My Grade A science experiment


My name is Chad it’s my grade 11 year I am 6ft tall lean muscular build short black hair, light brown eyes and a nice tan complexion. Today wasn’t like any other ordinary day I woke up at 8 set the alarm clock off, and LOW and behold I had woken up with a hard on. As my cock glistened in the sunlight from my pre-cum that I had gotten from my dream I didn’t have time to jack off because I was already late for school. As I got to school my mind raced as summer started to heat up, the fashion line for girls all I could see was short ass skirts for the whole hall. It made my cock twitch but I had to keep my head in the game as I already knew I was going to be late if I didn’t switch up my act. Lana this tall blonde with big Double D tits brushed against me as she did every morning.
“Morning Chad ” she smirked.
My cocked ached as I could see right through that mini skirt her thong outline was barely there teasing me I wanted her bad. I swear that whore wanted her morning fuck before class; to bad I was late.
As I brushed her aside brushing her nipple with my hand I made my way to room 690
Chem. with Mr. Anitwone…I couldn’t think of another way to make my brain go back to sleep in the morning.
“Good morning Chad ,” your late again please sit down.
“Fine,” I muttered to myself Mr. Anitwone was partially deaf and almost completely blind but was an awesome freaking chem. Teacher.

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“Alright students if you had forgot as most of you probably have we have a lab today and its worth 20% of your final grade,” he announced, “Everyone partner up please. ”
As I searched around for a partner, Tasha, this hot brunet with green eyes, with a smile and a body that could make any dick hard within one look. She asked if I wanted to be my partner. Her jutting tits and her sexy pouting lips was all I could look at as she looked into my eyes and brushed my leg asking if she wanted to partner up with her.
“HELLLLLL yea,” I said, “let’s get this shit started. ”
Tasha was the girl of any guys dream she had a nice B rack stood 5’6 hips that swayed and an ass that didn’t need any shake of her hips to jiggle. Today she was wearing this crazy halter with no bra and that skirt of hers. Damn…. . came up to her pussy…
“ CHAD yo earth to Chad you home sweetie?” She called
“Uh yea yea I am here. Whatsup?”
“Well can you get the instruments so we can get this lab over and done with?”
“Yeah sure. ”
I went over to the cabinet to get some test tubes a flint torch and some metals and non metals to play around with. As I walked back to our working area she was bent over and I could see the bottom of that fine ass. As I licked my lips I couldn’t help but touch it. She jumped and giggled, “What are you doing silly? We got some much work to do.

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“Yea I know I’m sorry,” I said.
As she started to light the Bunsen burner I could see she had gotten wet from that one touch. MAN that fucking bitch wants it bad if she’s already wet. As Tasha went to work I went to work on my own experiment. I sat there and I could smell pussy in the air. She than suddenly dropped her pen and went to bend over and I got a WHOLE view of HEAVEN, a nice clean shaven pussy. Fuck I got a bulge in my pants and my own chemical reaction was happening. As I sat there, that skirt rid up and I   slipped my hand under her skirt and felt her clit poking through her panties she moaned and asked, “what the fuck are you doing we’re in class. ”
“Why don’t you like it?” I asked. “It helps you concentrate even more in what you want,” as I smirked. I moved my finger in deeper in her pussy and started moving it back and forth. Tasha pushed herself onto my finger and was just rocking back and forth slowly; she made it seem as if she was dancing. Damn she was getting so slick it was no problem to move it around. I pulled out my finger and tasted it oh man it was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. “That’s some grade a pussy,” I thought to myself, “it’s ripe and it time for the picking.

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  ” As I sat there licking my fingers she looked at me.
“Is that all I am going to get? I am doing most of the science lab here, get back to work bitch,” as I slapped her ass. Thank God Mr. Anitwone is blind and deaf or else what other teacher would let you do this shit in class? As she went back to work I took one of the beakers and I lubed it up with her juices and I slowly began to pump it in and out, she went totally mental, she squeaked and everyone turned to look. She said, “Uh excuse me bad hick ups. ”
“Haha rite,” I said to her. She was breathing hard now so I   sped it up a little and she came so hard right than and there she took in all 7 inches of that 2 inch tube, fuck that was nuts. I got so hard in my pants it was heating up in there and I needed some action. The mess I left was bad she was dripping down her legs and she didn’t have anything to clean it up with so I told her to relax as she went back to work I went down on her and started licking from her knee up, “oh shit that’s right bitch,” as she grinded her pussy. I found her clit and bit it hard and once again she came on my face.
“Fuck bitch stop coming I am trying to clean you up and you just keep making a mess. ”
“Sorry,” was all she could say and I went back licking her pussy lips and ducked my tongue in her bunny hole and just flicked like mad and she was just enjoying it grinding her pussy in my face. After I was done I got up and said I had to go to the washroom, I had to fucking come or else I was going to die of frustration. I walked into the washroom and right behind me was Tasha. She said, “oh baby that was so nice,” she than grabbed me and pulled down my pants and started sucking me off.


“FUCKKKKKK BITCH THAT’S RIGHT SUCK ARGHHHHH,” as I fucked her face I pulled her up and went into a stall and pushed her against the wall and started fucking her hard and fast. Another guy came into the stall right next to us; he heard her scream and could feel the hot vibe coming through the stall. I kept on thrusting her harder and faster, hoping no one heard us. As I fucked her, I grabbed her tits licking and sucking her nipples it made her so slick it felt like I was fucking air, really hot warm air. I could feel her cunt muscles hold on to me as she came, I was amazed she took at 9 inches in without any problem. She looked as fucking hot against the wall as I was thrusting into her. Her hair was all over the place and her tits were just flying. Suddenly I heard a girls voice, FUCK it was Lana, “hey Chad is that you in there? Can I join you?” Before I could say yes she was already under the door with her top off.   She came from behind me and started fingering my ass…. . shittttt 3 some in a small tight ass washroom stall …grinding and bumping I lifted Lana upside down and started 69 her as Tasha stood there fingering herself. That was not a site for sore eyes. As we finished up all I managed to say was, “Fuck bitch that was so good hell. ”
“Yeeeaaaahhh…. ” was all she could say as she licked her lips.

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   We made it back in time for class the bell rang and our lab was not even close to finish so we had to stay in for lunch, either way finished or not that was a GRADE A lab