My Big Brother!(PART ONE)


My Big Brother!

NOTE: This story is a work of pure fiction, protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. It should not be taken as an endorsement of any acts or attitudes portrayed herein, or an encouragement to take said acts from the fictional realm to the real world. The author does not in any way support or espouse unlawful acts in real life.

It was a pleasantly warm summer afternoon in our big rambling farm house where I grew up, and as it was a Saturday and mom and dad had driven into town for groceries and a visit to the hardware store, I was alone in the house with my big brother, Daniel. Of course he liked "Dan" and equally or course, my mom always called him "Danny". I had been goofing around out in the big front yard by our dirt road driveway, enjoying the way the sunlight treated the short, pale blue cotton sundress I was wearing, and how the gentle summer breeze felt against my legs. Butnow having grown quite bored, I had come indoors to see what my brother was up to.

I didn't find him in the kitchen and had not seen him in the barn (which was now a work shop for my dad) so I decided to see if he was up in his room. The sun-drenched earth had felt warm and wonderful beneath my bare feet, and now I looked down at them as I quietly climbed the old wooden stairs which led up to the bedrooms. The bare wood felt old, if that was a possible way for something to feel, and warm from the summer air in the house. I continued up, the usual boards squeaking slightly at my little weight. I was a petite girl, and only just beginning to come into my own. As I mounted the top landing at the head of the staircase I turned right and headed for the small corner bedroom, which was my brother's. I had the twin to it on the other side of the house, while my parents shared the biggest one on the back side of the house. His door was ajar, and though he was not really making any discernable noise, I could tell he was in there. I eased his door open and stepped through, and then I saw him.

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  He was laying on his bed, on his side with his back to the door. And he was quite naked. I took in the sight of his lean, fit, muscular body. . . those strong shoulders and back, made fit by the work he did around our place. Even his buttocks were tight and fit, though I thought of it as his "butt".

He was napping, I could tell from his even breathing. His bedroom windows were open wide, the wooden sash on both slid all the way up, and the air felt good as it moved through the room. My brother stirred a bit in his sleep and then rolled over toward me, changing position in his sleep so he lay now on his back. He stretched out, one leg straight and the other crooked slightly at the knee. He was now displayed fully before me, and he had a full, firm erection. I of course thought of it as a "boner". Now naturally we had grown up together seeing each other naked all our lives. I mean, what siblings don't!Playing in the sprinkler as children, going in skinny dipping in the summer time, or just frolicking naked and natural in the open fields around the house, the sight of his body was nothing surprising to me.

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  However, seeing his organ standing firm and proud like that was a rarity, and I could not take my young eyes off of him!

Only last week I'd discovered my big brother out behind the old barn, his pants down around his ankles and him gripping that hardness in his fist and pumping it up and down, back and forth. I had crouched behind a wood pile and spied at him, peeking between a chunk of wood and the corner of the building. He had done it slowly at first, but then faster and faster until after a couple of minutes he has leaned against the barn and thrown his head back, and groaned and said "oh sit, hit yes!" as white stuff had shot out of it. I watched until he had finished - what ever it was he was doing - and started to pull his jeans up. I crept away silently to the housie, and went up to my room full of questions and confusion. Closing the door, I went to my bed and lay down. 'What in the world could feel so good that it made you do that and make groaning sounds as it hurt?'I wondered, in my young innocent mind. Puzzled, I snaked a hand tentatively down into my panties, and began feeling around and experimenting. And suddenly I remember finding this one spot that felt really really good, and which once stimulated with a pink little fingertip, demanded more!I had stumbled on to the existence of y clit, and I wasted no time in finding out just what it was capable of making me feel like. I discovered how using different fingers and touching it in different ways, all felt wonderful and that I could simply run it up and down, or in circles, or side to side really fast and they all drove me crazy with wonder and pleasure!In fact it felt so good that it occurred to me it must be wrong to do, but if that was the case my brother wouldn't have been doing it. . . he wouldn't knowingly do something wrong. The little slit between the sensitive lips down there got wet, and I loved the way that smelled on my fingers. I kept going further and further, until suddenly the most incredible, never before felt tingling and burning sensation came over me down there.

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In a few moments, that feeling spread all over my body until my budding little breasts were hard and ached against the fabric of my T-shirt, and my toes were tingling and curling. I looked down at my toes and saw that my legs were stiff out straight and the muscles tensed as I began to shake and shudder all over. The feeling was incredible, and I got warm allover as the shuddering stopped and my legs and little bare toes relaxed. I felt spent, tired but in the most wonderful way!I had discovered and experienced my first pubescent orgasm. And though I had no idea what it was called, I understood why y brother had acted the way he did!I loved it, and knew I would be doing THAT a lot more in the future.

But now, in my brother's bedroom, I moved closer to the bed until I was standing right against the mattress. My bare feet, brown and dusty on the soles from playing outside, made no sound as I approached the place where he lay, now only an arm's length away. As the breeze went across him, his erection stiffened at the invisible caress and as it did so he stirred, sleepily opened his eyes and looked at me. He stretched and took in the fact of his blatant nudity and hardness, which I was still staring at, and said, "hi squirt! Whatcha doing in here?"Looking at his curious little sister, he made no move to cover himself, rather he reached down and casually took hold of his firmness and began slowly moving his closed fist up and down the length of the thing. He made a small sound as if it felt good. I said, "I saw you ding that behind the barn last week. "He stopped for a moment, and said "You did?You were peeking at me? "Concerned that he'd be mad or that I'd be in trouble, I nodded and said "Yeah. Did I do bad?"

He smiled and replied that no, I had not done bad, and that it was okay. I must have looked relieved because he laughed a little, and asked "so what did you think about it?"and then, looking down at his fist encircling his hardness now, "what do you think about this?"I looked at his slowly moving hand, then up into his clear blue eyes. "I think it's beautiful, and it looks like it feels really good.

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  " I said. And then, moved by an undeniable curiosity and sense of adventure, "can. . . . can I try it?" I asked. He grinned and released himself, allowing it to bob free, levitating there above his flat, muscular belly. He regarded me slightly, then replied "if you want to, sure. "I climbed p on his big comfy bed, and he looked at the brown, dusty bottoms of my bare feet. I curled up sitting just beside him, and tentatively reached out and softly took his already nicely developed manhood in my small hand. "Like this?" I enquired.

"Yes, that's good" he said, "but you can hold it tighter. Lots tighter. You won't hurt me. "He moaned with obvious pleasure as he watched the tendons in my wrist accept the strain as I tightened my grip upon him.

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  "Good" he said, "now move it up and down like I did". I began moving my fist as I had seen him doing the week before, and he said that I was doing just right. I beamed with pride that I'd got it right the first time!

"Like this Dan?" I asked as I worked him. "Yes" he said, "you're doing just perfect!Oh gawd sis that feels good. "He laid a hand on my bare leg, down below my knee. His hand was warm and it felt good to me as he moved it, petting me down my leg to the ankle then onto the top of my foot, giving it a squeeze and then sliding his hand back up to do it over again. He tarried there to play with my toes as I stroked him. I switched hands as my grip got tired, and he said "would you like to learn another way to make that feel wonderful for me?"Grinning, I said sure I would. He said, "now it might seem weird, but girls do it all the time. Mom does it for dad, and it's something you can do for like your boyfriends some day. "Intrigued, I begged him to tell me!"Climb in closer, bend down, and take it in your mouth. "

"What you've been doing is called 'jacking me off'. Now this is called 'giving head' he said, as he gently guided my face down to the end of him. As my lips touched the swollen, crimson 'head' of it, I felt his head against my face. "Now come on, open your cute mouth and suck it like a lolly!Close your lips tight around it, then suck as you pull your mouth up and down it" he instructed.

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  He thought my mouth was pretty!I was hesitant, but I loved and trusted my big brother so I did as he said and in a moment I tasted his salty skin. "Oh jeez Stephanie, that is just great. Now use your tongue to play with it and explore it as you go. "I breathed easily through my nose as I serviced him for the first time, my mouth giving up it's virginity eagerly as had my eyes last week, and my hands a few minutes ago. He was still petting my leg, but had moved above the knee and was touching me on the tender inside of my thigh, up near where I had discovered the special wonderful place to touch. He did not touch me there, but it was close.

Sliding my mouth off him on the next up-stroke, I asked "Um, is it gonna shoot the white stuff like when I saw you behind the barn?"He smiled, and said "you saw that, did ya?Well yes it will, but if you don't want that in your mouth yet, even though it's normal for girls to swallow it when it happens, I can warn you before and you can catch it with some tissue, if you want. "I said that yes I'd like to do that, and in preparation he reached back to a tissue box and grabbed out 4 or 5 sheets. Trusting my big brother that he'd let me know when it was time I resumed. . . what did he call it?Oh yeah, 'giving him head'. His shaft felt hot and solid in my mouth, and I liked it's salty taste. As he grew closer to his own impending climax, laying nude and unashamed there on his big soft bed with the summer breeze coming in the open windows and he petted her bake legs up almost to her virgin treasure as his little sister sucked eagerly at his painfully hard cock, he smiled and thought to himself. .

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  . 'life is good!'

He felt the telltale tingle in his balls, and said to her "Okay Steph, it's time. . here, take this and form a catcher in your hand and hold it against the end of it. I'm gonna shoot the white stuff now!Finish me off with your fist like before - jack me off, sis, jerk my cock until it happens" and he handed me the sheaf of soft white tissues. I did as he said, eager to please him and do it right!And so working his hardness with my one hand, he suddenly tensed and groaned and uttered "oh shit, oh damn Stephanie, shit yes don't stop. . . " and then I felt his hardness pulsing within my pumping fist as I felt a wet liquid heat in my other while he filled the wad of tissues I held for him to cum in. As the paper became more filled and sodden in my palm, I smelled it's fresh spunky aroma and it seemed to me a wild, and natural smell. Like the moist earth after a rain. And as he finished ejaculating into my hand and began to relax, he grinned up at me and told me what a wonderfully perfect job I had done. I was nearly bursting with pride and he gave a little squeeze to my leg where we was resting his warm strong hand, up high and close to where my legs joined at the special place. And I found myself wishing he'd move it just that extra couple of inches up to where I made myself shudder like that at night, when it was time for sleep.

He relaxed, and asked me to take the fouled wad of paper and go flush it for him.

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  I gladly complied, sliding off the bed and scampering out he door and across the hall to the upstairs bathroom we all shared. I did as he asked, and then crossed back to his room. He watched me walk back to the bed, moving aside and patting the mattress next to him in invitation to join him there again. I happily hopped back up, and stretched out next to his still naked body. After, it was a warm day and after what we'd just done, why bother to cover up?!Besides, there was no reason to. It's not like nudity and all that was somehow wrong, or shameful. I began to cuddle close, but then hesitated and moved back off the bed. Daniel looked at me questioningly, but I simply pulled my little blue sun dress up and off over my head, dropping in on the chair next to his bed, then shimmied out of my white cotton panties, adding them to the dress. I stood then for a moment, as nude and now comfortable as he was, then climbed back up and settled next to him, skin on skin as we lay in the afternoon warmth.

"Is this okay?" I asked, knowing what his answer would be. "Oh yes, squirt" he said, "it's more than okay!"and then, "you have a really pretty body, you know". I blushed slightly at his complement, as he continued "you're really growing up nicely". I snuggled closer, then said to him, "I know how good that felt for you, but no white stuff comes out when I do it". He asked, "You do that to yourself?Touch there and make yourself cum?"I giggled, and said "yeah. .

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  . is that what it's called? Cum?"

"Yes" he replied, "it's called make yourself cum, or when you do it it's called cumming. The stuff that comes out of me is also called cum sometimes, but it has other names too. "

"Like what?" I inquired, eagerly.

"Well, it's also called jizz or cream or spume, but the actual technical name is sperm"

Well" I said, "what ever it's called I like it when it shoots out of your cock!"now I knew what it was called. "and next time we do it, I'll try to eat it like you said. I'll swallow it. I promise!"

We relaxed there together for a while, side by side and enjoying the natural feeling of our shared nudity. "Is it. . . Steph, is it okay if I touch you a little?" he asked. I answered that of course it was okay, he could touch me however he wanted!He was y big brother after all, and I loved and trusted him. And besides, I still sort of wanted him to touch me - down there - if he would. He turned onto his side facing me, and I say his cock fall limp and relaxed across his thigh.

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  I though it looked beautiful!Slowly he reached over, and brushed the back of his hand against the side of the barely forming mound of my breast. Loving the touch, I responded and the little pink nose at the end of it stiffened at his touch. He continued to brush it, then turned his hand over and fully palmed my there, cupping my tender young mound. I took a breath, and made a yummy sound it felt so good!I wanted him to do more!Lots more. I put my slender army up over my head, and stretched my legs out straight and hard, and he took the invitation to lean over and put his lips to my breast. The ecstasy shot through me as he first kissed, then outright sucked on the pinkness there!I was reveling in the feeling of our bodies touching so intimately. "Do more" I whispered, "do more stuff to me!". He released his lips from off my nipple, and said "okay, I'll do stuff but if I go too far just say so and I'll stop".

But I said, "I don't ever want you to stop!"

He pleasured my breasts and nipples then, using his hands and fingers and lips and tongue. He cupped me there, and lightly pinched the pink nipples alternately kissing them or suckling them afterwards, or flicking them with his amazing tongue. The feelings were incredible!And in no time I felt the warm tingling feeling down between my legs. Without having to be told, I guess out of female human instinct, I slip my dusty bare feet apart on the bed, making a V of my legs as I opened them to him. I wanted him to touch me there!And I was not disappointed, for the wafting August afternoon breeze carried the scent of my arousal to him, and he immediately moved a hand, his warm strong irresistible hand, down my ribs, to my flat belly, and to where the light wisps of the lightest blond hair were starting to make their appearance. I waited breathlessly for what seemed forever, but finally I was rewarded with the fiery touch I craved, right there between my legs where I made myself cum!And I wanted him to do that for me, as I had just done for him.



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