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We were both 12 and Marie had walked with me to our house. We lived in a small rural community where everyone practically knew every one else. That year my dad bought a video player. I was excited because it meant I did not have to go to my friend’s house to watch porn. Marie and me had always been friends like forever, even our parents were very close. I don’t know what made that day different but I know I will always remember it. It was a hot summer afternoon and my grandmother had made us some ice tea. She said she had to go to church for her afternoon prayers. What it really meant was she was going to play mahjong with her friends. It would be late when she comes back. So we both threw our bags onto the sofa and plonked down in front of the TV. How shall I describe Marie without being biased? She was beautiful. She had long shoulder length hair, doe eyed and lips that were perfectly shaped. You could say she was an early bloomer as her tits were starting to show. As we sat down she reached down and took her shoes off. This has always been her habit.


   I have always admired how beautiful and perfect her toes were. We were arguing over what to watch on the new video player when she whispered in my ear. “Let me see some of those nude films you and your friends watch. ” Feeling excited was an understatement. I ran all the way up to my room on the second floor and grabbed the tape from my drawer. I whispered back “I’ll let you watch it under one condition” and she had that smug look on her face and said what? I said I want to try out some of the stuff we see on TV. She thought for about a moment and said we’ll see. So I put the tape on and the volume really low, there was no story to this tape it was straight full on sex. A full-length foreplay intro to double penetration. Marie was quiet and she had an intense look on her face. We sat near the Tv on the carpet. As we sat down I sat behind her with a steel hardon. She had no idea what it was except that when she leaned back it sort of poked her in the back. The tape was showing the guy rubbing the girl’s breasts. I slowly placed my hands on her shoulder and worked my hands down her armpit until it rested firmly on both her breasts.

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   I slowly rubbed them and I could feel the texture of Marie’s soft cotton bra her nipples slowly rising from a long dormant slumber. Her heart was beating like a hummingbirds wings. She didn’t take my hands off and she sat a bit straight. My fingers were numb and both of us were totally quite. No words were needed as I slipped my hands down the front of her uniform under her bra. My brain could not process the pleasure or joy that I felt. Never have I felt anything so soft and smooth. Her nipples were small and firm. Marie pulled my hands out but before I could protest her hands went to her back and she deftly took her bra off without taking her uniform off. She whispered that someone might walk in. She turned back to the TV, which was my cue to send my hands on to her breasts again. This time she leaned back and I slowly and languidly massaged her breasts. Her breathing was going faster and for a moment I thought I hurt her. The TV showed the man rubbing and inserting a finger into the girl’s vagina. As my hand slowly traveled to her skirt she did not resist, but when I tried to touch her bare pussy she held my hand back.

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   She said just touch it from the outside. Her cotton undies were thin anyway so it would be like touching the pussy anyway. So I touched and rubbed her vagina for a good 5 minutes. What I noticed was that every time I placed my hand on a certain spot of her pussy she would stiffen her legs and her hands would ball up. I also noticed that the front of her cotton undies was getting very moist. I was thinking then that I’ll rub that spot on her vagina and while she’s enjoying it, I’ll slip my finger accidentally to the side exposing her nice pussy. I started to rub her spot and her legs slowly pulled up and her mouth was open in a small oh, and I could hear a very small whimper every time I hit the spot. She was very wet now, so I slowly moved her panties to one side as I was slowly rubbing her in a circular motion. At first she tried to protest but I concentrated my rubbing on her sweet spot and she just closed her eyes and enjoyed my rubbing.
Part 2 when I have the time…                
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