Home from the business trip part 4


     In the darkness, a figure standing by the bed had tapped me on the shoulder, and a very familiar voice greeted me.

     "Well, well, isn't this interesting", my wife Caroline's voice said calmly.

     I jerked awake, hoping it was a dream, but no. Jayne stirred next to me, and I gave her a tap to wake her up, she just about bolted upright as Caroline's voice continued.

     "Now, I don't want any pitiful explanations of this is not what it looks like, or any silly nonsense like that. Tell me what happened, and what you did, I want to hear everything that happened", her voice finished calmly.

     Knowing we were so busted, I told her everything that happened, I could feel Jayne shaking next to me. And even though the situation was dire, I could feel my cock tenting up again as I told her everything, I couldn't stop it, the remembered heat of passion and fucking just brought me right back up. A flashlight came on, and the beam was directed straight at my crotch, displaying my arousal at the remembered fucking and sucking.

     In that same calm voice, she said, "Well, it certainly looks like you enjoyed it. "

     Not knowing what to say, I kept my mouth shut.

     "I'm so angry" she said, "that I waited too long. "

     Confused, I asked, "Waited too long for what?"

     "I waited too long to seduce our very sexy babysitter. You beat me to it, did you save any virgin territory for me?"

     Jayne replied shyly, "yes, I am still an ass virgin. "

     Caroline growled, "Then I want to claim your last cherry, right now! Is there room in the bed for one more?"

     At my amazed nod, she turned the adjustable light up, until the room was filled with a dim glow, and she was ready. Her lust filled smile looked down at us, she had her 7 inch strap on dildo around her and ready for use, her nipples were hard, stiff nubs, and her face was flushed.

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   I pulled back the covers, and she jumped in, Jayne and I welcomed her home, as our hands, mouths, lips and tongues covered her body, bringing moans and cries of pleasure from her.

     "Now Jayne, on your hands and knees baby, I'm going to pluck that asshole cherry of yours!" Caroline growled, as Jayne quickly took the position, Caroline cooed at me, "Okay sweetheart, lick that sweet asshole, finger her, get her all good and ready for her first ass fuck!"

     I was happy to do so, and the room was quickly filled with Jayne's cries of pleasure, as I licked her sweet asshole, fuck, rimming her tight virgin ass was making my iron hard cock throb almost painfully. I ran my fingers along the tight hole, worming a finger in, feeling the tight walls of her virgin hole clenching at my finger.

     "Relax baby, just relax, I'll deflower you as gently as possible" Caroline whispered to her, and I worked on trying to make Jayne relax the tight clamp. I felt her loosen up, and I whispered to Caroline, "Okay sweetheart, I think Jayne's ready. "

     Caroline took her position, and I could see the well lubed head being notched against her tight hole. Caroline leaned forward, applying a slow, steady pressure and I watched, my cock throbbing, as Jayne felt her ass walls being parted, the rose shaped pucker of her virgin asshole opening up around Caroline's dildo.

     Jayne let out a whimper, and then she uttered a yelp, and said, "Hold it there, let me adjust, mmm, feels so big".

     Caroline stopped pushing, holding steady with what looked like 2 inches inside Jayne, she reached out, stroking Jayne's back, encouraging her to relax, relax, and soon, Jayne was ready for more.

     "Okay, start going, slow, go slow".

     Caroline was happy to do so, and she slid in, inch by inch, going very slowly up Jayne's tight backdoor. Jayne grunted, squealed, and gasped "keep going!" as Caroline gave her tight ass its first fuck. With a final push, the last inch of the dildo was buried in.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, that's it!" Jayne cooed, "Now just fuck it, a long time!"

      Caroline grasped her hips, and soon, at Jayne's urging, she was plunging into her again and again. Jayne grunted and squealed with pleasure as Caroline happily dildo fucked the tight pucker of her asshole, reaming out her last virgin territory.

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   Jayne urged her on to let her have it.

     "Oh yeah, give it to me", Jayne gasped, "Let me have it! I want you to fuck me as long as you can! Fuck my asshole, fuck me! I love to be teased and fucked by your big, hard dildo! Let me have it, slam my asshole! Fuck me, fuck my brains out!"

     I reached under, found her straining clit, rock hard and erect, and I dipped my fingers in her gushing juices, then grasping her clit erection, I twirled my fingers around and around her orgasm button. Jayne was gasping, grunting and moaning, and it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to know she was racing to climax.

     Jayne cried out, "Oh fuck, yeah, gonna, holy fuck, yes, I'm, I'm, I'm, oh fuck, I'M CUMMING!"        

     Her voice screamed out as her as her orgasm seized her. Her asshole throbbing wildly, Jayne plunged into climax, howling and squealing with pleasure, her body shaking wildly, as Caroline buried the dildo in, right to the hilt, and held it there, letting Jayne feel her tight asshole clenching wildly at the stiff 7 inches buried up her.

     When her orgasm had spent its force, she flopped back, and Caroline stripped off the dildo, and lay back, spreading her thighs for us, we could see the luscious opening, and smell the heat of her juices.

     "Oh my fucking god, I am so horny I can't stand it! Get in there and lick me, lick my cunt!" Caroline panted.

     Jayne and I quickly took position, and our tongues shot out, licking wildly at her slick lips, her pouring juices, and as Caroline started to spasm, I let Jayne take over, and watched as my wife started to shake, she grabbed Jayne's head and pressed her tightly against her gushing center.

     "Yes, lick me you little sexy bitch, I've wanted this for a long time, you little teen temptress, Yes, Fuck YES!"

     She howled as she exploded, her cunt gushing juices, mopping Jayne's face down with a very juicy release.

My cock was rock hard, and as Jayne moved aside, I quickly took position and slid my cock in, grunting as the heat from my horny wife's lust pit surrounded my cock.

     "Yes, yes, Fuck me, I've needed your cock so much, fuck me as hard as you can, ram it in and gush every drop in!"

     Her eyes found Jayne, and she said, "And you, you little teen temptress who got to fuck my husband, I want you to sit on my face!"

     Jayne was happy to do so, and she quickly lowered her glistening crimson flesh to my wife's eager mouth, as Caroline's tongue made contact, Jayne let out a grunt of pleasure and settled herself right down. I was watching this sexy spectacle, ramming my wife's fiery pleasure well, doing all I could to last as long as possible, and I felt my cock swell up, ready to explode.

     "Oh fuck yeah, gonna flood you baby, fuck yeah, cumming, oh fuck YEAH!"

      Plunging in, my back arched, my eyes shut and my lips drawn back, I could feel my throbbing cock explode. It felt like I was pumping and squirting gallons into her steaming cunt, spewing a massive load into Caroline's fiery fuckhole. I could feel her heat tighten down around my cock, as the spasms of her climax rippled through her body, she let out a pussy muffled howl of pleasure, Jayne's cry of orgasm joining hers, as my wife licked our sexy sitter to a gushing release, getting a squirting, juicy facial.

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     The rest of the night was a series of short rests and more combinations that our bodies could come up with. Having Jayne riding my cock while Caroline rode my face, the feel of Jayne's hot teen cunt sliding up and down on my cock, while my sexy wife grunted and moaned with pleasure as I licked her twitching clit, and polished her G spot was especially enjoyable, and I erupted, gushing my spunk upwards into Jayne's tight clamp of milking heat, while Caroline howled out, and her release of climax squirted 6 thick sprays of her cum over my face at the same time.

     Jayne is still our babysitter, but we have her come over a lot more than she used to, and she does Mommy and Daddy sitting, and fucking, much more than babysitting.