Teasing Gone Too Far...


This will be possibly the last part of the stories of sophie and my teen years. It will also be  the last story we write for a while as I am off surfing for a few days. When i get back if there are enought positive comments i will sit down with sophie and write out more of our fun adventures. Yet again, it is true. I still havent forgiven sophie for what happened that day, and i dont think you would either.



It was another-what would normally be, boring friday at school, halfway through the term. But it was actually a good day - besides more crappy weather, as I was part of the school production crew and was incharge of setting up and mixing sound for the entire show, and it wasn't small. It's is some of the best fun I have at school. It was coming up 7:30am,  school started at 9, but I found it more productive working solo except for the fact that the hall was freezing and the heating was more like air con.

More people showed up as time ticked away. I was busy switching the amp power systems on when I felt my phone vibrate.


08:41 New Text Message from: <3

Morning babe, I'm running really late for school so I won't be able to come see u :(. Alarm clock didn't go off and the only thing that woke up was my dreams giving me an orgasm ;), my tights are absolutely soaked already and Ive only had them on 10 minutes. <3 u



Man was I hard at the though of sophie being forced to sit through lessons with absolutely soaked tights, the thought of her juices seeping out of her.  


There had also been a change of plans because the actors and band weren't ready to begin dress rehearsals, so instead of having the entire cast and crew in the hall, there were only a 4-8 of us. It also meant I didn't have to concentrate so much, meaning I could go back to thinking about Sophie.

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09:38 New Text Message from: <3

omg babe, I can't take today, I cant stop thinking about last nite on skype, Im in english, really really horny,  and totally soaked ;) I hope I can deal with it at recess.  



I can tell you now, don't get a text like this when your up a 3 story scaffold, fixing a speaker. Fuck what she was saying was hot yet again at the thought of her pussy enclosed in her wet tights. I wonder if she was wearing panties?

I began to get back to work fixing the speaker as my phone when crazy again, this time it was a picture. I thought I might fall. The photo was of her pussy, clad in soaked tights, no panties, all wrapped up in the confines of her school skirt. You could just make out her lips, wet and desperately needing attention. However, what was even hotter is that she took the photo while she was in class. My member felt as if it was being strangles by my briefs.


Has anyone ever felt so horny that if they didn't do anything to fix it they might die? Well that's exactly how I felt. I heard the bell go for morning break as I was still stuck fixing the damaged speaker input and at the rate I was going it was going to take a while.



Sophies POV


Fuck, that's about all I could say. It was finally recess so I could go and hide in a toilet cubicle and deal with my slight issue. Ever since a week or so ago I have been horny and I couldn't do a thing about it because the house was undergoing renovation. Now that was going to change.

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I quickly dumped my books in my locker and sped toward the toilets. But I wasn't stupid enough to go to the main ones, I manages to sneak into the girls change rooms near the hockey fields and lock myself In a cubicle in the empty complex. I felt dirty, preparing to cum at school but, it felt so good being so wrong. Anyway what choice do i have?

I quickly raised my skirt with my left hand as my right hand burrowed under my soaked panties and straight onto my clit. I backed up and sat down on the toilet lid. With my free hand, I managed to remove my phone from my skirt and hit the record buttons. As I continued with one hand I quickly positioned my phone on the door frame facing my wet opening. I quickly returned both my hands to continue their work on my soaked area.

With one hand I squeezed and tickled my clit, while my other slowly began to fuck my pussy, one finger at a time. Over the past few months with Brett's guidance, I had become quite the expert at pleasuring myself.

I was in pure extacy as I inserted another finger. I love the wet sloshing noises that my fingers make as the burrow deeper into me. I rapidly move up to 3 fingers in my still tight slit. I could feel my orgasm approaching as I continued away while being recorded on video.

Suddenly I felt the amazing feeling I have quickly become accustomed to.

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   I felt my pussy tighten slightly as I moan even louder. I try to stifle my moans of pure joy as  I pound my fingers harder. I would hate to think what would happen if someone walked in on me, sitting on the toilet lid, skirt up around my waist, shirt closed but with nipples clearly visible, soaked tights around my knees, my head leaning back in exctasy, while one hand manipulates my clit as the other burrows  into my pussy with 3 fingers.

As I continue to moan and grunt, my body responds to every twitch of my fingers. Suddenly I feel a wave of pure pleasure overcome me, my fingers feel my pussy begin to squirt. I slump down. Leaning on my elbows, my fingers buried in my pussy as I cover the door and of course my phone in my sweet love juices. Sadly as quickly as my orgasm arrived, it was gone. I lay there, slumped on the lid, resting in my elbows as I listen to the droplets of my juices land on the floor. I panic as I hear the bell go, signaling the end of morning break. I quickly pull my tights up and my skirt down over the top, realizing it was smart not to wear panties today because they'd just be another layer of wet clothing against my now even more sensitive clit. I clean myself up and take a quick check in the mirror, grab my phone and dash back to my locker and then to class. I arrive at class, late but It didn't matter as we were still waiting to go in. I must have looked out of it because my girlfriend Kattie pulled me over and asked what was wrong, and she clearly didn't believe my dodgy excuse. Just before I entered the class room I quickly texted Brett the video ;)


Anyone ever done something so amazing or seen something so incredible that they just didn't think it was true? Well that was exactly how i felt as I sat there, on the scaffold and watched my baby slowly pleasure herself for 18 minutes while she teased me with provocative smiles.

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I couldn't tolerate it anymore, but what was worse was I was stuck fixing the broken equipment and couldn't sneak off the the bathroom for a quick wank. I was also somewhat angry, yes being horny is a  natural feeling, but texting your boyfriend a video of you getting off knowing that he couldn't do anything, that was just mean, - she is going to be punished.  


11:23 New Text Message from: <3

im assuming u got my last message ;) Fuck it felt soo good to release myself. I'm still horny and i think kattie has noticed ;) I could really use your cock right now!

Message after message kept arriving from Sophie. I began to ignore them, knowing that it would just make the unbearable worse.


Lunch was just fishing and students returning to class as I heard my phone revive a video message.

14:03 New Video Message from: <3  

I knew it was sophie having some more fun at lunch but it didn't prepare me for what was on the screen. The cammera was yet again resting on the doorframe in the cubicle of the change rooms. Sophie was standing there, this time her shirt was hanging open and her sports bra pulled below her beautiful b cups with rock hard nipples clearly visible. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist and her tights were lying on the floor. Unlike last time however, she wasn't alone! I recognized her instantly! It was kattie, her best friend! Kattie was roughly 5'5, lightweight or more like petite build, b cups, very tanned complection, legs that any girl would die for and an ass that attracted everyones look. And there she was, kneeling infront of Sophie, absolutley naked with a clearly wet pussy, begining to lick Sophies slit! Sophie was either too horny to turn down what would clearly be a fun lesbian time, or she was genuinely bisexual. I hoped it was the latter.

I Quickly climbed down the scaffold, sprinted to the toilets, locked myself in and dropped my jeans. (that was the other good thing about production - casual clothes as oposed to school shirt, pants and tie).

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   I resumed the video, i could hear Sophies moans of pleasure as kattie continued to eat her wet cunt. Kattie was a pro, rapidly Sophie was panting and groaning to the expert touch of katties fingers and tongue. Sophie began to scream as kattie withdrew her fingers and plunged her tongue into her wet slippery folds, I could clearly see Sophie begining to cum as her knees buckled and the juice that Katties mouth couldn't catch trickled down her chin and onto her tits.

Sophie made noises but they were not the english language, more the sounds of sex. Sophie slid down the plastic cubicle wall and sat there motionless, panting as she slowly drifted back down from the clouds of ectasy as Kattie folded down the toilet seat and began to position herself face down on the seat, with her legs spread wide. Sophie clearly thought she should return the favour as she moved her head between katies beautiful legs and begin to lick, slightly unsure of what to do.

"Just as i did for you" Kattie purred with pleasure.

Kattie let out a loud groan in respone toSophie slowly inserting her tongue into katties wet and waiting cunt. The sounds of sex quickly filled the air as Sophie had quicly got into the swing and now had 3 fingers burried in Katties cunt.

I contiuned to pump my monster as Kattie began to yell; "fuck babe, right there. . . that feels soo good, keep going. . .

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  . You like this Brett? You like seeing your girl eating another girls cunt out? Aww fuck Babe Im gonna fucking cum!. . . . "

And i did like it.

The sight of kattie squirting into sophies face was too much and i quickly began to feel my balls tingle as i shot my load. The radio clipped to my belt sprang to life suddenly; "all right laddies and gentleman, lunch break is over, back to doing whatever you were before"

The end of the video just showed the girls putting there clothes on, occasionally kissing each other and blowing kisses toward the camera for my benefit. I did however notice, that neither Kattie nor Sophie left the cubicle with either tights or panties on. I quickly cleaned up and returned to the scaffold to finish re-installing the new socket.

14:32 New Text Message from: Brett <3

omg that was so hot! I managed to sneak into the toilets and blow my load. Did it feel as good as with a guy? Being eaten by a girl? Your still comming over 4 the weekend yeah?

14:41 New Text Message from: <3

Yeah babe, ill meet you in the hall after school then we can go to urs ;). It felt amazing being eaten by kattie. Wonder if she'll go a 3sum? ;) I should have put my tights on, It was bad enough walking to class with my juice trickling down my leg but  im having to sit on my jumper cause  i don't wana be sitting in a puddle of cum in class. Katties sitting next to me and also on her jumper.

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   She keeps stroking my inner thigh and occasionally my clit and its really getting me horny.  


The end of school turned up and myself and a few others continue to work for another hour. Sophie eventually shows up. I kiss her and say goodbye to th crew and that I'd be here at 7 on Monday morning.

Sophie and I begin the walk home, but I decided to take the alternate 'senic route' through a series of quiet back streets. We're walking down the foot path as we stop next to what the council call a park but I call a drinking fountain, bench and a wall of trees. I could complain all I want but nonetheless the trees provide perfect noise and sound coverage.

I say to Sophie that I want to show her something I found this morning as I lead her into the trees.  She asks were it is, but I neglect her question as I shove her face up against a wall as I begin to kiss her neck while my hand finds it's way down her shoulder, across her gorgeous warm breasts, down her stomach, down and under her skirt and inside her wet tights to her tight pussy. I instantly slide a finger into her slit forcing a small moan from her. While my right hand fingers her what is a surprisingly tight slit for such a wet girl, my left hand undoes my belt and removes my cock from is fabric torture chamber. With my cock standing straight up, i move up close to her and spin her around, breaking the wonderful sticky bond between her pussy and my fingers. I shove my tongue between her lips as I lift her up, bracing her against the wall as I guide my monster into her slit. I feel her warmth ingulf me as I slide more and more in. I love the sounds emerging from her lips.

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   Her soft moans and her loud groans. I invisigne the intimate image of what  we are doing.

Myself standing there facing a wall, hidden by foliage, while I hold a delicate small girl and brace her against the wall as I fill her pussy with my cock. Sophie is sill clothed, my cock sneaks in and out between her skirt and tights. I feel the warmth of her body and see the pleasure ripple accross her face as she moans. I pump harder and her volume increases. Her arms wrap around me as mine do around her. I now completely support her light weight frame.


I continue to kiss her lips and neck as I bounce her on my cock. She takes one arm and opens her shirt, revealing her pretty breasts to me for the second time today. She manages to supress her bra and expose them completely to me. I feel her hand grab onto mine as she quickly guides It to her breast then holds back onto me. I masage both her breasts as I supress her moans with my tongue. She begins to shake against me, as we continue our fun, she begins to make her signature signs - her distinct moan, the way the deepest part of her pussy contracts and expands rapidly, and then of course the incredible juices that squirt from deep within her.

She moans and screams, I do my best to quieten her but still fear being overheard or interrupted.

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    I feel her juices spread down my balls and shaft as she screams through her orgasms that hit one after another. This proves all too much for me as I finally become satisfied and forfill my days biting desire. I groan in her ear that I am cumming but she's in a land of her own. I slam her down, completely stuffing my cock all the way to the base deep within her. My arms feel like jelly as I grunt and squirt load after load inside her.


I collapse against the wall bringing her down ontop of me. We end up laying with me, legs out straight and back against the wall and Sophie kneeling with one leg either Side of me with my cock still plugging her hole. She has finally returned to earth as I tell her we need to go. She agrees, and twists her upper body, pivoting on my cock.  She stands up and rolls her shirt back down. I rearange myself as we leave our hiding place hidden amongst the trees and ressume the rest of the walk home.  


I notice as we are walking that without my cock blocking her pussy, our juices are beginning to leak from within her. Our mixture i can see slowly emerging from under the bit of rather skimpy fabric protecting her bald pussy and my view of it and slowly running down her tanned thigh. As we continue to walk the quiet abandoned backstreets she slides a finger into her cunt and then remove it, bringing with it a mixture of our juices. She sucks her finger dry then smiles at me with her best naughty little girl grin.


   I don't think there is any man who can resist a young brunett with a very sexy smile and her pussy juices leaking from the corner of her mouth. She imbraces me as   my hands pull her head toward me and kiss her.  


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