15 Year-Old First Time: I Did Her


I was 15, so was she. My first time was planned. It was not out of pure passion and instinct, but we talked about it. My ex and I had gone far enough (blowjob, me eating her pussy) but we never had sex. We broke up and she went out with a different guy. She told me they had sex, and I was a little jealous. Eventually, they broke up like 5 months later. One day we were talking and she was sending somewhat dirty signals. I'd say something and she'd make it perverted on purpose. So we end up talking on the phone, and she asks questions like "What are you wearing" and "Do you masturbate often". I answered honestly and I both did and didn't like where this was going. I was over her, but I was also horny. So she all of a sudden asks "Do you want to have sex" to which I reply "Sure". We schedule a time and day. It was like 3 days away so I would constantly find myself thinking about how it was going to go and masturbating to the thoughts of it. I shaved my pubes in preparation.

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   The day finally came (no pun intended).

I let her into my home as I have many times before. We just watched some TV while I touched her everywhere I wanted to. I grabbed her breasts, rubbed her legs, and kissed her softly on the neck. Soon things got hot and heavy and we started making out. I put her ass into my hands while we kissed passionately, exchanging our saliva with our warm, slimy tongues. I took her to my room and pinned her against the wall as we made out. I eventually started to kiss and lick her neck as she let out a little moan. We both grabbed at each other's clothes, wanting them off. I took off her shirt and bra quickly so I could start sucking on her wonderful nipples. We went onto my bed and made out more. Pants came off, hers and mine, and our warm, soft bodies were pushed onto one another. By this time I had a hard erection. I took off her underwear and started to finger her while licking her tits. I was on top of her and she let out soft moans and deep breaths and finally started to take off my boxers.

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   They came off and she started to stroke my penis in her soft hands, up and down. I asked if I should get the condom and she said "Yeah". I slapped her pussy a few times with my hand to get her ready, and left the bed. This was the ackward moment where everything had to stop, and I had to get up butt-naked to get the condom. I tore off the packaging and put it on. We made out a little more to get us more into it, and I proceeded to put it in her pussy.

There was a little pressure at first as I thrust it in softly, but it felt warm and good. I started to thrust my hips to get the penis to go inside and out. Apparently I started a little too fast because she said "A little slower" while breathing heavily. I started to passionately fuck her slowly and gently as she said "Ohh yeah like that" between her moans. I eventually started going faster until I got a little tired. She offered to go on top, which I happily agreed to because I thought a girl riding a guy is the hottest thing ever. Turns out, I was right.

She positioned her vagina on top of my penis and slowly started to ride it. I let out "Oh yeah that feels so good" along with heavy breaths.

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   It felt amazing! I just laid on the bed while a girl pleasured my dick with her warm pussy. I grabbed her boobs and she rode me for a few more minutes. It felt good but wasn't really going anywhere. She claimed she was tired, so I got on top again and we switched about 3 more times. Eventually, she was on top riding me again as I caressed her soft, plump breasts. I started getting closer. "Almost" I said when it started to feel realllllly good. She took this as a sign to start going much faster and harder, which was perfect. She started swinging up and down, back and forth, riding me like a horse. I switched my grip from her wonderful tits to her hips and guided her body to ride my cock. The whole bed was shaking, she was moaning, I was almost there. All of a sudden, I felt an intense orgasm and blew my load into the condom which was inside her pussy. It felt soo good. I moaned deeply as she started to ride me slower and then eventually stop. She asked if I was done and I replied "Yes".

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   We put on our clothes and my balls hurt like crazy. She said her legs were aching like mad so I guess she went all out for me. I dismissed her from my home later and thanked her for the sex. We barely talk now, but that's because she is sort of unattractive now. .

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