Ken and Christine part 8


We slept for a while, and then I was awoken to the feeling of my dickbeing tugged. I looked over at Chris and she was stroking me gently. “You are still hard. It seems a shame to waste it. Want to do itagain?” she said while kissing my dick.

“No. ”

Chris looked shocked.

“I want to do it ‘always’. ” Was my reply. Chris swung her leg over meand got on top of me again. Brazenly, she reached underneath herselfand positioned my cock so it slid right into her. Immediately shestarted to grind her hips. Now it was my turn to caress her body.

I ran my hands up her thighs, and across her belly. I tickled her bush alittle bit, then worked my way up her sides and across her chest. Igripped her breasts and squeezed her nipples until she leaned down andoffered them to me for sucking.

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  I was up for the task and sucked firstone then the other. As I sucked her nipples, I reached behind her andcaressed her back. Chris kept grinding her hips into mine as I thrustup into her. My hands made their way down and I gripped that tight assof hers. Chris moaned and kissed me. I thrust harder into her and shedown on me. Our bodies started slapping against each other again withrenewed vigor.

I continued to grip Chris’s ass as I broke off our kiss. Again I kisseddown her neck until I was kissing her tits and sucking on her nipples. I never let go of her ass, and started pounding into her even more. Chris moaned her approval.

At this point she started to grunt. I figured this was normal as wewere working on her third orgasm in just a couple of hours. I squeezedher ass tighter. As my hands roamed around back there, I could feel herwetness between her cheeks.

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  I reached further down and I couldactually feel myself thrusting in and out of her. I put my finger downthere and held it so her lip was between it and my cock. Chris’s eyesstarted to gloss over and I could tell she was getting close – so was I.

I moved my hands back to her ass to get a better grip as we startedfucking furiously. My knees were bent up and her legs were around myhips, but she’d snaked her feet around so the outside of her ankles werelocked against the inside of my ankles. This gave her more leverage tofuck back against me. We fucked harder.

As we were just at the point of no return, Chris moved just a bit to theside which caused my hand to slip and the tip of my left middle fingerpressed against her asshole, and slid in.

Chris grunted loudly, screamed out, “Fuck me!” and came for the thirdtime today. My finger popped out of her brown hole and her body shookwith orgasm. I grabbed her ass and pounded into her hard with my dick. It didn’t take long for my orgasm to happen. It was helped along byChris screaming, “Fuck me hard!Fuck me hard Ken!Fuck me!”

I kept pounding into her pussy as I came. Chris gripped my chest withher hands, dug her nails into it and groaned out, “Yeahhhhhh. ” As Ithrust into her.

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When our orgasms were finished, she sat back onto me and kept me inside of her.

“That was incredible. ” She beamed. “I was hoping it would be good, butthat was AWESOME!”I proudly agreed with her. Chris sat on my dick aswe talked. “Are you upset that you can’t go to dinner tomorrow night?”

“Not at all. ” I answered. “I love being with you, but if my choice isdinner with your family or this – I think I’ll choose this. ”

Chris had a tear in her eye as she smiled. I’d never seen anyone lookso beautiful before. Her naked, sweaty body locked onto mine, thenecklace I’d given her dangling around her chest between her breasts. Even after being done with sex for a few minutes, I was still mostlyhard just as her nipples were.

We chatted a bit more with her mounting me, and then she said she wasgetting a little sore and rolled off. We kissed some more and thendecided to get dressed and head home.

When we got to my car I popped the truck and then chuckled at the siteof the cooler, because I realized that we’d never had our picnic.

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  Chrissaid, “Oh, I new we wouldn’t be eating a meal, so I just packedsomething to drink. ”She opened the cooler and handed me a soda. Ismiled at her and drank it down.

I led her to her side of the car and opened the door for her. Justbefore she got in I stopped her and removed a few blades of grass fromher hair. We checked to make sure everything was in place before Idrove her home. I carried all of stuff into her house for her, and shetold me to just set it down and she’d put it all away. Mike came aroundthe corner, looked at the two backpacks, rolled his eyes and went backto his room.

I called out to him. “Hey, Mike!I’ve got something for you. ”He cameback into the front room. I reached into my pocket, pulled out a pieceof paper to handed it to him. His eyes go really big and all he couldmanage before scurrying off to his room was, “Thanks. ”

“What was that?” Chris inquired.

“Misty Lowen’s” phone number I answered.

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  “I work with her brother andasked what she thought of Mike. She told her brother to giver hernumber to me to give to Mike. I figure he’s earned it. ”Chris smiled.

I bent down to kiss her goodbye and said, “I hope this was a good birthday for you. ”

“It couldn’t have been any better. I love you. ”

“I love you too. ”We kissed and said goodbye. .