The Time Shifter Chapter 3


As the weeks went by, Dave''s sexual performance improved. Hefinally got to a point where he could just clear his mind and keephis body relaxed while he thrust his cock into me and hold off hisorgasm for at least 20 minutes, which was more than enough time forme or any other girl to orgasm. And it is also true that when youbegin getting into the 20 minute mark, lubrication becomes an issuefor many women anyway. The first time he was able to make me cumwith his penis, well, you would have thought he had just scored awinning touchdown in the Super Bowl, let's put it that way.

The thing about Dave was that I didn't have that hot animal lust forhim. He was such a good guy, though, that I wanted him to be part ofmy life, including the intimate part of it. What I felt went beyondmerely pleasant, but torrid passion? No.

However, I also needed a way to impress on him that sex is play, nota rite that you should be uptight about. I made a trip to thesupermarket and brought back with me a couple cans of whipped creamand chocolate syrup (the thick stuff in a can you use for frosting,not for chocolate milk). When he came over that night, we went intomy bedroom and I showed the sweet items I had purchased. A wickedgrin crossed his face. We both stripped and I climbed into bed. Isprayed little curlicues of whipped cream on his nipples and lickedand sucked it off of him. Then I stuck a couple of fingers into thecan of chocolate frosting and spread it on my breasts and chased itwith spurts of whipped cream. 'you know what dto do, baby," I smiledflirtatiously and he did, lapping it all up. Then I slathered thechocolate around my mouth and his and we kissed it off of eachother.

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   He grabbed the other can of whipped cream and sprayed a lineof it down my stomach to my groin. Now the cold of it was making mejump and giggle and he got caught up in the evolving mood. I sprayedsome of the cream on my inner thighs and vulva, yelping at how coldit felt on such sensitive areas. I would have done more to him, buthe had enough hair on his body that it wouldn't have been all thathot to lick off. He began running his tongue all over my girl areaand I kept encouraging him with more jets of whipped cream there.

I told him to roll over on his back and I darkened his stiff cockwith chocolate. Then I sprayed whipped cream on his cockhead, whichmade him yelp and laugh like he was being tickled. I went down onhim and sucked on his root until the taste of the chocolate faded. Iapplied more chocolate and whipped cream to his schvanz and wentdown on him again like his penis was the banana of a banana splitand I had to use just my mouth on it. Even after the taste of thechocolate disappeared, I continued to suck on him. As he was gettingclose to shooting, I pulled my mouth away and jacked him off. Justbefore he unloaded. I rifled some whipped cream into my mouth andthen shoved it down over his dick, setting him off. Once I hadswallowed his load, I scooped up a finger full of frosting andlicked it off, leaving me with a wonderful chocolate taste in mymouth with which I could kiss him.

Eventually, we both had enough of turning each other into a seriesof improvised parfaits and, when he was hard again, Dave spooled hiscock into me and fucked me into oblivion.

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   We took a shower togetherafter that to clean ourselves up and then went to bed in a mood thatwas a mixture of giddiness and sexual satiation.

There was no longer a need for me to keep my job and so I quit afterhaving worked there for a total of three months, which allowed Daveand I to see each other every night if we wished. Like I saidbefore, he was a great guy and so I liked his company. He was alsoable to sleep over a lot more. I wouldn't let him move in with me,though, because at some point, when I felt he was ready to get womenfor himself rather than me basically throwing myself at him, I wasgoing to have to sell the house and then return to my own era.

I continued to bolster his confidence, taught him how women operatedand talked him into enrolling in college, which would enlarge hispotential for meeting new mates enormously and ultimately get himout of the dead end job he was now in. And the better the job he hadthe more likely he could attract someone since women are all aboutthe benjamins.

After we had been together a year, I revealed to him that I didn'tbelieve in marriage because I thought it was too one sided. I alsodidn't want to undergo the hassle of needing a lawyer to break upwith someone. I did this to head off the possibility of having toturn down a proposal from him, which I believed would be emotionallydevastating for him at the time. He was a little perturbed at that,but he didn't really have any other choice at the time but to staywith me, especially since he was getting laid five days a week,except when I was on my period.

I liked teaching Dave. It seemed to help him grow as a person. Wealso did a bit of traveling together, which was fun. Believe me, ifI wasn't in the situation I was, under ordinary circumstances as afemale, I would gladly have married him.

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   However, even as happybeing with Dave as I was, there were other things I wanted to dobefore I got my ticket punched. After two and a half more years withhim, having seen him through community college and a transfer to afour year school, I sat him down and lied to him that I had anopportunity back in Japan I couldn't pass up and so I had to end itwith him. He cried, which made it hard because I didn't want to doit. However, now that he was at a state university, he needed topractice making his own opportunities. I thanked him for the threeplus years we were together and confessed that the main reason Iwanted to work at the record shop was to get with him. That made himfeel a lot better.

After a few hours of consoling him, he accepted that ourrelationship was over and with one last hug and a kiss, I saw him tohis car for the last time.

I immediately began the procedures to sell my house and thefurniture. The day the sale closed, I donated the check to anotherorphans charity. A little while later that same day, I went into my"Vishnu room," prayed and then said I wanted to go back to my houseon the same morning in 2011 before I underwent the time shift andtransformation. My next memory after that was me waking up in themorning and in my original bed. I looked at my dresser and there wasthe plynth with the gold medallion on it.

I spent the next couple weeks after that sprucing up my house justbecause I needed to have the neighbors know I was there.

After enough time had passed, I became comfortable with the idea ofgoing on another adventure.

I prayed to Vishnu and then placed both hands on the goldenmedallion and asked for the looks of a 25 year old 6'2" 200 pound 5%body fat 8 inches long when erect penis version of the actor BradPitt who is also a virtuoso guitar and keyboard player who will knowhow to play a song correctly after hearing it just once, has a voicelike Robert Plant's, and who can also cook like the best chefs inthe world and who has $100 million in the bank, where the bankemployees know me by sight, who will never catch any sexuallytransmitted diseases from anyone, no matter how many times I havesex with them, nor make them pregnant, and I will last a minimum 25minutes during sex, instinctively know how to make a women orgasmwithin five minutes of initiating oral sex on her, they will orgasmevery five minutes with me inside them or licking and sucking theirclitorises, I will have a good looking wardrobe, with all the majorcredit cards with no limits, I will never be arrested or detainedfor anything I do or be the victim of any accident,  naturaldisaster or crime, and I will be fluent in Japanese while living ina nicely furnished condo complete with an up to date pc and abroadband connection right next door to Japanese celebrity andformer porn star Ai Iijima in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo beginning inSeptember, 2005 and I will have permanent residency in Japan.

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   "I amready for the transformation," I intoned.

Just as when I went back to 1988, I didn't consciously feel the timeshift or physical metamorphosis. I woke up in a Japanese styleplatform bed in my new condo, I guess you could call it. Then I gotbusy working out my credit cards, ordering tens of thousands ofdollars of musical equipment and having it delivered to my door. After a couple of weeks of just getting my living situation set andlearning the neighborhood, I baked plates of cookies and knocked onthe door of one of my neighbors, as is custom in Japan, and toldthem I had just moved in next door and presented them with theconfectionery gift in hopes of bestowing goodwill on me.

Then I picked up the second plate and went to Ai's condo, but nobodyanswered when I knocked. I left the cookies at her door along with anote. A few hours later, as I was playing one of my guitars with theamp I had it plugged into in my living room, I heard some noisescoming through the walls from Ai's apartment. It was now after 10p. m. and I really debated with myself whether or not I should dowhat I was contemplating. I figured what the hell and said a littleprayer that the other neighbors would forgive me. I cranked the ampup and started blasting away, playing some Van Halen, Scorpions andOzzy songs. Finally, as I had hoped, there was a series of loudknocks at the door and I went and opened it to see an obviously putout Ai Iijima, in all her impudent tart tongued dyed brown hair faketits glory, staring at me. "Hey asshole, what are you thinking! Turnthat shit off!" she snarled in a street form of her native tongue.

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  Inside, I was laughing,  but on the outside, I profusely apologizedand bowed to her. Then she paused and stared at me. "Hey, aren't youBrad Pitt?" "No, I'm afraid not. I get that a lot and it'sflattering, but I'm just a regular idiot," I averred while attiredin just a pair of jean shorts. "Wow, you're Japanese is reallygood!" she complimented, though that is something Japanese will sayto foreigners just to be nice even when one's ability in thatlanguage sucks. Seeing the mood cooling down, I invited her in.

Surprisingly, she accepted! Maybe she was curious or it was love atfirst sight, I don't know. She sat down and as is also known abouther, she apologized for what she said earlier and then added, "bythe way, the cookies were delicious!" "Thanks. I'm sure they're notas good as you can make them, though. I've got beer, water, cocacola and juice here. What's your pleasure?" "I'll have a coke," sheanswered. "I'm Jack," I informed her, extending my hand. "I'mIijima," she revealed. "It's nice to meet you Iijima-san. I justmoved in here a couple of weeks ago and don't really know anyoneyet.

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  " "How did you learn to speak Japanese?" Oh, I was in anelementary school that offered it and just kept studying it fromthere," I lied. "You really kept your nose to the  grind stone," shepraised. "Nah, I'm one of those guys who will go hard after thingsI'm interested in and ignore just about everything else. What do youdo Iijima-san?" "Uh, that's a secret. " "No problem. I'm a musician. I came to Japan as just kind of a vacation from the craziness inAmerica. I've always wanted to live here and now that I got theopportunity I decided to take it. "

"Are you famous in America?" she inquired. "If you mean how can Iafford to live here, I won the lottery. ," I prevaricated. "My onlyexperience otherwise was playing in cover bands. " "Do you have agirlfriend, Jack?" she wanted to know. "Not right now. If you knowanyone you think would be interested in a guy like me, let me know.

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  I'm definitely looking! What about you Iijima-san?" "No, I don'thave anyone, either. " "Well look, I like to cook, so if you're notbusy, why don't you come over tomorrow night and I'll make dinnerfor you?" Her face lit up, but also noted, "I have to work untileight, but if it's okay, I could definitely go for that. " "So howabout nine then?" I proposed. "That would rock," she bubbled. "Nineit is, then," I affirmed. She excused herself, saying that it waslate and she needed to get to bed. I saw her out the door and hopedthat she really would turn up and wasn't making a false promise asmany Japanese do because they have a real hard time saying no.

But right at nine, there she was at the door with a little cake as apresent. I was just about to plate everything when she showed up. Ihad candles on the table and a big bottle of beer. 30 minutes later,she was enthusing about what I had made and appeared to be in a goodmood. "So how did work go today," I wondered. "It was okay. No bigdeal," she stated. "That's good.

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   I asked her if she had grown up inTokyo and we compared notes on our hometowns, schools and ourexperiences at them, but she didn't go into some of the more ruggedstuff in her biography such as the feud with her family thatultimately resulted in her becoming a porn star. I knew thatJapanese don't really put everything on the table at once likeAmericans do, so I expected a good bit of evasion.

"Do you watch much Japanese tv?" she inquired. "Not really. When Ido it's usually baseball, documentaries or music shows. If it's notany of those things then I I'll either just play guitar, read or gosightseeing. " She asked me about my drinking and drug use. Iadmitted to pot when I was in high school, saying I quit it after Igraduated, but otherwise I don't drink unless I have to for socialreasons. I also insisted that I didn't go to bars unless I wasplaying there. I went on to disclose that I grew up in a rough areaand that a lot of the people I knew growing up ended up in prison,dead or with drug addictions. She could see I had been around theblock and that began to open her up.

"Yeah, I had a rough childhood," she confessed and told me aboutwhat went on with her, how she had been raped and had an abortion,had prostituted herself to survive because she was homeless at thetime and worked in hostess clubs. She still didn't mention porn,though. "So what do you think of my background?" She asked. "Peoplewill do what they feel at the time to survive.

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   To me, sex work isjust that, a job. Sometimes you have to step in some mud to get to abridge over troubled waters," I averred. "You must be doing muchbetter, though, since you live here now," I pointed out. "Yeah,things have improved, but I'm alone a lot of the time," shecomplained. Then I revisited her history and asked pointed questionsabout how those things made her feel. I know how to work that stufflike Itzhak Perlman can work a violin and soon I had my arms aroundher as she cried. I urged her to let it all out because if shedidn't it would eat her alive. So for the next few hours, sheunloaded EVERYTHING on me, which I'm not going to divulge here

"Do you have to work today Iijima-san?" "No. " "Well, it's just aboutbreakfast time. If you want to join me, I would be delighted," Ioffered. She nodded her head "yes. " "Why don't you go back to yourapartment,  have a shower, and come back. I need to bathe, too, andthen we can eat together. How about it?" She was good with it. Anhour later, she returned and I whipped up a simple morning meal.

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  "How are you so good at cooking Japanese food?" She pondered. "I'vebeen trying to make it since I was in junior high," I fibbed. "So Ihope it's presentable now," I laughed. "So do you feel better thatyou unburdened yourself last night?" "I feel completely refreshed,"she smiled. "Are you tired?" "Yeah. I'm going to have to take anap. " "Listen, and this isn't a come on, but you were complainingabout being lonely. Do you want to sleep with me? I won't tryanything," I promised. "You better not or I will really hurt you,"she said menacingly. Yet, that statement had an aura ofvulnerability about it as if she would be heartbroken if Idisappointed her by trying to get into her panties. "I do insist,though, on being allowed to cuddle you. " I countered. "Okay," shepermitted.

The two of us got into bed, slipped under the blanket and I turnedon my side and wrapped my arms around her stomach. She had her backto me and was on her side, too.


   "It's been a long time since I'velet a man do this with me," she asserted. "Well, you can do thiswith me whenever you need it," I proclaimed. I tried to keep mygroin away from her butt even though I had changed into a pair ofjeans because I was sporting a bigtime hard on. "Sweet dreams," Iwished her and nodded off.
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