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Sex Toy

“Attention K-Mart shoppers. Please join us on Aisle 10. We have featured several items on sale: Extra Large Trojan Condoms, KY Warming Lubricant, a fine selection of lingerie, guaranteed to get the mood going. . . if you need to try on any garments, the dressing rooms are on the east end of the building. ”
Jessie heard the announcement and felt she was in some alternate reality. This was K-Mart, right? She couldn’t help herself. She had to get down to Aisle 10 and check out the sale.
Sure enough, there was a row of tables and strewn across them was an assortment of some of the more personal items that K-Mart had to offer. She scrounged through the pile of thong panties, there were a few pair she thought were cute. 3 for $10. That was a good deal. Then she saw it.
Now she was certain it was not intended for use as a sex item, but in the context of the rest of the items on the table, Jessie had to take a second look at the battery-operated toothbrush. It looked like it had been opened a few times.

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   The package was held shut by three crooked staples. Jessie picked up the toothbrush, some KY lubricant, and the three pair of thong panties that had captured her attention.
The dressing room had the tacky K-Mart disheveled look to it. As usual, it was unattended. There were hangers for petite bra sets, night gowns, opened packages of panty hose. Jessie stepped into a stall and closed and locked the door. There was a space under the door and a tall mirror. Not really private. The door wasn’t very tall. Any woman with any height at all could come down the hall and peer in at what she was doing. She didn’t mind. In fact, Jessie took off her panties and sat down on the bench seat in the dressing room with her legs wide open. She could see her cunt in the mirror, the frame of dark hair sprouting up since the last time she’d shaved.
She took the warming lubricant and doused her pussy, splashing a lot of the oily lube on the bench seat. Then she carefully removed the battery-operated toothbrush from the crumpled package.

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“Whirrrrrr!” She fired up the appliance. She put the vibrating handle right up against her pussy and stretched herself wider with her left hand. She studied the mirror. For a minute, she wondered if it was a two-way mirror and maybe there was an attendant behind it watching. The thought excited her! She stuck the handle of the toothbrush back into her vagina, and then slipped it back out. The bristles were cycling around like cheerleader pompons. She checked them and doused a little more lube on the bristles. Then she touched her clittie with a little pressure, letting the scouring action of the toothbrush totally envelop her clit. Damn! It felt GOOD!
Jessie closed her eyes and let the scrubbing action work all the blood into her clit. She didn’t press hard, just a little, so the bristles pushed everything around, and the vibration penetrated all the way through her ass down to the bench.
Once again, her mind wandered that someone was behind that very mirror, watching her get her groove off. . . .
After a few more moments, Jessie turned the toothbrush around again, and forced the vibrating, fat handle back into her cunt.

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   She rocked her pelvis against it, trying to get her g-spot. She held it right where she wanted it. It wasn’t but a moment longer. . . . .
“Uuunnggggghhh! Oh my God!” The climax eased out of her like she was teasing it from her body. “Yesss!”
Then before anyone could accuse her of washing her hair with Herbal Essence inside the dressing room, Jessie took a stapler out of her purse, and used it to close the toothbrush back into the package. She pulled her stretch pants back on and left the dressing room.
She walked back over to Aisle 10 and placed the lube and the toothbrush back on the table. One of these days, she was going to have to buy that damn thing! She decided that she didn’t really like the panties as much as she originally thought, so she folded them and left them for the next customer.
On the way out of the store, she could still feel the humming between her thighs and she looked around to see if anyone was following her. She caught the eye of some tall black stud helping bag on Checkout Stand 8. Maybe next time, she’d imagine that he’d be the attendant behind the two-way mirror.

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