Sarah Woods Part 2


After Sarah Woods agreed to Joel to be his fuck slut for the rest of the week, they both got into his car and drove to school. On the way they picked up two of Joel’s friends, waiting outside their homes in baggy clothes and a backpack. As they got in, they gave each other puzzled looks before one of them called Mark spoke.
‘What are you doing here?’ He wondered as he looked from her school skirt to the loose shirt revealing her white bra.
‘To bring pleasure. ’
With no hesitation, Sarah pulled down his pants and started stroking his dick until it came erect before she jammed it into her mouth and sucked desperately. But as she was leaning on her elbows and knees, Joel’s other friend, James was looking at her exposed shaved pussy under her skirt. Joining in, he stuck his fingers and tongue and started probing her cunt and licking her clit until her hips bucked before juices came dripping out of her hole. Lapping up the juices, James pulled down his pants and squeezed his cock into her wet pussy lips slowly before slipping in and out of Sarah’s tight vagina. Grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands he started pounded the slut hard as his balls slapped against her crack. Both men were grunting as they filled Sarah up full of their sperm.

As they drove past other motorists, people could only watch in stun emotion as they watched a school girl get fucked by two guys on either end of her. Without meaning to, the men would grab their own dicks as they watched the girl’s pussy get slammed and her moaning echoing out of the car.

After awhile James and Mark would turn Sarah around to have their turn fucking either her face or her cunt. Sarah slurped as she bobbed her head on Jame’s cock until he held her head over his whole 8 inch dick. Her eyes were huge as she nearly chocked on the meat before she pulled off.


   Behind her Mark, took his dick out of Sarah’s pussy and shoved it into her small tight anus. Squealing and struggling, she rubbed her own clit furiously trying to cover pain with pleasure until Mark could finally anal fuck her easily. A minute later, her anus was stretched wide and her mouth was going sore as they pulled and wanked their cum over her face and tits before both ploughing their thick dicks into her mouth. Swallowing their cum, she sucked both cocks at the same time just as they turned into the school parking lot. Covered in cum, they walked through the school halls as people stared at Sarah’s cum stains on her face. She could only smile and imagine what was going to happen at school.

Part 3 coming soon…


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