Linda's Cherry is Popped!


I'm writing this story as "Linda" . . . hope you enjoy it !
"When I was 15 years old I started to realize changes in my body . . . pubic hair and my titties beginning to develop.   I knew my dad must have dirty magazines and I started sneaking around to find out.   I was right!  He had a book about sex that showed the "art of lovemaking" complete with pencil drawings. "
I'd lay on my floor of my room naked, the door locked, rubbing my pussy lips and watching how I looked in the mirror as my hips went up and down.   I always wondered what it would be like to have a boy touch me.  
I was 5'3" and weighed about 117 lbs.   I had dark hair and eyes with fair skin.   I never did more than kiss a boy not even using tongues.   Then came John.   John made me want to be touched and want to feel a boy.

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    John was 17 and I loved the way he made me feel.   Fully clothed as he sat on me while I lay on his bed.   Pretending to hump me and telling me "it won't hurt much".   He was the first boy to feel my titties under my bra and to rub me between my legs.  
I would go home after spending time with him dying to rub myself until I couldnt take it anymore.  
I guess all this foreplay with no "after" play had me more nuts than I thought.
Being out with a friend one night we met two "men".   They were at least 25 maybe older.   They wanted some teen fun I guess and I was ready.   I thought.
Me and my friend were invited to their apartment that night.   We went which was surprisingly enough.   We paired up and me and Joe went into his bedroom.   He started to kiss me and layed me on the bed.   It didnt take long to realize I was not ready for a real man.

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I told him I had to go but he had other ideas.   It was then I knew I was in trouble.   He let me leave the bedroom and I went to get my girlfriend.   But the guy she was with told me she had to go.   I was alone in their apartment and feeling very vulnerable.
Joe told me to relax and gave me a drink to settle me.   He made me drink it and I did thinking ok if I listen to him he'll just let me go.   What a mistake.  
"Get undressed", his friend Tom said.   "No!", I cried.   Joe told me if I did what they wanted it would be easier.   After being told to undress again and me not doing so Tom held my arms as Joe unzipped my jeans.   "Please don't", "please don't do this, just let me go".  
They smirked and laughed and stripped me naked.   I was told to climb on top of a table and I did.

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    I stood completely naked for them to view.   "Turn around and bend over so we can see your sweet pussy".
Still believing that they would never hurt me I did as they requested.   I heard zippers being unzipped and breathing getting heavier.   I was layed on a table with my legs in stirrups.   My wrists tied and me laying totally exposed.
It didn't take long for one of them to want a blowjob.   Joe forced his cock into my mouth and demanded I suck.   I sucked as best I could but he kept pushing in furhter.   "Take my cock, bitch", Joe yelled at me.   "If you bite or hurt me in any way you are screwed".   Not very reassuring.
The next two to three hours both Joe and Tom took turns in my mouth pushing their cocks one at a time into my mouth and forcing me to take it.   Allof it.
The doorbell rang and I thought I was saved.

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    It was my girlfriend.   Thank God I thought.   I screamed and she came to me.   It wasn't right though.   She asked if they fucked me yet.
They said no and she said that that was good because she wanted to see "Little Miss Perfect" get her pussy fucked.   I couldn't  believe it.
She was my closest friend and she didnt do anything to stop them.   Instead she had her own agenda.
Gina got undressed and the guys helped her.   She had obviously been with them before.   She stripped down and squatted over my mouth and scremed at me "suck my pussy miss goody two shoes".   I cried for her to please stop.   Please don't do this.
Her pussy began to grind against my mouth.

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    My tears were running down my face and I was sobbing.   "Please Gina stop, don't do this . . . "  She sat down harder and demanded I suck or else . . .
Or else didn't matter much.   My life was over as I knew it and it would never be the same.   While sucking her pussy she played with my clit.   I hated myself beause I was getting excited by all of this and I couldn't be.  
My nipples stiffened and Tom and Joe each took one in their mouth and began to suck and bite.   The more pain that was inflicted on me the more pleasure I felt.
Gina spread my pussy lips and told Tom I was ready.   Joe said he was first because I came there to be with him but ultimately it was Tom that took my virginity.

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He thrust his cock all 9 inches into my pussy making me scream.   I hated what was happening but I also knew that I was getting turned on and I was close to cumming.
Gina climbed off my mouth and kissed me deeply.   I didnt know if I should or shouldn't respond.   I wanted more I wanted a cock or a pussy or both.
The next while they all took their turns on me.   Sucking my titties, my pussy and making me suck on Gina's pussy and lick her titties.  
That summer I spent my days as their sex slave.   The naive teen I no longer was.   I was a slut and I knew it and loved it.   The more they humiliated me the more I wanted.
let me know . . . should I continue?

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