Have I been a bad girl


This is completely fiction; this is also my first story so tell me what you think of it.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am 18 years old and the biggest cock tease at my school. I am 5’8 and have c cup breasts. I am a party animal and would do anything to get out of trouble.

I awoke hazily, to a voice saying “get up jail bird”. A police officer? When and why am I in jail I thought. I walked up to the jail bars and told the officer to let me out. He chuckled saying“ I don’t think so honey, your going to be here for a while”. I being the cock tease I was said in my most innocent voice “could you pretty please let me out I’ll do anything” while licking my lips. The officer just looked at me with lust in his eyes and starting unzipping his pants. Slowly I got on my knees never breaking eye contact with him. Out sprung his 8inch penis, I gasped at the size and he only smiled. I grasped the base of his penis and kissed the tip of it. He moaned in pleasure at this. Through the bars I slowly engulfed the massive penis into my mouth.

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   I wrapped my mouth around it and worked my tongue over the head. I have no gag reflex so I started deep throating his large member, only pulling off at the last second to take a breath. Up and down his member I went licking up and down his pole. I started feeling his hands cupping my c cup breasts rubbing around my nipples makingthem hard andstrain against my shirt. I moaned in pleasure at his magic fingers. He took his fingers off my nipples and put them at the back of my head forcing his penis down my throat. I started fondling his balls in my hands, I could feel he was about to cum down my throat. I started hearing him breathing deeper and deeper then without warning his salty, warm cum was streaming into my mouth. It felt like gallons that was going down my throat. When I sucked the last drop of come out of his penis, I looked up at him and said “ have I been and a bad girl”.
Tell me what you think if I get a good response I will post the second part.
Email me on bradshaw751@hotmail. com

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