in need... part two


in need – part 2


I hope that you have had enjoy first part… I have to make clear that these all histories are true… and I would like you to comment as well.


Miguel´s cock was hardened already…with no hesitation, he entered me from behind invading my already wet crotch… in spite his selfish rush I enjoyed it. He mounted me hard… I could felt his balls hitting my pussy entrance at every movement of his hip penetrating my love hole. I pushed my hips back against the thrusting of Miguel's hips as he got into a rhythm of fucking my pussy. He was so exited so he let his own go… he fucked me with passion. He was so hot so he took no notice of his own saying… he call me whore and asked me to beg him to cum inside of me… I did. I enjoyed it much… after all neither him or I had ever done gangbang before… as we earlier did with his two friends already.


He let his own go freely and cumed inside of me… I really enjoyed his hot sperm to fill me…


We lay on the bed naked playing with each other´s body parts… we had agreed on how much we have enjoyed this sex evening issue… but we also agreed on that we did not really want to get involved into a “boy – girl friend affair”… Miguel proposed me to try an “only sex – none attached issue between us”… so, we could meet only for sex… with no other expectation.


We meant, we may fuck and enjoy each other on sexually bases ONLY… He will care for me as much as I care for him… CONDOM usage always, and if I accept, we may try this gangbang issue again… we may try public, toys, and webcam or any other sex – roll play as long we did not hurt each other. Miguel laughed and suggested, “Beast – love”… I nodded and laughed!


I finally, told him that I did liked when he called me whore, so, I will play the “whore” roll so far! We picked up “Pamela” as my whore- roll play character…


We agreed.


As I got home… he phoned me… “Pamela? Is that you honey?”… All in a sudden my body shivered in need.

“Yes… Mickey? Tell me dear… What´s in your mind?”

“Hummm… well, what about doing some vegetable shopping together… dear?”

“Veggies…? Well… ok. Let´s give it a try. . . ”

“I will see you at the WM near my place at four pm… wear no unnecessary clothes then… Pam…!”

“Till then… dear”


I started getting ready at two pm.

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   I took a shower… and not wearing underwear at all, I slipped into a kind of short black dress and stockings… I got in time and Miguel was already waiting for me. There was no need for words… we knew what we were after. Without much talking, we got to the vegetables area. We separate and I started picking some carrots and bananas… Miguel chose some grapes and a watermelon. As we were picking our toys, we just look to each other occasionally looking for approval on the “size” of the items.







I managed to bend over once or twice so he could take a flash of my naked ass. I did also managed to pick up some stuff in the lower shelves flashing my slightly spread legs to him… while he stood staring at the near distance. We were so hot… I was so wet on playing so… that I managed to insert four grapes into my pussy… I guess he could tell about my arousal.


We rushed our way back to the car…


Once back in the car… he looked me in the eye and asked me to spread for him. I did with no hesitation, showing my naked bared shaved wet pussy to him… he bend over to give my pussy a quick kiss. I took the grapes out my pussy and gave them to him… we kissed tasting my fluids. We were so in need… I was so hot at the time… on our way to his place he asked me to take my dress off… I lower the seat and obey with no hesitation… he lives in a small house with and electric and independent porch, so I could get there nude without any fear of anyone watching.


As he drive I let him see me nude… at every red light I could see how he explored my body with lust. I notice that he was already erected, because the bulk on his pant. I reached my hand to feel his erected penis… I had not ever felt him so hard.

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"What is wrong with my baby?" I said.


He seemed to be restless already. It was getting dark outside. I started to play my hand near his belly for a better feel of his shaft. His cock was warm and hard. I unzipped him and took his dick out and I started to caress his shaft until his penis came out. My heart started to beat faster as I am being turned on as a dog in heat. I hold his hard thick penis and I was surprised by the size of it.


When we finally got to his place, once in the garage, he asked me to spread my legs as wide as possible for him. As He took his clothes off, he got in front of me positioning his hardened dick at the very entrance of my pussy… he played his fingers with my pussy lips… I moan and I asked him to hump in deeply. However, he rather suddenly shoved his nose and licked my crotch. After a while he carried me out of the car helped me to lay on at table at the center of the living room in front of a big mirror that Miguel had already set in place for us to enjoy.


He looked at me and rushed to the kitchen… washed the watermelon and cut a big sliced of it… once in front of me he smiled and I instinctively spread out to him. Once he had a full view of my pussy he played his finger in and shoved the watermelon inside of me… he kissed my tights and pussy, My body has started to tighten up and building up for a climax. I was moaning louder and louder.

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   Suddenly, Miguel stopped and he positioned me on four… so he could start mounting me from behind. My pussy was so sensitive at this point, that waves of pleasure was all over my body when he entered me. I was crying out "Fuck me, fuck me!" He was big and thick. He was humped me like there was no tomorrow. I came again and again and then I felt a swelling inside my puss. I came several times more until he pulled out of my pussy along with his juices mixed with the watermelon aroma. I lay down legs opened and exhausted while he gently did the cleansing on me… I felt him that once in awhile he bend over to taste our juices.


He then asked me if he could invite a friend… One of those how gangbanged me our last time… I just could not help but to nodded. I was in need… and besides I was his whore… I was enjoying being so such a slut. Miguel grabbed the phone and I hear him telling the man on the phone to join for a fuck… he addressed him that he was just being invited to join him for a fuck, so he must come “ready” for action… and leave. That was the deal…



Miguel then told me to lay on the coach and take a rest because there was one more dick on its way.

In the mean time, he fingered me slowly. About 20 mins or so, the bell rang. A young known fellow stepped in… (Pedro) He waved hello as he started taking his clothes off… Miguel asked me to suck him in order to help him get an erection… there was no need to such a waste of time, He was already hardened…


He lay next to me and started kissing and gently squeezing my hardened nipples… he played my clit. Miguel was standing starring and playing his dick next to us… enjoying the scene of his whore being used by another man.

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   I used my mouth to help Pedro wear the condom in place… I was so hot, when I reached his dick Pedro moan… “Wow… Your mouth is so hot Pam”… he said, as I let his dick into my mouth pushing the condom along the body of his rock-hardened cock. I let him gimme a push deep enough to reach the back of my throat. Pedro got so excited that he asked me to lay on my back and spread out wide.


Pedro got so excited that he stood in front of me ready to shove his dick inside of me. He asked me to pull my legs up to “V” position… Miguel helped him to inserted a watermelon huge slice into my pussy… along with some grapes.


He stared at my pussy entrance… in the next minute; there I was barely naked, lying down on the table in front of a big mirror, with both legs arched like upside-down V's, while Pedro was bucking me wildly, as he was trying to ejaculate as soon as possible. Plop! plop! plop! I could feel his balls hitting my cunt. I was moaning in delight and pleasure as his cock slammed faster and faster into my opened twat. Pedro’s haunches were almost a blur, he has ramming me so fast… and deep and hard. So, I could clearly see my twat lips being parted by his cock scything inside of me with his every thrust.


At that time, I could not help to see our reflection in the mirror… I could see Pedro in top of me, rimming me wild, hitting my pussy at every very thrust of his hips. I could also see my pussy lips being torn apart at every hump. I reached my hand to Mike to let me feel his dick… as I did; I then felt a surge of hot jism be shoved into my cunt hole. It was so hot that I moaned in ecstasy! Pedro continued to hump vigorously as he came. His spunk kept coming… It was filling me up like crazy.

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He still did not stop, he went faster and faster. So I could felt His balls flopping loudly as he pounded my pussy… as his balls were shooting his hot sperm inside of me. plop plop PLOP! He looked at me and said. . “Pam… I could feel my cum bubbling up in my balls!” He increased his tempo, thrusting deeper and faster into my willing, wet, open crotch. He screamed out, "Oh yes. . . yes," as his cock erupted deep inside of me… again! So I could felt his cum spewing forth and filling me.


The final hump, and then he stopped… He pushed deeper and stayed there on top of me, pressurizing my cunt with his dick. He hold me tight in his arms… breathing heavily. I thrust hard back against Pedro’s hips. We kiss with mouths opened wide… he played his tongue in my lips. I grabbed my legs around his back helping him to stay inside of me a bit longer! He then stood up and he pulled out his dick of me. He looked at me with a big smile.

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   When he pulled out, his semen was dripping out while my pussy surged with energy twitched from orgasm. I sat up so I could see his milk come dripped out of me. He fucked me so hard that his dick ripped the condom.


He then sat in front of me… and as he separates his legs, letting his dick to hang loose, he asked me to clean him…in a playing roll… "Use your tongue… Will you Pam?" so I knelt before him. I leaned forward and began to lick the thick cream from his dick and balls.




He leaned back, so he could enjoy the feeling of my warm tongue playing and caressing the top his dick. I held his cock up. . . and grinned. I just lapped the last of the salty mess from him. I suck him hard… allowing his dick to enter as deep as possible to hit the back of my throat, and rather than gag, I somehow managed to drink his last drop of cum as it flowed into my throat, taking him all and milking him dry.


Miguel was up for more pussy joy… I was still kneeled sucking Pedro´s , when Miguel stood behind me. He separated my cheeks to make his way to my swallowed twat… he caress my cheeks so he could easily fuck me from behind in a rabbit fucking style. He leant on my back and managed to cares my tits.

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   I could then feel his hardened dick… pointing to my twat entrance. I turned to stare at him and asked him to fuck me gently… He bends over to kiss my ass and lick my pussy.


Miguel fucked me gently, rather slowly, caressing my chicks with his hands while I stood there sucking Pedro´s dick… when Miguel has finished using my cunt they helped me to stand up. We did some kissing… I stood naked between both of them. Pedro played my tits… and Miguel played my ass and pussy. As I stood at the stairs… we all enjoyed seeing how their mixed semen drops out of my pussy running on my tights. Miguel walked me to the bathroom… and he gave me a towel. We kissed gently… and he slipped a finger in my pussy… he then put his finger in my mouth while he thank me for being a great whore. I liked the gesture…


When I had finished my cleansing Pedro has already left… Miguel drove me home. We were both pleased. This was our first time in the role playing for sex – friends. Please… I would like to hear your comments… mail me at: ortorana@hotmail. com. . .

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