soon as Mike was finished with the knots shestarted kissing Jessica,  enjoying the feel of the Asian's little bodyand big tits against hers. Jessica just went with the flow and prettysoon their ardor heated up . Mike's cock was stiff as a board and hedecided to plop himself next to his slave and insert his penis into herpussy. Lizzy continued to aggressively kiss Jessica while she feltJessica's ass being bumped by Mike's pubic bone on each thrust and sheheard her moaning into her mouth. Mike got into a comfortable rhythm ashis dipstick slid in and out of her, Jessica's brain gorging on thesensations of the friction against her vaginal walls and the mutualsoftness and warmth of their young bodies. Mike extended his righthandto manipulate Jessica's right boob and nipple, the back of his fingersalso flicking the nipple of Lizzy's left breast.

They were writhing, twisting, moaning and sighing in a heap of humanity.

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  Jennifer heard the commotion and walked into the room to watch. Mike'spounding of Jessica's dripping cunt had her on the edge of orgasm, herpanting being totally out of control while Lizzy attempted to mufflethem with her mouth. Jennifer stripped and was now masturbating, cuppingher breasts as she diddled her little man in the boat while leaningagainst the wall directly in front of the bed. "Oh shit!" Jessica yelledas Mike's hips flexed and snapped to drive his spear into her asurgently as he could, trying to take his woman to the highest summit ofpleasure possible. When her orgasm had subsided, he returned to a steadyrhythm. Watching this, Mike's brother was hard and desperately wanted arelease. "Mrs. Hamada, can I fuck you?" he asked. "God, would youplease?" Jennifer begged, her own horniness ascending to a fever pitch. Little bro turned her around and had her bend over with her hands on thewall and shoved his cock all the way into her steaming snatch,clutching her hips and going to town on the 46 year old beauty, hisfirst experience with a MILF. "Oh fuck Mrs. Hamada, your pussy feels soamazing," he complimented while she moaned and grunted with each push ofhis thick plunger into her. Now the room was a symphony of lust andpassion, Jessica going off for a second orgasm before Mike finallycouldn't hold it anymore and spooged his semen all over her gratefulpussy. .

Mike pulled out of Jessica and untied the pair.

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   Lizzy immediately wentfor Jessica's pussy and the latter soon was declaring to God her arousalas Lizzy sucked, licked and fingered her sex, lapping Mike's cum intoher mouth as well. Mike's brother was piledriving his member intoJennifer and her moans were increasing in volume and frequency. The roomnow had a strong sex smell to it and had heated up considerablytermperaturewise from all the exercise and ecstasy the participants weregenerating. Jennifer slapped her righthand against the wall as she felther body about to cave to the mounting pleasure inside her. Littlebrother was giving her all she could handle with his hammering of hisflesh spike into her welcoming hole. Jessica had her hands on Lizzy'shead while her clit was becoming more sensitive and hot due to Lizzy'sathletic tongue, the younger girl savoring her senior's taste, smell andthe vocal quality of her sighs. Jessica suddenly let out a chokedscream and then her usual machine gun pants to signal that she wasoverwhelmed by another orgasm, Lizzy continuing to suck on her clit andtrying to make her cum as much as possible. Lizzy just wouldn't quituntil her jaw muscles were sore and eventually worked Jessica up intosix consecutive orgasms before Jessica pushed her off because her clitwas now way too sensitive to withstand any more stimulation of it. Little bro was victimized by the sweet grip of Jennifer's pussy andlaunched half a dozen big sperm rockets into her to finalize theircoupling.

Jennifer romped off to the bathroom to get something to wipe her pussywith. Mike was hard yet again and asked his brother if he could use hisproperty. "If fuckpet is good with it, so am I. However, I also wantpermission to fuck Master Mike's property" he allowed. Mike said yes tothat and so did Jessica. "Come here, Master Mike," Lizzy, whose pussywas now aching for cock, invited.

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   Mike smiled as he embraced Lizzy andkissed and groped her for a few minutes before he pushed her muscularthighs open and cleaved her pink folds with his fuck stick. "OhGodddddd," Lizzy groaned as he buried the entire mass of his cock insideher.

Little bro was now going to get what he had wanted for a long time,though it would take him a few minutes to get it up. He lifted Jessicaup off her bed and took her into Mrs. Hamada's bedroom, depositing heron the mattress, and then jumping in after her. Jessica told him not totouch her clit for the moment, so he concentrated on kissing her andsucking her nipples. "God baby, you've really become a good kisser!" shesighed while her stiff nipples added to the renewed and escalatingarousal.

Jennifer came back into Jessica's room and, with the permission of bothMike and Lizzy, positioned her cum filled twat over Lizzy's face and satjust a hair above it while facing Mike, who watched Jennifer's boobsbounce and sway in front of him as he banged his brother's girlfriend. "Jesus, she's as tight as Jessica is," he thought to himself. Lizzy wasfeeling somewhat high at that  juncture, having finally been able to bewith Jessica and now getting a good hard fucking from her owner'sbrother, whose cock felt exactly like his sibling's.  

Mr. Hamada had left work early saying he was going to take a mentalhealth half day. It was rather incongruous that he walked into his housewith all this going on and he bid all the youngsters a "Hi kids!" Whenhe got to his bedroom to put his suit jacket away and drop off hisbriefcase, he saw Mike's brother porking Jeessica with gusto. He went toJessica's bedroom to see who was there and saw Lizzy. He thus returnedto his own bedroom and asked Mike's brother if he could have some funwith his property.

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   "As long as it's okay with her, Master Carl," hesaluted. Carl took the remainder of his clothes off and circled back toJessica's room, where Mike was lancing her cunt something fierce. Afterkissing his wife, Carl wondered, "Mind if I have next there son?" heinquired. "What do you think fuckpet?" he asked "Okay!" she agreed afterpeeping the girth of Carl's six incher. Mike pulled out and decided hewould just have Jessica suck him after his brother was through with her.

This made Lizzy really feel as if she was being used, which onlyfurthered her submissive tendencies. Carl crawled between her legs andstarted easing his cock into her 16 year old vagina. She felt itstretching her open and she emitted a vociferous moan while her vaginalmuscles attempted to fit themselves around it. "Fuck Master Carl, you'regoing to split me in two!" she groaned. "Don't worry hon, your bodylearns to deal with it," Jennifer advised. He felt the powerful grip ofher swimmer's pussy on his shaft and sighed before revving up his hipsand slow stroking his weapon in and out of her. The friction was intensefor her as she tried to remember to keep licking Jennifer's pussy whileshe was being fucked. After about five minutes, they all worked into asustainable rhythm and it was sounds of growing pleasure all around,Jessica apprising everyone of her orgasm while little bro jackhammeredhis meat into her without let up down the hall. Jennifer was moaninglouder and louder while Lizzy's tongue worked its magic on her as moanscontinued to escape her mouth from Carl rifling his rod into herrepeatedly, her legs bent against his shoulders. Lizzy sucked and dartedher tongue at Jennifer's love button and Carl quickened his penileassault on Lizzy's lovely trimmed gash.

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Back down the hall, Mike's brother had offloaded his sperm into Jessicaand they were laying there talking and cuddling. Lizzy felt the frictionramping up inside of her rapidly and Jennifer was right on theprecipice of dropping into delicious delirium, too. Carl's breathing waslow and intense as his balls gradually tightened up in his groin andhis fat cock now had Lizzy there. Jennifer went off and then Lizzy panted and screamed into Jennifer's jelly roll as the orgasm hit her,succeeded by the sensation of Carl's cum being flushed into her and theretraction of his penis from her. Both Carl and Jennifer dismounted fromLizzy and laid on either side of her to tell her that they loved herand to hug and kiss her.

By that time, Mike had gone to the elder Hamada's bedroom and hadJessica suck his cum out of him, after which everyone gathered back inJessica's sex smell permeated bedroom to touch base, exchange more hugsand kisses, with Jessica, Jennifer and Lizzy  then going to the bathroomto take a shower together and get cleaned up. Of course, they alsospent a fair amount of time in there making out and feeling each otherup and just giggling over dumb girly stuff. They all exited the showerand received permission from their Masters to get dressed. Lizzy wasgoing to have a workout in a couple of hours, so Mike and his littlebrother took her home.

Later on, Jessica ate with Mike's family and then they packed up theirequipment and went to rehearse with their band. With Brujo's Spell, theyhad written 15 new songs, 12 of which wentstraightaway into their updated set while they had questions aboutthestrength of the other three. Adrian also rearranged some of his andhis group'spast material to take into account having a second guitarist in theband, adding more harmony or elaborate guitar sections and reworkingthem somewhat melodically. Mike and Jessica couldn't write completecompositions. Often, when Mike would come up with an appealing riff, hecouldn't decide how to expand on it and Jessica was pretty much inthe same boat. But working with Creighton, they were developing whatthey believed was good songwriting chemistry.

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   since he possessed afertile imagination and often had more vision of how a particularideashould be processed than the 18 year old Mike and Jessica.

When it comes to being commercially successful, it always devolvesdown to the songs. The band's tunes in the past had lackedaccessibility, often being more vehicles for the members to showtheir chops than communicate with an audience. Mike, though,asserted that they could be melodic and digestible to a wideaudience without becoming a crap pop machine like Journey, Toto andtheir ilk. Thus he acted as a check on some of Creighton's moreesoteric tendencies when Brujo's Spell sounded too much like  aSymphony X wannabe. Plus when you have a singer like Travis, youwant to give him material that he can use to relate to the audiencerather than pontificate to them. Mike liked the old days when therewas glamor and real musicianly integrity to rock. There was a lotof what he liked in Europe with bands such as Astral Doors,Nightwish, the Timo Tolkki era Stratovarius, Children of Bodom,Avantasia, Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, Ensefirum and Freedom Call. Theidea that Mike had was a band that could be like a mixture of Yes,Yngwie Malmsteen, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, SymphonyX, Scorpions, 1970's  Michael Schenker era UFO, Europe during theirsecond and third albums and Tesla and possess the old showmanship ofthe great 70's groups. In other words, an outfit that can combinegut bucket blues based hard rock and heavy metal with a classicalinfused sensibility.

They started rehearsals the final week of school and they continuedfor the next three weeks, sometimes lasting as long as six hours. Adrian was getting to an age now where he was going to either beable to make it commercially or think about getting a real job,especially since he was already married. Mike and Jessica were finewith this drive for perfection because it was what they hoped for aswell. Mike wanted to destroy and he was not going to acceptslapdash. Jessica wished to play melodic, soaring songs with searingleads that would touch the hearts of the listeners and still kickass.

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   Adrian was relieved that neither Jessica nor Mike had any realproblems such as drugs or chaos in their personal lives and thatthey were deadly serious about everything they did. Mike alsodiscussed with him the possibility that Jessica, who was going tomajor in pre-med, may have to bail at some point. So they would haveto keep looking out for other guitar players in case she justcouldn't meet her commitments to the group anymore.

At Mike's behest, they hashed out how they were going to marketthemselves. They needed merch to sell, especially t-shirts,which were like walking billboards for any band that would want tocreate a bandwagon effect. It would be especially important to comeup with designs that women would want to wear because, generallyspeaking, the more women who are into your band the more successfulyou'll be. They also didn't  have a logo as such and the band namewas so esoteric, based on a book by Carlos Castaneda, and easy tomispronounce that few would know what to make of it  Moreover,because Adrian and company had been operating under that name forfive years withnot a lot of success, it had become associated with failure andother baggage. Consequently, what Mike aimed to do was, afterenacting the newmoniker, solicit bids from aspiring artists, even high schoolers, tocreate a new logo and t-shirt art work in exchange for a 10% cut ofthe revenue. Hopefully you could find an artist with such a distinctand on message style that the band and the artists would reinforceeach other analogous to  how Roger Dean is associated with Yes orDerek Riggs with Iron Maiden.

They brainstormed a social networking strategy so that someone wouldalways be available to answer inquiries, keep  information about theband flowing and they looked for aspiring rock photographers todo their still camera work.

Adrian thought Mike had made a convincing point with the band  nameand so after going back and forth on different appellations, theysettled on Blazing Mercury. They would subsequently put out the wordabout needing logo, t-shirt and album art designers on their flyerswhen they would begin scheduling gigs, the first of which was in thesecond week of July at a bar in the San Fernando Valley. That placeordinarily wasn't a real live music venue, but the owner would allowbands to come in and play for free if he liked their demo and theybrought their own P. A. and lights.

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   Hey, you gotta start somewhere. If playing shitty bars in Riverside was good enough for Van Halenthen playing similar venues was good enough for what would bepositioned as a new musical outfit that had yet to garner any realfollowing.

The people that Mike had been using to film his band's shows hadgraduated college and so they didn't have anyone to do that for themoment and would have to wait until late August before they couldsolicit willing aspiring music video directors. Essentially, the firstfew shows they were goingto do over the summer break were going to be pretty under the radar. They could have shot it home video style,  but Mike didn't want thenew group's name associated with half assed efforts. If they weregoing to go down in flames they were going to do it in the rightway, as it were.

Tuesday, they went to Lizzy's just before noon for more guitar pedagogy. Lizzy's brother Austin was home and sat in on the lesson. Lizzy was nowteaching him what she knew, but it was tough for him to practice unlessLizzy let him use her guitar, which she usually wouldn't when shewasn't there because she was afraid he would break it. The time flew andbefore they knew it, both of Lizzy's parents had come home. The mom anddad invited Mike, his brother and Jessica to have dinner with them andthe conversation went on for quite a while. At around 8 p. m. , there was areality show that Wendy wanted to watch on, so Jessica, Mike and littlebro all went into Lizzy's room along with Austin. Eventually, it becamethe girls and boys in separate corners, Mike showing Austin more guitarstuff, letting him use his Strat to practice on, and Jessica and Lizzyengaging mostly in girl talk.

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   An hour later, Jessica felt that they wererisking wearing out their welcome and suggested that they leave. Theythanked Lizzy's parents again for dinner and then left.

The parents liked all the guitar stuff because when Austin took aninterest in it, it forced him to talk to his sister more and ask her forhelp instead of them leading more or less separate lives and the usualsibling rivalry coloring their relationship.

Wednesday, Mike had finally planned out what he had on total sensoryoverloading Jessica. After picking Lizzy up and bringing her back toJessica's, he had a conversation with Jennifer about a couple things shewanted her to do for him when he played with her daughter. He commencedthings by loading her naked body up with vibrators in her ass, pussyand on her nipples. Then he sat her upright on her bed and tied herhands behind her back and anchored them as well as her pony tail to theankle ties as well as the eyebolts in the ceiling. He had everyone setupon her, tickling her until she was short of  breath. He turned thevibrators on to full and then  pulled a bondage candle out of his bag. This is a candle made specifically for BDSM play. One should not useordinary candles because they can really burn when the wax is dripped onthe skin. The bondage candles, when used properly, will burn, but justfor a second and won't mark the skin. He lit the candle and started todrip bits of hot wax on to her. Each one made her flinch. Mike had Lizzylick Jessica's ear lobes and the nape of her neck while he continued the candle play.

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She was beginning to moan and Mike stopped the wax drip and extracted alittle finger length vibrator from his bag and applied it to Jessica'sclit. "Lightly run your fingernails on her back and kiss her here andthere" Mike told Lizzy and that is what she did. "Jennifer, run the icecube on her neck and cleavage, he added. That made Jessica squeal andsquirm while the vibrations in her crotch pushed her nearer to orgasm. "Fucktoy isn't allowed to cum without permission. Does fucktoy understand?" Mike interrogated. "Yes Master," Jessica hissed. "OkayJennifer, take the strawberry perfumed panties and rub them in herface," he demanded. Jeniffer shoved them over her daughter's nose likeshe was attempting to chloroform her. Oooooohhhhh God," Jessicawhimpered, as the quivering sex toys exerted  more of their effects onher. Mike pulled away the vibe had was using on her clit and  pouredmore hot candle wax on her. The front of Jessica's body was streaked byred wax. "Jennifer,  get a wooden spoon and spank her with it," Mikecalled. Jennifer ran to the kitchen and found what Mike wanted and whenshe returned, gave Jessica a little wack on the butt with it. "Again,Jennifer,"  he said, as the hot wax built on her chest, stomach andthighs.


   Jessica was now definitely taking the next star ship for subspace, as she was moaning with each drop of wax on her rather thanacting like it burned.

The resonating in her crotch had her right at the edge as she pulled atthe ropes, writhed, panted, gasped and tried to twist her body. "Master,may your little Asian fucktoy cum?" she pleaded. "No fucktoy, not yet. You will  hold back or you will be punished. " Jennifer then gave heranother shot with the spoon while Mike splashed some more wax down herfront. Her face was contorted in agony as she attempted to dam the tideof pleasure that had accumulated inside of her. "Plllleeeaaase Master,let your little Asian fucktoy cum! (panting). " Mike blew the candle outand grabbed the small vibrator and applied it to her clit again. "Oh GodMaster, please let your little Asian fucktoy cum!" she almostshrieked. " "30 more seconds fucktoy," he notified. "29, 28, 27, 26. . . .

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  "he counted off agonizingly slowly. Jessica wanted to orgasm as bad asshe ever had in her life, but she was also feeling drugged from theendorphins from the panoply of stimulus she was receiving, too. "Jennifer, give her another dose of the panties and then wack heragain," he barked. Jessica was just about going crazy, squirming and herteeth gritted as four vibrators bullied her. "3. . . . . . . . . . .

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  . 2. . . . . . . . . . 1. . . .

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  . . . . . . . Okay, fucktoy may cum," hepermitted and like a bursting dam, she came in a rush of gutturalscreams, pants,  gasps and her  face and upper chest became deep red. Mike took the spoon from Jennifer and gave Jessica five swats on the asswith it. "I didn't hear any gratitude fucktoy," he growled. "Thank youMaster," she uttered after she came down a little from the orgasm. "Fucktoy is lucky Master forgot to bring his paddle today," Mike teased. "Next time Master lets you cum what do you say?" Thank you Master. ""Exactly. The next time you fail to show your Master gratitude it willbe ten swats.

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   Do you understand fucktoy?" "Yes Master," She saidbreathily. Mike  looked into her eyes and saw that drunken expression onher face. "Give her some more ice, Jennifer," he commanded. Jessica'smom rubbed the ice all over Jessica's upper body. "Keep stroking herback with your nails for me Lizzy," he further demanded.

The vibrators were still going inside of her. Mike stood on the bed infront of Jessica and roughly forced his cock into her mouth and startedskullfucking her. "That's it you little slut, suck it," he said. Heshoved his dick into her throat and held it there for ten full secondsbefore granting  her a gulp of air and then did it again, causing athick saliva to drool out her mouth and down her chin. "Fuck, you reallyknow how I like my cock sucked, fucktoy. Jesus Christ, nobody givesbetter head than you," he praised in an evil way. "Give her another shotwith the spoon Jennifer. " Jessica squealed as she felt the hard objectcrash into her ass. "Yeah, you love that shit, don't you slut? he asked,gagging her throat again with his tube steak. Then he started poundinghis cock hard into her mouth and throat.

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   "Madte, meh eh cm?' she begged,her request to be allowed to orgasm muffled by his fuck stick.

Mike's brother ordered Lizzy to lay on the side of the bed and spreadher legs and began fucking her, the scene in front of him making him toohorny to just watch now. Mike pulled his cock out of Jessica's mouth. "What did fucktoy say?" he inquired. "Master, may your little Asianfucktoy cum?" she implored, panting. "Not until after you make me cum,fucktoy" Mike stipulated. He jammed his cock between her lips again andcontinued screwing her mouth, his moans sounding almost demonic, moresaliva streaming off of his cock and down the front of her body as itpoured out of her piehole. Jessica struggled mightily to hold backanother flood of surging pleasure while Mike sought to satisfy himselfwith her tongue, lips and throat. His breathing was now a series ofjagged sighs before he compelled her to taste his ropey strings of spermbearing semen. He pulled out of her mouth once the spasms stopped. "Okay fucktoy, cum all you want, " he tolerated. "Thank you Master," shechoked and then the riptide of heat felt like it was going to wrinkleher entire body as it sought avenues to vent itself into.

When the orgasm had been put behind her, he untied her and she fell overon to her stomach in exhaustion. Mike let her lay there for a whileafter he rolled her over on to her back. Meanwhile, his brother eruptedinto Lizzy's tender twat as a catharsis for his own horniness.

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   "Howoften do you do this with Jessica Mike?" Jennifer asked. "Today is afirst for some of the stuff. The candle wax, the spoon, panties and theice, for example," he disclosed. "I wanted to send her so far in subspace that she would visit worlds nobody will ever know about. ".

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