in need...somethig untold about my sexual needs!


In need… something about my needs!


Hi… it’s me Pam. In my latest story I elaborated for you my first real time as a whore… I mean, I got paid by the man who fucked me. I had played the “whore” roll for many boyfriends of mine in the past… but not for real till this latest time. I just cannot take that day of my mind… I must admit I love cocks! I love sex! I love to fuck! I love to suck and swallow cum! I enjoy sex… I enjoy to use a dick and to let my twat be used. Since that particular day, I have been writing down in my dairy, the name of every man I had his dick penetrated my twat and ass, all those I have suck, fuck, or hand job in any way and anywhere.


Right next to every name I have added a full description of his wand. I have described them as I remember them…large or small, big bulbous headed, urine deep salty smelled (oh! My – I am wet already!)I love to see and feel how their veins run up and down their hardened rock erected bodies. I enjoy seeing the tip of their wands as it shows shy and playful out of their shafts as they react to my nudity… yes! I love to see how they react at the glance of my exposed and opened crotch! I love a hard rock erected cock! Hummm… how I enjoy their body shapes, some dicks are straight, some dicks are curved. Some dicks are gross and some others are thin… I just love them all.


I enjoy much to have them twitch, jerk and spurt and gob off their salty loads of jizz all over my face, tits, body, twat and arss. Hummm… I cannot help to admit how I love to see them jerking off on my face… and into my wide opened mouth! I love to see how a dick convulses its body at the time they reach an orgasm spitting out their hot shacked clabber out of their balls to me!! How can I – a whore - ask for a better gratification from a lover? Yes! There is not a better way to a lover to gratify his vehicle of such joy and immense sex play! Then, I love to feel how the jizz slips on my body.

. . and out of my swelled wet twat.


I love to see how the testicules hang freely as a man walks by nude… I love how they bounce.


Yes, call me naughty! Call me slut! Call me hooker or whore, You name it… yes, I am.


   I love to be so. I must tell that it is awesome to being a living vehicle for such joy and passion and delight there is not a greater gratification from a lover but to jerk off a hot spurt into his used mistress… all over his whore. The way a lover moans, the louder the lover moans, the harder and deeper lovers pound and hump on/in/inside of you to ease their naughty desires of your body makes you feel in heaven. I always let y self loose on sex each time I fuck. Yet, I cannot get satisfaction. I need to ease my tingly pussy every time I think in anticipation of the feeling of a hard cock striking and filling my twat, stretching my pussy walls to their limit, as they hit my cervix making me explode in ecstasy. (oh! My, I really wet!).


I guess I might elaborate how I feel about the “fuck”. I do prefer the doggy style. The way the balls hit my clit and twat entrance causes me immense waves of pleasure. In fact, I do also like to see my reflection on a mirror… I like the way my tits hang freely and bounce at the rhythm of my lover humping. The sense of a cock rimming its way deep inside of me is indescribable, along of the pleasure it gives me when the dick goes deeper and deeper inside of my… I also love how dicks tense and pressurized their bodies against my twat at the moment they reach an orgasm. I love to feel how the hot clabber runs along their tensed bodies as it is split out from their balls into my pussy.


About sucking… I can tell that I like to see a dick gets hard when I tease or flirt at it. I enjoy watching a dick as it goes hard.

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   I love to see how their shy heads gets slowly out of their shafts, and I also love to see how their heads turns read as they get hard rock erected. I love to play lip – tongue kissing on the head of a dick. I really love to lips – kiss the tip of a rock hardened cock as much as I enjoy its master moaning in pleasure! I like to taste every dick I gave myself to, I must also say, that I like the salty –naughty – semen taste and smell a dick leaves in my mouth after I have suck it dry. In fact, for my regular lovers, I ask them NOT to wash their dicks for at least two or three days in a raw… so I could enjoy their delightful cock’s taste and smell as I suck them dry.


I like to play my lovers dick on my face, chicks, tits… I love to smear semen in my body. I just love their salty smell. I do pay special attemption to their shafts. I like to play with it, as I pull them down slowly releasing their heads. I love to see their heads coming out shyly and provocative from their shafts. I love to engulf them slowly, moving and pushing them deeper and deeper inside my mouth till they gently hit my throat. . . as I take a deep breath preventing not to gag. I love to see how my lovers, once exited, eager to shove their dicks inside my opened and inviting mouth! How I enjoy when my lovers eagerly push their cocks inside my mouth to make swallow they jizz!


I must tell you that I have had sex since I was 14yo… well, I did have my first sex toy at that time, but I was fuck for the first time when I turned 16 yo. Let me tell you… it happened on a Xmas eve.

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   We were stuck home because my father’s job. My youngest brother and sister stayed at my grandmother’s place. I went to bed early that day. For a reason I cannot remember, I woke up in the middle of the night, and some “funny” noises caught my attemption down the corridor. I slipped out of my bed and went across the corridor to find my mother in all four as my father was humping her like rabbit in heat from behind. My father’s thrust was so intense and hard that he kept my mother’s toes out from reaching the floor. I stood hidden in the dark until they finished. My mother kept moaning from beginning to the end. Observing them fucking caused my sexual arousal… I guess. My pussy went wet and I started touching myself. Since that day I managed to observe them fucking… regularly. There were times that I envied my mother… obviously I started playing with my pussy lips at every time I needed it. In fact I started playing with myself at school, at the cinema… everywhere! I also started to go to bed nude. At the beginning I did only play with my clit, but as I realize the joy it has bring me I tried going deeper… a finger came in first, two fingers followed and after a while y was fisting myself already. I ended up using a cucumber and some carrots… In fact, there were times that I use to keep a cucumber inside my twat when ridding on the bus on my way to school… I still do so… I sleep nude and I play veggie fuck style and I keep my dildo inside of me time after time…


I hope you will still be reading my saga, please write.

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   Love Pam. .